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  1. I like your analogy:) Very poetic
  2. Great video with clear explanations of the teachings:)
  3. @Mu_ Yeah I am still spinning in ego stories it creates from inquiry experiences:)Its kinda tricky cause it definitely feels like I have to put effort into being consciousness even though thats what I essentialy am.Probably comes from natural tendency that to get somewhere you have to do something. Thanks for your response
  4. @purerogue No that was my only non dual "experience". There is no non dual experience when there is a sense of you.There is only consciousness then. I had moments of nice stilness of mind in that consciousness observer stage though
  5. @Mu_ experience.I was comparing with one true non dual moment i had where there was no separation between me and the world.All there was was consciousness and it wasnt mine it was just there existing:) But most of my inquiry and meditation experiences are still this sort od duality between me consciousness observing and "stuff" being observed. So i was wondering if that is still ego in disguise just in form of consciousness and not in form of thinker of thought or feeler od emotions..sorry if i sound confusing:D
  6. That what is seeing itself is in these moments of inquiry still separated from what is seen.And I wonder is any form of separation in experience ego cause consciousness is ultimately non dual as i understand
  7. Is being witnessing consciousness still ego in disguise even though you arent identified with thoughts and emotions but with consciousness instead?
  8. Is the witness consciousness still ego in disguise?
  9. @Anton_Pierre Mind is unable to grasp the true nature anyway so training the mind has benefits only for clearing the mud from awareness to recognize itself:)
  10. But in non dual moment(enlightement experience) there isnt one to doubt:D Its pretty clear what is being seen.Awareness aware of itself.
  11. @SoonHei Ok but if you "see" that you have mistaken the rope for the snake(ego for True self)once you see it it cannot trick you anymore..and yet many people(me included) after a non dual moment fall back to sleep..
  12. Why couple of no self glimpses arent enough to awaken from dream?
  13. Non duality is radically different from solipsism.Solipsism is talking about only finite limited ego mind existing while non duality is pointing towards unlimited consciousness
  14. What was the hardest part in the journey for You to realize Yourself?