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  1. I find it hard to believe that not vaccinating is the right solution, I probably would've vaccinated my children, although here's a article about a study which says non-vaccinated children are doing better off https://alignlife.com/articles/immunity/disease-rates-of-vaccinated-vs-unvaccinated-children, I do still think it's pretty unclear what the right solution is, in finding out the truth I think it's important to consider the facts - vaccination can be known to help, I think it would be hard for scientists to pull off a lie like that, especially considering the first evidence of it going back to 1000 C.E. China. But modern society is different in many ways, I personally haven't researched it much, but we should consider the Spiral Dyanmics stage orange medical business and what they might've done that we still don't know about. And maybe other un-researched or less known factors about modern society, how pollution, large amounts of people, etc. Might affect this. If your saying you do know, it doesn't matter if your wrong or right, your creating the possibility that you could be wrong, and even worse, your likely not going to do anymore personal research on the subject as well.
  2. Interesting, anything that can hopefully make people more conscious I suppose
  3. probably a lot of factors. - economic strategy/system, for example I think some middle eastern countries have a lot of oil, but they're in the desert, so that's there only resource, and they're really wealthy because of that, but also (I forgot the name for it), are dependent on it, so if anything bad happens the country can go to hell - if you make more institutions, or business, those will create jobs compared to before, but there's a lot of nuances someone smarter should explain that I don't understand
  4. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/voraciously/wp/2019/09/26/mcdonalds-gets-into-the-veggie-burger-game-testing-a-beyond-meat-patty-in-canada/ the article basically says that McDonalds is trying out a veggie burger in Canada from a new veggie-meat product called beyond meat, which I've had before, and although I've been a vegetarian for many years now, I'm pretty sure is supposed to taste exactly like actual meat. So far all of those who don't want to give up meat, now you don't have too to be more veggie oriented. I think this is a good example of creative solutions to problems in society, since meat production is bad in many ways, and I learned that if we didn't produce as much meat, first of all carbon emissions would decline directly from that, but we could also use that land for US grown soybeans which is what 'beyond-meat' is made out of, but also sustainable bio fuel, which also heavily cuts down on carbon emissions. So basically if most restraunts (likely in more green areas like west and east coast) changed to 'beyond-meat' then carbon emissions would decline greatly, not to mention it's probably healthier (although Leo recommends against eating soy). Whatever your job or career, there are ways to have a meaningful impact on society like this.
  5. my government teacher shows tendencies of yellow (though I'm not for sure about anything), and my AP composition and language teacher also showed some tendencies towards yellow. This is in California in the U.S. but as far as I can tell there are plenty of green and orange minds at my school as well. Also I like the point you made
  6. Also there is a whole thing I experience a lot (and is also shared by many). Of what people might call white guilt, here's a funny example of it I feel US housing segregation can make more of a divide between whites/blacks since they're basically raised separately, with some to little experience of eachothers life.
  7. (restating above) If we taught everyone about enlightenment, we would make it a religion, and worship a figure. Which could be good or bad. Maybe a better tool would be to teach practical self-actualization skills, so that people aren't physcologically defenseless, causing less suffering in the world, although I'm sure there is some spin on this story where it could go wrong. Maybe teach spiral dynamics? I feel like it could easily be corrupted but at the same time, it could also move people up the spiral.
  8. I would say as a general rule of thumb - is it doing any good? (achieving a goal, helping someone, bringing up important information, etc.) But you can still make low-quality posts, it just means it would be a distraction although. (P.S. I am hoping this post is helping someone, so I consider it hopefully doing some good)
  9. Hi, my economics teacher showed us this website showing U.S. Debt, as you can see (and probably know), there's a lot SD-Orange stuff going on with spending, and it might be useful for gathering data, it's also just interesting to look at (might be better used in conscious politics section). https://usdebtclock.org/ Also If you don't live in the U.S. (although I haven't seen many) I'm sure if you just type "(country) debt clock" something will come up related
  10. I've maybe had a little of this experience before, but my advice is make the choice that will make you happy. Which in this case is accepting the fact and reality that it could be crap, of course it might not be, but have realistic expectations so that if it is bad, you don't give up on writing forever, stop trying to improve, or get bummed out.
  11. Yes, although I'm not sure how regression with affirmations/visualization works, but in general depending on the visualization, your creating new habits, and as long as you maintain those, they will stay, like brushing your teeth for example (although be warned since I don't brush my teeth as much, like when I was younger). But don't worry you'll be fine I'd imagine.
  12. I've done this For me I've always been kind of introverted making lies to not go to parties, or hang out with friends. Eventually in high school when I decided to change friend groups I transitioned into a state of loose friends, and I still lie not to hang out with people (not all the time), but I now I have some closer friends I like. My advice is don't feel guilty about how you feel, your friends are just acting on that social impulse they have, and your acting on that in-social impulse, also apart of the problem may be that your starting to disagree with your friends values (don't take my word for it though find for yourself) which is what I think happened with me, and you might want to consider if you really want them (P.S. there are other people like you, or at least people who aren't drunk).
  13. @poimandresthanks! Of course its probably not the entire truth though
  14. a little unrelated but this is still important "A byproduct of photosynthesis is oxygen. Scientists believe that phytoplankton contribute between 50 to 85 percent of the oxygen in Earth’s atmosphere." I suppose its important to realize that amazon and deforestation is one side of the coin.
  15. Here's an analogy I've been working for passion. So imagine passion/motivation is like a ship, a ship has a hull, has a sail, and needs wind to go forward, you also need people to help work on the boat and someone to steer. I use this analogy because I find that having momentum in itself creates passion, purpose, and motivation. So the hull would be the infrastructure of your endeavor, for example, this forum, a business, a government, habits, etc. so its has a base to work off of , otherwise there is nothing to go forward. The next one, wind, goes along with the first one, if you have a business, you actually need to push it forward, and do something or else you will forget about it, and the thought and reality of it will disappear. Your sail is something that lets it be pushed forward, because whatever your goal is, you need to be able to feed it, for example if your meditating, you need to have a consistent practice, because there might be other things about life, maybe your education, or family, that might stop your momentum right in its tracks, because its too time consuming.