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  1. If you meditate, one day, suddenly, you become aware that from your being compassion is flowing towards the whole of existence. Without meditation, energy remains passion; with meditation, the same energy becomes compassion.
  2. The law of karma exists only for the unconscious man; for the conscious man there exists no law of karma. The law of karma applies only to the unconscious being. The man of awareness has absolute freedom,he is no more dominated by the past. The past has no more power over him.
  3. @ahmad ibdah Consult your doctor for Pantocid L capsule to be taken 30 min before meals. Pantocid L Capsule Sr is used for Gastroesophagal Reflux Disease, Irritable bowel syndrome etc. Enteric-Coated Pantoprazole Sodium and Sustained Release Levosulpiride Capsules. Each capsule of Pantocid L contains: Pantoprazole Sodium IP eq. to Pantoprazole 40 mg (as enteric coated pellets) Levosulpiride 75 mg (as sustained release tablet). May be in your country an equivalent of this capsule will be available by some other brand name.
  4. The third eye belongs to the subtle body. When the energy is moving through the physical body, you are looking through the physical eyes. That is why through the physical eyes you cannot look at anything other than the physical, than the material. The two eyes are physical. Through these eyes you cannot look at anything, cannot see anything which is not physical. Only with the third eye functioning can you enter a different dimension. Now you can see things which are invisible to the physical eyes, but are visible to the subtle eyes. Then, with the third eye functioning, if you look at a person you look at his soul, at his spirit, not at his body - just like you look at the physical body through the physical eyes, but you cannot see the soul. The same happens when you look through the third eye: you look and the body is not there, just the one who resides in the body. Remember these two points. Firstly, the same energy has to move. It has to be taken away from the ordinary physical eyes and allowed to move through the third eye. Secondly, the third eye is not part of the physical body. It is part of the subtle body, the second body that is within. Because it is part of the subtle body, the moment you can look through it you look at the subtle world. You are sitting here. If a ghost is sitting here you cannot see it, but if your third eye is functioning you will see the ghost, because subtle existence can be seen only through the subtle eye. ~ Osho Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 1
  5. Ugliness has nothing to do with your body. Neither has beauty much to do with the body. The beauty or the ugliness of the body is very superficial; the real thing comes from within. If you can become beautiful within, you will become luminous. It has happened many times: even an ugly person, when he becomes meditative, starts looking beautiful. Their faces relax. Their tensions drop. Their misery, which had become part of their face, slowly slowly wars off. They become relaxed like children. Their faces start gleaming with a new inner joy, they become luminous. Physical beauty is not very important. The real thing is the inner. When something starts flowing from within you, some grace, then the outer form is just put aside. Bring something higher into yourself, and the lower will be forgotten, because it is all comparative, it is all relative.
  6. Are You Still Looking in the Mirror to Confirm Your Beauty? Your outer beauty is only skin-deep. It cannot affect your inner beauty. On the contrary the outer beauty becomes a hindrance in search of the inner: you become too identified with the outer. Who is going to look for the inner sources? Most often it happens that the people who are outwardly very beautiful, are inwardly very ugly. Their outer beauty becomes a cover-up to hide themselves behind, and it is experienced by millions of people every day. You fall in love with a woman or a man, because you can see only the outer. And just within a few days you start discovering his inner state; it doesn't correspond to his outer beauty. On the contrary it is very ugly. As you become more and more meditative, peaceful, a deep at-onement with existence happens. The inner is tremendously powerful, the outer is very weak. The inner is eternal, the outer is very temporary. How many years do you remain young? And as youth fades away you start feeling that you are becoming ugly, unless your inner being is also growing with your age. Then even in your old age you will have a beauty that the youth may feel jealous of.
  7. There are thousands of monks living in India meditate 24/7, do you think they grow spiritually ?
  8. Even if you know Hindi or Sanskrit , it is very difficult to understand meaning of the Indian scriptures. There are enlightened masters who have explained these texts in English.
  9. Jesus says: Seek and ye shall find. Buddha says: Seek ye not; otherwise you will miss. Jesus says: Ask and it shall be given to you. Buddha says: Ask not; otherwise it will never be given to you. Jesus says: Knock and the doors shall be opened. Buddha says: Wait... look... the doors are not closed at all. If you knock, your very knocking shows that you are knocking somewhere else - on the wall - because the doors are always open. Jesus is as much enlightened as Buddha - because there is no question of being more enlightened or less enlightened. But then why this difference? The difference comes from the people to whom Jesus is speaking. He is speaking to people who are uninitiated, uninitiated into the mysteries of life. Buddha is speaking to a totally different kind of group, the initiates, the adepts, those who can understand the paradoxical.
  10. What were the cons of the training course? what were the problems you faced during the training course?
  11. Bhakti yoga can't be practiced. It happens on its own accord, it's a love affair.
  12. Who is the commentator (interpreter) of these verses of Geeta ?
  13. 5-10 minutes is not enough. A really healthy person is one who takes fifty percent of his time to assimilate his experiences. Fifty percent action, fifty percent inaction – that is the right balance. Fifty percent thinking, fifty percent meditation – that is the cure.
  14. Wealth was created after industrial revolution, at Jesus time creation of wealth was very difficult for an ordinary man. So he gave his message according to the circumstances. No modern master can say that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven.
  15. If you 100 billion USD and you don't have to waste your time in earning more money than your journey towards enlightenment will be much easier than a monk.