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  1. mhhh - well that could mean anything - i mean for you, is the dream you awoke to good for you? do you see chances, have a vision - good in that sense. or is everything dark and sad?
  2. @Wasem is the dream a good one or a bad one? @Monkey-man how could someone be awake, if he realizes life is a dream? you can only awake to the dream - what is a paradox!
  3. regarding the news: i can only say that it might make sense to think about how to embed something like creative common information in all material that can still be shared - or develope some kind of code that people have to embed automatically maybe with a something like a signature but also a free sharing label - a filter can read only as much or as little information as is embedded. i guess it would be really a chance then for the small creatives if they don’t give a shit they get shared much more... fuck it - but there are ways. i see the problem in the long run more with the material that is not shared. they will get some problems as no one will use that anymore....i seee the problem it’s infinite. as sometimes these things have to be shared, too. how transparent will it get? how can i turn of hope? i really try it.
  4. @Zigzag Idiot yeah that did it for me but it took a while. i don’t know if that will work twice though. maybe i should turn on the news.
  5. was researching a bit and found out that the green shell of walnuts contain tyrosine what is often taken as supplementation with hypothyroidism - some people think it contains jodine but that’s wrong it contains a substance called juglon that smells similar. i also read the whole nut is supportive. @iTommy can’t you grinde it and make some tablets from it? or take half alkohol with same amount of nut shells. if you find studies, can you post them?
  6. @Charlotte hey it’s good to hear that the l-theanin works! isn’t it amazing it’s so easy - why just why did i not know earlier about it . nice journey btw.
  7. @Zigzag Idiot the 3centered presence meditation is a really good recipe by the way. just did it and will certainly repeat it. but can someone tell me how to switch the heart off after reactivating it?
  8. catchup said mama tomato 🍅 Presence Meditation.htm but i don’t think ketchup would go with the apple sauce so good - actually the potato pancakes are fried and greasy as hell - so it’s not really clean eating. i would post the recipe - but maybe better not.
  9. thank you @Zigzag Idiot especially for the 3centered awareness! and also especially for the kundabuffer i‘ll make them tomorrow for dinner maybe. all veggie. they call them heaven and hell because they are made of apples from the ground (potatoes) eaten with mashed apples from the sky.
  10. i don’t know 🤷‍♀️ but it might be - maybe you can catch one. i don’t eat animals or animal like creatures.
  11. @Zigzag Idiot the second post appeared out of nowhere - i must have overlooked it or you smuggled it in like a bunnyfishsquid
  12. @Zigzag Idiot how did you do the magic trick? or did i just look away...
  13. haha kundabuffer sounds like food in german.