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  1. Will there ever be a point in my experience where I will actually stop dreaming? I'm dreaming constantly without stopping. I had an experience on 5MeO-DMT where I fully woke up and then decided to go back giving away my power. I don't remember 99% of that trip. But I clearly remember I realized my immortality, my pure goodness and that nothing bad has ever happened (but if you ask me to explain on that I won't be able to, because I don't remember shit). I also remember that I was shocked with the fact that I'm the actual fucking God. But the thing that freaked me out the most is the paradox of things happening but not actually happening. I was counscious of myself appearing and re-appearing as some form or an object, but at the same time I was aware that nothing was happening.
  2. For now, I have 2 goals: overcome fear & destroy my unrealistic expectations towards women (idealization). I feel less fear with every approach, as well first scratches on my rosy glasses that I'd been using to look at women have appeared. After I approach a 1000 girls I'll change my goals. I'm not in a rush,
  3. The difference is you assume that women are the same and I know that they are different. How come? Because I lived in different countries. My experience or your assumptions, what is the valid source?
  4. Bro we are definitely on the same page about this issue! My ex was from Rio! I can't compare Latin women to European or Canadian women, they are on a different level! I actually miss the time when I worked on cruise ships in San Paulo. I met so many beautiful women. Thanks God, there are some Latin girls here, in Toronto. When I talk to them it’s not a feministic nonsense. On the other hand, they are not trying to please men easier. It’s a perfect balance. I could write a book about different it is to flirt with Latin women in Spanish. I’m planning to move to Latin America at some point in my life. Not only for the girls, I like their night life it kinda suits my personality. The only reason why I’m here in Canada is because of the war in my home country. Spiral dynamics mambo-jambo is irrelevant here. People who want to be at the ultimate stage don't even need women, because it's a distraction.
  5. Not really, I realized that they are not what I thought they were. I had stupid, naive and idealizing ideas. On the other hand, I still lack a significant experience. But “the perfect girlfriend” was a part of my imagination. This one is hard. To be honest I think that different women need different things from men and vice versa. Value is a subjective therm.
  6. Sorry bro but I don't understand why you're giving me a pick-up advice when the topic isn't about it. I didn't ask about what women prefer or how should I behave myself around them. Anyways, thanks for the advice
  7. I moved to Toronto a few weeks ago in order to work on my game. I’ve approached just around 50+ girls by now (90%-day game) and I can clearly see why approaching is important. Everyone has their own reasons for doing the game some of them are very immature and toxic (lay count) and some of them are wise (developing social skills). My reason was mainly to get rid of the fear. Today after approaching another girl and asking her what were her top 5 values (she said she never thought about it and then she said she didn’t have any specific value) I became aware why I had such a big fear. It’s because all this time I’d been deluded by my own imagination. When I was a teenage, I had created an image of what is women without actually talking to women (I was very shy and anxious kid). Now at the age of 27 the illusion cracked and I begin to see women for who they actually are. To be honest I’m very disappointed with a value of women I have approached (although they looked hot). I know it sounds funny, but deep down I used to think of them as though they were goddess, beings with a higher value than regular guy. I realized that the perfect girl that I had been chasing all this time actually is a fantasy. On the other hand, I’m happy because now I know that women won’t add any crucial value or meaning to my life. I’m responsible for making my life meaningful. Real happiness doesn’t depend on having or not having a girlfriend, unfortunately to my falls beliefs and ideas. I know some guys who keep idealizing and worshiping women and the other half demonizes them thinking that women are evil materialistic cold bitches. None of these guys are correct. They are trapped in their minds that play them. Nevertheless, I won’t stop approaching women, until the fear of approaching is completely gone.
  8. You can't talk about quality before approaching at least 1000 women. It doesn't matter how many pick-up advice you read, watch youtube videos about it. What matters is direct experience in the field. With experience comes expertise. You've got to find your authentic style and it takes lots of practice. After you've approached a 1000 now we can talk about quality and change the aim of approaching. I won't comment on this because it's too obvious
  9. Women and expectations are two words that can't be used in one sentence ;D It's seems to be that women don't know what to expect even from themselves. Childhood issues, but I'm working on them and very soon will transform myself in the domain of dating.
  10. I'll try it someday. I'll buy 2 pens one DMT and the othen one 5MeO and I will vape the at the same time.
  11. Yes my friend, I’m acting now. The more rejections I get the less I care. The end of my women problem will die soon.
  12. Someone who is superior to me and more worthy than I am. Someone who I have to please and pretend to be like. It sits deep down in my subconscious mind. I’m approaching women to: get rid of the fear, put them down of the pedestal, improve my social skills.
  13. I finally grasped how to feel more at ease when approaching women. The key here is understanding that chances to get laid if you are a newbie are very small. Which is why approaching someone just because you want to have sex is a low-quality reason. For myself, the main reason why I need to approach women is one - get rid of the fear. I was bullied in school so from childhood I had self-esteem issues. I used to put women on pedestal (I was raised by my mother and grandmother). I tried to lie to myself saying that I don’t need to approach women making a lot of excuses, but recently I really realized all of my bullshit. I have to approach women. I need to start seeing them for who they are otherwise I’ll be one of those guys in their 50s standing at the bar with a bottle of beer looking at women but too afraid to approach. Lay count is nonsense and people who show off with the amount of the girls they have slept with derive their sens of self worth from it. Deep down they still weak, baby men. For me what’s important is the approach number. As long as I have balls to approach a women it’s a win. It’s irrelevant how she reacts. My plan is to approach a thousand women by the age of 30 (I’m 27). Even if I don’t get laid it’s not important. If I want to get laid 100% I’d go to a prostitute or watch porn. I want to make my weakness into my greatest expertise.