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  1. I think you should take a 2 week trial if you want to:
  2. Pressing the tongue to the roof of the mouth will move the bone structure so that it becomes easier to breath. Have your tongue in the mewing tongue-posture when doing this. This will not solve the problem, but might make it a little bit easier to breath after you have done this. I hope this will do something. Good luck, I have prayed for you.
  3. Spirulina has shown to have many bad effects: Possibly you can take it if it's from a good source, where there is no toxicity. I'm almost almost certain spirulina is contaminated with heavy metals where it's grown, if I remember correctly.
  4. @Slade ''Unearned conciousness is valueless'', did Deida actually say this about psychadelics, or did he just say it with something else in mind? If he did say it talking about psychadelics it sound very weird to me.
  5. It's not a problem. If you completely surrender your body will move by itself and everything that needs to be done will be done automaticly, without ego or desire.
  6. I know of many people that has realised absolute infinity but then gone beyond it and into the personal god. It's a direct experiance, of seeing the 'personal' god in nothingness. I would say realise absolue infinity, then dont stop you Journey. Stare at a picture of someone like anandamayi ma, Jesus, krishna or ramana maharshi and connect to them. This will trigger purging, and more will be revealed.
  7. This is intrestingly just like the old science vs religion debate. Religion says that everything is too perfect to be chance, but science argues that it has to be this way because there are so many planets, etc.
  8. I take Ashwaganda, Bacopa, algea Omega 3 and Vitamin D almost every day. Then I take other supplements like B12, chlorella and others occationally. is a great website for research-based information about supplements.
  9. You should certainly not force anyone to self-actualize. That is like forcing kids to eat vegetables. It will only make them dislike it more because they are forced to do something. Instead just be a good example yourself and if anyone asks or you want to talk about it make self-actulization sound exciting. You can also recommend specific tecniques to people if you feel like they fit the persons problems and style.
  10. Good guide! You can automise any behaviour like this. My advice in this area though is to go to bed on time so you wake up earlier than the alarm and can switch it off when you're fully awake. We are not made to wake up from alarms. Alarms are traditionally for communicating danger, and I believe it causes stress on the body.
  11. This might help: I'm also interested in this. Both my brother and my sister have children that I would like to help and give positive influences to. I don't meet them all the time though, so the only thing I'm doing currently is trying to show a good example, be authentic and let them know what I'm doing. We meditated together once, but they thought it was boring and stopped after like 30 seconds
  12. I disagree with this. Anger can serve a purpose and is a way of letting stuff out too. I myself repressed my anger because my family demonized anger because my father were sometimes really angry when I was little. When I now have reclaimed more of my anger, I can feel anger as a tool for change. I've also felt it sometimes at other people when they bullshit themselves, but those times I usually hold it in and let it out later when I'm alone. I think what I should do is actually let it out in a lot of these circumstances, some people might need to hear it to get out of there bubbles of self-deceptions. When kids bullied me in school I cried a lot, but it didn't help much. If I would have gotten angry instead of being silent maybe people would have taken it seriously and things would have changed. In this video at about 5.35 in Peter Ralston becomes angry. It might be an old habit that gets purged away or another self-deception, but could also be a way to make the questioner change. Fittingly they also talk about anger. I love that after he showed anger he became completely calm and showed a little tricky friendly smile. A good guideline to know if it's ''authentic'' anger is if it feels good and you are not suffering when you feel anger. All self-deceptions have a dirty feeling to them in a way. For example feeling like one is better than someone else feels good in a way because you feel important, but also dirty when you lie to yourself and think badly about someone else. Frustration=self-deception. Authentic anger=good emotion to have. What do you think of this Leo?
  13. I've had crazy synchronicities with a lot a Leos videos. On this last one, i recently did a group presentation in collage about dream interpratations, and I even thought to myself that Leo is for sure gonna do a video about this that week or very soon. This video wasnt 100% what i expected, but close enough. Some other synchronicities w actualized videos: Rant against naive realism - on monday before the weeks Episode i had the exact same insight that he was talking about, and even met with a friend to discuss it, and this completely convinced him that life was all a dream and that he was the only concioussness. Research and big picture - did alot of research and found out about lots of cool stuff that week. Concentration vs meditation - on the day before that Episode i created my own modell for the pros and cons of each of, what i called them at the time, do-nothing meditation and point-focus meditation. I even created a playlist with songs/sounds that i would concentrate on followed by no music, where i would let go into do-nothing for like 10-20min followed by concentration and so on for as long as i wanted to meditate. True vs false skepticism - that week i met with one of my very scentific friends, started to introduce him into nondual things like all is conciousness, no free will and the like. He said that he was a sceptic and i replied very similar to what Leo talked about, but way less fleshed out. He didn't get concinced though Rock bottom, everything understood - i think that in this video Leo said that he hit turquoise. On midnight on saturday the day before i read in my spiral dynamics book about the descriptions for turquoise and it just clicked and the descriptions resonated with me. I started touching tourquise there for the first time, and then the next morning Leo hit it.
  14. Some thoughts feel true, like ''I want to be more authentic''. In the past in my life I think my way of seeing whenever a thought is true or not have been more blurry, which leads to more self-deception. The more you question your own thoughts the less self deception. But some thoughts feel true. Like when you contemplate why you did something you get to a thought that feels true. But at the same time, there is no way to know - maybe higher consciousness is simply believing in less thoughts, which naturally leaves you with more awareness and less thoughts overall. I'm going to try to doubt even the thoughts that feel stone cold true and see how that goes.