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  1. I eat three cloves of garlic in the morning and three cloves of garlic before bed. That makes six cloves of garlic in total, a day. I also take two pills of IP6 Inositol Hexaphosphate — one in the morning and one before bed. Let's not forget that IP6 is the most potent detoxifier of heavy metals after garlic.
  2. I meditate on a daily basis and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that garlic doesn't disturb your attention/focus/concentration. It is a matter of you getting used to the raw compounds of garlic. I don't follow Buddhism anymore. Life is not only about meditation and clarity of mind, although these things are fundamental to lasting growth. It is fair to say that life is also about skills like articulating understanding, comprehension, understanding people, and so forth. Basically, life is about everything we can master as human beings. Just because a Buddhist monk behaves a certain way, that doesn't mean that we should embrace his worldview or his lifestyle.
  3. Indeed. But I talk from experience; only after a few days of garlic intake, I felt better. A lot better.
  4. Take a look here, m8 Garlic (Allium sativum L., Liliaceae) was investigated for its potential to prevent the accumulation of lead or cadmium, major environmental pollutants, and to reduce their toxic effects in rats. The oral feeding of minced fresh garlic during intraperitoneal injection of lead acetate or cadmium chloride, daily for 6 weeks significantly decreased the accumulation of these toxic metals and prevented the metal-sensitive biochemical alterations in blood, liver, and kidney. The ability of garlic to provide glutathione, biosynthesize metallothionein or similar protein, and its antioxidant properties appear to protect against potential oxidative damage to tissues by lead or cadmium. The regular intake of garlic may be beneficial in reducing the toxic effects of these heavy metals in the exposed population. Source:
  5. There's also a powerful heavy metal detoxifier called IP6 Inositol Hexaphospate. The moment you take it, you start to have harsh but bearable side effects, which means that it works. Read the studies about IP6 Inositol Hexaphospate. This is the brand I recommend (not to advertise; I only want to help people). Again: just read the studies about IP6 and you will be shocked. The benefits of IP6 go beyond its capacity to detox heavy metals. It can fix your insulin resistance issue if you consume too much sugar and refined carbs. It is a miraculous supplement, and it's a natural one; your body produces it. Just read the studies — all of them if possible. And don't forget about your raw garlic daily intake; it is a mystical, almost supernatural natural product.
  6. I ate a bar of dark chocolate (80 grams) every day for the past six months and oceanic Tuna fish regularly (4-5 times a week). Lately, I felt like something wasn't right with me — ADHD, heart weakness (stings/pricks around the heart), and confusion. So I did some research on garlic and found out that it is the most efficient, natural detoxifier on the planet. I crushed the raw garlic and allowed its substances to activate for about fifteen minutes. I also fasted. And now I'm at 100% — I feel amazing. Don't underestimate the power of garlic.
  7. Garlic, for centuries, has been well known for its medicinal attributes in addition to its other virtues. Garlic in different forms has antioxidant properties. These properties are shown to be due to the existence of compounds such as water-soluble organosulfur compounds, S-allyl cysteine, and lipid-soluble compounds like diallyl sulfide. It shows phenomenal ameliorating properties against heavy metal poisoning due to its possession of chemicals containing organo-sulfur groups, volatile oils, enzymes, carbohydrates, and amino acids. With the threat of heavy metal poisoning increasing every day — and lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, and copper poisoning gradually attaining alarming proportions — garlic was extensively exploited to treat the metal-induced toxicities. Recent supportive evidence indicates that garlic contains compounds capable of detoxifying lead, cadmium, methylmercury, phenylmercury, and arsenic. The restorative property of garlic was attributed to its antioxidant activity and/or chelating efficacy. The clastogenic effects of the heavy metals were also pronouncedly reduced by the dietary administration of garlic. Fatal effects with respect to body metal burden, oxidative stress, and mitochondrial injury were effectively reduced by garlic. The curative effect of garlic was superior to those of 2,3-di mercapto-1-propanol (BAL) and D-penicillamine(PEN), 2,3- dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), and N-acetyl-DL-penicillamine (APEN), and the current remedies. In his commentary, the research advances on the chemistry and pharmacology of garlic and the potential and molecular mechanism of garlic-mediated attenuation of heavy metal toxicity are discussed. Source:
  8. Yeah. It surely sounds like nonsense but it works for me. But here's my story — I work in a restaurant with lots of clients; it is similar to a McDonald's one, so the atmosphere there is a bit stressful. Some clients are so mean and rude that they trigger you. So I told myself that whenever I'll be triggered (it happened a few times a day) — instead of reacting — I should allow myself to feel the feeling completely, smile, and then let it go, as if nothing has happened. I purposefully used the letting go technique in tense situations — I did that in the past four years, daily. And sometimes I deliberately annoyed my co-workers — as they reacted in a negative manner, I remained utterly calm, without being triggered at all. Chimp behavior to me was an opportunity to deconstruct my ego — I learned how to de-energize any negative emotion, consciously, in an instant. And now, nothing chimpanzee-like troubles me — when a person is rude, that rudeness is like a warm wave of love. Isn't it fascinating? You can use your job to deconstruct the ego. In places with lots of people, there will be chimp behavior; your co-workers and the clients will annoy the hell out of you, so you have the greatest opportunity to evolve spiritually. @something_else — I'm trying to be a rainbow in someone's cloud. And also, to grow; I'm developing patience even for those who are small-minded (I'm not saying that in a judgmental way).
  9. Hello. This is not a condemnation in any way. I would like to know your opinion regarding my — bizarre and fascinating — relationship with an Arab, religious woman. She's dysfunctional — neurosis, self-esteem issues, and jealousy. On the other hand, she has a good side too — loyalty, for example. In the past five years, I've managed to kill off the ego — what I have left is only egoic leftovers that arise from time to time, but mostly, I finished them off (I'm rarely under the grip of my ego, and when I am, it has no power over me; I can notice how my egoic leftovers operate with clarity). Anyways, the strange thing about my relationship is that her issues don't bother me. I'm loving in such a way that even if she's upset or sad, I can love her and be present with her, accepting her unconditionally. Should I break up with her and find another woman? I don't plan to do that; I only want to know your thoughts on this. Eckhart Tolle has said that those who are enlightened see the irrational behavior of other people (anger, jealousy, resentment, and so forth) as waves that touch you lovingly. Now matter how angry a person is, according to Tolle, it doesn't bother you at all. Thanks.
  10. Hello. @Leo Gura, can you give us some tips in regard to learning, comprehension, and articulating understanding? Or can you make a long YouTube video about this subject? Many of us wanna become writers and public speakers. We're into spirituality as well but we must learn how to articulate ourselves properly to make money in today's world. Thanks.
  11. Hello. I fasted for about five days and ate a full-Swiss dark chocolate (75% cocoa) with little sugar. Before eating it, I sensed that my mind was hyperactive and that I wasn't completely free of micro-suffering. After eating the whole bar, my mind was in a state of complete silence — the burden of micro-suffering lifted, just like it does when you take Ketamine. I can speak with certainty about the effects of taking a substance like caffeine because I'm a hard-core practitioner — I've been meditating for about five years, daily. My levels of awareness are through the roof now but I still have egoic leftovers that I need to relinquish. Anyways, substances are good for learning — they lift anxiety, depression, and an awful mood (if we're conscious enough to have this perspective) just to "make" us realize that there's a state of mind utterly free of suffering, in which learning is effortless and creativity is EASY. What stands in the way of working on ourselves is the egoic mind, which produces a lot of suffering: doubt, confusion, despair, restlessness, inability to focus, and many other illnesses. The question is: "How long will it take for the ego to subside completely?"
  12. How much does it cost to have this forum on? The web hosting cost.
  13. That would be a great thing.
  14. Your Soul's Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born If I were to summarize this book in very few words it would be “it’s all good”. If you agree with the author’s perspective on life (which includes more than just this physical life), then everything happens for a reason and for the ultimate good of all concerned. The premise of this work assumes that you accept that we are eternal souls and we live many lives in order to learn and grow. Apparently, most of that learning is by experiencing the opposite. For example, we come into this life and forget who we really are, and then we experience anger as both victim and perpetrator so we can forgive ourselves and the other person and move past it, discovering our own divinity in the process. Then when we cross over into the more sublime reality where there is no anger, we appreciate the love we express and receive all the more. Had we not experienced the illusion on earth of negativity, we would not value so highly the positivity of the heavenly worlds. I am a seeker of truth and I have searched both outsides, through books mostly, and within via meditation for answers to the mysteries of life. As I have some past life recall, I am a ready audience for the premise of this work. I also have some revelation that some things are definitely planned. But I do not know if they are planned to the extent given here. Do we have full say on whether we reincarnate? And do we really decide all the major goals and factors that our life will entail, and then we make the necessary agreements with other souls? Schwartz claims that oftentimes very negative, even criminal behavior is not what it appears. A young man planted a bomb and grievously injured a young woman. But this was not the evil act it appeared to be… it was agreed upon prior to their birth. Thus the young man incurs no negative karma for this although he doesn’t recall the agreement and is ashamed of what he sees as a random act of evil. The victim learned to forgive the unknown man (in this life) and move a step further toward gratitude for his act because it compelled her to make great strides in the unfolding of her true nature. This kind of makes sense and I’m still working on the extent to which I believe this is true and how it fits my understanding and long-held beliefs. Perhaps the biggest loose end in this book was its brief and casual mention of walk-ins. That’s the idea that a soul can depart from a serious accident or illness but the body survives because another soul has stepped into that vehicle. The new soul would inherit the memory and some personality traits of the previous soul but would be a different being. I read about this many years ago in Ruth Montgomery’s book and I brushed it off at that time. While it seems to fit with the concept of the present work (that it’s permissible if the two souls have pre-agreed to this) it is creepy to ponder that another entity might be looking at us through our loved one’s eyes. Of course, we ourselves would also have pre-agreed to this in a state of being where we wouldn’t find such a thing so disturbing. Another thought-provoking point made by Schwartz is that when a person learns to love and forgive and becomes one with their true higher nature, they uplift all humanity. The pain and suffering overcome by the woman who was a victim of the explosion were transformative to the whole planet even if no one ever told her story. That’s because her energy is felt by us all. This gave me a new take on the concept that Jesus died for our sins. In the context of Schwartz’s work, we could say that Jesus’s love and forgiveness despite his intense suffering, uplifted the whole world. This may be where that concept was derived from. I would have liked to have seen one more chapter, and that would be a story where some act of evil was not planned. Don’t some souls go off the reservation so to speak, and what happens then? This book may not be for everyone, but if you are an open-minded seeker of truth like me, consider this a must-read.