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  1. No matter what you do, for Leo you have an image of a criminal. Even worse - frivoulous criminal. Because a normal criminal he could convert, maybe. With frivolous criminals you cannot do anything but lock and ban, lock and ban. I bet, Leo is a Capricorn Leo, you can lock me too or even ban! "No Price can be too high when Honour and Freedom are at stake!!!"
  2. My space ship had a form of a fish, because it´s good for moving forward. An I had an aquarium on my head. It would be more appropriate to have a space helmet maybe, but not when you are inside of a fish
  3. A thought appears in my mind about somebody and immediately I get a call, an email or whatever from that person, even if I scarcely know her/ him. I experienced this phenomenon also earlier sporadically, as probably many of us, but now it´s almost always so.
  4. @The Buddha Leo like a real guru appears to you in the most efficient form. In the form which is designed to break your conditioning. How do you know what is graceful, what is not? Think about it.
  5. @seeking_brilliance what is flossing? I found this on internet: Flossing is an important oral hygiene habit. It cleans and dislodges food stuck between your teeth, which reduces the amount of bacteria and plaque in your mouth. Can I make my teeth better through visualisation? Great!
  6. ...and then you´d become a mentor of mine and look for somebody outside of this context... no, it wouldn´t be funny
  7. I don´t know if it´s true bit I like this interpretation. Deja vu as a sign of reloading system I had dozens of deja vus every single day when I was undergoing big changes.
  8. It´s a matter of experience not of age. Once you have had this shit, you begin to recognize toxic people and avoid them.
  9. @seeking_brilliance Everybody on this forum dreamed about Leo and now I did it too! I dreamed that Leo was a professor in my university in some silly subject (sorry Leo!). Something like Political Sciences or Religions and Atheism - something that you don´t need for life but need to pass to get a degree that you need for life. That´s why the professors of these strange subjects have always been drunks. A lack of respect! But Leo wasn´t drunk, he was very sober. And I had a LOT of respect for him. He told me in what room he would give his classes (at this moment he was a mix of Leo and my yoga coach). But I didn´t find it. I inspected all 3 floors - 10th, 11th and 12th. I looked into every classrom, I saw a lot af familiar faces, but they were not his students. Then I found myself at the lake. I could walk on water! I ran a little across the lake to and fro enjoying this new ability and showing to somebody on the bank. When I wanted to swim I just let the thin film on the surface of lake to disapper. After floundering about in the water, I jumped out and stood again on the water. I could do it as many timed as I wanted. Swimming inside and running above. I showed it to somebody on the bank. Was it you writing your script?
  10. :)))) You see? You are the night instead of having been a husband material for a wife material 😜
  11. I am thinking, there is a certain connection, how Leo handles psychedelics and sex. I am absolutely in awe of his wisdom. But he seems to be pretty immature in relationship stuff. Cannot say anything about psychedelics though, need to try it at first.
  12. The next number is 233. What helps to realize a pattern?
  13. This forum´s pensioners are not especially active at the department "Dating, Sexuality" When you read Leo´s advices over there, you´d think he is something about 16-18
  14. really super cute - so feminine and tender, I´d like to stroke his blond hairs