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  1. Kanye never went to the Dagobah system.
  2. No hair, no hair problems.
  3. I have found the sitcom verson of Nisargadatta Maharaj.
  4. I've talked to three therapists. I'm very grateful for the first one but the two others where really weird.
  5. Join Jehovas witnesses for three years?
  6. Okay. I'm probably mistaking you for someone who ate too much blueberries and yelled like an animal in the woods two years ago.
  7. Fred is always laughing at the cosmic joke, I like him. Mikael are you from Göteborg btw?
  8. Not sure were to put this but it was an interesting read.
  9. I also have a narcissistic mother and also a pretty abusive father. Journaling, therapy(with a good therapist), having good boundaries, leaving abusive people behind and getting in touch with the body has helped and still helps me a lot. RIchard Grannons videos are pretty good. I've heard good stuff about the book "Drama of the Gifted Child" by Alice Miller. Good luck!