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  1. @ThinAir I know that's what he says but h also says that the betrayal of your consciousness is self-esteem lowering, so I don't want to do that. However I am finding that I am actually being more aware of the action I must take
  2. @MarkusSweden If you want to try it then be my guest, I've laid out my opinion on it
  3. @MarkusSweden No. I don't think so. Because when the West has intervened in those places, it's gotten worse. To be honest I'm all for isolationist policy, let them grow when they can and how they can. Otherwise you'll be stuck in a charity driven vicious cycle like Africa is in right now. And parts of Syria are now ISIS run, with rape camps for Yazidi girls. Just let them deal with their own problems, there is no need to meddle and make things worse
  4. I don't like this kind of thinking. This is what keeps Africa poor, low-IQ etc. If Europeans can figure out how to build massive infrastructure, and raise their level of living. Then so can Africans, you just have to let them do it rather than meddling in their affairs all the time. Let the process play out
  5. @John Lula Imagine
  6. @Rinne I know right, I almost feel bad for asking
  7. Well wax my nipples and call me a surfboard. Damn @tashawoodfall
  8. I've tried meditating with my back straight and it's really uncomfortable but it did help me, I felt great afterwards. I don't feel it's increasing my awareness though, I can hear myself more when I don't sit up with my back straight
  9. @Leo Gura Thanks Leo!
  10. @Leo Gura Thank you for that Leo, that's very helpful. I read through the final part of the chapter again and realised I was placing too many expectations upon what I was writing. I was just concerned because I've been realising more and more that I subconsciously put myself in unconscious states on purpose when I don't feel like taking action on something that I actually want to do and achieve. So I wanted to clear that away. But I assume like you say that, the more conscious I become, the more I will be able to take action on those things anyway. Also forgive my ignorance but what does "!=" mean?
  11. @K VIL That's not just one of the six pillars, that's actually a key component of one of the two foundations self esteem is based on :')
  12. @Joseph Maynor I guess you're right and it's not as if nothing in my life is improving really. I'm just finding it hard to take massive action because even the 5% increase has increased my awareness a lot. So I know a lot of what I want to do and where I want to go (kind of) but I find myself deliberately making myself unconscious (through dumb activities like watching YouTube videos) and before I know it, I've been lazing around for hours and I feel heavy and not bothered about doing what I want to do. I'm thinking about doing the sentence stems and other exercises Branden suggests alongside reading the Sedona Method (which I've never read) to help get my resistance out the way and deal with past events that are hindering me (which I feel more aware of now). Which I assume it helps with from what I've heard.
  13. Hi All, I've been doing the sentence stems for the 6 pillars of self esteem for the past 2 weeks and I have decided that because my self esteem is very low in all six pillars that I will spend two months on each pillar doing the stems. However I am having trouble with applying anything that I am coming up with. I am currently doing "Living consciously" and I have found that my level of awareness of what I am doing has drastically increased, but I find it so hard to act upon my actual wants and desires and don't feel I can. Which then I go back to the sentence stems thinking that I'm not doing this right because I'm not living consciously. I really don't know what to do about it. Any input would be appreicated
  14. @Martin123 Thank you!
  15. @Martin123 That was amazing! So honesty and self-love to become one with my inner child?