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  1. no man , its kool to want time for yourself. Just relax, tell her she is being neurotic.
  2. i dont know much , but we must a hollywood for self help. movies would be the ideial future . just kidding.
  3. I see some high conscious women in this thread... It's amazing. I can see Leo has relationship problems. Teach him
  4. It's a good idea... We want Leo there.. Smoking some weed like Elon Musk
  5. I would like to believe that we need Jesus, what we are facing is an existencial crisis.. Only religion can help us. Meditate ons scripture seek church.. Liberate yourself !
  6. LOL.. In the end it's true. Think with me @Truth Addict , what happened to Leo was inevitable. For me what "Diamond. Net" is just another level of Actualized.Org. The biggest problem is that Leo does "bypassing". Because he focus too much on concepts, he mistakes the map for the territory. It's just that. Leo is a genius he just needs to get a normal job, meet normal people on day to the day basis to see that no , not everything must be changed. We need another way to look at things, we need to be more subtle in this work. We lack strategy. For example Leo talks about reading books.. But he judges fiction ones. But when you study great people you soon find out they got their inspiration from fiction books. Investigate Ellon Musk. So yah we preach open mindedness but we ourselves are the most close minded. Just like enlightenment.. Self actualization is a can of worms.
  7. @How to be wise drop all self deception it will be better. Drop spiral dynamics. Investigate spiritual bypassing. Ground yourself in reality. Stop blaming children. Make better analysis.. What you are saying is terrible. I am just being honest. Life is hard my friend.