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  1. i am not sure, i would say the spiritual advancement first most
  2. its natural to oppose things your mind is not used too., which in this situation is not-thinking, being still
  3. yoo this being present in the moment all day is hard WHy is it that when i do it i become dizzy and start forgeting things? lol when im present i kinda space out and my family is like "are you ok...?" lol but i do find that im much more productive. Also, the internet is starting to disgust me. Like when i scroll on youtube, i can different, i feel how it all is just brainwash, time wasting. Never have i get this feeling before. Surrendering and letting go of resistance helps so muchh. I start having more motivation to help people for the sake of helping people. To change subject, my house has a fly infestation, and no matter how many i chase out, they keep coming , so i starting wapping them with that bug killer slap stick, and my mom asked me worridly if we are going to incarnate into flies in our next life as a punishment for killing so many XD..i hope not haha 25 min meditation done, but around 15 mark mind, it was so hard to focus, even if i try my hardest, i started pain in my neck, like some weird tightness, so i decided to melt into that
  4. omg i love this, she understands it, she gets it :D, thank you im saving this article <3 Especially this part: "There’s Nothing Wrong Here. Except that We Think There’s Something Wrong. I stopped wanting to interfere with the beauty of our journeys. I stopped feeling like something was wrong. I stopped believing in the boogeyman. I stopped knowing how to combat the darkness because I realized that darkness is there to teach us our lessons. Yes, it fucking sucks to have illness and disease and paralyzing fears. Pain and loss and separation and drama and OMG there’s so much suffering in this world! But none of this is an accident. These are gifts that we must own, integrate, understand, and love before we can transcend them. The only way out is through. To sum it up, I learned to accept everything as perfect. And since I saw someone’s (and my own) dis-ease as an aspect of the soul; as an opportunity to heal and expand and grow, I no longer felt being a healer was my calling. Outside of duality, there is nothing to heal."
  5. @khalifa i understand, take your time and goodluck friend
  6. I found an article about a woman who went through the dark night aka spiritual emergency that lasted 4 years after a spiritual awakening and her analysis of the process and tips to how to survive it: Hope this helps anyone
  7. @khalifa i really wish you a safe journey, this agony will end on its own, and youll be back as before <3. I read an article on spiritual emergnecies and it said that its vital to stay as present as possible and fully feel all the emotions and sensations youre experiencing every given moment. Im not versed in 5meo doses as much, is 15-25mg a high dose? Also, how was your envirnoment like, did you have a clear intention during the trip? was it your first time. Did you take it again? I havent tried any yet, but i keep getting signs over and over to try shrooms. (777 appears on shroom growing websites, when i was traveling on a bus it was raining outside and the humidity fogged the window, except for one see-through area that was shaped EXACTLY like a group of psilocybin mushrooms, and i have already 2 dreams about them at least). Edit: found the article about the Dark Night, i hope this helps you
  8. yep, basically they have huge different opinions on the Dark Night of the soul. And daniel took it all a bit too seriously
  9. the message i got from the video was that to cut through my own bullshit, i need to put myself in anothers shoes, i feel like that is oversimplifying complex assumptions i have
  10. how does the "walk a mile in someone else's shoes" message of the video help? I have been told this from my school teachers, tv shows,and books from the moment i could read and talk. As have others, including stage blue and red people. But they still act this way.. I still act selfishly in ways. I think its an important message but its hard to think that people who need to realize this message the most will ever. TO add to the bugs thing, my bf knows a girl who went to several psychiatrists for hearing noises no else heard, they diagnosed her with schizophrenia, then one doc wanted her to go to an audiologist just in case to make sure her ear is ok. They found a fly inside. After it was removed everything was normal again
  11. really? i read that they had beef with each other, he held a retreat at culadasa center last year and it didnt go too swell
  12. holyy crapp, i just watched that and it terrifies me :(((, i feel so bad for her, i hope she's ok now. Now this makes me scared to try mushrooms
  13. what a simple yet profound answer
  14. meditation: going lovely, i have begun to reach the territory where i manage to stay focused majority of time, and i get so bored from focusing on the breath that the mind wanders. Before it was too hard to focus on breath because the mind wandering was non stop. Now im inching toward access concentration as my "default" setting. I still have much to get there, but the progress is night and day between what i used to do. My new goal is being present throughout the day. Yesterday for the first time i focused on being as present as much as possible. It wonderful. As ive mentioned earlier, the bucket analogy is what motivated me the most to adopt this. That when you meditate but not present throughout your daily life, its like pouring water into a bucket that has numerous holes at the bottom. It just wont stick. Youll feel better, but that "better" will soon slip away, and that will repeat in an endless cycle of adding in beautiful present only to lose it just as quickly. Being present is hard, but no surprise, i spent nearly 2 decades lost in my thoughts on a 24/7 basis. It entered overthinking mode as i became a teenager. Much to make up for. My biggest thoughts that intrude are fantasies, ive noticed their the hardest to crack away at, because once they pop up, i just get lost in the whole story. Im finishing the power of Now, the bible of presence. Also when im present theres a verrrrryyy fine line between True Presence and fake presence. Fake presence is when i become more aware of my surroundings but start letting my emotions tangle up, instead of just watching everything occur, and saying things in my mind like "okay now feel your inner body, okay now focus on the sounds....just enjoy the present moment" these thoughts are trickery because it seems like its helping me to become more present when in actuality they are just more thoughts that get in the way.