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  1. @Danioover9000 You are very right, this was deeply rooted in my mind, unconciusly, due to a spontaneous awakening 3 years ago (without any knowledge of this field). I'm 21 and since then I've been pretty much lost in life.
  2. I just had an insight about how the belief of ''having an ego is wrong'' is fucking with my view of reality and my relationship towards it. I start this topic because I found in this insight a lot of relief and I thought it could be illuminating for another user of the forum. This believe I coudn't see that I have it. I would like if anyone could elaborate on this issue, I have the intuition that many newbies to this work may be falling into this believe and it is a very fundamental misundertanding of spirituallity. Is it really wrong to be an ego?
  3. @Mannyb Take a few deep breaths. Begin to relax any intelectual posture down into the center of the chest (heart). Guide in a gently an compassive way your awareness into the heart. Focus on a gently breathing aswell. Do this for 30 minutes as a diary meditation. Psychological and emotional material that YOU didn't want to feel will start to arise. Just relax into it, don't come up with any intelectual or judgmental posture. These are the layers that are blocking you of feeling love. If you embrace them with compassion and acceptance, your experience of reality will be more authentic and loving, but you will need patience.
  4. Does have having human conciousness some type of priviledge? I would like to hear your thoughts on this and if you could elaborate it would be great. Thanks.
  5. My god, I was thinking about this right before I see your post. My situation is the same, and I'm 21. I have been studying electricity for the past 2 years, and right before I began with it I had a huge awakening that shifted all my paradigms. I decided at that time that I would study electricity to make some money before I go about pursuing my new life passion (helping others, being a coach life...) That decision came out of fear because I was super ungrounded, the awakening hit me so hard I had an existencial crisis and I was very lost. Today, 2 years and a half later, I'm still struggling with all this, I don't know what to do with my future and I have anxiety 24/7. I appreciate your post. Good day to you all.
  6. I hope you can see how this this can end.
  7. @MarkusSweden You cannot explain that more accuratelly. While I was reading it I feel like that was exactly what I experienced. Now I feel like I don`t recognise myself in the mirror, horrible feeling. Have you passed through this? And the path now is trying to find Truth again? I repeat that I started to having interest in this themes because of the experience I had, so I have no idea about almost anything about this stuff.
  8. good answer, never thought about that possibility. Thanks¡
  9. Ey guys (first, sorry for my english, i'm from Spain), just wanna start a new topic to help people like me on guidance for this situation: I recently had a huge spiritual awakening (6-7 months ago). From my point of view, a person who has no idea about personal development and has never known nothing about spiritually or truth, it feel like I rested in the ''awakened state'' for two or three weeks. During that time I feel like i knew what my path in life was going to be, i feel like everyone around me was completely asleep and cried for days seeing how my loved ones were not going to have the dream life I was going to have. I feel my soul when i looked my self in the mirror and cried because I was perfect, life was perfect, and I could see perfectly how people around me were just wasting this beutiful present of ''god''. During this time I found Leo's channel, so I thought my life was going to be great.Now, 6 months later, and after passing a hard identity crisis, I had a super huge ego backlash, anxiety in my chest, feel like I waste the opportunity of living a meaningful life, feel like I'm deeply back asleep, don't know what to do and I think I have some depression going on. During the first months nobody understood me and feel very very alone, insecurities started to kick in and i feel like I sold my soul to feel better during that time. Please tell me what do you think about this.