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  1. Truth you don't find. Truth finds you. Sooner or later. What you then do, no one knows. If you knew, it would already have found you.
  2. The mind can speak -- it knows so little. The heart cannot speak -- it knows too much. (- Osho, loosely)
  3. Gratz brother, what kind of job did you get? Exciting blog btw! <3
  4. Show me something or someone or some state that is not *it*, i.e. God, Love, Consciousness, Magic. Who are you trying to fool? You speak like this 'egoic mind' is some form of entity that exists on its own will and accord. Notice tho, that what's occuring is just an endless series of thoughts. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts. The one who wants to deepen 'its understanding', who is that? God? LOL. God isn't some kind of entity. Ego isn't some kind of entity. There are actually, if you really cared to look, no separate 'things' in the real world beyond thought. Thoughts divide reality into things: 'ego' , 'God' 'tree' 'bird' ; 'bad' 'good' ; 'truth' 'falsehood' ; 'higher consciousness' 'lower consciousness' ... Beyond thought, or should I say before thought, there is pure beingness. It's void of any judgment, any levels, any stories, any identity, any agenda. Thoughts will always occur, though: thoughts are the stories maintaining the dream of life, the illusion of time, of separation. Samsara. Imagination. Highly addictive, highly convincing, sure -- but real? No. Would you believe a man telling you the stormy winds were chasing him? "Help me, help me! The wind is out to catch me, to kill me! How do I make it stop?!' Of course not. But you believe the story of a man who's getting bossed around by his "egoic mind", not able to enjoy "the peace of the Godhead" ?? More stories, narratives. In reality tho, there is no separate mind or ego, there is just God appearing as an infinitude of movements. Vynce is one such movement: a character on the quest for enlightenment: what a brilliant story! It's not a trick. It's not simple. It's not complex. It's Magic/God/Light appearing as an infinitude of different colours. Like when you shine light through a raindrop or a prism; what do you get? The colours of the rainbow. What you call 'yourself', what is trying to obtain "God-consciousness", the one that's asking all these questions, "you", well: that's *one ray of light*, one frequency, one colour. Such a colour can never 'understand' the White Light, because it already IS it. You are the Light, the Magic, God, *appearing* as *this*, and your job isn't to figure anything out or solve any trick or puzzle or achieve any goal: no, your job is simply to BE (and you can try to solve all the puzzles you want, try achieve all the goals you want: sure, that can be part of the divine dream, *this*.). Enjoy the ride. 'Reality' wants to appear as what you call 'you', and this includes all the feelings and thoughts that vary from day to day; all these are appearances, not occuring to 'anyone' that could ever 'be altered by them' (just like a screen doesn't get altered by the content it's displaying); and sometimes there are feelings of frustration, hope, pain, pleasure, fear, peace, hopelessness, joy. All perfect. Divine. Thoughts and feelings come and go. It's a dream. There is nothing to figure out. Just let go. BE with whatever appears, whatever arises. By allowing the frustration. Feel into it. Where the abyss ends, the angels fly at the gates of the Garden of Heaven. We never really left Eden -- Paradise, Nirvana -- only in the form of captivating fictional thought-dreams. Our job isn't to come back, cos We're already here: *this is IT*, only thought says otherwise. Let thoughts be thoughts, let emotions be emotions. Any attempt to control them are meaningless, futile; and only perpetuates the illusory contracted sensation of being a separate self. You're not in any control, just like a single wave on The Pacific Ocean, or a character in a book/movie, isn't in control of anything. Surrender any lingering bits of contraction, any lingering bits of wanting some other type of imaginary experience than the one you currently ARE. You are perfect, this is perfectness, all of it, -- even what you call ego, flawed, frustration, mistakes, suboptimal: it's inherently infinitely perfect exactly as it all appears -- and you got nowhere to go, cos you're never left, and there isn't anywhere to go to. You are simply the Undefinable Mysterious Eternal Dance appearing as *this*. Why? Because IT wants to! Of course! *Life wants to be you*, including every thought, every feeling. These thoughts and feelings aren't 'your doing', just like your heart's beating -- or your adrenal glands' production of hormones -- isn't your doing either. If you go on to meditate and concentrate & fixate deliberately on every thought/sensation as it arises and goes away, you would see it clearly for yourself: that you are not in control. Isn't it liberating? Notice how silly it would be if an apple thought 'Oh I finally crawled out of the twigs of the tree, and now I'm ready to fall down to the ground! ... *Apple falls down* .. Yes, I did it!' ... Or a wave in the ocean thinking 'Which way should I go? How tall or small should I become? How do I get larger?' ... This is the difference between 'knowledge' and 'wisdom'. Knowledge *divides* (the world into things, good and bad, up, down, life, death etc.). It 'knows' "things". Wisdom *unites*. It doesn't know. It listens. It brings together. It's humble, receptive, open; it doesn't assume anything.
  5. @Flyboy Awakening isn't an on/off switch, where you either are 1 (awakened) or 0 (asleep). It's an infinite spectrum and you can be more or less awakened to infinite different aspects of reality. You're seemingly wanting to discuss Leo's path as a way to distract yourself from your own path ? Everytime I find myself discussing other people I always try to remember this wise quote of Socrates: "Strong minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, weak minds discuss people.” God-realization is but just one aspect of the infinitude of awakenings you can have. To rank it as 'the highest / best' realization one can have is of personal opinion; I personally think the "highest" awakening you can have is your own soul's awakening to its purpose here on Earth; and it differs for everyone. Follow your own path. Listen to your heart. We are all God, everything is IT: to become aware of one owns Godhood and Its omnipotence, omniscience, infinity, etc. is in a sense the easiest and most pointless awakening to have: it's so fucking obvious. "You're God!" - "Doh, tell me something I don't know!" (masked as: "No, that can't be!"). From a pragmatic standpoint, it's much more interesting to 'unravel' *this dream/maze/hide'n'seek-game* that I, first, created and then, secondly, chose to participate in as a seemingly separate dream-character, willingly forgetting that I created it (as God, for the sake of play); and then try to play it as elequantly as possible. To speak about the absolute nature of reality in absolute terms, as if it can be communicated in spoken or written language is a rather silly game (regardless, notice I just did it ?). Absolute Truth isn't communicable. It's an inner game. We can talk poetically, in analogies, about it; and we can point to it. That's all we can do with language. Relative truths are that: relative. Knowledge as such is therefore also rather relative: its only valuable in the sense that it can be utilized, either externally (science), or internally (emotions, happiness). The external always serves the internal (emotions): science is only a useful practice to do in the sense that it creates benefits for society/humanity at large. If Leo derives pleasure and meaning from talking about God and swimming around in God-consciousness in his psychedelic trips, then let him. I sometimes find it interesting to hear about his perspectives; at other times, like you, I find it rather pointless. I've begun, this last year, to find his more pragmatic videoes more interesting, as all his non-duality videos' only purpose (beyond his own pleasure deriving from it) is nudging people towards spirituality: 'pointing' them towards it, making them interested, invested in it. I'm deeply invested already; it's an inner game for me now. Hearing about it from the outside too much can be a big distraction. Of course, stories can also be exciting aesthetically, but I'd often rather read poetry about non-duality, than hear -- at times clumsy, other times brilliant -- logical arguments for it. "Looking at a sunset, just for a second, you forget your separateness: you are the sunset. That is the moment when you feel the beauty of it. But the moment you say that it is a beautiful sunset, you are no longer feeling it; you have come back to your separate, enclosed entity of the ego. Now the mind is speaking. And this is one of the mysteries: that the mind can speak, and knows nothing; and the heart knows everything, and cannot speak. Perhaps to know too much makes it difficult to speak; the mind knows so little, it is possible for it to speak." - Osho Spread the Love. But first and foremost learn to love yourself. And in order to do that, you first have to *know* yourself. ... And you come to know yourself through combining action -- living life; experience -- with self-reflection (meditation, contemplation, psychedelics comes to mind) & studying (reading, listening; absorbing wisdom and practical advice from the wise, old motherfuckers that have lived -- and still live -- through human history and who have failed, and thus learned, countless times).
  6. All difference is imaginary. Oneness/Existence/Consciousness/Love/God (/w/e label you find fitting for the fundamental nature of reality) is the Truth: i.e. it is everything. Everything is it. It's this, this eternal moment wherein everything appears and out of which everything appears. Pure magic. Pure mystery, yet as obvious as the blue sky. All difference within Oneness/Existence/You (with capital Y, not your identity) is a game, a play. Imaginary. It isn't real in any absolute sense. So in that way, the difference you imagine there is between 'existence' and 'non-existence' isn't real: it's imaginary. Non-existence/nothingness IS THIS; it's identical with what you call existence or being. Being is non-being. Non-being is being. Speaking in purely philosophical, logical terms, of course non-existence (death, deep sleep) and existence (life, consciousness) are polar opposites. But the only one that's interested in logic to rubricize Oneness into categories is the ego that wants to survive. It's a game. And you are not part of the game or outside the game. You are IT. The only thing that can die is that separate self which thinks it were born and which thinks it's real. That's just God playing a game with Itself; a game which, often, "seems" very, very, very serious and full of horror: only so You can then, eventually, *actually grasp* how freakingly amazing You in Truth are and how freakingly non-serious, loving and infinite and good You/Existence actually is. >>Contrast<<<. Imagined. Play. Existence is inherently playful. All purposes are imaginary, i.e.: play. It's an infinite strange loop, where you can lose and find 'yourself' (as 'something') for eternity.
  7. Who are you asking? And who's asking? "you guys" "me" Can 'up' exist without 'down' or vice versa? You and me, we go together like two sides of the same coin: One in Essence, Two in Appearance Beyond appearance there is just God talking with God talking with God. Namaste.
  8. "On an intellectual level, I understand that these beliefs are *completely* false" Fixed it for ya. I resonate a lot with what you wrote in myself the last 10 years since I was a teenager. All your negative views of yourself are falsehood, serving only to perpetuate a victim-self that wants to sustain itself indefinitely. You have to learn to love that part of yourself that has been massively hurt doing your childhood, love it unconditionally, really feel into it, allow yourself to lay and cry your guts out in a pillow. This extremely emotional masterpiece of music can help you in diving into that hurt self residing in your soul/mind. Feel. Really allow yourself to feel whatever arises. Place close attention to your breath, stomach, legs and throat as you feel. The hurt self with all it's deeply sad, false, damaging beliefs will forever remain until you fully acknowledge it with all the love you can foster ❤️ Love you ❤️
  9. Love your biases. Don't judge yourself so harshly. Recognize all biases served a purpose for you -- survival in chaotic world. Now, you are an adult capable of introspection. Love it all, but start contemplating what biases you can let go of and which you won't/still need. To be a human being is to be biased. Live consciously, but first and foremost: love, don't judge. Dance dance dance ??❤️?
  10. Yeah the lesson is to learn to listen to it all as you're listening to music. And then surround yourself with music you dig.
  11. Enlightenment is being totally open, like the wide open blue sky, while simultaneously being grounded in Self-Love (The Sun). Clouds may pass by, even hurricanes and other shitty weather, but you just watch them pass by and nod and smile (unless you of course want a wild ride: exciting hurricanes and thunderstorms can be addictive ???️?️??). Freedom ?
  12. Just thought I would share this here. I love the music, the talk from Ram Dass, the animations and you. <3 This piece of art is absolutely mesmerizing. Pure bliss the first time I listened to it on my bike roaming around in Copenhagen at night time. Try to meditate while listening to it. Save the whole album for your next deep trip. Headphones are perfect for it (or high volume good quality stereo speakers).
  13. There is a big difference between 'superficial attraction' & 'wanting-to-merge-and-live-and-grow-with-someone'. Attraction, for both the masculine and feminine, is very much based on objective quantifiable standards. The second thing, wanting to deeply bond with someone, both platonically and sexually, is completely different for person to person, though generally we could say we are 'inspired' by people who live an authentic life with high integrity. The second thing is of a higher order than the first one, attraction, and can go back a level and alter the attraction ((to some degree at least; such that a woman who might at first get totally wet by a handsome, rich, high-status Italian businessman, may suddenly be disgusted by him when she sees how arrogant and cold and detached from his feelings he are; or a man who is at first deeply attracted to a hot 10/10-chick, may back off, when he sees how unconscious and detached from her feelings she actually are---just hypothetical examples--and also the reverse can be true, such that attraction suddenly builds and builds when we see the inner beauty and inter-conncetedness and passion and authenticity and compassion in a person who superficially wasn't that attractive to begin with). Naturally, the feminine has an easier time tapping into the higher level, since the consequences for the feminine to rely solely on attraction can be more rough than for the masculine to commit this childlike mistake. Grow up kids:)
  14. I'm driven by emotions, yes, thank God ? Why would anyone resist anything that's arising, when Reality is 'just' an (immensely beautiful) game We'are playing with Ourselves as The Infinite/God appearing as 'this' ? ?????? Savor the ride. Feel. See. Listen.✨? express instead of depress??? Live???
  15. It's not something to see, not something to perceive. It's a direct realization: a shift in consciousness. If you don't know you would call reality infinite, then there are still many realizations to be had, luckily ⛅