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  1. If Leo starts and ahram in Las Vegas we can all eat at The Heart Attack Grill!
  2. It's all one but I'm still waiting for an MRI. When is it going to be my turn?
  3. Yeah! As long as there isn't any bone to bone action or forceful attitude towards ones posture everyone should be fine.
  4. Be careful of stretching yourself too much, too fast. Once I got hip impingement from doing so.
  5. Do you meet any teachers face to face nowadays?
  6. Because you stop the practice when you get out of your seat.
  7. It's gold! I've tried the dynamic and the kundalini and I've had good results with both of them.
  8. @MiracleMan How is the pain now?
  9. Getting blown away with huge amounts of energy, spontaneous shaking, extreme amounts of bliss and perhaps even terror.
  10. Has anything changed energetically after awakening? Any kriyas? Any weird paranormal things opening up? Bliss radiating out of the heart?
  11. There are 2 5-star rated books about systems thinking on Leos book list and I'm thinking about reading one of them. For those who have read one or both of them, which one would you pick if you could only pick one?
  12. Transmission.
  13. It was quite a relief to watch the need to be seen as wise and intelligent instead of it's opposite. Curiosity is amazing. I also notice that it's harder to get manipulated.