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  1. very difficult topic - that’s partially what is said. i don’t know how the truth looks though at the moment. it’s probably better to have everything organized before trying to go somewhere into the blue.
  2. @Truth Addict yes i know. i‘m just trying to make you guys aware of risks and chances. who was ever responsible to clean up after a war? usually it’s not the people who made the biggest mess.
  3. @Empty yes i know thats why i tell him that they already send afghani people back even if it’s not really safe everywhere over there. and people from egypt and morocco mostly right away. so yeah it’s possible to try it but it’s also possible that it won’t work out. there have been cases where people even tried to help refugees to stay but it didn’t work out. they risk their life to get to europe but without any guarantee to stay - it’s not easy to start a new life here either, it’s sometimes even worse, as it is difficult to attain a higher social status here if you‘ve lost everything. there are jobs but usually it must be proven that these jobs can’t be given to someone who already live here for many years.
  4. is it about the law of unattraction again? i‘m wondering if that‘ll happen for you? how cute does she have to be, is a photograph enough? also never eat jellyfish or it might happen.
  5. i wonder more if the personality types are can be ordered in a contradiametrical way on a circle. if you would go after the spiral you‘d need to order them after inner game outer game as usually the colours change from being more selfcentered to be more social to more selfcentered to more social, alternating. so how does that fit with assigning the extroverted type to the whole first tier and the introverted to the second tier?
  6. i‘d say that it could be something that fits if you manage to integrate some of the traits of every type, but somehow for an infj it would mean there is esfp at turquoise. and probably the order would change depending on the type someone starts out with. while people also start out on different colours of the spiral. if it was really a special personality trait that made up turquoise, and there wasn’t a chance changing some of your coaping mechanisms, it would be impossible to reach turquoise for some personality types. what stands against the thought that people can evolve. so it’s doubtable even though some personality types might have an advantage before others. thanks it’s interesting to make that connection. 🙏
  7. because you don’t read a good night story you are the good night story.
  8. @mandyjw everyone needs to know for themselves if they want light or a goodnightstory to fall asleep.
  9. well whatever. it‘s the art of hiding. and no one is here to watch that ego at play. it’s hiding behind it, thinking no one can see it. 🙈 i can’t see it it’s not there.
  10. @mandyjw self delusion. that’s the name of the game.
  11. i don’t want to shame you. stop finger pointing. you are pointing towards yourself.
  12. that’s your mindstory! it is you telling me if i neglect you, you will poison me. but it’s you talking to yourself - you are not the mediator how can you be the mediator of your own problem. and if you think you are the mediator to my problems, well then i don’t know where you hid me in your mind.
  13. no, but why do you need to exhibit yourself so much? why do you need to be valued in the eyes of others so much? so much mind story and fairytale, all spinning around your spiritual ego. even wanting others to write your scripts. what do you want? you already take everything that’s in front of your nose? i really don’t want to get involved anymore as you involve everyone around you, why should i - some illnesses are not made to be healed with poison and others are.
  14. yes, in a twisted way you are a mirror for poison. but you know it’s about the dosage. if you are perfect as you are, you are perfect in your imperfection. nothing to change.
  15. @mandyjw your ego mandy. it’s poisoning yourself. if you use that as a medicine, you might stop being a poisonous plant but become a medicine but at the moment everything about you screams: hands off.