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  1. I m not enlightened but from what I understand enlightened people who have partners don t have them because they feel they lack them and need them for fullfilment and happiness but because they are already happy and just wish to share their happiness with other human being
  2. Thank you for the clip So the point is that surrender can never be done by effort? Even effort to drop the effort has to be dropped
  3. Have you done fasting before? I have never done it but 31 day seems way too much and extreme and it isnt even advised before some medical examination
  4. Isnt becoming conscious some sort of control?You can choose to become conscious or not
  5. Taking care of your health is more like having a better chance of having a good life..hard to have a good life if you will be constantly physically sick and in mental distress
  6. We can see that everything in our experience changes.But what is actually change? What is it essence? What makes it what it is?
  7. Parmenides argued as follows: "What-is-not" does not exist. Since anything that comes into being must arise out of "what-is-not", objects cannot come into being. Likewise, they cannot pass away, because in order to do so they would have to enter the realm of "what-is-not". Since it does not exist, "what-is-not" cannot be the womb of generation, or the tomb of that which perishes. The "no-longer" and the "not-yet" are therefore variants of "what-is-not", and so the past and future do not exist either. Change, then, is impossible. Equally, his argument continued, multiplicity is unreal, because the empty space necessary to separate one object from another would be another example of "what-is-not". And since things cannot be anything to a greater or lesser degree (which would require "what-is" to be mixed with the diluting effect of "what-is-not"), the universe must be homogeneous, a single, undifferentiated, unchanging unity. Also, it must be finite and spherical, for it cannot be in one direction any more than in another (and the sphere is the only figure of which this can be said). Thus, by a strictly deductive argument, Parmenides asserted that change is impossible, and that coming-into-existence or ceasing-to-exist are likewise impossible, so that everything that exists is permanent, ungenerated, indestructible and unchanging.
  8. @Arkandeus I had moments when i became very still and was watching nature and it suddenly seemed to me to became more alive and more tree for that what you mean by interconnectednes?
  9. @winterknight What is subconscious mind? Is there a point of no return in this enlightement path?
  10. Life is a dream from the point of awakened being.As you probably like 99 of people see yourself as an ego or separate entity apart from the world that dream is and feels very real to you.Like ordinary dream when you sleep feels very real until you awaken.Waking up from the dream of life means seeing through the illusion of the ego and seeing your true nature(Consciousness,Self). Ego is seen as unreal and life lived from its point of view seems now like a dream. Full awakening should be collapse of all duality including the duality of duality and non duality.
  11. @winterknight Are you(you-The Self) conscious in deep(dreamless) sleep?
  12. @winterknight What do you advise as a best way to talk with materialists when dealing with spiritual topics such as consciousness and awakening which most of these people consider woo woo nonsense?
  13. That is the point of self dissolve mind in its source(awareness) When you find it "rest"or be that