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  1. He's mentioned this idea in some of his videos before, but I would like to see a video about this.
  2. I didn't have time to watch the whole video about 'life unfolding in chapter and phases' so sorry if this is the same thing, but I was thinking around the lines of human similarity, for example spiral dynamics can be applied to everyone, I'm watching your conscious politics video right now, and your saying the principles can be applied to other governments, and it seems like there's a common thread of human similarity and nuances, also I'm gay and I've seen movies perfectly dictate my life down to the thought sometimes.
  3. yep, do-nothing meditation is for purging, why would your ego reward you for trying to kill it
  4. Sometimes people share their notes in the comments section of his videos, if your looking for it summarized thats helpful, yet you still might lose social cues from him talking, or stuff the note taker might've left out. Otherwise its good to want to watch as much of his videos as possible, but consider being patient if it seems like your too hyper or if it seems right for you.
  5. If your a parent or guardian don't assume your child is straight, or even a minority, sexual preference can be super fucking different than expected, there are groups for people attracted to anthropomorphic animals, people attracted to robots, and porn for many tv shows or movies, not to mention groups that are still commonly seen as 'evil rapists and predators' which include but are probably not limited to - Pedophilia - Incest If your like most people, most of those probably make you vomit at the thought of having a normal conversation about, which is honestly fine, you don't have to make it your mission in life to talk about uncomfortable sex stuff, but seriously having one awkward conversation with your kid can save them years or potentially a life time of pain, and possibly prevent them from committing suicide, anxiety, and beyond, and it doesn't even have to be an awkward talk, just don't have a conversation where you assume they're straight or allude to them that you 'know' they are straight. Also in one of Leo's videos he talked about society still being stuck in the dark ages, and believe it or not, being qualified as a pedophile or incestual does not mean that person has done anything illegal, or with other people. Maybe question your assumptions of why you think that, its likely that many of those people are just like how gays were back In the day, no one talked about it, no one cared and thought it was wrong, and support systems are limited. Therapy isn't a huge option because therapists are legally obligated to report this kind of information to the government, a government which still believes pedophilia = child rapist or incest = rapist. Anyways thats just one little area, the best you could do is just become more conscious of it, knowing is an important action.
  6. Maybe try and examine and investigate the cause, meaning if your having bad days for no reason, then why? Otherwise if there rare, maybe just scream into a pillow.
  7. I've been trying to understand the first initial spark for creativity, and thoughts, etc. not neccesarily the cause but how something can change, and I feel like there's something deep there. On one hand it would feel like if you had PTSD you wouldn't be happy until you fix it, but the action of fixing it is whats important, thats what making things move and happen, where does that drive come from? For me sometimes its been something's super horrible has happened and you decide then that you need to fix it, other times it just may be easier to get through those blockades for whatever reason. Anyways, In all doubt, I would say its best to seek to understand yourself, research, etc. otherwise I just try to wiggle my way to freedom every time I'm trying to get motivated, also not very effective might I add (I'm to lazy).
  8. @Serotoninluvsecond that, but it sounds to me like you're also addicted to him, and everything he 'gives' you. I can understand the lack of motivation, please text your family, any friends, this story doesn't end with all your problems magically fixing themselves as much as I hate to say it, but on the other hand, 1 text can go a long way in motivating yourself. Every little action you make against the problem counts, and he is the problem, make that clear to yourself, if this is where you truly want to be for the rest of your life then tell yourself that, but listen to that voice that made you write this post and is always in the back of your mind. if its literally just a "I need to fucking change" right before you go to bed, than its 1 win for you, but the more the better until eventually you solve your own problems, start at where your at, do what you can.
  9. No problem
  10. I have similair problems, and though I can't be much help, as far as getting emotionally motivated towards a goal, I find it helps if you emphasize to yourself that what your imagining could be your life, literally just tell yourself "this could be you!" because then I bring that imagination to reality in the sense that I consider that imagination a possible future and not just for fun. As far as details though, maybe just write out your vision, then read back the details you wrote down, and don't try to imagine 'the perfect vision' I am familiar with the "intense emotional vision" but on the first try, do what you can, and then work on it like a muscle. and like working out, try and push and challenge what you can and can't imagine.
  11. @winterknight How does thinking or reading books about enlightenment very disciplined, help me on the path? Or could I literally just sit on a couch a meditate 24/7 and be fine?
  12. we all hold a relationship in our mind with well known companies, so I guess that image I have is them story telling? interesting.
  13. @Gabriel AntonioI can agree, but I'm also wondering if that applies with meditation retreats or other areas where (unless there's a better way) pain is the way to no pain.