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  1. Saw this Joe Rogan episode & this clip stood out to me, please share your ideas on this if you have any!
  2. As I've slowly matured over the years through means of self-development & continue to do so, I have struggled to see what humor is & why it exists. I understand the feeling that humor gives, though not its purpose(s). My current loosely-based hypothesis is that it is rooted in pain. It seems to me, if you go deep enough into your own emotions & overall ego, you'll find pain as the culprit. What I'm getting at, is that I haven't seen or understood humor to be anything other than something that puts something/someone down. At least, that's the way society teaches humor through sub-communication. Though you could say simply that a sound such as a fart could be funny without any reasoning for anything to be put down or degraded. So I'm left with the question still of; what is humor? Why does humor exist? Is humor only what we want to be funny? If so, why do we crave things to be funny? For comfort? Is humor a phase of humanity's evolution? Values of humor: - Alleves insecurities and emotional struggles temporarily. - Laughing relieves stress in the body temporarily - Entertainment - A good common-ground for effective communication whilst building relationships What's your perspective? What do you think humor is? Why do you think it exists?
  3. Hell yeah, if you wanna play sometime, add me - zionzioff
  4. @PepperBlossoms I'll let you contemplate & not feed the addiction..
  5. How would one go about fully embodying something?
  6. Why be? How can something be understood? To what point is there?
  7. I second this
  8. Check out this radical video I decided to watch whilst researching the history of banking & money: If you're able to get through this whole documentary, please post your thoughts! Thank you.
  9. Very powerful ones already, thank you!
  10. Let's create an amazing list of profound questions that may be simple, but still extremely deep & wise to personally contemplate. Post any questions you may have written down or thought of, that have helped you gain insight or a new perspective in some way: Note: These are questions that are supposed to help someone see a new perspective or have a new insight by simply personally contemplating the questions that are posted. Here's some I find valuable: - Is faith all you know? - Can one live without faith? - What are you doing out of fear? v.s What are you doing out of love? - Should it matter to someone how beautiful they think they are? Why & why not? - Why do you fear not having certainty? - What is compassion? - Is _____ productive? - What is the wisest way for me to live lie as I currently am & continue to be? - Do you take credit for who you are? - Ect. Thank you for any participation.
  11. Watched this video, I think it's important to note that when she's talking about making a woman feel safe, she's talking primarily mentally. Physical is less important in this regard. When she's talking about how all women are fundamentally in constant fear, this is mental. While physical stature can be important to some degree, that is only so; due to the mentality the woman holds about what is safe & what isn't. Each woman has her own level of fear, so building trust & creating mental safety will be completely different with every woman. The goal is to understand how you can better understand what she fears to better help her feel safe & truly loved.
  12. Is attraction simply liking/loving things about others that you yourself lack love in? Is attraction simply liking/loving things about others that you yourself don't embody or struggle to embody? What is attraction? Spiritually, what does it mean to be attracted to something? I'm not necessarily asking only for the definition, but also WHY the definition is defined as it is? What is the cause of any attraction, without regards to the bias of the one experiencing attraction?
  13. What are some good examples of effective & clear communication? Communication that is direct, forward, yet nonchalant.. Thanks for any help