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  1. You gotta let that shit go. Porn is instant gratification for the ego. The most low level chimpery you could take part in. Don't let society convince you it's totally normal to watch other people fuck while you play with yourself.
  2. When we do work on ourselves it is painful but it passes. It doesn't hurt us further. It feels like it does but it's just growing pains that pass. Ego being an enemy is a misconception. Ego is not all the worst parts of you that you don't like. Ego is a sense of self that is illusory. Accept it as a spell you are under that can be diminished with meditation and other means. The spell will eventually be broken in the end.
  3. I wanted to share a cool experience I had last night while running on the treadmill. I've been reading a book about meditation and how important concentration is to become a master in mediation and about a mile and a half into my run I recall what I read about concentration and I decide that to train myself I'm going to focus on one thing in my visual field and stare at it for as long as I can while I'm running. There's a small patch of darker color on the wall in front of me about 2 inches tall. Nothing special about it really. It's just a patch of paint that was a shade darker. That'll do. I ended up staring at this small patch of paint for about 10 minutes straight without looking away. I was in a flow state from the running and the flow state combined with the concentration put me in a state I've never been in before in my life. I feel my mind trying to pull me away. Beautiful babes are passing by, there's headline news blaring all around. I watch my mind give me every excuse imaginable to look away. No. This small patch of paint is all that there is in this moment. This patch of paint is just as much God as anything else. I'm gonna keep training my concentration like this while I'm running because I never had an experience quite like it in all of my psychedelic use and mediation practice. Just thought I would share this for any other runners on here.
  4. I'll put 4 green tea bags in one cup and have a couple of those per day. It gives you a lift like coffee without any anxious or jittery feelings.
  5. @CharlotteContinue studying science but keep in mind it's limitations and also see the bigger picture. Science is done using symbols and boundaries that our minds have projected onto reality. See the ego's fingerprints on everything science produces. It is not free of dogma and it is not unbiased despite what 99% of scientists preach.
  6. Time
  7. Every week I say the same thing
  8. "God's little accelerater pad for our evolution" -Bill Hicks
  9. Reality is an absolutely infinite sea of distinctions. Every possible difference is right here. The distinctions you are aware of in your direct experience are the ones carved out of this sea of infinite distinctions that are helping "you" to survive.
  10. Double Wood, Piping Rock, Nutricost, Swanson, Absonutrix
  11. This morning I took a combination of things that Leo suggested and I noticed a substantial difference in my ability to read and write, my focus, my energy, and overall well-being when doing my usual morning routine. The difference was subtle but huge. I took Lion's Mane, L-Theanine, Sulbutiamine, Alpha GPC, and Pterostilbene. I have more coming soon but this combo worked perfectly for me.
  12. Do you have experience yourself? I really wanna be sure before I go looking to acquire anything
  13. I'm really interested in this substance but it seems to be in a legal grey area in the United States. Anyone know if it's illegal or not? Should I give up trying to find it?