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  1. Knowing your true nature with absolute, unwavering, clarity.
  2. This one goes deep into the masculine heroic myth that is rampant in our culture and exposes the false promise that it brings. I will go as far as to say that it cuts directly into the teachings of Leo. Great stuff!
  3. There are various translations of the I-Ching, I am specifically referring to: I Ching, The Oracle of the Cosmic Way Paperback – November 25, 2002 by Carol K. Anthony, Hanna Moog
  4. @Etherial Cat As far as I know, I-Ching, the Oracle of the Cosmic Way is the only book that openly and explicitly criticizes the heroic myth and shows how it is connected to the way in which culture forms. The heroic myth is deeply connected to the cultural supremacy of the thinking mind, demonization of feelings, senses, body, interchanging of true purpose for disconnection, and the whole host of unpleasant phenomena that are culturally deemed as unfixable, the "human condition", and that are linked to the idea of the fall and the original sin. I find it to be a travesty that our culture does not provide any, I mean ANY, ZERO, alternatives to the heroic myth. The so-called heroine myths, are simply re-framings of the heroic myth where the heroine still ventures into the hidden, parallel reality for the initiated, and gains cultural recognition in exchange for personal sacrifice. Complete and utter madness. To some extent, the heroic myth is synonymous to being human, with the implication that it is human to inhabit the parallel reality of our thinking mind. This is collective ego 101, the prime example how it operates and how it cultivates our lives to perpetuate its disconnected existence, by feeding on our energy. Do you know of any other book that shows the other way, away from the heroic myth that is not a re-framing of it using different content?
  5. https://torrentfreak.com/vpns-russia-forces-google-to-delete-masses-of-links-amid-ukraine-invasion-220309/amp/ Why do you think Google cooperated with Russian government on this? Isn't it against its best interest to block these sites? I smell some kind of conspiracy here.
  6. To be completely honest, this is an article about how Google helps Russia further isolate itself in terms of information available to Russian citizens. Google delisted search results for Russia regarding VPNs that would help Russians access Western information sources.
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot Read the book of not knowing by Peter Ralston. Cultivate: All-day-all-circumstance honesty Honesty keeps the left hemisphere checked Inspect and deconstruct culture like a madman. Culture is not "out there" in the cinema, but in here, between your ears and runs your life for you. Be a gardener of your own mind, snip the concepts that do not serve you Use your feelings to guide you, when you understand something truly, you feel joyful and extatic. This one is obvious, what you want is the thing itself, not a description of it (unless you are communicating). You've got the thing when you can "grasp" it - physically, or mentally, and interact with it effectively. Keep your questioning relevant and grounded in your practical pursuits Question everything you feel to be relevant, even/especially philosophy. Make philosophy relevant and practical. When you listen others, or learn, try to recreate the interior of the other's mind and inhabit it. Start with what you know, ask questions (or do it) until it leads you into the unknown and stay there in openness until it becomes known again. Rinse and repeat. Do not expect your questions to stop, even when you are content. What you aim for is peace and familiarity with turning the unknown into the known and known into unknown. This will always be unpleasant, but you can learn to be peaceful. This peace is groundedness in the world and it happens when you learn enough.
  8. What you are doing is playing with language and spinning the wheels of your thinking mind. What you are looking for is non-symbolic "knowing" that starts with thinking, but goes beyond it into actual life-transforming insight. It is more similar to "remembering something you've long forgotten" than "figuring something new out". The closure you are looking for is the peace that comes from grounding in your body, in your belly center. It will come along as you mature in your seeking and let go of fear.
  9. You are confusing moral excuses with understanding. Not only that, but you are actively working on discouraging people from investigating reasons for Putin's behavior by calling him a senseless psychopath, and thus suggesting that there are no reasons for what he is doing, or that those reasons are incomprehensible. If you do not want to understand because you are afraid that you may see his actions as justified, then don't. But realize this is your own fear of your own mind that you project on other people's quest for knowledge. Even if he were a psychopath, or had schizophrenia, it would be worthwhile to at least investigate the signs of it, or even reasons for it. And again: the fallacy you are committing is that you equate understanding with moral exemption. The fact that I understand the laws that govern the orbit of a moon-sized comet that will kill every living creature on Earth does not imply that I find it acceptable and that I will not try to deflect it. The fact that I understand why Putin wants something different from what I want, does not mean that I will now support him against my own best interest. This is relationships and negotiation 101.
  10. Leo is notoriously biased against psychologists and psychotherapy. I never got a useful answer to this question that would stem from his direct experience with psychotherapy. I suspect that either he has never tried it, or got too scared of the results so he demonizes it now.
  11. @Blackhawk Yep, duble down on demonization, this will definitely make you more audible to "most people".
  12. What Putin believes in is reason enough for him to start a war in Ukraine.
  13. @PurpleTree Love that in this penis size graph, the longer the penis, the blacker the country lmao
  14. Do not forget that "defense" NATO claims is an act within the domain of war. When you are in a conflict with your neighbor and you pile up on dynamite on your property just outside of his house, you don't get to use "it's just defense bro!" excuse forever. Your neighbor is not an idiot and it does not matter to him that it is not against the law to pile up on it - especially if you set the law yourself.
  15. @Scholar There is a lot of democratic morality mixed into your arguments. High spiral stages require more sophisticated environments to exist, so they are not an objective answer to evolution and survival. When the nukes land, only bacteria and fungi will survive. Maybe some stage red cavemen too.
  16. That was indicated by the dialogue brought up in the material Leo has posted.
  17. @Scholar Threats are wide and varied. NATO will never start a war with Russia, but it can sanction it to death, or mess with it's neighboring countries, exert political pressure, etc. Even though Russia has nuclear weapons, if it has no diplomatic leverage, it is good as dead. And it has been ignored and sanctioned for the better part of the last decade. You can destroy Russia just by fucking with it's economy enough. And that's a threat nuclear weapons won't help with.
  18. @Scholar Nuclear weapons don't have much diplomatic leverage. Once you put them on the table, you've ceased all communications and if you back down from using them, you will never be taken seriously.
  19. I wonder why Biden is so hell-bent on humiliating Putin. Is it a reaction against Trump?
  20. @Preety_India Your posts indicate that you are biased towards upholding peace and forging alliances. This is not how power works. When situation changes, alliances are reevaluated and all peace agreements fly out of the window if it benefits either side. Nobody except historians or citizens think in terms of rules and rights at this scale. It's might makes right.
  21. And here's why Putin calls Ukrainian government neo-nazis.
  22. Not anymore, apparently. Have you watched the video Leo posted? China is in an "agreement exceeding alliance" with Russia, which made Putin feel like he can't be pushed around anymore.