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  1. @Gneh Onebar i had visuals like the youtube video i posted above, really distinct, and looked so similar to those patterns. Also saw some hallucinations but very discreet. As for memories, no childhoods memories appeared, even though i heard its common. I used to do it alone at home, but this group setting with a therapist was so much more intense and uncovered a lot.
  2. wow, all i can say is wowww, what an experience. I did this in a group setting, with one facilitator/therapist and us. I was extremmmmeeellly anxious and stiff, not just because of doing the session but meeting new people. We all had tea served before the session to relax and the therapist explained the process/peoples experieince/whats happens and that everything is allowed, to not feel inhibited at any time. Then we started. My analytical mind just started raging like what if this doesnt work, what if other people purge but you dont, etc. I continued and around 15 min mark(?) i started feeling tingling everyyywhere, but especially my hands, they clasped together in that weird ball and people usually do during holotripic breathing...then..then started the yelling. I started letting out just bursts of yelling and feelt anger rise up everywhere, thrashing my limbs sometimes, just anger. There was also a battle going on between the logical/analytical mind and the emotional mind. MY logical kept popping in saying "wow im doing this" or "jezzus what osund is that guy producing" lol, and i had to try my harrrrdest to just opn up and let go, let the experience engulf me. I was spitting out so muh and coughing, INtense coughing that came from the depths of my lungs, same intensity as when one pukes. I started making crying noises and grimaces, n tears came out. im not sure how muhc this all lasted because you get carried away in the experience. Then a time of peacefulness and lovingness washed over me and all i could think about is how much i love life. Then a huge wave of fear, and again screaming, but this time in fear. Its sounds scary, but it feels so good to let all that shit out. After that, pretty much everyone calmed down, stopped the intense breathing, and we were all chilling. The facilitator started playing crystal singing bowls and i started seeing the coolest patterns in my eyes, and which each different singing bowl hit, the pattern changed!!! They looked EXACTLY like this: AFter that blissfulness, it was quiet and i could feel the therapist ringing an instrument on top of each one of us. That also put me into a trance-like state where i met my painbody. It was incredible. I actually felt motionally the pain body that is responsible for my anxiety, my fear, my judgements, my envy, and all that. The Shadow Self. And not only that, i actually saw the face of this shadow self, and i accepted her and loved her and i could feel how she hugged my body and almost as if she went inside , engulfing me, like how it looks in movies when ghosts pass through someone. I then realized how much my mind is actually in "shadow mode" literally ALL THE TIME. I also felt how slowly after we got ourselves together, sat up and talked about the experience, how it slowly creeped back in, taking over my thinking, filling my thinking with stories and negative thoughts. But since i was more aware of it, i could see it more for what it is, and how easier it is to get through that blockade. Overall AMAZING experience and showed me myself haha also i never felt more relaxed in my life by the end of the session <3 Its also a great prepatory session for my psychdelic experience, which i plan to do, and i firsthand now see how important it is to not be afraid of the fear coming up, and instead to invite it in and embrace it. To let go, and enjoy the ride. Much love to all yall <3
  3. i was about to skip clicking this bc of the title and im so glad i didnt, i think i found a new favorite yt channel, thx man!
  4. i just finished it and all i can say is omgg, its truly one of my favorite shows made and really gives you food for thought yea that would be amazing i just went on a rollercoaster of feelings, one second i thought "OMG the messiah?", then another "wow hes such a fake, fraud", then the next "omg hes a genius" haha now im really interested how the next season is going to play out with the world knowing what, well, what they know haha no spoilers
  5. This is an amazing new show on Netflix!!! Its about a mysterious guy who shows up who performs miracles and how the world today, the information/social media era, would react to such a thing. Many many themes talked about on here are shown throughout the show, cults, some wisdom of god, spirituality, exposing our BS. It also shows a lot about the minds of Stage Blue. if you open the trailer link below, look at the dislike/like bar, and that will tell you how stage blue reacts to such things
  6. @Aaron p i finished ep 7 and things are getting crazyy
  8. you guys are skipping one of the most common and dangerous causes: Mold exposure. Look up Dr. jess and mold toxicity/exposure.
  9. This is pertaining to the latest video blog (miracle awakening) where you mentioned you wont be reading anymore books, does that mean the booklist wont expand anymore? @Leo Gura
  10. @Jed Vassallo no, but my favorite books/most profound teachings on the list are mostly the ones he added on the latest update (5/25 i think?) @LfcCharlie4 @Girzo yea true
  11. I am about to take my very first psychedelic trip ever (WOOHOoO) on mushrooms, specifically 1.5g. ( @Nahm another thing on my dreamboard that manifested) Whats some advice for handling it in the best way possible? Any book recs? (i have a few weeks until the trip so i can squeeze in a book), methods of prep, how long to prep mentally beforehand, things to do during the trip. Im aiming not for recreational chilling stuff but spiritual advancement specifically. Music? Thank youuu!
  12. @Nahm thank you for the calculator! turns out for first trip 0.7 would be ideal lol but ill go with a gram i'll keep this in mind xx @outlandish i meant any books to read before the trip (liek weeks before) that give good advice or something haha yeah i always hear ppl say empty stomach, and then first time trippers complain on reddit that their empty stomach distracted them a lot and possibly even contributed to a bad trip. Ill have something light an hour or two before.
  13. thank you guys all so much @Leo Gura @dimitri thx, i'll start out with 1g because thats better than freaking myself out with too much. seems like meditating before will help. @Chakra Lion that has some nice music i plant to include some of that, and definitely the Journey game soundtrack @Corpus honestly no idea haha i'll ask, but im pretty sure their B+'s, thats the most common in the place i live
  14. The more i read spiritual books, especially memoirs/autobiographies, the more i sense that all the people who *made it* in the spiritual world (attained realization, lived their life led by synchronocities and intuition) were people who as children had a magical life. As kids they already remember manifesting stuff, being psychic, having paramornmal abilities even siddhis and such. And of course later they attain spiritual insights to an insane magnitude, much deeper than what most surface level esoteric books can offer. Im currently read "If Truth Be Told" which triggered this question I myself was not particuarly inclined spiritually or had any gifts as a child (the only thing maybe is that i had deep interests in the occult in those early years). So i wonder, exactly how much harder is it for people who have no talents/predispositions to this kinda work to attain deep results such as Awakening? Is it a devote every single minute of your life to it type of deal? i heard a person (specifically Dean Radin, author of Real Magic) talk how he meditated daily and rigourously for 40 years & in all those years had only minutes long of mystical experiences How much does our Karma, Past lives (if there is such a thing) influence our capabilities in the now. I hear of the principle that mastery is only a little bit talent and majority discipline and work but when it comes the work were doing here, it doesnt seem like so. How to strengthen out intuition to avoid going astray and wasting years off the path?
  15. they usually have a week free suprsription you can try. I signed up for the 99 cents for a month deal to see what its all about, and its very green hippie- like. If your looking for teachers to take you deep into meditation or enlightenment then dont bother. What they do have is lots of good videos on health, yoga, psychics, paranormal stuff, history and good spiritual documentaries. But no instruction videos per se. Its pretty light material id say except for one interview series called "open minds" with regina meredith, im thinking of resubscribing only for that, she interviews green/yellow people about various subjects, mostly health, spiritual stuff, and new historic theories
  16. About 70% of the way through and this book is incredible. If you are planning to do psychedelics or have done them, this is a must read. Despite the title, it isnt a self-help book or a how-to guide for psychedelics. Its about this guys investigation into the realm of these entheogens, where you discover the history of psychedelics (how they were used centuries and millenia ago), history of the first renaissance (the 1950s-1970s), the reaosning for their second renaissance occuring now (started back in 2006), you learn the neuroscience about what they do in your brain, theres a whole chapter with Paul stamets in it (woohoo), a chapter of the authors trips, specifically on shrooms, LSD, and 5-meo-DMT (he's done them first time in his life at age 60!), and how they can be potentially used to heal fear of death, depression, addiction, and so on. Really surprised this isn't on leo's booklist
  17. @Nahm as long as you dont barf on the carpet!! @wavydude ive been watchhing some, funny, a few years back i always skipped them because i thought they were for old people lolol whatever that meant, but now i think their so interesting. One of my favorite one's is with the creator of the Samadhi movies, Daniel Schmidt.
  18. @Nahm just wanna say that i had a picture of a heart with the words "self love" on my dreamboard, and this week the self love video came about and i started practicing it in every moment i could remind myself, for example today someone mentioned a video they watched of me and i immeditaley cringed inside at the cheesiness of that video i did, but then i gave myself love, i loved me for me, i even loved that cringe that my stomach did. The dreamboard is actually coming about hehe
  19. FIRST of allll, im so sorry for the late response thank you so much, i always have two perspectives to choose from, like that einstein quote "live your life either as nothing is a miracle or as everything is a miracle" something along those lines haha, I always have the option to see how this will help me or ruin me. How i can complain/blame or how can i learn from this. I choose to learn, to help me, to see it s a benefit. To choose Love, Self-Love <3 So all along whenever im stuck in blaming and ruminating, im still being a master of my creation but just going the oppositie direction that i want to go in. All i have to do i flip the other way and im going forward. Instead of reading this memoir and thinking wow this is so hardcore, i will never be able to do that, i choose to see it as "wow this is so incredibly inspiring, this man's hard devotion to God, this motivates me to work hard to find the Truth" It is true, this correlation is going about me right now. Whatever my focus is on, will grow. Thank you <3 @pink thanks, i will take a note to look at it later @LfcCharlie4 mann thats awesome to hear, btw what do you do as a daily practice? @Consilience thank you for your words, they encourage me to find the same magic in the present moment <33 its all a matter of discipline and softening your ego thank you for sharing this with mee @mandyjw true true @Keyhole yes whatever positive thing i do now will help me later, even in future lives <3
  20. yea i noticed that as well, i always thought the thumbnails were custom art so seeing it i was suprised
  21. (im talking about the latest blogpost) @Leo Gura i can firsthand tell you how much it fucks with your brain when you have a bad diet and try to do shit, like you literally cant. Its hard to even properly meditate when you eat even subpar. I had a horrible lesson taught about 2 years ago when i had a terrible sleep cycle (going to sleep at 2 am and waking up at noon) and diet (i ate ramen 3-4 times a week, underate some days, overate others, binged on cookies and potato chips. this went on for about 6 months all while doing crossfit at th same time) until my system couldnt take it anylonger and everything tipped over. My hands and feet started getting numb, insomnia, dizziness, crying for no reason, depression, memory issues, major weakness (i had trouble getting out of a chair). I was convinced i had MS or lyme disease. But the doctors found nothing on mri's. It went away slowllyy after fixing my diet and sleep pattern but im still repairing. I still cant sleep yet like how i did before, im still trying to eat healthy but its soo freakin hard to stay discipled enough to restrict things like pasta/bread/cheese and sweets. I know when i meditate too, i make the fastest progress when i eat clean even for only a few days. SO stay healthy lol and that goes for myself too
  22. for example in the book im reading, the guy is tired of his job and wishes for something more exhilarating, then the very next day hes contacted for an amazing opportunity. Or for example of intuition, he can read the mind of someone, like he already knows what they are goin to say minutes before they say this. @LfcCharlie4 thanks for the reassurance i noticed in zen books and literature there is very little talk of these magical powers/siddhis and whatnot, instead its more austere and serious, focusing only on enlightment i guess i was wondering old soul vs new soul, old souls are much more predispotioned to awaken, and i wonder if new souls stand a chance haha
  23. @Nahm Realization of Truth, getting Awakended, seeing the Self (capital S) for what it is, not having attachments, being so unified with the divine that you just follow signs given to you. Like wishing for something a boom there it is @outlandish ohh man i forgot about him haha ok that's a relief phew I guess have to put in that impatience was a characteristic that i had since childhood. All i remember my parents and teachers saying is "dont be soo impatient" so when i do stuff now like meditate and it seems like the process is slow, i tend to overreact with the "oh im dooomed!" thinking