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  1. you know what i don’t care, anymore. i don’t care what the devil is for you or what shit you are telling yourself.
  2. i suggest you to just stop suggesting anything to me. the authority for enlightenment is not you or leo it’s the pathless path and if you take or took the wrong one it’s your problem but leave me walking mine - what sometimes means to lace up a bag and leave ignorance behind.
  3. yes might be but you are assuming i‘m having a vendetta - in this case there is some truth to it, but it meets really what i hold important to my heart - and there is a clear „no“ to saying enlightenment was possible without understanding that free will means free will in any possible direction to understand when free will is not free and if it is not free it can’t be enlightened, and it’s not free if it doesn’t grasp what authority means in an absolute sense.
  4. ? huh? never heard about the authority discussion? what makes you an authority to tell me about that shit? who said if someone plays authority you have to be submissive? unless you agree to it no one makes you one or the other if it’s not yourself who does. sometimes people are submissive because of psychological pressure on them. we can discuss the matter of authority abuse in general in a very broad sense if you want to. it mostly happens when incapacity meets power position.
  5. no he’s not right - why assume without perfecting yourself you could get enlightened? and sweetheart he is a person of influence so he is a person of authority - he even says so himself to support his statements. and in this space he definitely is the one person with the final authority. if i would see him as an authority would i say something against his authority? if you are holding a stick in a classroom it already makes you an authority - it doesn’t make you a natural one though.
  6. sexual liberation and sexual or aggressive power abuse are two completely different things that are not to conflate with each other and especially not to conflate with enlightenment even though sexual liberation can lead to enlightenment, abuse is sticky karma and can not.
  7. That's a dangerous assumption. no it’s not, you also just quoted him partially. in fact it’s the opposite. it is a dangerous assumption that an enlightened person could abuse anyone knowingly after enlightenment. you might have had awakenings, so what? i had a lifetime of awakening, it tells me that it’s not even only that your behavior with enlightenment adjusts - but in this case it’s also obvious that you can’t awaken to this if you didn’t awaken to the realization that enlightenment might not come at all if the behavior didn’t adjust yet, because it’s the behavior first then comes enlightenment. there is a huge difference between illuminating awakenings to oneself or enlightenment to the absolute in a wholistic sense. it’s pure devilry to say it’s impossible or almost impossible it’s pure devilry telling such shit as a person with authority because it’s an excuse and a free ticket for everyone who abuses and exploits for sexual reasons. really low, low teaching leo.
  8. it’s so funny this discussion. it’s so funny because i know the answer... it’s so, so funny. you guys sometimes forget what’s the difference between awakening and enlightenment. as if we had never talked about it before. the moment sex is in the game everyone has their opinion about it. there are multiple degrees between reality and showbizz.
  9. ?
  10. @mandyjw yes but he put in the quote later, so you don’t know which one was the farce... the heroes journey or the quote in the end.
  11. actually this is what i don’t want to get killed. and that’s what i fight for by wanting to leave - because in this forum it’s gotten really difficult to maintain it with dignity at the moment. and it’s really what makes @Zweistein so special that she sensed it... that i need her support to leave and she’s here.
  12. what is it about women solidarity that fascinates me so much. recent christopher street day also reminded me again why i include everyone who wants to be a beautiful woman into it. when i‘m with a bunch of my friends, there are no leaders we all are equal. no one would act up against this rule because it breaks an unspoken law. @mandyjw funny how what is truely part of your past/family history is really very much part of my dream shadow. did you ever do ethnological research into the magic and rites of your ancestors? i mean realistically not what’s in fashion at the moment. the “stay” i interpreted it as the call to stay a women warrior at heart - we all have not only a princess or a mary magdalene inside but also a native warrior. when i posted it i got aware of the beauty of femininity and solidarity, the first time i got aware that i’m a beautiful person because i felt so much love from women solidarity. i felt it before but only got aware of it this intensely then, it was pure bliss. one beautiful person who reminded me of that was zweistein, as a stranger in an internet forum, but also the gay friends i have and all the longterm beautiful women friends i have. all the ladybugs (this time it’s really a metaphor including all ladybugs)
  13. @Zweistein yes there are many reasons. i hope they are not the imported ones ? because they look different than the ones from europe (even though i like all ladybugs) the european ladybug is an endangered species.... i definitely need some ladybugs ? to go on growing.