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  1. I like your posts @caterpillar ! They are really nice need to sit and ponder this question until I get some clarity
  2. A lot of people don't understand detachment ! It seems that there seems a big communication gap there ! Maybe she is really hurt by your lack of attention , Just tell her that you are sorry and you are willing to make things work !
  3. Shadow work and French kisses ! 👅😂💃🏿
  4. I love how Leo talks about the future, as if he ready predicted ! With so much confidence
  5. I want a girlfriend now ! Don't know why but doing all this self actualized and enlightenment make you avoid relationships
  6. What books are those ?! I think I need them fam
  7. Someone anytime in history people decided that your money with you it's not safe , so it better to hand over to someone who can keep it for you ! And thanks to the human mind we created a hole domain out of this ! So now your money has a boss
  8. Probably yes but then the problem will be jealousy and moral judgement ! I was raised to believe a woman should be involved with one man at any time !
  9. 😂😂😂😂🤙🏾
  10. You can't feel worthy by simple accomplishing things in life... You are not a robot
  11. @Caterpillar Exclusive access to her body.... Hummmm ! For me it's you share intimacy with primarily. Someone whom you love and she loves you back. She satisfies your romantic cravings
  12. Sometimes I wonder if this Actualization.org hasn't turned me into a monster! I like used to be more loving and chill before ! Wanting a life purpose can make us blind. It's a complicated issue. Doing Self help is extremely good but it lacks heart. I get this lonely vibe too. But anyway no one is perfect, Leo is doing his best but still that human interaction is key to life. Without that we become robots.
  13. Thanks for the summary ! I feel like I don't need to watch the video anymore ...😅