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  1. All those days I wondered, why can't other people see the truth. We're all going to die because we didn't act on climate change. We need overthrow the current system in order to enact the radical changes necessary to adapt to climate disruption. I started to notice that the views I was expressing had a strong emotional element. This was about the children, the future, the terror and the suffering of the great wall of fire that is about to consume us. At the same time I was looking at people's emotional responses to, for example, MAGA or Black Lives Matter, and thinking about how easily these people are being manipulated by emotional triggers. All the while I had no idea that I myself was viewing the climate crisis through an emotionally charged lens. Don't get me wrong, we are suffering an ecological breakdown heavily influenced by human activity. The trick, however is to notice that the left wing media and many activists and commentators are using the crisis to trigger emotional responses and recruit people to their cause. Just like MAGA, BLM, Alex Jones, Ben Shapiro, Fox News. It's the same phenomena, but from a stage green perspective.
  2. Only doing self improvement is meaningful? Not true. According to you, you have to be like Leo or nothing... Use your imagination to find greater possibilities.
  3. Poetic, but striving nonetheless. The voice of God inside your head is still the Ego. Try to get completely non-verbal in your embodiment, at least at first.
  4. It is a good one, but not perfectly. I think fear is much closer to the truth than guilt as an example. Guilt is a luxury if you're fighting for your life and I sure won't be feeling guilty right after escaping.
  5. There is a lot to be said for the function of guilt. Guilt arises from the experience of being a subject that opposes itself to the objective reality aka survival. Yet, at the deepest level, we know that we are no different from the very things we label as other. Guilt arises because of this self-bias. Therefore this type of guilt exists because God splits itself into a multiplicity as OP suggested.
  6. There's a lot to learn from sitting with the experience of lack, difficulty and discomfort so I wouldn't call it a waste of time.
  7. Well, yes it would be total nothingness but total nothingness is completion, it is total bliss and it is the very fulfillment that the ego seeks but which cannot be achieved through the paradigm of separation.
  8. I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this one. I do think you're being lazy with your arguments here but hey you've got a lot on I guess. By the way thank you for doing what you do. Ironically I wouldn't have had this debate with you if you weren't first my teacher and encouraged me to open my mind a few years ago.
  9. What a great summary. Legend, well done mate!
  10. Globalized world and the future means we are immune to those points how? Anyway I think we agree that Earth is indeed (probably) heading for some serious climate related destruction and death no? Or do you imagine the future is bright in terms of prosperity and environmental recovery? If I'm honest the jury is out as to whether we will get full on collapse or a painful transition period. Either way, the ship named "average global temperature" is not turning any time soon. Also, you love consciousness Leo. Look up the effects of breathing air with increased CO2 on the human brain and nervous system.
  11. Lets have a look at the historical factors for civilizational collapse of the likes of Rome, The Mayans, The Han, The Incas: (1) uncontrollable population movements (2) new epidemic diseases (3) failing states leading to increased warfare (4) collapse of trade routes leading to famine (5) and climate change. Spot anything familiar? Do you think we might see anymore of these things occurring when food prices increase and mass migration occurs as land becomes more arid or sodden? But tech will save our global civilization! Not when the information ecology is so fucked that you can't get people and governments to agree on anything. Haha okay send me the nuke codes. Friend, I am not worried. I am happy. I often go out in nature; I work on a farm. But I also know when to call a spade a spade and I think a lot of people are avoiding their grief through optimism or bypassing.
  12. If you're implying here that the Universe has sort of evolutionary plan for life on Earth that transcends the destruction of the planetary eco-system then you really don't understand what infinite Love is. God doesn't have anything to prove. Of course, if you are saying what I think you're saying which is "all is well in cosmic consciousness" then heck yeah. Great. Aaaaaanyway we're still here on Earth destroying the very ground we stand on. Nice one. I'm glad its not "fool" this time. A bit more specific how gracious of you. Let me rephrase: Its far more likely that we will not turn this ship around in any way that resembles retaining civilized society and the untold suffering of millions if not billions of people. Still Myopic?
  13. I hear you Thought Art and I want to say your speculations are well founded. People on this forum are downplaying the issue because they don't want to face the grief of the situation. Even Leo with his blasé attitude saying things like "we can suck the CO2 out of the air" is, in my opinion, refusing to face up to the reality of the situation. Yes, he is speaking from the level of cosmic consciousness when he says "suffering auto corrects" but in doing so he is bypassing the unimaginable toll of suffering and destruction that we are potentially facing. This may well include the end of modern society - the very thing that allowed Leo to pursue an examined life. We will not turn this ship around. We will lie to ourselves and each other until we can lie no more because our water is dried up or our garden is burning. This is not alarmist, this is not 100% the end of the world but for God's sake people look at the science, understand ecosystem fragility and allow yourself to see where this is going and what it means for life on Earth and every-thing you claim to love.
  14. In case anyone is wondering, this is a reference to the "seven factors of awakening". You should study these factors and make sure they are present and at balance in your life if you want to be awakened.
  15. Notice the arising of the sense of self who takes ownership of the thoughts. It is also an object that can be observed.