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  1. I'm recovering from/struggling with ED at the moment while also seeing someone, you can PM me if you want
  2. get into tantric sex - problem solved
  3. WTF. "Common sense" - wtf is this concept anyway. An echo chamber is what I would call it. "The moron-way" - an imbecile way to talk about other people. This pisses me off. Get born. First of all. No. You can't be sure that the earth is round when you haven't seen it yourself. You can only choose whom to trust and then choose what you want to believe in. Whether or not you think the earth is round it's a belief and you should always keep that in mind and therefore be humble about everything you know = have chosen to believe. Yet, even if you have seen that the earth is round with your own eyes, this is still a belief. You choose to believe in the picture of the outer world that your brain makes for you. If you had different eyes, a different brain, or a different kind of body, or maybe even a different kind of awareness/vibrational level what do I know, it would look different and therefore be different to you - and you would probably choose to believe that picture. It's like the saying about how God created man in his own picture - but it's also the other way around. We create GOD (reality) in our own picture. So be careful and humble about that. Of course, we need to create "him" in our own picture because otherwise we couldn't understand shit and would just be shit scared trippin' all the time.. But still. It's important to be aware that we are doing this. When asking questions like these, and discussing these topics, I really believe humbleness is a good way to approach it. The only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing.
  4. It seems like there is a lot of conscious communities in Hawaii - But I only know this from youtube and people I have spoken to. Have not been there myself.
  5. I feel you deeply in this <3 I think it is a sort of integrity dissonance yes, and I have struggled with something like this myself. Just yesterday I had a great realization about how honesty and openness attract people into your life that you can be honest and open around - like a positive loop. But also, don't rush it. Maybe the people around you who are closeminded will follow you eventually, or maybe when you move further in your own development you will be able to communicate with more love and be more accepting and loving, so in that way, your honesty won't seem so scary to them and make them go into defense mode. Experience the journey from being out of integrity, slowly coming into it. No rush. Small steps and walk with love.
  6. But then why does Leo use the term Non-duality and not monism!!!!!????!!?!???!??!?!??!??!?!?
  7. But in philosophy, there is not always a God implemented in those concepts. Monism doesn't mean one God necessarily, right? it can mean that there is only matter or only mind for example...
  8. I'm in university and during the philosophy-like subjects, dualism and monism get mentioned a lot. Nobody in the school books ever mentions non-dualism and I'm confused about what the difference is between monism and non-dualism. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain it to me.
  9. I think forgiveness is what will release you from this. For your own sake. Have you tried listening to Leo's recent guide about it? It helped me forgive someone I hadn't thought possible to forgive
  10. I have recently done a breathwork session that sent me into a trance-like state, where I experienced something that was like a vivid dream. The experience was very profound for me, and I had insights similar to those I have had after trips on 2-CB, psilocybin, and ayahuasca. The session lasted for approximately an hour. It was different from a regular trip because doing breathwork to reach such mental states is physically challenging (at least in the beginning before you start to "lose yourself") - This feeling of having "done it myself" made me feel more in control - while also allowing myself to lose control completely. (I have also practiced Wim Hoff method, but this was different and more oriented towards reaching a trance). I had a friend guide me during this, but the technique is simple and easy to do alone. Yesterday I saw a documentary about how DMT is an endogenous compound already found in the lungs - this made me wonder if any one of you has ever tried to do this sort of long-duration breathwork during a trip? I think I will try it myself, but I could imagine that it would make the trip seriously intense? It could also be that it is not possible because it takes a lot of energy/body control...
  11. Probably you should work on making your life situation more attractive for girls/a potential partner to be part of. I think that is a big deal when dating. I have experienced multiple times to find a guy really attractive both physically and emotionally but when I evaluate how a relationship would be in the long term, his way of life is not one compatible for a partnership - so maybe that could be it.
  12. Hahaha same!
  13. It's not true. Girls read the profile text and it matters more than pictures. You need to: 1) Sound interesting in your text - not too needy for a relationship but also not too focused on just having sex/going out drinking. (it's a balance) 2) Have photos where you do stuff that makes it seem like you have an interesting life - it's more important what you DO on the pictures than what you look like. For example, I once ended up dating this guy because of pictures of him going hiking/camping and I thought that looked appealing. 3) Also, job title and height are important. Sorry but it is. I have matched with tons of guys on tinder that wasn't model-like looking even though I had the option - because of all the other stuff that matters more than looks. Looks aren't very important for girls. If there is something physical that is important it's more about you being physically bigger than her so she can feel protected and held. I swear to God it's true
  14. I have had a similar experience (or is still dealing with one). I figured out that I had connected my sexuality to feelings of shame and fear - so I was only able to be aroused when thinking about my molester or when being with men who made me feel shameful or afraid. The thing I did to heal this was to take a break from sexual relationships (I am actually currently doing in) and then focus on developing my sexuality by myself. So I try to break the old patterns I had when having sex with myself before. Instead of just letting it happen - fantasizing about the bad stuff - I try to plan it beforehand and really make it into a kind of ceremony. Then I use meditation and self-love techniques while doing it, so in that way, I hope to rewire my brain so I can be turned on by feeling safe and loved. Maybe that is something that could be beneficial for you to try out as well? <3