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  1. LEO IM GOD DAMN ASLEEP...and ITS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE...yup..totally selfish here...
  2. its so frikin hard to fufill the voice wish when its its chaos and destrution, and somewhat hateful..🙃 i dont need advice just needed to rant
  3. -
  4. I feel like something is off with the clipping sound made by scissor at the intro. and other thing under the text, it doesn't look so aesthetically pleasing.
  5. Mine used to do that too, but then i found that sitting on 2 pillows helps.
  6. what is this surprise he talks about, is it god waking up? timestamp 56:30
  7. Sounds like some information from David Willcock and Q-anon and new age channeling. He's channeling a 6 density being called Adronis, thats talking about The Golden Age.