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  1. The autophagy cleaning and repair process is at its max efficiency at 72 hours. when you waterfast.
  2. @OBEler Ty, just read it sounds easy.
  3. thinking about pluggin 5 meo at some point, could not find the video.
  4. ah yes destiny, whats with you come to the dance floor, destiny what a peculiar guy.
  5. Rofl 99% percent people in this movie don't have a prerecorded awakening, what a strange movie.
  6. So the signareture feeling i feel of another other is what they are(feel)?am i talking gibberish
  7. Hi just wondering if you could say that the ego is completely scritped/imagined in the illusion of linear time by itself god outside of time and space.
  8. LEO IM GOD DAMN ASLEEP...and ITS GETTING WORSE AND WORSE...yup..totally selfish here...
  9. its so frikin hard to fufill the voice wish when its its chaos and destrution, and somewhat hateful..? i dont need advice just needed to rant
  10. -
  11. I feel like something is off with the clipping sound made by scissor at the intro. and other thing under the text, it doesn't look so aesthetically pleasing.