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  1. @Preety_India I'm Moroccan-born who lives in France Do Tabalya Kriya (Stretching the tongue) before trying to perform Kechari :
  2. Hi everyone, Today I sat for my concentration/meditation practice, I used the following technique (Which is very powerfull) : Holding Kechari Mudra and Chanchari Mudra (Concentration between eyebrow, in Bruhmadya for those who are familiar with Kriya Yoga ). After few secondes, my mind became very still, my body very relaxed still and I went into breathless state (4th stage of breath in Yoga Sutra of Patanjali). It feels like the distance between thought became bigger, and the duration of the thought became shorter. After few minutes, it really scares the shit out of me : I started to feel sleepy and my body relaxed (It felt like I've smoked week ^^), I had no urge to move my body, it remains still for 20 minutes, My thoughts became quite agitated but it was ok for me (The me is to define in that experience) because my attention was on the Consciousness, not the thought. I have stopped after 20-25 minutes. My questions are the following : Is it safe to hold Kechari for a longer period of time ? How much time at the most ? Should I do the session in 2 part : 1) Khechari + Chanchari / 2) Meditation / Visualization ?