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  1. Now everything has become clear for me! You are the fishes! Of course! I knew a few of them, beleive me! The fishes get soooooo easily offended. So quickly, so unexpectedly and so long-termed. You fishes are very sensitive. 😉
  2. @ll Ontology ll from artist to artist 🤝🏽 Aufnahme.mp3
  3. @ll Ontology ll You are getting better and better and better and better and better with every new song And it definitely requires a lot of bravery to sing all these AAAAAAAAAAA and AaaaaA and AaAaaaAAAAAaAaAa Respect!
  4. Right.. protect gods from trolls!
  5. I like when this forum goes meta :)) Not so boring as all these "wise" comments and advises about everyone being god, everything being thought and blah-blah. Let´s accuse each other!
  6. Heeey, be respectful and understanding It´s not my intention to fool you, honestly. I just want to understand
  7. But Leo..... 😂 we had a few days ago a thread with the same issues abou you - being disrespectful and blah-blah ....
  8. It´s all about ego, right? All. "To do the work" means to get the ego out of shadow, integrate and transcend it. And not tell each other´s egos pleasant things.
  9. Nothing special about me. It´s just this forum, they get insulted over every single word. What is wrong with these guys??? I don´t get it.
  10. He wrote slapp with "". Nothing insulting about it. "Slapp" with "" means to wake, bring to awareness
  11. A polite person can be a shameless dick as well as a rude one. Zeroguy is not a shameless dick. He wishes good for Preety, this is what counts. You have done all the beautiful work on this forum, you feel so peacefull and spiritual and then you switch off your PC, go out , and some passer-by gives you insulting look or whatever and all your spirituality and beautifull work and peace is gone. Don´t you how superficial this "work" is?
  12. Just to chat, no? I found "big mommy" funny. Though I need him as big mommy sometimes. For example, he showed a glass with water and told that it is empty and full simulteneously, and I´ve got it! Isn´t it wonderful? But I still don´t get his logic in dealing with people. I have no problem with Leo being rude. But I don´t understand why he cannot tolerate the rudeness of others? ...if it´s not an issue for him I don´t understand what is going on on this forum. Why is everybody here so crazy about being polite to each other?
  13. You told, rudeness is not an issue for you. That you ban only for spreading falsehoods and not for rude behavior. I still try to understand
  14. Actually we should be attracted or pushed off by the content not by the form. But it would involve thinking. We are too busy and too lazy for this type of activity We want to throw a quick glance and to know the score and move further
  15. It depends. You are over-simplifying, Preety. Some rude people are arseholes, some - not. It depends on the person. Rudeness is just a temperament, not goodness or badness in itself.