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  1. Reality is infinite in that it does not have a single boundary AND every possible boundary that there could be. A distinction is a particular boundary out of this infinite multiplicity of illusory boundaries that is carved out because it is useful to survive. A distinction is a Yin that is in contrast to Yang @Leo Gura Am I getting close?
  2. @Leo Gura Distinctions are sets of illusory multiplicities or opposites that create the illusion of boundaries. These boundaries do not really exist, as all of these boundaries are interwoven and interdependent on that which it is in contrast to. Language is a set of illusory meta-boundaries, or second order boundaries, used to decide unanimously what the first order boundaries mean and what they are, biased for the sake of survival in our case.
  3. It won't disappear without language. It will be a unity without language. Without language "you" don't exist. To be a thing is to be distinct. The mechanism for which you carve yourself out of reality, making yourself distinct, is linguistic. No language, no distinction. No distinction, GOD!
  4. Maya is language. Distinction is language. YOU are language.
  5. Rich Roll is solid Yellow
  6. This isn't my video but I thought I would share for anyone curious about NoFap. This guy does Hard Mode which means no orgasm or ejaculation.
  7. @PsiloPutty I just munch them down usually but I've made tea before with smaller doses. I think I'll start with 3.5g and work my way up from there and save the 5 grammer for when I'm more experienced. Thanks for the solid advice.
  8. My largest dose was 3.5 grams but this was many years ago and I only did that much once. All my other trips have been about 2 grams. Because it's been such a long time since my last heavy trip I'm wondering if I should start with 3 and work my way up? Or should I just go for it and take the heroic dose?
  9. @Crystalous did you try different dosages? What dose do you recommend?
  10. I've tripped several times in the mountains but I want to experience them in a new way, with as little external stimuli as possible. I'll most likely be at home in bed with eye shades and ear plugs in a darkened room. Do any of you guys or gals have experience tripping in silent darkness? What dose would you recommend for a first time?
  11. 10 things that I'm afraid of doing that would benefit me if I did do them are- 10 things I could do to deepen my spiritual practice are- 10 things I love doing but I know are not good for me are- 10 things I could do to be more confident are- 10 morning affirmations that would change my life are- 10 things that are distracting me from reaching my goals are- 10 goals I have for the rest of 2018 are- 10 goals I have for 2019 are- 10 subtle addictions I have are- 10 qualities I love about myself are- 10 things that trigger my lower self are- 10 things I am procrastinating are- 10 things I would do differently if I only had one year to live are- 10 powerful sentence stems to add to this list are-
  12. I thought it was hilarious how fucking awkward he was. I expected a slick, smooth demeanor and free flowing, coherent sentences. Nope You can be a genius or a social butterfly but you can't be both it seems. Great guy and a great podcast.
  13. This is so important. How you read a book changes everything. All 9 of these points are great. Summarizing each paragraph into a single sentence as you read could be another strategy. Then after each chapter you're left with a page of the most key points.