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  1. I want to meditate around 60 minutes every day. Does it matter if I do it all at once or instead meditate 30 minutes twice a day?
  2. @8Ball I am a virgin and I seriously consider doing the same, because I really want to experience sex at least once in my life. I doesn't really matter if I have to pay for it.
  3. What techniques can I use to train myself to become more creative?
  4. @TheBeachBionic Go for socially awkward nerds and you won't have any problem with getting laid, no matter how you look
  5. Thank you! I was a bit worried about this since I have a couple of smaller passions but aren't extremely passionate about anything. Are there specific techniques that I can use or will my passion grow naturally when I learn more and become better at the subject?
  6. What if you have a smaller passion for something, but it is the thing you are the most passionate about. Is it possible to grow that passion by developing skills in that area or is it better to look for something else?
  7. @TheBeachBionic I think most guys in this thread would have sex with you if they could, me included
  8. Don`t worry about that, most guys aren't very selective when it comes to sex. If you are a person who is considered less attractive you probably won't be able to get the most attractive high status guys, but there are plenty of guys who can`t get laid either. They aren't as attractive but often have a nice personality and will treat you with respect.