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  1. I understand it very good. It´s the same for me. I have a male brain - I can focus only on one thing. At work. And also in private life. It´s terribly distracting to have a connection to more than one man. Its confusing - I get astral signals and I don´t know from whom. Maybe when @Zeroguy teahes me spiritual techniques, I´ll be able to distinguish those signals. But he only promisses.. and never does. A lier.
  2. Shall we write a scenario at first? ..before entering the unknown waters No handcuffs, just a little scolding and grumbling
  3. @Zeroguy Handcuffs? For driving too fast? I haven´t killed anybody!
  4. I watches some of his videos. I like his childish eyes. Bu he hasn´t said a word which would attract me. Though in writing he was much better. It was amazing what he wrote on this forum. I still don´t like his videos. Sentimental and shallow. But people like him 🤷🏽‍♀️ POliceman costume... is it what you want to play? Shall we play that you are a brazilian policeman and me a Swedish blond girl driving too fast? Thid is what I dreamt.
  5. @Zeroguy :))))))))))) I hate you too
  6. Posted 22 minutes ago · Report post @Hulia @Zeroguy guys you can talk about this in your journal. Not here please 🙏 @Preety_India Sorry, Preety. I guess, I´ve lost some important cells under the wig by talking too much to @Zeroguy
  7. Maybe the hair are fleeing spirituality? I began to loose my hair after joining this forum. The same happened to the poor Connor Murphy. And look at the most spiritual of us - at Leo 🤔
  8. Go on with losing hair and earning money and one day you´ll reach out to the stars! 🤣
  9. @Daphnedenninghoff23 I have an idea. What if you play with him role games? Look, @Zeroguy likes blondes, but I am brunette. I wouldn´t kill my hair for him, but, Zero, I would buy a wig. 10 wigs! So that he thinks he has sex with 10 different women!
  10. @Preety_India Thank you, Preety! Such an amazing song. I wish, Zero would post this song, and not the weird stuff, he is posting, with cars and female butts.
  11. I was hanging out with other guys. But then you showed up. Who called you? You don´t even interested in spirituality, go and construct your buildings.
  12. Who continues? Me? You continue!
  13. He is not ready yet. The Kundhalini needs to be brought into position. A lot of time for spiritual practice till then 🤣
  14. @Zeroguy is a very spiritual guy, almost as spiritual as OP. He would love to see me in the arms of Schneider or readbeard or whoever. Such a great soul is this Zero
  15. That´s why I wouldn´t make it too easy for him. A guy needs a challenge.