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  1. High post count implies one of two things (1) you're already self realised to a high degree. Now you're bored or offering help from a position of experience (2) you're feeding your fat little monster ego by playing games with yourself. Remember : THE EGO ALWAYS GOES TO THE PLACE WHERE IT CAN MOST EFFECTIVELY DECEIVE. Who would think to look in the forum where I post about spirituality? That's practice, right? WRONG you've been fooled again and you may as well be gossipping to your mam about the neighbors because you're doing fuck all here except perpetuating your problems. Get off the computer, sit down and humble thyself.
  2. Personally I wouldn't call this glimpsing the Ox. I'd call it seeing through the Matrix. The times I've had a glimpse would be characterised by an event or moment that lasts a fraction of a second and it shocked the shit outta me. I can't describe the characteristics of the event, other than something being realised, like the answer to a question that I didn't ask, and then intense feelings of joy/disbelief and blubbing. A few hours later I was concocting some story about it that I could tell my friends. In reality it was ineffable.
  3. @undeather Dude thank you so much for this reply! Amazing. Dynamo Jack blew my mind.
  4. @Michal__ @Moksha @Nos7algiK Okay so we ought to define Siddhi in a more appropriate way here. I think most consciousness explorers have experienced unbelievable phenomena on a subjective level. Personally I have experienced the presence of non-physical beings and the cessation of the flow of time. These things are certainly Siddhi on the subjective level. However, when I see a claim like the one Swami used, where an occult symbol was used to heal a boy of leprosy, I am highly skeptical of such a claim. Why? Well its totally unreproducible and its far more likely that the author is lying. Are you familiar with James Randi's Million dollar a paranormal prize? Why has this never been claimed?
  5. @roopepa yeah, it certainly did feel good! That's really cool. Did you hear someone else's voice in your mind? I'd say one of my weaknesses is getting easily caught up in and identifying with experience. However, I've developed a counter strength which is introspective awareness & hypersensitivity to my inner state (noticing tension, relaxation etc). By the way readers, @Leo Gura did not perform a Siddhi on me by sarcastically calling me out I had a change of heart before I read that comment.
  6. Hey y'all. So I wrote this post in anger after reading some of Om Swami's "If truth be told". Early on in the book he claims that he cured a boy from leprosy by giving him a piece of flesh from an animal that was given to him by a wandering monk. The monk previously visited him in a dream. At the moment I'm so tired of bullshit scams and people saying anything and everything to get people to believe them. It's utterly confusing. The thing that I abhor most is spiritual scammers, who try to win devotion through lies. I realised that the part of my psyche that identifies as rational is constantly testing the validity of my experience and trying to defend me from being misled, and that part of me was triggered when I wrote this post. I sat down and spoke to my angry, rational part, and asked what it would be like if it stopped trying to defend me from these siddhi claims. Through this I realised that I can observe that someone is claiming something super natural without having to identify as believing or not believing their story. The only information I'm getting is "This guy believes X", which I'm interpreting as "This guy believes X, and he's obviously WRONG and now he's leading me into his bs story as well." The latter way of dealing with this is stressful. It is also a belief which says "the only things that really occur are those which can be explained rationally or observed directly." which isn't true. The truth is, I don't know.
  7. Those who speak of "Siddhi" are liars using their tall tales as a way to make you believe they have super natural powers. In doing so they gain power over you. Don't believe me? Show me a Siddhi and I'll show you a gullible fool, and even a motive for the pathology.
  8. No, he means bi-sexual loner lmao
  9. I've never received RASA but there some highly suspect features of this product which keep me away: (1) very specific "level of consciousness" attribution. From 1-1000 where am I? Oh I'm 762. Why am I 762 and not 764? Never mind It's just part of the mystery LOC process. Then next session I'm up to 775 would you look at that, you've improved by exactly 13 LOC points! Well done pat on the back $50 please. (2) how do you receive shaktipat through zoom?? How can you send me an embodied frequency of enlightenment through the digitally encoded internet?? No fucking sense. (3) I've spoken to some clearly very deluded people, deeply entrenched in their belief systems who've been signed off as like 950+ LOC and this just reinforces their closed mindedness and comfort zone cos they paid money for LOC and someone told them it was really high! Ramaji is cool and I believe he is enlightened but he is also knowingly selling a product that works for a few people and deludes a lot of others. This is questionable practice at best.
  10. True self wants to "live to the fullest"? Why is it always dying then??
  11. "I am lonely, pathetic and twisted." A while later.... "I'm infinitely and intimately connected. I am everything!" A while after that... "I am everything and within that there appears a lonely, pathetic and twisted localisation." A LONG TIME after that... "I am everything and I lovingly embrace every facet of myself and unconditionally forgive all the lonely, pathetic and twisted aspects of myself." The end?
  12. @Holygrail Yes, you are correct. Congrats for understanding this. It's so simple but it's one of the main things that needs to be embodied to end fundamental desire. Good luck with your embodiment process!
  13. Let me tell you about Adrian Santana. Mid 2017 I went backpacking around south east Asia. I stayed at a hostel in central Hanoi for around 9 months before deciding to live here. We lived in 20 bed dormitories, there was a nice bar and social area with communal facilities and it cost 3 bucks a night. There were constantly travellers coming through and many of us who were long stays formed close friendships. After around 5 months, this stout, tanned sweaty fellow comes through. He's says he's half colombian, half Spanish doctor who is taking a break from work and traveling. His name is Adrian Santana. Initially Adrian came off a bit strange. He was always vying for attention and he certainly wanted to make people laugh. He would often buy us drinks and eventually we started to warm up to him. Fast forward a month or so and Adrian is one of my closest friends. We spent many a night having fun in the hostel and around the city. He was well liked by many and our relationships were deep and personal, not just surface level. One night I come into the dormitory and find Adrian in tears and one of our mates comforting him. He says he's just been given news that his grandmother died and he's having a hard time of it. I go up to the bar and a few separate people say "did you hear Adrian's Mother died?" I corrected them and said no it was his Grandmother. They were sure he said Mother... Whatever, I thought, nothing to it just miscommunication. Over time we're getting to know Adrian better. He's got seemingly limitless cash and he's always buying drinks for people and taking us for extravagant meals. I thought damn, they must be paying the doctors in Colombia well. Or was it Spain? I couldn't get a clear answer out of Adrian. One week he says we need to hit the town cos it's his 30th birthday and we'll have a BIG night. What a night it was. He buys a huge bouquet of helium balloons from a vendor outside and releases them in the bar. He's buying rounds of drinks for random people. Epic 30th birthday celebration. Except two weeks later, it's his birthday night again?? This time he's 28 years old. Okay something fishy going on here but fuck it we're having fun. I kept money in my bedside locker and I left it unlocked for a few hours one day. I came back to find my money gone, around $120. I tell some friends about the incident, including Adrian. He's pissed and he says we need to go on a mission to try and find it ASAP. I go to the hostel reception and we check the cameras. We can't see inside the room, but the only person seen going in or out is the cleaner. The manager agrees to confront the cleaner and Adrian concurs, it's a good course of action. Later in the bar he buys me multiple drinks and he offers his commiserations for my loss. Theft happens in hostels though, eh? At some point Adrian confesses he's in financial straits and so he has to leave the city and go to a town nearby. He's gone for 2 months or so and we don't hear a word. Then he comes back fully loaded. The partying continues for a month or so. At this point Adrian is killing it. Everyone is eating out of his hand and he told us he must have banged at least 15 girls that month (I certainly saw him hooking up with 3 or 4). One of my friends jokes that Adrian had sex with more people in one month than he had in his entire life. Eventually Adrian is bust again but this time, he needs to leave for real. And just like that he was gone. A week or so later, we see a post on a local Facebook group from a woman. She's looking for her boyfriend. They had a whirlwind romance and they were deeply in love. One day boyfriend found out his Dad had cancer and told her he had to leave. He desperately needed money to contribute to the cancer treatment, so he asked his love to borrow around two thousand dollars. She obliged and he said he'd send it to her when he returned to Spain. Now he had ghosted her. His name is... Adrian Santana. Two weeks go by and I get a messge on insta from a south Korean girl. She's been searching for over 1 year for her boyfriend. They lived together and were due to marry, but one day he had a family crisis, he needed to borrow money and get home. He would pay her when he got home except the call never came. Now she's got sick and after diagnosis she's got a sexually transmitted disease. The guys name? Adrian Santana. So at this point we try to contact Adrian but guess what? He's gone off ALL social media. Like he was never there. All accounts gone. At this point we realised what had happened. This guy was a complete imposter. He'd go from place to place, country to country, setting up a new life, new friendships, partying and telling people a made up life story. He'd spend all his money garnering power and attention. Once he had people in a position of trust he'd rob or scam them, then take the money and move on. Then I remembered: when that $120 went missing, only the cleaner was seen leaving and entering the room. But guess who was in the room the whole time? My dear friend, Adrian Santana.