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  1. @TheAvatarState who forced him? really stop making the witch a devil - he walked there on his own feet after all. 20$ is not the world. just think about how often you buy trashy products or bad food for more and you don’t call the seller a devil. he didn’t even pay her, the lesson was maybe priceless though.
  2. @tashawoodfall you didn‘t do the cleanse...well - it explains everything maybe she just was psychic... you can’t burn her though, not buying into it is your own problem. maybe it’s the universe telling you that there is more to coincidences than you originally thought.
  3. @pluto yes you are just a clever discoverer...hehe
  4. @pluto 😂 what? i‘m just saying i‘m a designer and i would help you setting up experience design - what kind of dark room are you now talking about? sorry i don’t understand english very well, urban dictionary tells me a hoe is someone who does it with everyone??? i didn’t say that. i just mean you could make an experience out of it - it’s also very practical because you only need the room and earn money by letting people live there without them bothering you - except you have to make the experience smooth and prepare for emergency situations. and of course there is the legal/half legal part. and well if it’s dark it still is an experience - maybe you think you don’t need to think about colours or how the room is made but that’s an illusion. i just like your ideas, they are very practically approachable.
  5. you could make your whole furniture out of it, and nibble on it whenever you like - it’s true wonderland. let’s call it psychedelic intelligent home.
  6. @pluto if you set up a room and guide people while doing that you could make the perfect experience with that - i would help you with hints on how to set up a room if you want to. it’s already the second really amazing inspiration you throw out here - you’re my favorite witch in practical magic!!!
  7. @Leo Gura
  8. @Leo Gura not everything needs to be tested sometimes we have eyes to see and ears to hear and mouths to speak and that’s already empirical. although everything might need to be questioned.
  9. @Leo Gura i guess someone has sold you that trash. the grail is not a thing. they also said there was something like heroin but it was not the heroine of a story. be careful what god’s you pray to.
  10. so today i reflect about dakini. dakini or khandro, the skydancer or skywalker... for me she’s the equivalent to the wild woman. and together with brahman and the elephant ganapati artharvashirsa part of the mulhadara chacra symbols/incorporations/deities i wonder if dakini and vikshepa shakti have something to do with each other. but researching i couldn’t find any obvious connection. except for my association of the clouds with vikshepa and the meaning of dakini. i guess connecting dakini, muladhara to vikshepa shakti, random-liquid-vision makes us cloudwalkers and skydancers or clouddancers and skywalkers.
  11. try raw vegan for a while - and i would recommend you to try rosehip fruit powder two teaspoons a day - make sure it’s with the kernels, without it won’t work. if you want to research find out about galacto lipids. i could make out differences already after 12 to 24 hours after intake. proteins from milk and meat would interfere though. the rosehip worked for me minimizing inflammation with rheumathoid arthritis before i did a panchakarma and turned vegan. it also worked for a friend with spine problems and a family member with arthrosis. even if it might be not the longterm healing method it can minimize the inflammation in various joints. i am a ovo butter vegan... it means i still can eat butter and eggs without problems if i want to - it shows that the inflammation has nothing specifically to do with the fat but more with proteins and how fat acids interfere in that process. so omega 3 might not be the cure at all. if it is an autoimmune disease that might differ though, depending on what bodysubstance it is auto reacting to.
  12. @Nathan Owen is that a physical direction - i mean does that point to somewhere? or is this more an expression of relief, like: „home, finally!“ ?
  13. try to imagine the end product. if it wouldn’t fail 90%... hair body combination is kind of interesting. especially in the cleaning surrounding. also by 100% accuracy - these nice little meals out of the nice clean plastic bowls - ok at least the microwave is out of picture. i guess the pictures are already at 10% of the vision... would be an outcome of 1% after 6 months without radical shifts in perspective. just using @Hansu‘s 90% rule as a hypothesis of what is realistically achievable, 80 to 20 could be more accurate, don’t know.
  14. ...maybe it really can help as a starerpack (i mean the toad rocket).