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  1. Black mold that release toxic spores, so called mycotoxins, it that of any harm to consciousness? according to media and other sources it kills braincells, cause memory loss, decrease of neurones, fatigue, unable to concentrate and focus. But maybe it's a media hype, and besides, we are beyond materialism, do we have to care, after all, brains doesn't exist for example. As long as we do our self-enquiry and meditation, we should be fine, don't you think? Mycotoxin is the most toxic airborne particle there is, therefore it's used as a military weapon in biological warfare.
  2. I bought the whole package, the globalist conspiracy, the sionist conspiracy, the evil bank elite conspiracy, Migration as a tool for the elites to gain power and money, as a "rule and conquer"-tactics. The lgbt as a political tool to destroy families and homogeneity etcetera . No wonder I was mad with the world, those 4chan forums, Breitbart and all local message boards along with the alt right twitter elite manage to fool me into thinking they was right. I never thought I could be brainwashed, I even believed the most insane things like the jewish conspiracy and things like that. I was nuts, but I'm on my way back now. It's very strange because I use to be the rational one with capacity for critical and abstract thinking. But I swallowed everything in the alt-right narrative. I ended up as a train wreck after all my hate on lefties, feminist, lgbt, socialist, communists, cultural marxists etcetera, I thought all of that was evil, that's how brainwashed I was. Now how can I put this behind and be the friendly and sane Markus again? #Walkawayfromaltright
  3. I'm about to start lifting weights. Which one should I use to grow in muscle mass? Or shall I use both? Or neither of them and eat tuna fishes and eggs instead?
  4. He is not dumb @Rilles, he try to provoke and cause drama. He has issues, obviously it's stupid to commit suicide, I hope that all people who read this thread understand that. Don't harm yourself, work on your consciousness and become a transforming loving force in the world. Peace.
  5. I once saw a video with a western guy speaking of advaita vedanta. That guy had a map of some sort, like a 1m x 1m map behind him. It was very pedagogic. The map had a white background for the absolute qualities and a dark background for the relative qualities of reality, and some sort of coloured filter that covered everything as a pedagogic way to show that everything ultimately is one thing, is non duality. I have high intuition and have had mysterious experiences since I was a child. I never formulated my experience in any way though, I had a non language understanding of the divine let's say. I came here to gain the conceptual understanding, since I didn't have the map. Not that I needed it, but in order to communicate it I thought a language/map based understanding could be good to have. My journey was kind of backwards, I traveled the territory first, without the map. Most people construct the map before entering the territory I suppose. Anyway, whichever path, whichever direction you go, a solid conceptual map won't hurt. Shouldn't we construct an own map of reality, and whenever someone suggest adding or changing something we discuss it here. As time goes by, that map might evolve to the best conceptual map known to man, although it will only be a map of course. In judaism, in the spiritual branch of kabbalah have mind maps to explain reality, looks like a tree, very pedagogic, how things relate to eachother and to which branch. We could make one that is much more advanced. Some people here are great with programming and softwares, they can create cool graphics, some have good insights, etcetera. A good detail map how everything relate to each other could be a good idea, don't you think?
  6. I love to just be, pure be-ing. Doing is a distraction from this pure being, doing is a distraction from resting in infinite consciousness. My awareness goes into a contemplative and a meditative mode without any effort when I don't do anything at all. To just be is beautiful. Concentration and doing is a distraction from the truth and the love I feel when I let the spontaneous contemplation just happens, as it always does when resting in pure being with nothing else to do. My dad on the other hand loves doing, i don't think he has anything going on in his inner being other then the satisfaction over something he does in the outer world. The arrangement of the outer world, like working, cleaning, house keeping, pay bills, wash the cars etcetera, gives him satisfaction. He view me as lazy and I view him as a closed minded person with no access to divine consciousness. I would like him to have the taste of Godly awareness, but that will never happens. Anyway, it's tricky with my dad, but other people who are "doers" that I don't know personally, those people I love, they don't bother me(because they don't know me, hence they don't know we are different) and I love the sounds of people working, the discussions they have, the sound of construction working in action. But I love it only when I'm not part of it my self. I like to blissfully witness it all from a distance, with a cup of coffee in my hand and love in my heart. Those "working-bees" do so much things for me, they build my house, they build my car, they construct all the roads I love to travel. They transport and manufacture all the delicious foods and goods to my local store for me to pick whatever I like. I can't help but feeling some trace guilt in the middle of all the bliss. I obviously like to consume the fruits of society, but clearly, I don't contribute anything myself(I'm lucky regarding economy). The only thing I provide for others are an open mind, kindness, happiness, but no real goods, nothing tangible. Aren't those working-bees right about us to some degree, we are somewhat lazy, we don't help the wheels of society to spin that much, do we? After all, teaching non duality which many of us realised do, has no value for those who can't pick it up, which are most people, nor do they desire it. Only like 0.02% of people both desire AND are able to pick it up and transform themselves from the non duality teachings. And there are by far enough teachers out there to supply the non dual teaching demands from those tiny 0.02 % who wants it. You see what I'm saying here? Elaborate.
  7. @Rilles @Preetom Thank you guys. Great answers! *love*
  8. @markusrabbius Hehe, MarkusRabbius and MarkusSweden, welcome to the forum. I think Mexico should be more known for its psychedelics and less known for other drugs/drugwars. Mexico is indeed a beautiful country. Kiss one of those Bufo Alvarious toads from me.
  9. But Leo, how ever you twist it, reality is utterly crazy. Just look at these two facts. 1. From absolute perspective everything is consciousness, 'matter' is nothing but consciousness, the "consciousness only"-model by Rupert Spira describes it very well what is going on from the absolute perspective. 2. From the relative perspective, the world/matter is the OPPOSITE of consciousness. Matter is dense, has form, is solid, is finite, has objective qualities, is a thing etcetera. Where as consciousness is transparent, infinite, empty, no-thingness etcetera. This is all true from the relative perspective. Is so stupid is a way. Up is down and down is up depending on what perspective you choose. Utterly utterly crazy and stupid. I agree life can be pleasant and be absent of suffering. But it can NEVER make sense, It can never be sane.
  10. @Devil High consciousness = Choke jerking(If you do it right and find the balance point where you are close to unconsciousness, yet not so close that you risk hurting yourself, then you can fully and safety relax into present choke-jerking moment, that is extremely high consciousness I would say, almost as a path of its own towards enlightenment.
  11. @Devil Should we get rid of family, that's what you saying?
  12. Sounds reasonable. Let me ask you, have you experiences with heavy doses of potent psychedelics, like 5-meo-dmt? In that case, does your trips confirm the picture you give here? Is it fair to say that God is afraid you think? Because his desperately need to find out the truth? Also, could it be that truth with capital T doesn't exists. I have ideas that there might be a dark insight to find if we really dig deep. Like an infinite trap let's say.
  13. @Devil What do you mean by DEATH? You advocate suicide on order to gain truth aka ALL?
  14. I view you as my online authority, yet there is no movement of antagonism-violence between us. You are my guru, but ALSO an equal nice fella who can chit chat on random topics in PM's like training, family life etcetera. Hence it doesn't have to be the way you describe. There can be a guru-disciple relationship, yet a common friendship on another level as well. At least that is true online it seems. No movement of fear is involved between us what I can tell.
  15. It works fine when someone start the conversation, for some reason I can't start a PM conversation myself. You got the answer?
  16. I've never been interesting in what I view as "supernatural stories", it doesn't matter if it's dualistic religions, if it is UFO's, if it is David Icke's theory on lizards that run the show, or if it is any other spiritual conspiracy. I just view it all as nonsense. But for some reason Enki stands out in this category that i normally view as nonsense, it seem to have some truth to it, not just a stupid made up story or conspiracy like those UFO stories and other crap. According to Enki, the world turns, and the life scenarios of all people eventually turn into scenarios that are undesirable, if not in this lifetime, then in future lifetimes. Enki, the chief scientist of the alien invaders, stated: “for what shall come to pass by what had passed shall be determined; and what was destined shall in a cycle be repeated” (from the Lost Book of Enki, by Zecharia Sitchin). The world, the cosmos, and history turn. There are cycles in nature, on the wheel of life, which repeat through history. It is because of this cyclical turning of the wheel of life that most people, if not all, will eventually get to the position I'm occupying right now and will be able to see, from this vantage point, the truth of what I am saying. I am hoping that the message I’m trying to convey right now will help others gain some clarity in their time of confusion Should we look closer into Enki you think? It might shed some light to the full picture of reality and help us dissolve and get rid of some confusion. What is your opinion on Enki? What do you know of him? And do you believe it all? .
  17. Fragmentation/division is caused by the false notion of the movement of time. Without time(which doesn't exist) all other factors/variables that cause fragmentation dissolve. Time is the key factor here. You see?
  18. There is a clip somewhere on the internet where a woman who admire mooji so deeply but she realised that she didn't need him any longer because she find what she was looking for, she find her true self, and with that finding she lose all attachments, even the attachment to mooji, and she explain that in a satsang full of tears down her chins, because she find it sad in a way despite being coming 'home' to her true self. Mooji couldn't handle that honesty and start mocking her in a subtle way, telling her things like.. "Don't cry, you save your plane ticket money" and things like that. He didn't say it in a warm kind of way, definitely Mooji's ego who was speaking in defence there. Could anyone help me to find that clip, it would be appropriate for this thread. But hey, who says he need to be perfect? He's more pleasant to meet that 99% of the people in the world anyway. We always demand nearly perfect people to be completely perfect, don't we?
  19. There is always some truth behind every joke..
  20. Because of the false notion of a separate self. We should live for the whole, not for a subpart of the whole aka the illusion of a separate self. But that's how humanity has always unfold, and always will unfold, that's the tragic of humanity I guess. Even we who are interested in dissolving the ego often fails to do so, and our societal surrounding will always encourage us to be the illusionary entity of the ego.
  21. With reality I mean the ordinary everyday reality in human societies that are built on false belief that we are unchanged separate agents over time. When you live in truth(in the now) you might think that you can bring that truth-aspect to reality, but that will never work, 'reality' will always stay the same. You can only bring people from reality to the truth, but you can never bring truth to reality. I know that "reality" is not an accurate word, but it's good to use it this way, because there is really a reality to the lie(notions of separate selves), there is a reality to that dream-state from the perspective of the sleeping ones. And majority of humanity will always be asleep, that's just statistics. Enlightenment is certainly not for everyone. However, once you find the truth, when you respond accordingly to the NOW(which is all you have, you realise), then you might find that stage of true presence, true awareness so simple, so obvious and fulfilling that you want to bring that to everyone, to the whole of humanity. You might even think that it might be a relatively easy thing to do, because you can't imagine not being in this raw presence, in this happy and obvious state of mind(pure consciousness). It's a good reminder that we(if we succeed) will always be the happy misfits that don't lack anything. We will be crackpots in the eyes of humanity as a whole. That is not a tragedy to us, but a tragedy for humanity.. But hey, that's how it goes, that's the hand that was dealt to humanity. We should also be careful who we give the advice and insights to. Because they might only be prepared for the great gift in it, but might not be prepared to lose "reality", which is nothing to lose of course, but that's another story. Elaborate. Namaste.
  22. Limit HU is figured out, not shorthanded. Bots are good at Heads up. Shorthanded is tricky for bots, they don't model how the other players understand each other very well. Heads up has no psychology to it, it''s all about mixing up your game and having a good diversity in your decision making within your range. Shorthanded has huge amount of psychology to it.