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  1. Imagine trying to be among a community of "openness" and "self-actualisation" while taking part in ridiculous witch-hunts for someone who has done nothing to you or anyone else really, seems like an ego game if I've ever seen one
  2. @Freakrik Considering a lot of the responses you've had regarding manspreading etc. I think you've just been proved more and more right in this thread
  3. I've realised more and more recently that I cannot navigate this part of my journey alone. I need help. The idea of working with a psychotherapist to me seems like the best idea to get through this stage of being stuck and going round and round in circles. I've only ever been to one therapy session in my life and it was given to me for free by my university and then they never offered me another, so I don't really know what I'm doing. Does anyone have any advice on what to look for/what to be aware of when looking for the right psychotherapist?
  4. @Major Tom I've noticed that Headspace really doesn't offer a lot unless you subscribe to it, did you do this or did just check it out and then leave it? @Osm Having looked at Calm, I think this one is better personally, seems to offer more than Headspace
  5. You're not alone in needing to raise your self-esteem. I've been working on my self-esteem after years of being around people that never helped or taught me to do anything, unwilling to treat me like a human being who matters. But it does get better. Your key for building self-esteem is Nathaniel Branden. Branden's whole life was devoted to studying self-esteem and ways to raise it. This is his work I am working on at the minute which is considering his seminal work: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Pillars-Self-Esteem-Nathaniel-Branden-Ph-D/dp/0553374397/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1533240988&sr=8-1&keywords=six+pillars+of+self+esteem+by+nathaniel+branden I'd highly recommend working through that book. And taking the book very seriously, it works, at least I've seen definite improvements and I imagine I'll work through it several times before moving onto something else. There is also a list of further study in the back if you felt so inclined, but this book will definitely help and you may feel like it is enough at the end. I wish you all the best and blessing for your growth
  6. Just wondered if anyone has/had been using it for a long time and would recommend it for meditation?
  7. I've been reading Jack Willis' book on Reichian therapy and he seems to be rather vague about the types of problems that it can help. Does anyone have any experience of Reichian therapy and what it helps release? My understanding is that it helps release a lot of unconscious blocks and trauma that you may not be able to release by other techniques like talk therapy, journalling etc.
  8. @Outer Then that's not an issue of truth. Because that is a concrete, you are right and they are wrong. The belief has no effect on what is actually true or false
  9. So Truth isn't Truth if the majority don't think it. This is so dumb, it hurts.
  10. @Marks199 Can you please explain these?
  11. @smd I'm either an ENTP or INTP depending on how I'm feeling, right now definitely INTP
  12. @Hello from Russia I have been reading the Six Pillars of Self-Esteem and these come under the pillar of self-responsibility, when I get to it, I'll be covering this, although it can't hurt to watch alongside
  13. @Nahm Thank you. It was a dark day for me. I've made a plan for moving forward and I know what my next little steps are. Even those are scary but they're absolutely necessary
  14. @ajasatya ^
  15. My thinking is just fucked. Every subconscious thought and action I take seems to drag me toward hell, and directly away from where I want to go and live. I self-sabotage is everything, even easy things. And the only way I can think to be free of all this is suicide. I just don't know what to do and my parents (especially my mum) are so fucking unconscious that they don't know that they've fucked me and my sister. But my sister is equally a cu** as well. I just don't kno what to do. Basic self-help stuff is so fucking hard for me, especially because I'm still in my family's house. Basic self-help stuff that everyone seems to be able to do and it helps them, I can't even do. Because my fucking programming won't even allow it to work. I feel so helpless and I can't deal with the world. Suicide seems like the only way to be free