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  1. When did the idea of getting elightened became a possibility in your mind..i dont mean when u heard it but when you started thinking its possible and not some mumbo jumbo? What was your first relationship like?
  2. Very true indeed. Yet most people find it hard to appreciate good life conditions if they werent once in much worse situation. Gratefulness must be learned through loss for many.
  3. Can we say then according to these analogies between hallucinations on psychedelics and "hallucination" of ordinary perception that people who have schizophrenia and have visual and auditory hallucinations actually just have more fluid way of consciouness unlike regular people? Fluid in a sense that less of God infinite nature is filtered for survival reasons
  4. Lol..not exactly proper motivation for spiritual pursuit:D
  5. How you managed to have such discipline and enough time to do consciousness work 14h daily?
  6. Are you sure he didnt say pain instead of suffering? Cause its two different things
  7. I used up all the chances they gave me for passing last exam and simply didnt managed to pass it.I still have papers that I passed other exams on that college but since i couldnt pass that last exam i couldnt get the degree,well bachelor at least not masters degree.I could still finish it on other civil engineering colleges but it would take me at least a year or two since many exams i passed on that college would not be approved elsewhere and I would have to listen and pass same exams again.Kinda dissapointing but then again like I said i never really liked the field i was studying so maybe its actually a good thing it ended liked that
  8. Finished high school,went to civil engineering college but unfortunately didnt managed to finish it or maybe its actually fortunate since i never liked it.Now still figuring out what to do next...
  9. I dont get when he says quote there is no room in the infinite for the finite...doesnt infinity includes finite things?
  10. Very good example you found.However at least in this video of his I dont sense braging or pushing in your face look what I achived and you didnt..I just see that he wants to be the best and thats the most important thing for him and thats his rightful perspective like in every stage of the spiral
  11. In my opinion emotions like fear disgust anger are created based on mind interpretation of situation and last shorter in time while consciousness states are longer lasting and are more an overarching way of dealing with and interpreting life situations
  12. Stage red is more primitive impulsive and agressive when he wants something while stage orange acts in more calculating and rational way exploring other options when he cant get something immediately. Orange is more sophisticated and with an elevated view on situations then red and usually has better emotional control in way to not act impulsive and violent
  13. This is something i will have to ponder about.I guess I am not even aware how many underlying beliefs there are in me without me even realizing they are beliefs.Can you explain a little what exactly you mean by belief with or without substance?
  14. The core reason for negative belief is negative experience.For example the belief that i suck in public speech came from my mostly bad presentations in front of class in high school and college
  15. Is there really an efficient way to drop a negative belief or to replace it with positive one without experiencing positive stuff which will slowly change the negative momentum?