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  1. I am kinda confused about technique of letting go.Specificaly how do I know that I am doing in correctly? How many times should I let go of something before it wont come up again? Should I feel relief or is it not "visible" every time immediately? I am doing it in a way that I think about some desire or expectation or circumstance in my life which is currently not welcomed in experience and try to drop the resistance to what is but I am not sure is that the right way
  2. Great response..much appreciation:) So difference between a mechanism and purposeful thing is that mechanism functions as its own goal like a self feeding loop?
  3. What is the purpose of doubt anyway?
  4. @ajasatya Your advice sounds similar to what Leo speaks about embracing confusion..if confusion and doubt are the same thing:)
  5. I noticed its sometimes subtle mental state..i mean unlike anger or sadness for example so it goes under the radar easily or it is in the back of the mind so to say
  6. @Inliytened1 So knowing and accepting is the only thing necessary?
  7. Are you implying to embrace it?
  8. @Aakash Isnt it unrealistic to expect that mind will immediately accept such a belief?What about more gradual approach or expectation?
  9. My question is how to eliminate doubt as much as possible from our life.Specifically targeting personal growth and achieving something.I know its practically impossible to remove it completely but what are most effective ways to reduce it to minimum ammount
  10. I like your analogy:) Very poetic
  11. Great video with clear explanations of the teachings:)
  12. @Mu_ Yeah I am still spinning in ego stories it creates from inquiry experiences:)Its kinda tricky cause it definitely feels like I have to put effort into being consciousness even though thats what I essentialy am.Probably comes from natural tendency that to get somewhere you have to do something. Thanks for your response
  13. @purerogue No that was my only non dual "experience". There is no non dual experience when there is a sense of you.There is only consciousness then. I had moments of nice stilness of mind in that consciousness observer stage though
  14. @Mu_ experience.I was comparing with one true non dual moment i had where there was no separation between me and the world.All there was was consciousness and it wasnt mine it was just there existing:) But most of my inquiry and meditation experiences are still this sort od duality between me consciousness observing and "stuff" being observed. So i was wondering if that is still ego in disguise just in form of consciousness and not in form of thinker of thought or feeler od emotions..sorry if i sound confusing:D