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  1. thanks for the advice everybody
  2. @Shiva Thanks!
  3. So my schedule is tight, basically I'm doing non-personal development work from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. Except lunch, occasionally snack breaks, a hour or two in-between which I have to myself and spend doing low-consciousness things like TV, jerking off, or whatever. And lately it feels like I've been going completely insane, I couldn't fall asleep to 2 Am the other night, and I feel like there's something bad inside of me, and my body starts screaming wanting to get it out, and I'm tossing and turning around trying to get it out sometimes. My 20 minute do-nothing meditation, has been starting to get unbearable near the middle or end. I get that feeling I described above. My hypothesis is that the amount of time of 'low-consciousness' stuff vs. doing actual work (maybe half of it is stuff I don't want to do). Is unbalanced, and my body is screaming for more low consciousness stuff. Maybe I should do an affirmation? I don't really understand this perfectly, maybe I should just power it through? Or is it actually unhealthy?
  4. sexuality can work on a spectrum, what @thehero could be the case, but for me, I'm slightly heterosexual and mostly gay, and it changed around some for me. I'll occasionally have a heterosexual thought, and for a while I was kind of insecure that I was heterosexual (for many reasons). But, you should know the problem, which isn't the homosexual thoughts, but these feelings of rejection, as a quick tip I would suggest just accepting the thought - literally just say "That's fine" whenever a homosexual thought comes into your brain, as for rejection, I'm not quite sure, but it sounds like a conversation you need to have with yourself about your romantic life, and deal and talk about the negative experience.
  5. @BarkingTurtle cool thanks! that helps a lot
  6. Heyo, so recently I'm in a social situation with at least 3 different people, where they keep trying to talk to me when someone else is talking, and it feels to me like they're trying to grab my full attention constantly. I still like those people but its hard to deal with them when they're doing this, I'm just wondering if anyone was this person, and if you know if you were insecure, or what about the other person made you do this, or if the other person had anything to do with it at all. Or any experience you can share is helpful any other advice would be great too.
  7. one thing I do sometimes, though I'm honestly not sure if it works very well. Is that I'm trying to be creative and I REALLY want to be creative, so instead I try and accept now, without the creativity, and then sometimes I naturally start thinking creatively. in the end your the reason your not being creative.
  8. tell yourself, and make the intention to just not talk about it constantly, and every time it comes up try and remind yourself of your intention. (don't beat yourself up over it though.) Worst case scenario just use an affirmation for it.
  9. yea but that's why I want to know what you've done, because meditation tends to do that. and as far as basing progress off of direct experience I talked down below about it. This idea your explaining - the one that basing conclusions off of direct experience can lead to falsehood, and that truth hood doesn't exist. Has truth in it, but you also have got to realize that the statement "And its all nonevident" is in itself 'nonevident' contradicting the whole idea of everything is nonevident, and being paradoxical.
  10. I do 20 minutes of do-nothing and 5 minutes of mindfulness. and occasionally I'll do an hour of do-nothing for no reason. I'm pretty sure the only reason I'm responding is because I'm guessing I got triggered by it, and my ego stepped in.
  11. You sort of answered my question about meditation, I'm guessing from that part that I highlighted that you meditated for some amount of time and it didn't work after a while. Though I would like to know specifics if your comfortable. And you didn't mention anything on physcadelics. What I'm getting at here, is that I'm open-minded, and so are others here. If you have compelling evidence and reasoning for why people should quit spirituality, then people will listen, so will I. And if you say you've meditated for 20 years everyday for a decent amount of time, meanwhile checking yourself to see if you meditated correctly, you've done several physcadelics and can debunk 'embodying non-dual' somehow (or you've done any other spiritual practice like those), then me and others would honestly listen. So be specific and try and convince me. Oh.. I didn't think of that. Thanks for pointing that out
  12. I feel your pain. Fear doesn't really listen to logic sadly, at least my brain will jump to random conclusions and then soon after you'll realize your wrong, but fear is a bitch. I stopped having these most of the time because I did affirmations for those fears (I was scared socially). Leo has good videos on affirmations if you wanna check them out. Otherwise mindfulness is your long term solution
  13. Hey strangers I'm just gunna jump in Have you done physcadelics? Or how long have you meditated for and that kind of stuff? Because if you've done those things and they didn't work, then that's some solid evidence for your point. I always try and understand their perspective and literally imagining being them, and then I have more sympathy and less judgement for them. It also really helps if you can think of a moment in your life where you've done something similar and then pair them together. @Serotoninluv Thanatos seems kind of right (even though its hypocritical for Thanatos and applies not just to you), I don't know you or Thanatos, but you are arguing or at least trying to get him to 'wake up' through words, but trying to tell someone the truth when they're not accepting it, is arguing (basically). And I could be wrong, but I don't know when I've ever seen arguing work in convincing people to switch sides (That's not entirely true, but at least speaking on a large scale, you can see how arguing doesn't really go anywhere). My advice, sympathize.
  14. @Nahm @Serotoninluv oh shit