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  1. Look up Bitten Josson.
  2. Omg...
  3. Still waiting for enlightenment jokes about this...
  4. Soon.
  5. No.
  6. I haven't read it but The Dangerous Passion by David Buss seems like a good one.
  8. Has anyone here experience with following a keto diet? Please share your experience!
  9. I asked my classmate about biological differences in homosexuals and he told me that some homosexual men has higher levels of testosterone which can make them more masculine to the point where you start seeing men as feminine.
  10. Interesting. Can you talk a little more about RIchard? I've watched a lot of hes videos before and I really liked them.
  11. More videos with Ken Wilber about IDW.
  12. Thanks!
  13. Has anyone read Stephen Hicks book "Explaining Postmodernism"?
  14. It would be interesting to hear how these values and how they clash with each other effects your daily life.