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  1. there is another one ☺️ but it's more about enlightenment than about the hands.
  2. i would learn how to create something with my hands complimentary to meditation. maybe you could build a tent or a hammock or just plant something. as a way of meditation. if possible with natural or waste material. i needed 10years+ to realize that.
  3. relax don't try to stop the wave 🌊 how do you want to create your life?
  4. ok if everything else is awareness i am, too. and i am aware of you guys. but i am aware of more than you. because i got one detail you overlooked. it just makes no sense to stay in nothingness. why would god want to wake up? if it can be everything? doesn't matter what was before. now and the now after it is what counts. yo can create a new life! one that is full of everything, of life and love and you can do that not only for yourself, but also for others, it's inside of you! you just have to relearn. thats all what leo is showing us! and i tell you now how: use your mind your body and your heart! and don't forget your hands! your hands are giving birth!
  5. it's not entertainment it's the beginning and the end! if you don't give birth to your silence there will be nothing at all! only nothingness, no life no love just nothing! listen to what he says exactly. by the way: you really think you are not human? then are you aware of what you are? don't get me wrong, maybe you should meditate about it a little longer!
  6. guys, would you mind connecting to your feminin part of your no self? just because i got the feeling you might be missing out on something, because it's not in you... just realized
  7. and the ultimate point where this starts and one can realize that is with this video. something my all loving mother teached me:
  8. in art and design that's a common process - it took me a whole year to unlearn - relearning never stops though. but the ultimate thing what i learnd is - doing. as in manual work. between the mind/self concept/person and the sourounding there is just these hands that are able to build. the hands are the point where thoughts end and reality begins.
  9. no it's metaphorical πŸ˜‰ still figured out an answer with your link.
  10. my favourite artist: robert montgomery:
  11. yeah but there is no absence of thing. thing is made up of energy. and energy has rules. be happy, you are a verry high organized being in an itself creating environment out of pure not nothingness, you are a mystery. if you accept that, you can find out about every layer in between, everything has information to it you don't have to believe in just one point of view, you can create your own reality with it. but ultimatively you need a body for that, i love to create with my body heart and mind, my hands are the highest good i have, though.
  12. keeping the thought's running huh πŸ˜‰ but it is not the self that you have to remove it's the awareness! i really love the answer from The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: it's 42
  13. if a mirror mirrors itself, it just mirrors itself. if it had awareness it would be aware of mirroring itself and its nature as a mirror. awareness in a human is looking into the mirror and realizing, that is me. awareness in a person reflecting about itself is: oh that's me! resulting in oh maybe i remove my self - then i can see clearly! what a joke