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  1. I would suggest that the professor isn't racist, she simply pointed out a feature of the data she saw in confidence with a colleague. How did they get this zoom call by the way?? This is a serious issue with the reactive social media that is popular at the moment. We're creating a culture of desperate virtue-signalling that serves as a placeholder for actually being virtuous. For example "Oh look we fired her, we are dealing with racism" and then proceed to do nothing else because "you saw it, we've done our part".
  2. Buy the book "the mind illuminated" Concentration practice is a really important part of the path and Leo's video on the topic falls far short.
  3. Maybe there are generations of karmic history within you, various flavors of which may express themselves as the self concept becomes less rigid... Or maybe you can't know the why, because emotion is not logical. I try to avoid any "I am ____" statements since they tend to reinforce the world of things.
  4. @Eren Eeager @Carl-Richard Anyone who tries to tell you what happens after death, especially if they explain it in material terms, is speculating and imo you should not trust what they say. Conor Murphy seems to have gained spiritual cred here because he has a plastered his views on spirituality all over youtube. This is a bit like when you're in Science class and the loud kid always shouts out the answer, so most people assume he's one of the smart kids. If you believe him, you are falling into the trap of appealing to authority in place of developing your own understanding. Stop listening to Leo's, Conor's or anyone else's opinions about the unknown. Just sit every day for hours and hours and hours and eventually you will get it.
  5. @Megan Alecia take some more time to look into the evan rachel thing. It's pretty shocking but you'll soon get a better picture of him.
  6. Ah thats really cool man. I used to run some events/DJ for a much less wealthy crowd up in Leeds. What kind of events are you running? What are the clientele like? I would find it infuriating dealing with super privileged bar/club types but I bet they pay well. Right now I'm a Maths teacher working in International schools. At the moment I work in Vietnam. I love this place and my life just gets better and better. I resent having to work for an employer though so next step - escape wage slavery.
  7. @Leo Gura your advice in this thread seems to contradict the example of Joseph CAMPBELL WHO IS QUOTED IN THE LPC. Campbell had savings and a desire to study independently without any means of income, but by following his bliss he realized his purpose. Does this mean your views on this have since changed?
  8. Hi Aaron, What do you mean by a trap? When you say that the trap they're in is the trap you're in, do you mean in the non-dual sense like because subject and object are absolutely the same? Or do you mean that the idea that they're in a trap is actually a projection of your own ego, so it helps you notice how your ego is projecting a conceptual reality?
  9. @deso How regularly and how long do you meditate for?
  10. I think infinite open mindedness is how we should define the absolute since it is both intelligent, self creating and without limitation (as far as we can tell). If a human becomes as open minded as they can possibly be, then as you said, they realise they know nothing. This insight is part of the awakening process and can create turmoil for the thinking mind. However, at that stage one hopefully has stopped believing that any truth is to be found in thought and so they shouldn't be too phased by this realisation. One common trap I fell into was thinking that I had realised I know nothing. On closer inspection this is still an attempt at knowing.
  11. @electroBeam first off I wana say that the appearance of my separate self likes your posts in general and I have a lot of respect for the spiritual journey that the appearance of you appears to be on. That said you are falling into the trap I outlined in the OP. Notice how you took what I said and dissected it from the perspective of the infinite, completely bypassing the point of the post in order to school me on non-duality. If your interest was really in being a good teacher, as you appear to be trying to do, you would be sympathetic to the point of the post and attempt to respond in a way that enables cooperation. However, you instead choose to reinforce your position of being ultimately knowledgeable in field of non-duality (lol) by dissecting the post from your Godly point of view.
  12. Nothing is happening on this forum. Within the appearance that nothing takes are a subset of members of the forum. This subset of members are taking the teaching of "nothingness" or "God" or whatever you want to call this appearance and they're using it to deceive themselves into believing reality is non-dual. This only serves to reinforce their own sense of separateness by weaponising the ultimate statement of non separation and using it to serve their own ego-centric agenda. This is the same old agenda: an attempt to assert that the ego has the truth and now it's time to school all the other ego's about how right it is. This time however, it's wearing a very cunning disguise that says "reality is a dream and I don't exist". This statement (or similar) then become the tool it uses to assert its existence. If you really want to wake up, put down the keyboard, sit on the cushion and humble thyself.
  13. @VeganAwake still not stroking your non-existent ego with the non-knowledge that nothing doesn't exist
  14. I dunno man. Don't take this the wrong way, obviously I don't know you or your story but it sounds like you could be rationalizing your challenging experiences by saying it's twin flame or dark night or chakra opening. Have you considered that your ego might be trying to maintain itself by making these rationalizations?
  15. Hey man, Can I ask, how do you know you went through the dark night of the soul? How do you know your solar plexus chakra is opened and that your next steps are kundalini and the heart chakra?