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Mega-Thread Of Every Trap Within Self-Help & Spirituality

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  • Being too hard on yourself when you make mistakes/fall back into old patterns of behavior

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  • Trying to play the spiritual teacher game all the time, when one is being questioned about a position.
  • Labeling arguments and other views relative, just to win a debate or an argument.
  • Not being able to have a conversation without bringing up the Absolute.
  • Not being receptive to any criticism.
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-> Distracting oneself from uncomfortable emotions to experience short relief

-> Not following the stages of ego development

-> Not exercising your body

-> forgetting the principles, vision, and all the stuff that made you motivated to start this process of personal-development

-> Waiting for some feeling to occur or event to happen so that one finally could start doing X 

-> Not keeping your eyes open = numbing = retreating form consciousness = being fucking ignorant

-> Not being consistent with the efforts towards your goals

-> Not realizing that emotions (feelings in the body) are what dictates your actions

-> Being too late to understand that you started college because you wanted to get laid and not so much because you wanted to learn a subject

-> Not listening to the inner signals and always looking outwards for some damn stimulation

-> Being fake, trying to pretend, putting up a fake front when relating to people

-> Not staying until 3 -4 am to game

-> Not planning things out before doing them

-> Not staying on the lane (literally and metaphorically)

-> watching stupid things on YouTube

-> being reliant on dopamine hits for pleasure

-> Not really asking questions (or caring to know) about life and what should I be doing

-> Buying new clothes when instead I could buy them from second-hand shops for a few dollars. SAME QUALITY MAN !

-> Not learning from mistakes and not articulating what the lesson

->  Not appreciating the things that you have

-> Failing to see that the mind by the sleight of hand concocts these fucking stupid images and sneaks them into your awareness (as if it was a reality) of a people you know enjoying their lives and being happy whereas you are not feeling that good and it makes you even more miserable. (noticed that very recently). Ever caught your mind doing that shit?











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- Jumping around between different practices, and thereby not committing

- Adopting non-mastery mindsets, i.e. obsessive mindsets

- Spiritual bypassing

- Assuming someone who is a known master in one domain is a master in other domains

- Selecting non-expert mentors

- Thinking certain practices will achieve results that they don't, i.e. believing pick up will bring happiness

- Becoming dogmatically anti-mainstream

- Becoming dogmatically anti-science

- Becoming adversarial to ego; not recognising the importance of strong ego

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Selling your organs for quick money , not ever starting your journey to learn a skill or career " because it's too late " , not detaching your self-worth from your physical looks and attractiveness,  perfectionism , Inaction, not learning how to be content with absolutely nothing,  rejecting the material world and humanity and living in a negative solipsistic hole, analysis paralysis, investing your little resources into ding-dong coin lured in by Logan Paul ,Getting in huge non-strategic debt. Not taking care of your physical / mental health, poor nutrition, cheapest food , not introspecting and therefore never getting to know yourself, creating pet theories of spirituallity, beliveing your life will " take off " some day without ever cultivating the habits or wisdom needed,  not strategizing and planing your life, not figuring out your Life Purpose, living day by day with no personal goals or objectives, not fixing your self-esteem and self-image issues or crippling social anxiety , getting caught in academia and prestige chasing, doing things for money , sex and fame rather than to increase your love and passion for life , becoming a parent in your teens or twenties or even thirties, getting caught in family drama or relationships drama, getting in legal trouble, giving into provocations and physical fights, not having a strong morning routine specifically designed to chip away at your goals and cultivating skills needed for your specific Life Purpose, being dishonest with your desires and not burning through karma, doing ilegal things for money like drug dealing , purchasing courses and not taking action to implement the wisdom, not appreciating and milking free content because it's free and it lacks " halo effect " , not appreciating and leveraging the infinite power and resources of the internet, getting STDs because of unprotected sex and not carrying a condom / beliveing in the pull-out method, investing your very limited money in the stock market or lotery or gambling. Getting scammed online by phishing, getting convinced by acquaintance to get a loan for a house or a business idea , not forgiving yourself, holding grudges and poison dripping others, not cutting toxic relationships, not keeping healthy distance from family, learned helplesness, not developing a marketable valuable skill, purchasing bling and expensive clothes with your limited money, consistently focusing your time and effort on manipulating how others thing and view you, not having a specific healthy way to relax and have fun and therefore turning to bingeing netflix, tik tok or youtube, not aligning in the slightest your 9-5 to be somewhat relatable to your LP,  physically being consistently surrounded by low consciousness toxic people ( In your house, at your job)  . . .

And thousands more .

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when self help ends self halt begins namely spirituality ... don't confuse the two ... broadly former is the first half of life other is second half

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-Not being open-minded the possibility of things not being explainable by logic

-Not being open to mysticism, magic and miracles of life (that happen every day)

-Throwing out the ideas of multiple Gods (referring to Leos videos of meeting multiple sovereign Gods) just because "it's not logical".

-Not being open-minded in general

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-Judging gurus and teachers and lebelling them as scammers or "not conscious after all" just because they make human mistakes.

Teachers and gurus are still humans capable of making mistakes. Ability to make mistakes doesn't disappear once you realize God, I would imagine. ?

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3 hours ago, Kshantivadin said:

Big traps I can think of:


  • not being aware of ego backlash
  • confusing the Absolute with the relative
  • thinking that you're done with the work
  • not having a teacher to interact with
  • using spirituality to avoid life, suffering and reality
  • conceptualising and intellectual understanding instead of visceral, embodied understanding and wisdom
  • adopting ideas as truth before understanding them yourself


  • thinking that happiness depends on anything external
  • sleeping on life, delaying living with any excuse : "when i finish x, when i do y, when i achieve this, when i fix that, then I can start living!"
  • being satisfied with mediocre results, having the "any benefit is good" mindset

Damn this is a good list. I already noticed myself doing some of these lol. 

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A trap will always be specific to the individual. Most of the traps listed above are very specific to a right-hand path of knowledge and contemplation.

I would also like to say that if one is on the direct path, yearning for nothing else but total liberation and full of what Zarathustra described as "the Great Contempt" for all mundane and earthly things, even falling into a trap could be a blessing. If there is a trap in this particular path it is thinking that falling into a trap is a problem. Naturally, this is a dangerous teaching to the earthly individual but... sometimes patience is dangerous too!


What is the greatest thing you can experience? It is the hour of the Great Contempt: the hour in which even your happiness disgusts you, and likewise your reason and your virtue.

The hour when you say, "What good is my happiness? Is it not poverty and dirt and a pitiful contentment? But my happiness should justify existence itself!"

The hour when you say, "What good is my reason? Does it long for knowledge as the lion for its food? It is poverty and filth and a wretched contentment."

The hour when you say, "What good is my virtue? It has yet to set me raging! How tired I am of my good and my evil... All of that is poverty and filth and a wretched contentment."

The hour when you say, "What good is my justice? The just man is a blaze of hot coals, but I do not see that I am a blaze of hot coals..."

The hour when you say, "What good is my pity? Is pity not the cross upon which he who loves humanity is nailed? But my pity is no crucifixion!"

Have you ever spoken thus? Have you ever cried thus?! Ah, that I might already have heard you crying thus!

It is not your sin, it is your moderation, your self-satisfaction, which cries out to Heaven! It is your meanness in sinning which cries out to Heaven!

Where then is the lightning to lick you with its tongue? Where then is the madness with which you must be cleansed?

Behold, I teach to you the OVERMAN: it is this LIGHTNING, it is this MADNESS!

Embrace misery and it may lead you to the ultimate Mystery!

He who bathes in the light of Oeaohoo will never be deceived by the veil of Mâyâ. 

Helena Blavatsky, The Secret Doctrine

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  • Not reading enough books.
  • Tolerating toxic friends and family.
  • Not building skills.
  • Being stuck in inaction. (especially for life purpose)
  • Not appreciating small gains. 
  • Trying to get others into personal devlopment or spirituality. 
  • Trying to bypass basic needs like socialization. 
  • Stopping doing things that you find enjoyable. 

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34 minutes ago, Oeaohoo said:

falling into a trap could be a blessing


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Getting involved with stupied relationship that you now ain't going to get anywhere

"Sometimes when it's dark - we have to be the light in our own tunnel"

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Nitpicking some minor points and ignoring the whole is a big one for me.

Needing to be right and needing others to know that you are right. But I think that falls under debating.

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  • Seeing others as  "Less than" for not answering the call.
  • Closed-mindedness.
  • Becoming to identified with Labels: OCD, Traumatized, Man, Women, etc..
  • Looking to others to give you the answers, Gurus, teachers, parents, friends, etc..
  • People pleasing and Approval seeking.
  • Short term thinking/instant gratification.
  • Thinking you can get something for little or nothing.
  • Entertainment and Social media, used as a crutch, a distraction to stop from looking within.
  • Thinking "others" are corrupt, evil, biased, wrong, crazy etc.. but "I" Am not.
  • Giving unsolicited advice to people.
  • Assuming that what works for you will work for everyone.
  • learning without applying.
  • Talking, but not walking. lack of embodiment.
  • No doing personal development.
  • Forcing things without love.
  • Lack of love development.
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Music is Love in disguise.

Imagine a future where Self Integration, Exploration and Creation is  normalized and encouraged.


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  • Thinking you are better for doing the work, developing a spiritual ego. 
  • Letting normies suck you back into society and "petty human bullshit". 
  • Thinking you don't need personal development because you reached the highest level so you go back to normal life. 
  • Becoming neurotic about the process and not enjoying it. 
  • not realizing that you can have all the answers by contemplating (in the beginning tho, it's important to have lots of outside resources). 

just a couple ones off my head 

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