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  1. After Leo locking a post about the literal best night of my entire life, better than any psychedelic high or anything, it’s obvious that he will never understand my raw authenticity and vision. He’s never met me and I don’t expect him to support my unique path, it is nothing like his hermit lifestyle of perfect conduct, lol. I am too quirky to be in a community of someone else. I am going to create my own community of: mentally ill, spiritual, shamanic, psychic, outcasts, raving, manic, and “unlovable” people to shower love and support. This community has limits and a demonization of some of the most beautiful aspects of reality, infinite liberation of neurosis. It appears there is a massive shadow and fear of mental illness and radical self expression, even though I harm nobody. After that thread got locked in dating section, I became suicidal. I’m done trying to fit in here. Nothing personal. It’s all love. Just I have to carve my own path and stop being Leo’s fanboy. I have better and more unique visionary things to manifest with my god given talents I have and Leo has facilitated me cultivating. I love you Leo. See you on the other side of eternity one day❤️??
  2. @Javfly33 I personally believe it greatly reduces my kundalini, mystical states, and visionary stuff. Meat is very grounding and healthy at times, but for the state of my body currently, I have consumed enough meat for a lifetime with bodybuilding, so I am very acidic and unhealthy from 200grams of protein a day.
  3. @Real Eyes I have bipolar and can get way too spiritually excited on a raw food fast, so I have to eat meat or junk food to lower my energy 10% the time. I would not recommend this if you do not have any issues like me with mania.
  4. No, brushing with a brush on my tongue does NOT do anything. Given 8 years of drug, pharmaceuticals, and family stress, I’m not surprised I’m this toxic internally. I’m currently just eating grapes, lemon water, turmeric water, and celery juice occasionally. I have a 30 day hotel retreat by myself with all expenses paid for, so I have time to dive deep into this.
  5. @Lyubov dude DM me and let’s do it together.
  6. Wow. This chick’s brother is a famous musician that eye fucked me during my performance during the set. We have a date on Wednesday?
  7. @Shin lol dude I’ve posted like two things today.
  8. https://youtube.com/shorts/rSVaBw1FKZ0?feature=share
  9. It’s so infinite I don’t even care to talk about it, it’s so sacred. I’m just going to express this infinite love via music and motivational speaking/shamanic work with my concert crowds, etc. I am Infinite Eternal Love. ?
  10. I will go first. 1. Creativity - constantly creating new projects and ways of solving problems. 2. Compassion 3. Love 4. Infinite Intelligence 5. Flexibility 6. Nuance 7. Expressive Sexuality 8. Willingness to die and be tortured for Truth
  11. @something_else @Shin haha hell yeah you two. I am going to look at Leo's funny video from 2014 again and really just make light of everything. Be a full open humorous book, that is my PUA style. I love to express my feminine side, as this makes me more masculine, counter-intuitively.
  12. @Lauritz Bewer 15-18$ an hour. commission based, and I am extremely extroverted genuine people person, so it feels perfect!