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  1. Namaste everyone. Thank you for reading my cute poem. If everyone, including me, would just remember to fucking breathe. Deep breaths. Consciously. Inhaaaaaaaaaaale. Exhaaaaaaaaaale. When things are hard, just remember to breathe through it all. Continue whatever you're doing, you're all on the right path, more or less. Just remember to breathe. The breath is the most beautiful and divine instrument in the cosmos. Learn to play it like a pro. To eternity and beyond! <3
  2. Breathe. Just breathe. Between selfishness and selflessness there is a place. We will meet. Between hate and love there is a place. I call it Love. Breathe. Just breathe.
  3. Just bumping this thread cos I added a lot to the above comment. Cheers:D
  4. You said it yourself: cos We are Infinite. Ta-daaaa. If it was NOT possible to <'fuck up, feel pain, be bad, be selfish, be evil, suffer'> then, oh dear God, We wouldn't be Infinite & Eternal -- but We ARE! The lesson in this life is for you/me/us to fucking understand that We do NOT want all this unconscious, ignorant, selfish, evil devilry (being asleep) anymore because IT FUCKING HURTS in the end <3 I don't want to suffer anymore. I want peace, goodness, happiness, love, contentment and joy for every sentient being that I am in the whole universe. Consciousness. Being awake. Knowledge. Selflessness. Cosmic Consciousness. Oneness. Love. But it takes a lot of ignorant devilry, pain, fear, anger, shame, suffering ... and conscious effort to get there, because ignorant, unconscious, selfish devilry is also kind of exciting, right (?), and it seems like the essence of 'fun' to Us. But I'm fucking tired of it now. Seems like many children on the planet are starting to grow tired of egoistical behaviour. But you cannot fuck around with survival. You gotta satisfy the bottom 4 levels of Maslow's Pyramid of Needs before even being able to start acknowleding that you were programmed to survive and that you have followed this social conditioning your whole life, more or less. The most 'sneaky and intelligent way' for the 'ego' to perform devilry is to perform it without acknowleding it. We are all often acting primarily from a place of ego in so many small and big ways while simultaneously believing we are acting from a place of charity and integrity. "The road to hell is paved with good intentions". “Kindly let me help you or you will drown, said the monkey, putting the fish safely up a tree." The thing is though, try to imagine what it would be like if all that existed was 'obvious Heaven' -- omniscient, unselfish, blissfull beings just flying around in Paradise. No pain, no suffering, no devilry. Just pure Love, Joy, Happiness, Goodness, Contentment for You and Everyone. After an eternity of this, don't you think you would start to be fucking bored? Maybe You would want to imagine a chaotic dream where You *forgot* You were God, and where you didn't know shit about what would happen, since the world inside that dream would be filled with chaos, evil and death. Wouldn't that be exciting? I mean it's just a dream right; only it gets more exciting: because you willingly forgot it was just a dream! Wouldn't it be a fantastic dream if it was possible for You -- as 'an imaginary, internal, separate self' stuck in 'a chaotic, physical, external world' -- to get all this "anxious chaos & ignorant, selfish devilry" 'straightened out' to "calm order & conscious, selfless goodness & love" ? ... Just like when you take a deck of cards and shuffle them into disorder and chaos, and then shall try to bring them back into order and harmony. That's fun, that's exciting... Will the (imaginary) evil win? Or will Love win? Let's see! Let's play! Lila - Divine Play. It's all just God/Love though, remember? ;-) <3 Most people don't, which is exactly the point! Awakening/Spiritual Enlightenment is God allowing Himself to "wake up" through a small amount of dream-characthers inside His Dream. Hehe :-) <3 ;-) Love is Awareness is Boring is Ignorance is Exciting is Bliss is Fear is Suffering is Healing is Awareness is Love An infinite strange loop. The serpent eating its own tail. Meet Me "in the middle" of all these seemingly polar opposites: good - bad ... selfless - selfish ... love - hate ... excitement - boredom ... being - non-being ... peace - fear ... happiness - misery ... expression - depression ... harmony - chaos ... infinite - finite ... eternity - transient ... light - darkness ... consciousness - ignorance ... freedom - captivity ... invulnerability - helplessness ... perfection - imperfection ... control - impotence ... truth - falsehood ... courage - fear ... innonence - lust ... non-attachment - attachment ... humility - pride ... serenity - anger ... authenticity -- deceit ... play - seriousness ... life - death ... dream - real ... emptiness - form ... nothingness - nouns ... movement - stagnation ... one - many ... contentment - dissatisfaction ... enough - lacking ... heaven - hell ... profound - mundane ... music - silence ... beauty - ugliness ... now - past ... now - future ... equality - difference ... unique - common .... soul - ego ... awake - asleep ... forgiveness - judgment ... letting go - holding on ... encouragement - blame ... trust - reject ... absolute - limited .... imagination - dullness ... mystical - understandable ... mind - matter ... mental - physical ... thought - material ... idealism - materialism ... non-duality - duality ... spirituality - earthly ... magical - typical ... god - devil ... fate - coincidence ... free will - determined ... actual - theoretical ... experience - conceptual ... inner - outer ... groundless - grounded ... unlimited - limited ... unbounded - bounded ... freshness - old ... self-evident - paradoxical ... unity - opposites ... inexplicable - explainable ... purpose - accident ... meaning - nihilism ... growth - mistakes ... whole - deficient ... interconnected - disconnected ... gifted - cursed ... blessed - mortal ... creative - useless ... intelligent - simple-minded ... illusion - human ... transcendental - egoic finite mind ... nirvana - samsara ... play - survival ... balance - battle ... sincerity - game ... symmetry - confusion ... natural - artifical ... unforced - enforced ... liberated - ruled ... emancipated - dominated ... responsible - victim ... reflection - put-down ... self-governed - enslaved ... listening - disregarding ... open - closed ... redemption - being lost ... tolerated - blocked ... giving - losing ... ineffable - logical ... surrendering - resisting ... supportive - careless ... mutualism - antagonism ... reciprocity - hostility ... conciliation - alienation ... synergism - noncooperation ... warm - cold ... symbiosis - conflict ... tranquility - agitation ... neutrality - egoism ... magnanimity - vengeance ... self-sacrifice - egomania ... soft - hard ... sacrificing - self-indulgence ... charity - exploitation ... compassion - heartlessness ... artlessness - pretentiousness ... light - heavy ... candidness - deception ... divinity - atrociousness ... unwearied - tired ... overflowing - lifeless ... lively - inanimate ... vibrating - motionless ... energetic - stagnant ... wavy - straight ... concurrence - asynchrony ... linked - fragmented ... reciprocal - separate ... unified - divided ... whimsical - fixed ... alterable - established ... healing - suffering ... transformative - destructive ... laid-back .. expressive - depressive ... bold - shy ... calm - traumatized ... sobriety - addiction ... adventurous - scared ... audacious - fearful ... bravery - cowardice ... acceptance - denial ... innocent - ashamed ... forbearance - anger ... acknowledgement - contemptuous ... fertile - infertile ... admiration - condemnation ... significance - worthlessness ... gracefulness - crudeness ... fondness - loathing ... approve - blame ... respect - scorn ... integrity - hypocrisy ... appreciation - envy ... self-esteem - self-loathe ... humbleness - hubris ... mercy - coldheartedness ... kindliness - enmity ... let go - cling ... affinity - aversion ... passion - abomination ... concurrency - resistance ... concordance - discordance ... virtue - atrocity ... clarity - murkiness ... tenderness - harsh ... keenness - nonchalance ... awareness - apathy engaged - inert ... wide-awake - absent ... lucid - distracted ... mindful - abstracted ... meditative - overlooking ... focused - scattered ... contemplative - unreflective ... bright - dim ... pure - impure ... mesmerized - inattentive ... renew - remain ... embrace - bypass ... cheerful - melancholic ... optimistic - pessimistic ... celebrate - mourn... attend to - neglect ... deliverance - deadlock ... fulfill - fail ... fruitful - barren ... attainment - defeat ... wonder - expect ... question - answer ... curiosity - conformity ... amity - bitterness ... unassuming - arrogant ... observant - oblivious ... synchronicity - chance ... entanglement - loneliness ... indefinite - confined ... exploration - conclusion ... honesty - biased ... content - greedy ... silent - noisy ... Lila (Divine Play) - one-upmanship When the finite, egoic mind is fully dropped there is just seen to be: Goodness, Selflessness, Love, Excitement, Being, Peace, Happiness, Expression, Harmony, Infinity, Eternity, Light, Consciousness, Freedom, Perfection, Control, Truth, Courage, Innonence, Non-Attachment, Humility, Serenity, Authenticity, Play, Life, Dream, Emptiness, Nothingness, Movement, Oneness, Contentment, Enough, Heaven, Profound, Music, Beauty, Now, Equality, Uniqueness, Soul, Awake, Enlightened, Forgiveness, Letting Go, Faith, Encouragement, Trust, Absolute, Imagination, Mystery, Mind, Mental, Thought, Idealism, Non-Duality, Spirituality, Magic, God, Fate, Free Will, Actuality, Experience, Inner, Groundlessness, Unlimited, Unbounded, Freshness, Self-Evident, Unity, Inexplicability, Divine Purpose, Meaningful Growth, Whole, Interconnected, Gifted, Blessed, Creativity, Intelligence, Illusion, Transcendence, Nirvana, Play, Balance, Sincerity, Symmetry, Natural, Unforced, Liberated, Emancipated, Self-Responsible, Self-Love, Listening, Open, Universal Redemption, Divine Tolerance, Ever-Giving, Ineffable, Divine Surrender, Nurturing, Universal Support, Unleashed, Mutual, Reciprocal, Conciliation, Synergy, Warmth, Symbiosis, Tranquility, Neutrality, Magnanimity, Self-Sacrifice, Softness, Charity, Compassion, Artlessness, Light, Candid, Divinity, Unweariedness, Overflow, Aliveness, Vibrations, Energy, Waves, Concurrence, Linked, Unified, Whimsical, Alterable, Healed, Transformed, Laid-Back, Expressive, Boldness, Calmness, Sobriety, Adventure, Audacity, Bravery, Acceptance, Patience, Forbearance, Acknowledgement, Fertility, Admiration, Significance, Gracefulness, Fondness, Approval, Respect, Integrity, Appreciation, Self-Esteem, Humbleness, Mercy, Kindliness, Let-Go, Affinity, Passion, Universal Familiy, Divine Concurrency, Concordance, Virtue, Clarity, Tenderness, Keenness, Awareness, Engagement, Wide-Awake, Lucid, Mindful, Meditative, Focused, Contemplative, Bright, Pure, Mesmerizing, Renewal, Embracing, Cheerfully, Optimism, Celebration, Attending, Deliverance, Fulfilled, Fruitful, Divine Attainment, Wonder, Questioning, Curiosity, Amity, Unassuming Observant, Synchronicity, Universal Entaglement, Indefinite Exploration, Honesty, Content Silence, Lila (Divine Play). See: Love ya all.
  5. Nirvana is what is revealed to you, as having always been right in front of (behind) you, when you let go and let your soul (true self) shine brighter than the darkness of your false self (ego).
  6. "This made me realize that there is only *me*. I'm completely alone as God. I'm the only *thing* that exists." When you say 'me' / 'the only thing' -- what do you mean? What is your definition of 'you as God' // 'me as the only thing that exist' ?? Can it even be defined?
  7. Thank you ❤️ 🎶♾️🎶🙏🌻🪜🔮⌛☯️🎭🪄💫🔥🌊💥
  8. "Wonder is the beginning of wisdom - The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing - Death may be the greatest of all human blessings." - Socrates There seems to be only one truth we can all agree on: death. But what is death? "meow" says the cat. "death is the Day of Judgment" says the Abrahamic religions. "death is non-existence" says the atheist. "death is rebirth" says Buddhism. "death is unknowable" says the agnostic. "I don't know what death is" said Socrates. "I have never personally, directly experienced this 'death'-thing, so if I'm being totally honest with myself, I don't even know if death is real, just like I don't know if there are monsters under my bed while I'm sleeping. Heck, I can't even remember getting born, so maybe even believing that I was born on xx.yy.zzzz is equivalent to believing that the tree - that allegedly fell in the forest - made a sound of its own" says the open mind. "death is an illusion" said/says the mystics. Human life might just be God's way of trying to convince Himself that being awake (aware) is better than being asleep (ignorant)... Human life might just be The Universe's way of trying to convince Itself that non-existence is better than existence... But perhaps She should seek out a way to "merge the two"; as in to exist but in a dream. Lucidly dreaming, it still all feels real even though I am perfectly aware I am just dreaming. They say ignorance is bliss, yet ignorance leads to fear (of death) which leads to suffering (hurting the self through hurting the other). Wisdom lies in becoming acquainted with death. Thus, fear is transformed to calmness. But to become acquainted with death - die without dying - one first has to let go of all fear. How does one let go? Well, before one can exhale, one first has to inhale, right? Thus, carelessly - and without any conscious effort - your body makes a deep inhalation for you; and slowly, but surely you start suckling, contracting more and more; then holding on tensely while desperately trying to empty the wine bottle of life as you silently run away from the truth (yourself, death). Eventually, all this just leads to more and more fear and tension. As your ego grows and builds, the more the truth will haunt you in the back of your mind, slowly but steadily getting closer and closer: as if you were in the foreground of a silent film running away in agony from a gigantic tidal wave in the background. In the end, you will burst, explode and dive straight down to hell, where your soul will burn, kick and scream while it is getting purified, healed and cleansed in the purgatory. You are finally letting go. Dying. Exhaling all the fear, anger and shame; saying no to your ego (selfishness), saying yes to your soul (selflessness). Complete ego death. Transcendence By the end of this terrifying exhalation, you now hold your breath very cautiously, before deciding what to do next. After a brief moment of eternity, you decide you have no choice but to inhale again, this time, hopefully having learned the lesson, deciding to breathe with conscious effort, deliberate care and intentional soul-love (instead of repeating the wandering around drunk and asleep in ego) - - dreaming once again, but now lucidly, acknowledging your potential for devilry (ego), and seeing that what you once thought was hell (death) is actually Heaven (Life with big L). And instead of letting your soul adulterate by becoming drunk on the never-satiating pleasures of life, you helplessly choose to become drunk on the mind-bending, magical nature of reality: an eternal, unbounded, enigmatic dream emanating from the Fountain of Infinity, formlessly ever-changing shape while constantly spattering fathomless drops of dreamed-up worlds into a bottomless ocean of Cosmic Consciousness. When you become so empty on the inside that everything around 'you' becomes fuller than full; when you let go trying to force things and needing to change every moment, having your will all the time; when you stop getting in your own way and let your deep, mystical, wise intuition guide you with ungrounded faith, always being in a state of flow; when you start listening, seeing, and feeling, holding space instead of taking space; when you look a stranger deeply in the eyes without any judgment, just smiling and communicating to him that he's accepted as he is, forgiven, understood and not alone; -- that is Love, that is God seeing Herself, looking at Himself... through you. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0243017/
  9. Hypocrisy 🤣😂😇 But... "I want to place my hand on your shoulder and look into your eyes. I want to breathe in silence, in your presence. I want to listen to how you're breathing. To feel myself and feel how you're feeling." Me too ❤️
  10. Dangerous, I like to keep it a little bit dangerous Won't be too good for love I'm serious, I like to keep it a little less serious Am I too good for love? Oh, baby, breathe now Roll down the window No conversation, no conversation Oh, feel the breeze now Roll down the window Don't complicate it, complicate it No, I won't save you but I'll show you how Get yourself off the ground Not gonna let you down Yeah, we could skate all day and all night long Oh, we're flyin' now, not gonna let you down Hey, yeah Come down now (Come fucking down now, will you 😭❤️) https://open.spotify.com/track/1KWyrsdCZSf9HgFRYpqxSt?si=4pOounJzTTGzsSJybMvEEw&utm_source=copy-link&dl_branch=1
  11. Fuck external status/success/what I've achieved. Fuck external wealth/money/what I possess. Fuck external looks/appearance. - YES to how you feel on the inside. Are you at peace with Yourself and The World? How are you towards yourself and other people? How afraid are you? How wise are you? Why are you afraid? Why are you mad? Why do you feel ashamed? What shit have you survived? What are your biggest most private dreams? - YES to your inner wealth. How much do you appreciate the friends in your life? How thankful are you for the good parts of your health? Your current life conditions? How much Self-(Soul-)Love are you practicing on a daily basis? How much do you accept change and how much do you try to be the best version of yourself 24/7? - YES to your soul's inner inherent beauty. Its deep inner power, innoncence, love, strength, compassion, serenity, courage, humility, truthfulness, authenticity, wisdom, divine plan, self-less will, its soaring urge for freedom, intuitive faith, universal truth and cosmic love. 🔮🪄🧩🌻💜 To really grow as the divine soul I deep down am, I first have to acknowledge that I've been deeply selfish my whole life. That everyone, including me, are apes in uniforms: I am a survival machine. Now, this is just a fact, I shouldn't judge myself for this. Just observe how fucking on-point it is. What is life really about? I'd say "oneup-manship", play, Lila, game, theater show. One of the most sneaky ways of practicing oneup-manship is when the ego says "Oh, I'm not participating in that ego bullshit. I'm better than that. I'm not playing any games. I'm seriously a good person." . Self-deception is so sneaky. You can never not play. I'll be the first to say it: I'm egoistical as fuck. I put my self first all the time. People who are 'good empathic conscious smart adults' but who don't always put themselves first are in my selfish eyes still asleep. Start loving yourself for God's sake. Put your self first every fucking time. If you want to be a loving person, you first and foremost have to start loving yourself. What would your best friend tell you to do RIGHT NOW, if he/she knew your inner conflicts, tensions, thoughts and emotions? Maybe to do the laundry, go talk to a professional, maybe cut out a toxic friend/family/significant other out of your life, or at least set better boundaries instead of getting fucked over 24/7 because you deep down still don't love yourself ?? This can easily be misinterpreted. Look: I'm not saying you should love your ego. People who love their ego are the most selfish. I'm saying: Love your Soul. 💜☯️🌊⭐☀️🦋🎶🤯🧩🪄🔮💜❤️💚🙏🌱💥🔥😇😎☯️✨💯⛈️🌞🌻 People who REALLY love their soul are the least selfish. What is enlightenment really? Awakening is when you start letting your inner deep down hidden-away soul start shining brighter than the terrifying darkness of ego. May the light transform you all towards your soul, away from ego. May the light of consciousness transcend, purify, love and make aware all parts of your ego. Ultimately, even the shadow of ego is seen as light, just a different kind of light. Don't judge or blame yourself or anyone. Love.
  12. I never said otherwise. Gotta descend (build an ego) before you can transcend (your ego). Peace 🙏💜💫☯️🌎🚀 Shin's quote says it tactfully: Spirituality is not the renunciation of life - it is the art of living fully 🔥🌊💥
  13. It's perfectly natural. Also: status, looks and money are nice things. Just not as important as the three internal inner opposites I mentioned. There isn't anything wrong with having good looks, high status or lots of money. It's about your level of consciousness.
  14. Kalo you are the dreamer bro. Maybe dream bigger than smoking weed and speed on a chromic basis. But maybe not. You're your own God, freer than u think God just like to pretend she's a " poor little me " 😇
  15. Search help:P Nah, do whatever you want. Everything is fake. Tell me something that is real. The only real thing is that nothing is real. That's fucking Reality. A real dream.
  16. 💜💜💜 love you guys Thank you for reading 😇
  17. Already old but might be gold. 💜☯️🔥🔮🪄🧩💫🌊🤯🦋🎶💥⛈️☀️🌻
  18. Beautiful, thank you Mandy for sharing your perspective on YouTube/SoMe, which I can see is a holistic and wise one. 💜
  19. I'm infinitely finite. I'm empty form. I have already taken no form, i never did. I only imagine i do. My nature is play. No one (I) can stop existing as form, since I (no one) never existed as form. I exist. I am. Being. 😁😁😁 What did i just write, and why *\0/*
  20. No one can help anyone. We can only listen to and talk to and accept and love and forgive the other. When this happens unconditionally, the other can often help himself. The inner ? pieces starts falling into place. All of this life is an inner game. Really. Most people are only playing the outer game. Which is fine. I'm glad they do, so the dream can sustain itself. But if you want to awaken to the true nature of reality (i.e. start lucid dreaming) you have to focus on the internal game. When the inner game falls into place. When you have peace, joy, love from within, everything on the outside is suddenly seen to be perfect as well. Magic. Fantasy. Imagination. Just a dream, just Oneness. Just God. Just Love. Just Lila.
  21. But identification is also the root cause of beauty! Suffering is beautiful.
  22. "If one is terrified of the idea of hell and death and such things.. How to put those fears to rest once and for all?" If you want to completely be free of those fears, the only real way is to go to hell and die. (I'm speaking metaphorically, chillax mods). The best way, that I know of, to get to heaven is by smoking a shit load of DMT/Changa, go to hell and die, and then eventually wake up in heaven. Use advice at own risk. (Although absolutely speaking, there is no risk, only reward - there is nothing to be afraid of. Everything is temporary.)