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  1. Yeah, it’s the countries with big media influence where people are paranoid. I just took a trip to Poland and nobody is paranoid about Covid. I was the only person wearing a mask and got crazy looks for wearing one on a bus travelling up the mountain. Even had a few guys point and laugh at me. I was thinking why does nobody care here? Am I paranoid from all the constant rules and regulations? (I live in Germany where you need a negative test to go to a restaurant or cinema etc.) I was also paranoid that I might catch it. My polish friend told me that Covid isn’t all over the news there, people are aware of it but there is no fear around it. got a test done for travelling by train to Poland and one for travelling back and never got checked once.
  2. Hmm yeah. But still those hippie communes had their own little community going on and would usually avoid society as a whole. They secluded themselves from the rest of society. But say if a disease broke out in the group and there were vulnerable members in the group, and taking a vaccine would protect their commune members then they would do it.
  3. You can’t be stage green and anti-vax. Stage green is pro-community. Vaccinating is a community thing, to protect the collective. You could however appear to be stage green in some areas and have a red/orange shadow when it comes to authority and anything that challenges the individualist mindset. For example I know of an anti-vaxxer who is an ‘extreme vegan’ and anarchist. He thinks Germany is a dictatorship and likened Merkel to Saddam Hussein lol. He told me that he will pay to get himself a fake vaccine passport. So you might look at him and see that he’s a vegan, so assume he’s stage green or above. But really he’s just anti-establishment. yes on an individual level, you don’t necessarily need a vaccine, you can keep yourself healthy, avoid public places and avoid socialising. But this is a community thing.
  4. Sorry for your situation. Have you thought about trying to learn a skill rather than trying to study full time? You could try and get an apprenticeship where you work and do 1 day of college. Low wages to begin with, but it would be a way to get out of the house and have a job whilst learning at the same time, and without the pressure of studying. There are so many apprenticeships out there you just have to look at options and see if anything resonates with you. It also gives some stability and structure, you have someone mentoring you and a motivation to go out every day and will also help you with socialising. Do you have any other family you could stay with?
  5. Aesop products. A bit on the pricey side but high quality and smell divine. vegan and cruelty free ?
  6. You guys act like the forum is over run with females lol there is literally a handful who actively comment. It’s a total cock fest in here.
  7. In the U.K. there is always people hookup going on in the clubs and bars. The drunker the people the more hookups.
  8. I don’t see any women making them.. Which ones you on about? . Most posts I see are made by men either talking about other men or women lol.
  9. I got my first shot of moderna on Saturday. Was fine the first day but next day had an achey arm and felt super lethargic for a few days afterwards.
  10. But sounds like what you are talking about comes from a collective lack of trust in themselves and men. Not feeling secure. It used to be the case that men would protect and lead their women, but now it’s changed and women find themselves ‘alone’, they are living more in their masculine energy so become more defensive and competitive etc. So if you find the women in your life being catty and skeptikal towards you ask yourself what part you are playing in that dynamic.
  11. Why do forum guys always make threads complaining about women?
  12. @Arcangelo if someone is going to be unfaithful they will go out and look for people to be unfaithful with, it's not just about options. It's about having lack of self control and wanting to fill the void. Or their relationship is miserable. Plenty of people who have options don't cheat. people who cheat, whether it be male of female do it uncontrolably like an addiction. if you are a healthy individual, in love with your partner and care about their well being you don't go cheat first chance you get. But you would have to experience being a healthy individual in a loving relationship in order to understand it, until then you will only resist it.
  13. ? I’m also surprised that video is still on there. It’s 7 years old, I wonder if Leo’s views have changed since then.