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  1. He said in the end that psychedlics can remove the clouding of mind and feelings so that Consciousness can shine through and be recognized easier
  2. I am not a big fan of the bible but this is very profound:)
  3. Ego cant know how can ego experience anything other then fear? Also i might be experiencing this for myself but still i see behaviours of others based mostly in fear so its not only my experience
  4. The only way we can say that fear based thoughts and behaviour and love based thoughts and behaviour are ultimately the same from the highest level is cause we have spiritual masters who achieved such levels of consciousness where they can genuinely understand it and not judge people chosing life in fear. However they surely would not say such a thing when they were still messed up in fear and ego
  5. It makes no difference but still I dont see spiritual masters starting fights killing and torturing people. And that is because they realized oneness and its now easy for them to behave in more loving way. However for most people its much more often the case that they choose judgement instead of compassion or in other words fear instead of love. To realize they are ultimately the same requires high levels of consciousness most people will not achieve.. Doesnt seem very loving even though i get that its cause my ego is in the way. Love would allow most people to see easy that even though from the highest point judgement and compassion are the same on the relative domain its compassion that allows you to see that equality not judgement cause if its fear and judgement most people would Already be enlightened and world would not be in such a mess
  6. @Someone here Its all one however that doesnt mean that fear and love based behaviour is ultimately the same and that love based behaviour such as compassion is much harder then fear based behaviour such as judgement.
  7. One can argue that since Love is all there is fear isnt an issue since it is an expression of love however at our practical mundane life you surely would rather see compassion then agression and judgement yet the opposite is the case in most humans. So even though compassion judgement and agression are all based in Love compassion is surely a higher form of love and much more beneficial for humanity. And yet fear based judgement and agression are more prevalent...
  8. @Someone here Lol sure as i said in absolute level yes in relative level it surely isnt
  9. This might be true in absolute level but in relative level where we live still you can not honestly say that oneness in realized in most individuals and they choose love over fear. Thats simply not the case. And yes i see that since God is everything and everyone everyone will eventually at some point realize that however i still dont seem to understand why is needed that world is inclined towards fear in universe designed as expression of love. Why such hardships to most creatures and beings? Only thing that comes to my mind is that realization of love is so much more pleasurable after so much fear but I m not sure that would comfort people going through suffering
  10. @Tim R Yeah fear is Love in absolute domain but that still doesnt explain why should there be such struggle in the world based on fear if nature of the universe is love. Cause even though fear is love it is a very limited and shallow form of love. At least conpared to unconditional love. Why not engineer a universe where most individuals are experiencing oneness or true love and just few ones are living in fear.. That would be more loving based scenario. Or i miss something here...
  11. @aurum True but why such a hard game. Why couldnt it be engineered in such a way where most individuals would realize oneness and not just few rare ones
  12. @Leo Gura @Leo Gura Love could as easily engineer a universe where 4 billion years of fear would not be required to experience Love wouldnt it. Why such enormous effort and struggle in the world just for few rare individuals to realize oneness if love is the nature of the universe
  13. @Tim R So I guess having an identity is a sacrifice of love in a way
  14. @Mafortu Cant we have survival with love instead of fear.. That we ensure our survival by cooperating and caring for ourselves instead of dividing and fighting for our egos?