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  1. Congratulations, keep at it! I can empathize with your experience, it's been a theme in my life for the last three years. My parents tried to put me in a mental hospital for putting up boundaries and standing up for myself a few weeks ago. I haven't completely solve this one for my self but in my experience that worked very well was lots of meditation, owning my emotions followed up by therapy(thank god she was a skilled one) where I got to talk out the stuff that my parents, the education system etc. had done to me, understanding the term called "gaslighting" and "narcissism" , LSD and awakening. The way I see it self honesty, having a clear mind and living in Reality is the thing seems to make me more sane and the deeper it goes the more irrelevant the need for someone confirming that I'm not insane becomes. A healthy dose of self respect seems to go a long way as well and avoiding toxic people is very important because it may make someone buy in to someones reality where you are the crazy one and they are the normal one, it's just a game and nothing else. People who behave like this tends to lack self reflection and suffer a lot because of it. One of the things I used to do a lot when I was younger was to project this image of myself as someone who is wise and intelligent. Being called insane or weird was like being burned at the stake for me and that fear still comes up sometimes and I think that it's really sad to see young people getting this treatment when their wisdom and sensitivity begins to blossom. Have you actually seen this "mentally ill Annetta"? Where the hell is she anyways? Look closer and you are in for a surprise.
  2. Yesterday when I was walking in the woods somewhere around 3 a.m. some kind of tiny blue being showed up in front me for a second or two and it was pretty obvious that it wanted me to go deeper into the woods, like it was trying to show me something magical but I turned around and walked home. Do you have any idea what this might be? It felt exactly like this
  3. A beautiful song from a very beautiful movie.
  4. He said something about turning into some kind of Don Quijote seeking the mother he never had in every woman he sees, like this guy.
  5. Page 75-111 in "The Archetypes and The Collective Unconscious" by Carl Jung is pretty interesting but REALLY creepy when you have mommy issues.Taking a look at abusive parents and narcissism might be useful as well. Maybe you would start to understand this whole thing if you started to watch your reactions around people, to be awere of what's happening in your body while spending time around people? P.S. I'm terrible at this thing
  6. Keep them coming!
  7. We are going to make America conscious again!