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  1. Has pursuing spiritual goals(enlightenment etc) always been your top priority in life or did you had other goals before.. like great relationship career financial Independence etc? Great video btw:) You sound a little like Kurt Cobain from Nirvana band lol
  2. @Blackhawk I see.. So regular job it is. I was asking also cause I thought maybe searching for you life purpose would help you ease your life however i understand that its hard to find a job you love and fits your purpose. Were you searching for it by any chance?
  3. @Blackhawk Where do you work man? Kinda offtopic I know but I m curious..
  4. @WelcometoReality Isnt desire to drink water based on lack cause you feel thirsty so you lack water in your organism?
  5. @SQAAD Sorry to hear that. Sounds really terrible. People really need to inform themselves well before tripping about everything. Consequences of bad trips are too severe to not take big precautions beforehand
  6. @SQAAD I know its kinda offtopic but could you share what was the mistake that caused you year of misery?
  7. Took Pfizer..two shots.No side effects except mild arm pain where vaccine was injected which lasted for 2hours max
  8. Reality must be one since there isnt anything outside of it. If u think about it this way.. There is more stuff outside of your city your country your continent where u live even outside of planet earth and galaxies maybe even outside this universe is another one but Reality being everything there is cant have anything outside of it so you cant have two or more realities.. At least thats how i understand it Also since reality is one and there isnt anything outside of it it cant be limited so its also infinite and boundless
  9. @justfortoday I wanted to ask you how is it possible for one consciousness to appear in different states.. If "my" and "buddha" consciousness is the same one why one is awakened to its true nature and other is not?
  10. @justfortoday I just wanted to say you have freaking awesome analogies and metaphors for awakening.. Probably best on the forum:)
  11. @Tim R They are free to choose to behave in such selfish and indifferent way however i would bet that 99 percent of this people if they found themselves in situation of that helpless person and people would behave towards them like they did to this guy they would demonize and criticise society and people for being selfish idiots and treating them like crap. Hypocrisy at its best
  12. I think when its said that there is no reason behind everything what is being suggested is that there is nothing to gain for reality or existence. Reality is perfect and compete yet for limited human beings there are reasons to do stuff.. To stay alive to get in shape to get into relationship and so on..
  13. They arent lost in concepts of the mind like humans are but they aint awake either. Conscious but not aware of consciousness and running life on instincts so answer is def no.
  14. Probably not but it would certainly make me more at peace and happy. Yes i see that that in itself is a value judgement however i m unable to let it go
  15. So i was contemplating why human beings feel lack and insecure and I came to conclusion its about how we value ourselves. We behave and achiveve various stuff go to relationships try to improve ourselves in various ways cause we think it will bring more value to us making us feel more secure however this is always bound to fail cause we then fear loosing that value or we risk someone else is better then us and there always is. So the solution is to realize value is arbitrary and relative and never fullfilling. And yet even when i see this in contemplation still i struggle to drop that habit in practice.. Why is that?