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  1. This would imply that men & women are constantly changing from masculine to feminine & vise versa. Are you saying that, in truth, there is no masculine & feminine? It seems with the understanding above, everyone is just as masculine as they are feminine; as they are both displaying the same traits of the other to gain the other's attraction. Meaning there is no true definition of masculine or feminine, there is just attraction by means of the system the sexes live in together.
  2. @Roy So by this definition, healthy masculinity is the equal or morally-respected use of power? And if that's the case, then there is only "Linity" as appose to masculinity & femininity, & the toxic version of either one is the abuse of the power, given the circumstances by either one. This way we categorize toxic femininity as unhealthy women & toxic masculinity as unhealthy men, simply put. And for both to stay healthy, they must be in harmony with one another; compliment one another. So it all comes down to what the society & culture at-large thinks is morally just & true. That is what determines the respect each sex gives to one another & explains why ways of sexual attraction are so diverse amongst men & women; why people can be attracted to very different things. If this is all true, then the real question to be asking is what is morally right? What kind of world-system is ideal for this healthy pairing? Perhaps there is toxic femininity & toxic masculinity because there is so much overstimulation of everyone, to the point that men & women look for the extreme version of what society & culture deems attractive, given the world-system they are in. And with that, there are only so few options of these extreme desirable traits, & rarely are these traits attached to a man or woman that is genuinely healthy. Interesting perspective.
  3. What are some clear & concise definitions of what toxic masculinity is? What makes masculinity toxic? What makes masculinity healthy? What is healthy masculinity? What does that look like? What is toxic femininity? What is healthy femininity? What do these look like & how are they different?
  4. @gettoefl Interesting interpretation. Why is it a social construct? What is the opposition to this that is healthy?
  5. It really is this easy. Love life & effort feels nearly effortless.
  6. @Nilsi I love that definition. Very thought-provoking. So meaning; choosing for them? When being dominant is when you are making choices for them?
  7. What is dominance? What defines dominance to you? What does it mean for someone to be dominant over/towards another?
  8. As a general consensus, most men, because of immaturity, think they "love" women, but they actually like them for their bodies more often than for WHO THEY ARE; meaning they literally like them AS A BODY. There is an even balance of pros & cons for being either sex, the disparity between one another's ease & difficulties is dependent upon the society/world-system they live in together. We often take for granite what we have; there are many things a man has that a woman will never have & vise-versa. There is nothing wrong with this, it's what makes us so intriguing to one another as a species. It is through these appreciations of our differences that we are the same. Look for the sameness, that is what brings loving connection. Jealousy is envy coming from insecurity, you are jealous of something because you clearly don't like something about yourself & are instead looking to an outside source to replace/explain this self-determined bad thing about yourself. What is it that you feel you have, that you are, that isn't loved? Self-love is what you lack. You're envious of women, but you're not a woman. How could you possibly know how great it really is? How bad it really is? I used to have this same jealousy of women for a bit, what I realized is I was replacing my attraction & curiosity of women with envy & jealousy; at those times of personal insecurity around women. Everyone is a lot more loving than you think, you just have to look for it; but it starts with you. For example; loving this jealous, depressed person that you're being right now that you may otherwise think not to love, & know that you will get passed it if you so wished. How are you gonna understand love from someone if you don't understand loving yourself? You might always be wondering whether you are loved or not, whether you are worth love. Be self-aware in every aspect you can, this will grant you better self-understanding, & self-love will naturally follow. Best of luck.
  9. Seriously, what is masculinity? What do you view masculinity to be? What is your definition? What is femininity? How do you define it? I think masculinity is the presumptions of what a specific biological male ought to be for the sake of a specific biological female, given the intuitions that have collectively created society's norms. Is masculinity only there when femininity is present? And if so, what is a human-being's role in civilization without either present? If masculinity is always present even without femininity, then what role/function does it play then for society at large? Why have masculinity? Why have femininity? Why are they important? What do either do for humanity? How to they work together, such that they supposedly help to create a balanced & healthy society/civilization? What is important to you if you are masculine? What is important to you if you are feminine? It seems to me that what society says is being masculine is to be an impactful leader/force to the world. And to be feminine is to be one who chooses & steers that leadership's direction. These definitions still don't really explain what either of them are really or why they are important, or if they are true. What are they? If they are subjective, who are the ones who decide on it's definition for the collective as a whole? Who are the ones who society deems to have immense masculinity & femininity? Are femininity & masculinity just ideals for a world enthralled by it's personal fantasies? How true & real are these things if societal norms are taken away, if civilization is taken away, etc? What does that look like? Perhaps masculinity & femininity is the outward expression of what it feels like to interpret & be the way you are, given your body & environment? And whatever comes with that outward expression more so than others, is deemed favorable & true as appose to other's expressions. Meaning masculinity is constantly changing by means of its ability to impact the world in an attractive way to that of the feminine. And vise versa with feminine. So now the question becomes; what does society & the modern world generally view the most masculine traits to be? What does society & the modern world generally view the most feminine traits to be? Which traits are more favorable societally & culturally than others, by means of popular vote? What determines the change in attraction for each polarity? What is being sought after by each polarity at the core of each favorable attribute? What is the end goal of each one's desire? Is there something each one is seeking beyond just fun & enjoyment; as that is what relationships & humanity's mentality seems to be. We're all just fucking around, having fun, seemingly seeking to progress our evolution & status without any purpose other than for the fun of it, for the hell of it.
  10. @Leo Gura Honestly, why pursue a life with an anti-human mentality? After all, it is what you live your life through until it dies. Humans are just as much truthful as anything else. Perhaps you are just bored, or maybe not satisfied with the conclusion you've come to in life so far.
  11. If we can answer the following questions below as a society, we will find a lot more common-ground & relatability between the sexes. If you would, please give any opinions, thoughts, insights, & ideas in your answers below. Let's get to some truths & find the things we couldn't previously understand about one another. Do your best to not use anything borrowed from others & instead use your own/personal thought-process to determine what it is you seek to explain. Thank you. As a general consensus, what does a woman generally need from a man & why? As a general consensus, what does a man generally need from a woman & why? Generally, what does a man not need or desire from a woman & why? Generally, what does a woman not need or desire from a man & why? Generally, what does a woman need & not need or desire from a woman & why? Generally, what does a man need & not need or desire from a man & why? See I came to these questions when I had the following thought-process; "Perhaps the wisdom of what is being taught in these red-pill communities & alike, is that woman seek a man for help with their emotional struggles that they do not understand, & they need a man for this, more often than not, because they’ve been taught all their life (until recently to some degree) that men are the authoritative figures, are the wisest, & are to be respected, & a woman is second to that. Whether this was taught consciously or unconsciously to them by means of society or parental figures is besides the point. A woman nowadays feels less powerful & less respected than that of a man, & so they struggle to truly uphold a strong front that presents a face of otherwise virtues. Now do women need a man to push past those emotional struggles indefinitely, through companionship or otherwise? That is the question isn't it. Me personally, I find that a woman only feels she needs a man if she cannot support herself fully, emotionally. Or because she is not satisfied sexually on her own. I have much to learn & experience still. Does a woman need a man to always be there to alleviate her emotional & overall mental struggles? Have men truly given women the chance to alleviate her emotional & mental struggles on her own? Why or why not?" Of course, you may be seeing the obvious subtle message as I am here, being that human beings seeks company. They seek togetherness. Because if all the emotional & mental struggles were alleviated & all the sex was attained for everyone involved on planet Earth, what would we then crave after the fact? Togetherness? Company? Growth? Love? Let's here your your interpretations...
  12. I'd like to get your perspective of how you interpret the red pill community with potential insights of the black pill community as well, & the what both of them get right & wrong in your eyes. What does the red pill community get right? What does the red pill community get wrong? What does the black community get right? What does the black pill community get wrong? What truths are underlying both of these communities, that is failing to be seen? What important things are ignored in these communities? What is wrong with the red pill community? What is right with the red pill community? What is wrong with the black pill community? What is right with the black pill community? I'd like to play devil's advocate & god's advocate here, really getting to the bottom of what there is to learn amongst these communities. Thank you for any shared perspectives.
  13. This is your perspective. Fakers of what? What is a great man to one, can be just a loser to the next. Perhaps what is considered a great man is a person of strong-standing similar morals to that of the collective he is in. Which then you could arguably say a great man is a man that is morally adaptable/flexible, given his environment. Perhaps a great man is a man that fights for the morals of the collective through which he stands within. Can a man be considered great without strong morals? Especially without strong morals that are similar to that of the community he lives amongst? A man is great by means of his own meaning of great, & his own meaning of man. What do I personally consider a great man? My first thought is that a great man is a person that is the embodiment of strength, wisdom, safety, & creativity. With that wisdom comes a deep understanding of what it's like to live in a biologically-male body, & how that body interprets the world differently than that of any other biological type. With wisdom comes experience, intelligent understanding, & awareness. With strength comes perseverance & determination. With strength also comes a means of power, allowing for safety to encompass those around him. With creativity comes adaptability, curiosity, & inspiration for continued growth. Of course you have to consider that wisdom is so subjective, a thing is only wise by means of whomever is determining the validity of that wisdom's truth. So it is implied that one must have decided understanding of what they see to be true, for them to be wise.
  14. Why be empathetic? What are the pros & cons? It's an ironic question, I know, given the fact that I'm seeking perspectives of others on a question that I would otherwise answer myself if it were not for my interest & ability to empathize with others. My question however is; "To what degree is it wise to be empathetic to others?" "How necessary are high levels of empathy in a collective?" "What is the difference between empathy, selfishness, & selflessness? Looking back on it, it seems as though any time I've been empathetic to someone, its been for personal gain in the long run. So was I truly empathetic? Is there even such a thing as absolutely true empathy? It seems, similar to many others I've talked to, that I manipulate others in such a way that it is seen as empathy, when in reality it's a facade/societal-mask that I put up to eventually gain something out of selfishness. Even if it's as simple as helping an elderly neighbor with some groceries. I'm doing that to paint a nice picture in the eye of society & now in-turn making myself feel good, but if I gained nothing from that interaction, I wouldn't care to help; as it doesn't appeal to my survival needs of selfishness. What does this say? Perhaps empathy shouldn't be something to flaunt, but rather to distribute wisely. There is a wisdom in segregating your empathy to those things that appeal to your life values & standards. It's funny, you may see this as a very different perspective, given that I am basically asking; "How can I use empathy for selfish gain in a way that appeals to my egocentric needs?" but I am also asking; "What is the alternative to this?" "Is true empathy actually an absolute truth & if so; how is one to truly be empathetic, because I'm tired of 'acting' for the sake of the collective." Of course I'm tired, the ego is inherently selfish, so it doesn't want to keep wasting its time needlessly empathizing with others, especially in a society & culture that isn't often very cognizant of it's own emotional, & overall mental well-being. Of course you could also argue that I am not truly being empathetic because if I were, I would truly understand where everyone's at in life & I wouldn't feel the need to ask how to distribute my empathy. But that's exactly my point; is true empathy possible? Granted if it is possible, I'd admittedly struggle to get to that point, if I so wanted to. Because clearly I've learned some childhood pattern of thinking thats contributed to my now understanding of empathy differently than that of others. Or perhaps I'm confusing empathy with something else. Feel free to respond with your thoughts & ideas, I'd love to hear some other perspectives (for the manipulative gain of my ever-growing self-understanding known as the ego. But of course, the goal is to psychologically trick the ego into dismantling it's current way of function in order to later fully understand itself.)
  15. A quote I saw a while back changed my perspective on discipline & how it can be used more efficiently. QUOTE: "Discipline will take you places motivation can't." It's not about motivation, I've found that discipline is what creates motivation. Motivation isn't something which is needed to be disciplined, simply the opposite. Once I understood this, I found the key to motivating myself to do/be anything I sought out. The moment I saw motivation as an after-effect from a means of action, motivation was then created. You'll find that you can't get around this. You may keep looking for philosophical explantations of why motivation is & how it functions, however you'll come to the conclusion that motivation can only be understood through first creating it by means of consistent discipline.