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  1. In my opinion emotions like fear disgust anger are created based on mind interpretation of situation and last shorter in time while consciousness states are longer lasting and are more an overarching way of dealing with and interpreting life situations
  2. Stage red is more primitive impulsive and agressive when he wants something while stage orange acts in more calculating and rational way exploring other options when he cant get something immediately. Orange is more sophisticated and with an elevated view on situations then red and usually has better emotional control in way to not act impulsive and violent
  3. This is something i will have to ponder about.I guess I am not even aware how many underlying beliefs there are in me without me even realizing they are beliefs.Can you explain a little what exactly you mean by belief with or without substance?
  4. The core reason for negative belief is negative experience.For example the belief that i suck in public speech came from my mostly bad presentations in front of class in high school and college
  5. Is there really an efficient way to drop a negative belief or to replace it with positive one without experiencing positive stuff which will slowly change the negative momentum?
  6. @Javfly33 @Javfly33Agree:) Bunch of thoughts and beliefs which point to itself..a strange loop indeed:D
  7. There never was a separate "me" but does that mean that there isnt a "me" who is different then "you"? Ego is still real in a sense even though its not separate from existance isnt it
  8. Finally someone explains clearly what it means to shift vibrations. Nicely written,thanks for posting:) One question can one shift through apathy cause in my experience apathy is the lack of feeling or numbness so its hard to force yourself to feel even a "bad" emotion like guilt or fear
  9. I am kinda confused about technique of letting go.Specificaly how do I know that I am doing in correctly? How many times should I let go of something before it wont come up again? Should I feel relief or is it not "visible" every time immediately? I am doing it in a way that I think about some desire or expectation or circumstance in my life which is currently not welcomed in experience and try to drop the resistance to what is but I am not sure is that the right way
  10. Great response..much appreciation:) So difference between a mechanism and purposeful thing is that mechanism functions as its own goal like a self feeding loop?
  11. What is the purpose of doubt anyway?
  12. @ajasatya Your advice sounds similar to what Leo speaks about embracing confusion..if confusion and doubt are the same thing:)
  13. I noticed its sometimes subtle mental state..i mean unlike anger or sadness for example so it goes under the radar easily or it is in the back of the mind so to say
  14. @Inliytened1 So knowing and accepting is the only thing necessary?
  15. Are you implying to embrace it?