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  1. @Viking If you took every sentence you wrote and replaced it with the exact opposite that would be me. I'm gay and I've also had that exact same experience, the only difference is that I blamed it on different things. Honestly you'll be fine. I don't know about you. But with me, my mind does that all the time, where it wanders on some stupid repetitive thought loop on some dumb topic it knows better not to worry on. I once thought I was racist, but then it went away. What I usually do, is I mercilessly argue with my mind saying its a dumb topic and argue the fuck out of it. That's comforting, but if you want a dead on solution, I suggest mindfulness as a daily practice. But also if you ever notice yourself thinking about something negative like that, just try and focus in the present moment and don't let your mind argue.
  2. @RendHeaven at least we have the internet
  3. We are all Leo, and Leo is us, all Leo's are one Sorry bad joke
  4. What meditation are you doing? Because you might want to consider Do-Nothing meditation, its a form of meditation that's not dependent of focus (at least from my experience I could be wrong). But rather is just meant to accept the present moment. Either way de-focusing is bound to happen, If bad emotions arise work through those.
  5. We have infinity, and we have whole numbers like 1, 2, 3.... If you have some many of your whole numbers you'll eventually reach an infinite amount. But if you notice the are between 1 and 2 for example is made of infinity. cuz 1 - 1.1 - 1.01 - 1.001 there's no limit to how many zeros I can add behind that decimal point aka infinity. So yea I think this is a strange loop because you get infinity from itself?...
  6. I'm curious, I feel like Leo softly mentioned that there's some sort of tie in with spiral dynamics and enlightenment?...
  7. "I seriously go insane if I dont do a step towards working life" I remember feeling that, I feel so bad for you that's the worse. And what @zoey101 said is your solution. For me it pretty much ended when I started daily meditation and got unaddicted to video games. I've felt and thought almost the same thing with my mom 1-2 years ago (except with a different context), if it were me I would think of your skills, anything you think you might be interested in, and then maybe get a part time job or some job that's not time consuming. And manage to aim towards a living arrangement where your mom isn't barking at you, and you have free time to work and think about what you actually want to do, also time to work on yourself, and etc. If your at all like me, you probably need alone time to think.
  8. I contemplated on mediation once, and I sort of had this insight. And from what I'm reading, maybe its true? Its.. "During the process of meditation your becoming what your focusing on" or rather what your practicing to be aware of is where your becoming conscious or more aware of. Although I don't know how I apply this to do-nothing meditation, since your not really focusing in do-nothing. maybe by doing nothing your letting your mind into a state that doesn't include 'stuff' so it becomes nothing instead? Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm starting to realize meditation is even more confusing than I though D:
  9. Maybe a sub forum for mega threads?
  10. Yea that's what it feels like mostly. I've been doing do-nothing for a while and I wanted to try out more mindfulness, I'll try and get on that soon. Thanks! @NoSelfSelf I have fairly good social skills, though by weird social thing, It could mean jealousy over something insanely dumb, or fretting about an awkward moment in the past, etc.
  11. Basically what happens is some weird social thing will happen in my life, and I cannot stop thinking about it, and it terrorizes me. Depending on the situation it can happen multiple times a day for hours, or maybe not at all. It can also happen with people, and is brought up every time I talk with them, I've also gotten over those weird things with people. I'm not sure what the root cause is, but I'm guessing it has something to do with placing a heavy importance on social stuff, or fears of being open in some ways. I can also go into more detail if that helps.
  12. Maybe try do-nothing meditation as a supplement. For me with do-nothing I manage through the bad sessions because apart of the technique is to 'accept everything' and I accept the pain in my body or whatever resistance. Otherwise try and just change your mental state with stimuli or some form of distraction. Maybe punch a pillow, dance really fucking hard. engage in a conversation, eat a banana. Notice when and how you get out of those depressing states, what's happening in your mind? If your just feeling bad, you could also try and write your thoughts out, or just complain to yourself. I have over a 100-300 page journal of me just complaining, and it works like 98% of the time or something.
  13. I got hyped up with your intelligence episode. I kind of remember you saying you would make a video on it I think?... Anyways just expressing my enthusiasm.
  14. @Faceless @B_Naz @robdl Thanks!