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  1. this took a lot of vulnerability and courage and faith to record this. Let me know how you guys felt about the truth of how much of a fraud I am.
  2. “And everyone who has left houses or brothers or sisters or father or mother or wife or children or fields for my sake will receive a hundred times as much and will inherit eternal life" (Matt 19:29).
  3. https://youtube.com/shorts/HdcZ-JC2O50?feature=share Wish me luck. Strategy/plan: 1. Sell Insurance for 6 years for capital 2. Teach for 10-20 years about God and the Holy Trinity. 3. Perform around the world for the rest of my life with my band Mosh For God wish me luck folks.
  4. @Kalo @Adrian325 @VeganAwake @Adrian325 I’m ready to do 5MEODMT in Mexico at Arkana retreat in Mexico. Is this Christ like? Bible says to be sober. I have ocd and a lot of guilt and shame so I just hope I’m not disobeying god by doing this but I have serious OCD, trauma, addiction problems and I just don’t want to disappoint Jesus Christ. please be gentle with me or brutal. I want the cold hard truth. I’m 100% ready to die forever on 5MEODMT. I’ve been waiting 5 years. I think 5meo will make all this Christianity stuff way more integrated and less neurotic, y’all feel?
  5. I have nothing to say but Jesus Christ is the answer. Call it dogma, but I have never been more at peace ever. All the new age and Meditaion and Actualized.org stuff never truly fulfilled me. Maybe it’s just my path, but this feeling of the Holy Spirit in my body is way too strong to be delusional religious pre-occupation and mental illness. Christ is the name above every single name in existence and he is The Full and Only God of Reality. He is 100% God in Human Form. Amen. Never been happier, ever... Thank you Actualized.org and the forum, for I never would have reached this level of realization, stability, love, compassion, gentleness, patience, and consciousness without Jesus and Leo Gura. God bless you Leo for being so rational and intelligent to explain spirituality to “dumb” people/young people/rational/scientific minded people. I am destined to be a World Class Teacher by 2031 or sooner. Everyone, thanks for your patience and support on this forum and all the direct messages. Shoutout to @BipolarGrowthfor helping me and getting me closer to Jesus and indepdence from my parents and just a beautiful spiritual oneness friendship. Can’t wait to meet up in person and start a YouTube channel about mental illness and God/Jesus/The Holy Spirit. Love, Mark Anthony Van Wiemeersch. June 25th, 2021 at 11:58PM in Novi, Michigan, United States of America.
  6. Everyone feel free to give their opinion on the cons of Christianity and the pros of you feel compelled as well. I’m deep into Christianity. My mom has dreams of Jesus talking to me every night now, so I’m convinced of the Christian path for my awakening. Love, Mark
  7. Love, Mark Van Wiemeersch. God bless you all. I love this place.
  8. If link doesn’t work type in June 5, 2021 - Mark Van. On YouTube.
  9. Just got out of a 18 day hospital. I’m stable again. Feel good. Thanks guys for being patient with all my nonsense before. This video was the same day I went to the hospital. About 12 hours before I got suicidal and admitted myself to a psych ward. Enlightenment and integration happened on the psych ward. And I have a girlfriend now. I met the love of my life. Crazy! She is 33 - I’m 23😉
  10. Also, everyone pray for @BipolarGrowth for he had an episode and visited the ER. Pray for his healing and that wherever he goes psychiatric wise, he heals many with his extraordinary level of compassion and consciousness of love. god bless all of you and especially, @Leogura.
  11. feedback and honest thoughts would be gladly appreciated.
  12. @BipolarGrowth @Mosess @Someone here @snowyowl very profound points. We’ll see if I drop this Christian mysticism label, but most likely not because praying to Christ has saved my soul from self destructing in the practical world, for real. I can’t fake the power of Jesus. It’s real as fuck, bros.