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  1. I love listening to classical music while tripping. Listening to a piece is like going on an emotional roller coaster.
  2. What is the current "official" explanation where planets come from? They just appear out of nothing and never grow? lol It just seems logical that planets are growing.
  3. I would say yes, generally speaking your happiness goes up but your personal definition of happiness will change along the way and that doesn't mean you can't be unhappy in higher stages.
  4. Possibly! But as a matter of precaution the brand that I use heats the clay to 130°C
  5. IBS = Irritable bowel syndrome I suffered pretty heavily from IBS over the past years. A week ago I discovered Medicinal Clay (https://www.luvos.net/Products/Adolf-Just-Luvos-Healing-Earth-gastro-balance) and it gave me a new life.I used to always have stomach cramps, especially in the morning from not being able to burp, pretty much always either constipation or diarrhea and heartburn after every larger meal. I just put a little bit of the clay into water and drink it. It helped from the first time I used it and I can finally eat without being in pain afterwards. I use it whenever I get either stomach cramps or heartburn and it helps pretty much instantly. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that this is basically dirt the taste isn't even that bad. Everyone who suffers from similar symptoms should definitely give it a try. There are no known side effects to this therapy and it's cheap.
  6. Truth is everyone has different needs and different intolerances when it comes to food. Statements like "xxx is good or bad for you" will never be true for everyone. Experiment and find out what works for you and makes you feel good. Listen to your body.
  7. That's exactly what we are from a certain perspective. and every "atom" fulfills its purpose at every moment just by being there and doing its thing :-)
  8. I'm really not sure but I think the "problem " with extracting it yourself would be, that you wouldn't end up with pure 5-meo-dmt but instead with a mixture of other substances as well. Depending on the plant you would probably still trip balls but it wouldn't be the same and it's risky to recommend.
  9. It could either be that or that the sadness is there for a reason. At the moment I feel like I am escaping from something when I just "ignore" this sadness, that's why I created this post.
  10. It's not like the negative emotions are not there in the mindfulness state, but rather that I don't feel any sadness in the way I am used to.
  11. I'm asking myself this question right now because I am going through a break-up. I can effortlessly enter a mindfulness/equanimity state in which I don't feel sad or depressed at all but if I let my mind wander freely I become deeply sad. Am I avoiding an experience that I should go through by "ignoring" the sadness with mindfulness until enough time passed or is it just ego that I should overcome with mindfulness? ????????