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  1. This insight desevers a medal man.... 5 Stars. I love it. I think last year we got caught up in this spiral dinamycs stuff... Our aim should be personal development not SP model. Lets focus guys... It's not up to us to say who is better than who. That's up to God. Lets just live and create amazing things for this world.
  2. Because reality is magical and subtle! It works in misterious ways
  3. Leo we need to hear from you... Say something ! How is your life going ? Honestly we want to know. Great question by the way 🤔🙄
  4. It just requires a child mindset I believe
  5. I also think Leo got it wrong ...All emotions have a purpose even anger ! If we direct our anger we can be far more effective in our life. Repression is not the way . A lot of people repress it ! thats the other side of uncontrolled anger ! We have to understand and re intregate this emotions it serves a function in our psyche
  6. Transmission via Skype, let the enlightenment revolution begin ! Interesting guy
  7. Is Robert Greene a system thinker ?! I mean he is acclaimed to be one of the best writers of this century ! And what about his content can we call a book like the " The Art of Seduction" a system thinking book !? By the I loved the guy
  8. I loved your insight , it's just on point ! Our parents demonize red but behind the curtains we all break the rules to get what we want . A yellow or green will think Red is the reason why we have evil but no....blue and orange could be as or more evil than all stages ! To make great changes in society we gonna have to use the tactics of red... So we can get ahead ! Thanks you son
  9. I think this is my case ! But I wonder is this Leo's case also ?! I just wonder
  10. It's not black and white , but if it happens everytime you probably not saying what you want. Be direct and clear !
  11. @How to be wise thanks for the insight ! Growing everyday son ! So What type of inner work you talking about ?
  12. I love this book , its fun and packed with wisdom ! Learn about introversion and how underrated it is , in the society that we live. A manifesto for all the introvertas , it turns out introverts think deeper , take advantage of this pratical insights to improve your life , align your priorities with your personality type !
  13. Loving What Is ! Byron Katie Jonathan Haidt - The Happiness Hypothehis