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  1. That documentary was hilarious!
  2. Omg
  3. Good! He's a disgusting fucking virus tyrant and nothing else.
  4. I had the first two ones and played the third at my friend when I was younger.
  5. If it includes the Israeli police force
  6. I would say no. I'm not vaccinated and I got covid by working with covid patients three weeks and I'm fine. I don't see the point for young and healthy people to get this thing and it sure as hell doesn't stop the transmission.
  7. Same.
  8. All the restrictions are gone here in Sweden and there is an awful silence in the media about the vaccine passports.
  9. This is a lie.
  10. Why do you just want to hold white people to those standards? I genuinely don't understand.
  11. A woman from Somalia told me about this stiff a few years ago, bizzare.
  12. Only white poeple? What about the blacks and arabs who are decendants of slave owners?