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  1. Can this be chalked up to paranoia?
  2. @Leo Gura arguing increases my IQ points by at least a fraction of 2 vis-à-vis socializing with shallow people.
  3. This is true as well. It takes time for the dust to settle.
  4. Arguing gives you intellectual fodder to contemplate on. All argument is not bad. It generates interesting perspectives you get to hear and ponder on from the other side. It's like a zeitgeist of intellectualism and that's what I enjoy about it is that it fires my neurons to think multilateral and multilayered.
  5. I might. You never know. I do midnight smacking I mean snacking sometimes.
  6. I would argue all day even if I wasn't getting paid.
  7. @Sincerity haha and humans were made to wait in traffic bro.
  8. And you spent your entire life just.... arguing. And went bald. Don't worry life is long, you just need to stretch it a bit. Just teasing ya.
  9. You'll get over it. It takes time. Then it goes away.