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  1. I guess this one belongs here
  2. To start a daily meditation habbit and quitting the victim mentality.
  3. Call the police, lock your door and learn some self defence.
  4. Agreed!
  5. I've noticed that most people who disagree with the redpill end up doing ad hominem arguments instead of actually debunking the claims or finding out which claims are actually true.
  6. She's really funny!
  7. Fertility cues.
  8. There is a lot of truth to it, a lot of the guys are really well read in evolutionary psychology but it's also an echo chamber with a lot of anecdotal evidence. Some people there are really cult like, if someone questions their theories they totally dismissed. A lot of men arrive there after they have been hurt and traumatized by women without being acknowledged and just dismissed so of you go to the internet. A lot of people don't want to hold toxic women and mothers acountable for their actions and it is normal to get upset if one discoves that. A lot of people look down at men who asks for dating advice and dealing with women in general which I think is really shameful and that's probably the main reason that the manosphere exists. A big part of those groups have become toxic echo chambers and a lot of people there has become resentful and cynical. Shawn T Smith have a pretty good critique of this community.
  9. I had started the carnivore diet just before last summer and it wasn't as bad as it used to be but this year it was practically gone. I've been walking over newly cut grass multiple times.
  10. 'Deep Nutrition' by Cate Shanahan.
  11. Good stuff!
  12. I had sciatica on both sides, achilles tendonitis on both feet, hip impingement syndrome one both sides and nerve pinches on both arms. I'm good now! What are you going trough?
  13. I have this as well. The peanut butter and dairy addiction is real.
  14. I like him, he has some good stuff about keto and fasting but I personally do better on a higher protein keto/carnivore diet. I'm currently eating 120-150g protein per day and for someone my size he recommends somewhere around 60-85g.
  15. Gulag.