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  1. This is absolutely fascinating. I'm totally mind blown over this: Read the text produced by the GPT-3 AI and also read the twitter comments below. Perhaps also read the philosophers' essays. GPT-3's ability to be aware of its own limits and inner working is seriously fascinating. Exciting times ahead. Terrifying also.
  2. Less is more. You can have ego death on 0 g of shrooms Try 3 g next time Also ginger helps against nausea
  3. mhm. do you have an internal, independent representation of what words mean?
  4. loving someone can never be a substraction. Loving one's family and no-one else is just a very narrow focus of the radiance of infinite love. The point of life is to make this focus as wide as possible:-> Yes, Jesus was talking about self-realization. And your familiy members often do not support your own awakening/self-realization since they are afraid that your infinite freedom will make you fly away from them. Ego wants things to stay the same, as long as survival is maintained. Homeostasis.
  5. The "worst" form of ego is denial of ego, ignorance, unconsciousness. Self-deception. The "best" form of ego is selflessness, empathy, love, consciousness, acceptance of self-deception/ego-
  6. meditation, exercise, visting a psychologist, psychedelics/mdma at some point lots of things to do leo has a video on forgiveness. watch that one perhaps keep your head up, life is full of possibilities <3
  7. dont hate/judge yourself for failing at goals like diet etc. we are all humans, we all fail to be God everyday. besides that. do it man. do what you heart tells you. move. dont always think too much, but *do* instead. let's go <3
  8. <3 <3 <3 true love is unconditional (true as in when it shines most clearly and bright,... cos love is always what *is*.., it's just hiding from itself quite often... hide'n'seek being God's favorite game in town to play).
  9. " why God would create men with micropenises?" To test how loving he can be despite of that. You are God. Will you be able to love yourself despite of a micropenis? That's the test. All of life with all its struggles and miseries can be seen as God's love-test. also, your personality is 100x times more important to most healthy women than how your cock looks. If you can love yourself and thus be full of charm, humour and confidence and radiate warmth and love around you DESPITE of you having a micro penis -- or whatever other "serious external health problem" you can have -- then she may even be more impressed of you than if you had a big cock.
  10. Watch and learn women: Watch and learn @Leo Gura:
  11. survival is God's most genius tool for self-exploration, gotta say it
  12. Hey guys and gals. Found this Changa-trip report by a dude on reddit. https://www.reddit.com/r/DMT/comments/7hrnmn/my_first_ever_huge_dose_of_dmt_changa/ I'll copy paste it here for your pleasure. Very interesting read. Gotta get my own hands om some quality changa + a water bong soon. A water bong is prefered when smoking change (says the pros on DMT-nexus), while the GVG-pipe is the-go-to-method for pure DMT. But the veterans on DMT-nexus all say changa > DMT in terms of depth, groundedness and clarity in the experience. Anyway here it s:
  13. True enough. As a man I can say that having sex with a woman you have an at least somewhat deep connection with is much more satisfying than having sex with someone you barely know. But hey, we are all different. Perhaps I just have a lot of feminine energy compared to e.g. Leo, who -- despite all his spiritual development into Love -- still seems to be pretty masculine in his approach to women.
  14. human beings wanting intimacy is because of survival:-)