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  1. Mr Tate is hilarious!
  2. This was a pretty interesting video.
  3. What do you think what's happening in your country Australia?
  4. All the restrictions went away in Sweden yeasterday!
  5. Give it 6 months first and do your best.
  6. I've done this and it helped me.
  7. Please call an ambulance.
  8. I see. Do you get different results with the techniques?
  9. I've practiced TMI before but I'm currently experimenting with a technique from Vijnana Bhairava Tantra. I breathe down to the belly and then out of the crown with a mantra and a short pause between the breaths. How does TMI compare to Kriya Yoga?
  10. Lock em up! The obsession with trying to rehabilitate, empathize and humanize criminals is naive and really disrespectful towards the victim of violent crimes. I think that it's really important for the victim that the punnishment for the crime creates a sense of justice.
  11. It's had an effect for me.