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  1. Potentially, I feel that one of the biggest challenges of becoming enlightened could be that one would become part of an extreme minority (the vast majority of society is 'asleep'). So to be enlightened could mean that you are misunderstood by the majority, most of the time. And as an enlightened being you could see that the majority would benefit from enlightenment and so now your mission is trying to guide the ignorant towards enlightenment. I've used the word 'enlightenment' far too many times there But hopefully you get what I'm trying to say. The mission to seek enlightenment turns into a mission to help the world follow suit, because it's potentially very difficult to live among the ignorant. I dunno...just a musing.
  2. @fireworld Allow me to be clear. I give zero fucks about what you think about me, personally. But you are lying to yourself as well as the people in your life. And the more you reject that notion and keep your field view as narrow as it currently is, the less you will grow as a human being. If you cannot even admit to you yourself that you actively use manipulation in order to self serve through PUA then you obviously have a whole lot of work to do if you are serious about self actualisation. And after 11 years in PUA, I wouldn't think you'd have that much chance of growth. That's a really long time to remain stagnant. I wish you the best.
  3. You're assuming way too much here. I never said everyone needs to be after a deep meaningful relationship in order not to be bad. There is nothing wrong with a fling. However, if a man is masquerading as a knight in shining armour in order to get a cheap lay, then it's deception. If you are genuinely interested in what women are looking for in a guy (outside the realms of pumping and dumping), little hint: it's unlikely to be this ^ Stop moralising? Stop acting like it's a harmless act of mutual benefit. If you wanted to have sex purely for the sex, you could quite easily find a like-minded woman. We don't all want relationships, some of us want casual sex. Imagine that!! You wouldn't have to charm her out of her knickers with falsehoods. Or perhaps it's the deception which actually turns you on. Considered that? Congratulations on wanting to be a better boyfriend and for genuinely wanting to know more about women for their improved experience of you, though. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that you tell me not to moralise considering you've spent the last 11 years lying to most of the women you've had sex with.
  4. @Emerald @fireworld (if I have read this correctly) is mining your knowledge of women for pick ups, not meaningful relationships (correct me if I'm wrong). The whole world of PUA is about manipulation and deception in order to obtain sex. He is being given deep insight into the authentic female psyche, by a very intelligent and emotionally aware woman, on the basis that he will use it for shallow means. What have a woken up to?
  5. @Elisabeth Thank you for your comment. She's great! And she's done some other fantastic work too. All from a Green point of view.
  6. I think this Western yogi has the right idea. Deep platonic connection overrides inevitably fleeting lust connection. If women aren't really into Orange guys, why is 50 Shades so popular? I think many women would like to take an Orange guy and soften him up to Green and take full credit for it. That's the dream. Ha.
  7. I loved reading your reports! Thank you for sharing. Will look out for more to come.
  8. Green's response to Orange and Blue (if I'm not mistaken)...and might I add, fucking hilarious!
  9. The first 15-30 seconds kinda says it all.
  10. And the whole MTV Cribs Franchise
  11. 'You've got hair like Princess Diana.........when she was alive, I wasn't being offensive!' 'She's grasping for shafts! She's a shaft grasper!!' 'You're ovulating!' Hahaha! Ohhhhh I dearly love Russell. He sticks out like a sore thumb in the company of these people. The woman in blue was fearful because she knew he could see straight though her. It actually turned her on. I love this interview so much.