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  2. A Logical Journey: From Gödel to Philosophy By Hao Wang
  3. Do you think that words of awakened ones are not important ? and can we teach each other from our own experience? Jiddu Krishnamurti said that there is no need of a Guru, Master , Savior. Buddha's last message to his disciples was "App Deepo Bhava", meaning "be a light unto yourself" , What he was doing his whole life ? He was teaching thousands of people.
  4. Download and read the following books In Search of the Miraculous Vol 1 ~ Osho In Search of the Miraculous Vol 2 ~ Osho
  5. What exactly is meditation? Facing boredom is meditation. What does a meditator go on doing? Sitting silently, looking at his own navel, or watching his breathing, do you think he is being entertained by these things? He is utterly bored! If you go on looking into boredom without escaping the explosion comes. One day, suddenly, looking deep into boredom, you penetrate your own nothingness. If you don't escape from boredom, if you start living with it, if you start accepting it, welcoming it.... That's what meditation is all about: welcoming boredom, going into it on one's own; not waiting for it to come but searching for it.
  6. Only a rich person can become religious. I am not saying that a poor person cannot become religious, but it is very rare, exceptional. A poor person goes on hoping. A poor person has not known what riches are. He is not yet frustrated with it. How can he go beyond riches if he is not frustrated with them? A poor man also sometimes comes to me, but then he comes for something which I cannot supply. He asks for success. His son is not getting employed; he asks, “Bless him, Osho.” His wife is ill, or he is losing money in his business. These are symptoms of a poor man, one who is asking about things of this world. When a rich person comes to me, he has money, he has employment, he has a house, he has health – he has everything that one can have. And suddenly he has come to a realization that nothing is fulfilling. Then the search for God starts. Yes, sometimes a poor man can also be religious, but for that very great intelligence is needed. A rich man, if he is NOT religious, is stupid. A poor man, if he is religious, is tremendously intelligent. if a poor man is not religious, he has to be forgiven. If a rich man is not religious, his sin is unpardonable. Osho~ The Discipline of Transcendence, Vol 3
  7. @WildeChilde A rich country has spiritual problems; a poor country has physical problems. Buddha's time in India was the golden age. That was the time for India at its peak. The country was rich, tremendously rich, affluent. The whole world was poor, and India was very rich. The people coming to Buddha were bringing spiritual problems. When you become aware of inner poverty, then you start searching inwards. In the time of Buddha, India was at its golden peak. It could think in dimensions that are not confined to the body, not confined to the physical, visible world. So India could probe deeply into the ultimate mystery. It is a strange fact that whenever a country becomes rich it becomes religious, and whenever a country becomes religious it is bound to fall back from its riches. When a country becomes religious it becomes other-worldly; this world becomes meaningless. Religion is the flowering. When every so-called natural need is fulfilled, only then does the beyond become meaningful and significant. when body needs are fulfilled, when you are not in any struggle at the physical level, then a new struggle begins on a higher level. That is the struggle to achieve consciousness. So whenever a society becomes rich, only then does religion become meaningful. ~ OSHO
  8. @moon777light
  9. Walk meditatively as if the eternity is yours, just walk the way you go for a morning walk in a relaxed way about three times slower than your usual walk. Bring your attention to the feeling of your feet touching the ground. Walk consciously but relaxed, as if walking is everything.
  10. I was a Rajneeshee in India. You can judge yourself !
  11. People who are spiritually-oriented are stargazers. Sheela was not a stargazer. The reason Osho had appointed her, his secretary. She wanted nobody to meet him, for the simple reason because they may inform me what is going on in the commune and what she is doing there. She was not interested in meditation, she was interested in making roads, houses—which meditators would need. And she did her job well. Just one percent she took advantage of the opportunity, because Osho was not available to others during silence period. Five thousand people she could manipulate in Osho's name, by saying, "This is what our Beloved Master wants."
  12. I don't possess anything. Even my dress I don't possess; it belongs to the commune. And I use watches only made by my own people. This watch from Piaget will be quarter million dollars, but this is not Piaget -- anybody can be deceived, and these are not real diamonds, they are just stones. And my own people have made it. It has no value at all as far as money is concerned, but it is invaluable as far as their love is concerned. I use only my own people's things -- from my shoes up to my cap everything is made by my own people. Osho Book Name: The Last Testament, Vol 4 In the first place, what do you think of this watch? How many million dollars it will be? This is the cheapest watch you can find anywhere in the world. It is made by my own sannyasins, and these are not diamonds. These are pure stones, authentic sincere stones. And it costs nothing. But it is invaluable. Even for one billion dollars I will not sell it. It is made with such love that it cannot be sold. Osho Book Name: The Last Testament, Vol 3
  13. Those Rolls Royces were not produced by the commune. They were presents from outside, from all over the world. And I was not their owner—I had given them to the commune. They were commune property, and I have not brought any of them with me; I have left them with the commune. Everything that I had has been left with the commune. I never owned anything. I could purchase Rolls Royces, so that I could purchase anything. I have not purchased anything from the money produced by the commune because the commune never produced any money. The commune was absorbing money. In fact all my royalties, all my books, all their profits were going to the commune. The situation is just the opposite—that I had given everything to the commune. Now, four hundred books in different languages were bringing millions of dollars in royalties, and those royalties were going to the commune. If I had wanted to purchase Roll Royces, I could have purchased my own Rolls Royces, as many as I wanted, just out of my royalties. ~ Osho Osho was not the owner of Roll Royces. He had no bank account, no property , not even pockets in his clothing,
  14. Osho's personal secretary Sheela and her fascist gang have contaminated his name while he was observing silence , and was not in contact with other members of commune . Judas, one of the most prominent disciples of Jesus, betrayed him. Mahavira's own son-in-law betrayed him. Buddha's own cousin-brother, Devadatta, betrayed him. It is not an exception, but a rule.