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  1. I asked my classmate about biological differences in homosexuals and he told me that some homosexual men has higher levels of testosterone which can make them more masculine to the point where you start seeing men as feminine.
  2. Interesting. Can you talk a little more about RIchard? I've watched a lot of hes videos before and I really liked them.
  3. More videos with Ken Wilber about IDW.
  4. Thanks!
  5. Has anyone read Stephen Hicks book "Explaining Postmodernism"?
  6. It would be interesting to hear how these values and how they clash with each other effects your daily life.
  7. Thanks a lot! I went to the social services and I won't be homeless of everything goes to hell, and I'm not going to report my family for now at least. I've also been skiing in nature 3 times now and I haven't done that in 1,5 years now and I feel more motivated to take care of my life now. I haven't quit sugar yet but I'm going to try that for a week now. But I have quite a lot of self work to catch up to right now because I haven't responded to these events optimally. I've abandoned quite a lot of principles that I used to follow more or less since 2015. I don't know much about stoicism but they where similar to it, I wanna know what Marcus Aurelius is saying now. I need to take more responsibility of what I can control, how I react to the events of the world and let go of all the stuff that I can't. I need to stop caring about petty things right now. Distractions like unhealthy food, sugar and the internet is ruining my life like crazy. I should focus on things that are better for me in the long run. It was quite disappointing to stumble upon these problems when I felt ready to explore the world of relationships in a healthier way but I have to accept that it won't work like that until I get myself out of this situation. Maybe I should start to journal here again to hold myself accountable...
  8. Guys let's keep a healthy tone so we don't end up with another locked thread.
  9. I can relate to number 4 quite a lot actually.
  10. My favourite old teacher says that the education system seems to become worse and I've heard that loads of teachers are upset over postmodern reforms in swedish schools. This will also have negative effects on people who are generally doing worse, mostly immigrants and people with uneducated parents. The focus have changed from learning facts to creating your own personal opinion of things(not kidding). Having a teacher to instruct you on certain subjects are something that is getting more devalued and also has a negative impact on some people which is a reason that Finlands schools are getting better grades. During a festival that my school creates every year a guy who refuses to shake hands with women, can't clearly answer if he thinks that it's wrong that athesists are getting executed in Saudi Arabia but gives word sallad for 2 minutes instead and also has connections to an islamic separatist group who hasn't just attacked the military but also civilians with car bombs, road side bombs and road side shootings got invited to speak. My teacher told me in class that people who make satire about pedophilia actually encourages people to start raping children. I think my school has to be some kind of exceptions and we do have really good teachers. I want to say that I think that this has to be an exception and I do think that things will get better. I don't want to sound too alarmist, I know I'm projecting like hell because I don't have myself and life in order and being biased on people like this but I don't want to make people shy away from healthy green values but something is clearly getting pretty weird. The people who did this are actually really decent people from what I could tell and I really like them. Good intentions and bad ideas.
  11. Has anyone here actually spent any time in a school or university with pathological green/postmodern ideology?
  12. Yep.