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  1. @winterknight What is subconscious mind? Is there a point of no return in this enlightement path?
  2. Life is a dream from the point of awakened being.As you probably like 99 of people see yourself as an ego or separate entity apart from the world that dream is and feels very real to you.Like ordinary dream when you sleep feels very real until you awaken.Waking up from the dream of life means seeing through the illusion of the ego and seeing your true nature(Consciousness,Self). Ego is seen as unreal and life lived from its point of view seems now like a dream. Full awakening should be collapse of all duality including the duality of duality and non duality.
  3. @winterknight Are you(you-The Self) conscious in deep(dreamless) sleep?
  4. @winterknight What do you advise as a best way to talk with materialists when dealing with spiritual topics such as consciousness and awakening which most of these people consider woo woo nonsense?
  5. That is the point of self dissolve mind in its source(awareness) When you find it "rest"or be that
  6. @winterknight If awareness(Self) is always present why when i feel lethargic and tired it is really hard to notice it?
  7. Thanks What would happen if person with multiple personality disorder tries to awaken..would he/she had to dissolve each of present egos? That always intrigued me
  8. @winterknight While i was driving in bus and walking on street i started noticing how stuff moves including me(body) but if i stay as a awareness it always stays immovable and this a glimps into the Truth? Is it useful to do this as a form of walking meditation? I had a sense as if i enter into a timeless realm if i would have to describe it
  9. There is no thinker of thought. There is no separate entity called the voice. The real you is awareness where thoughts occur.
  10. Great explanation..thanks man
  11. Depends how benevolent or useful spirit world is
  12. Usually it creates it by mental chatter not like this
  13. Ok so in last few months while doing meditation or even in times when i dont but my mind is silent and consciouness is raised i can see a shadow figure appearing in my consciousness in my room. First i thought its just some perception in peripheral vision when i defocus my gaze but now i m sure that it happens only when my mind is silent enough and mindfulness and consciouness is at high level and yesterday when i was trying to become even more and more aware beeping noise started to happen which never happened before and i got scared and stopped with increasing awareness.So now am i really confused what is happening
  14. Well sure enlightened beings can experience moodiness but they dont resist present moment as it is..being enlightened doesnt mean life without "bad" emotions isnt it
  15. Of course I m just realization didnt occur yet