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  1. damn not bad bro. i dig the jacket and the shirt. personally not a fan of timbs but overall fire 🔥 keep levelin up
  2. Both are shitty but i pick breaking up with someone. I Hate to hurt someone but being hurt boy is that painful
  3. I feel integrity does that. It's like you sacrifice egoic benefits but benefit in the soul. Short term vs long term. Lower vs higher self Don't quote me on that lol
  4. ...? Bc boosts alone don't get u the matches... ur profile needs to be an S or A tier profile. U gotta watch the video for the strategy Aint no trick or silver bullet bruh
  5. @RedLine Boosts alone won't do the trick, ur profile needs to be fully optimized
  6. Check out this podcast episode though. Dude has a dope strategy to get mad matches on tinder Basically insanely good pics + photo feeler (to get public ratings on ur pics) Then tinder gold + boosts and then make a system/funnel for mass messaging girls Dude gets hundreds of matches in a short time There's some details I missed though
  7. Yeah this was my issue with this. There's like a weird dynamic that comes with it
  8. I only had 1 female boss and she was always nice with me. Maybe she reflected my energy bc I was very nice with her
  9. Check out Noah Elkrief, he has a lot of stuff on healing , self esteem and inner child work
  10. Reddit can be very toxic. Honestly all social medias tbh. Need to be selective. But they're all just coping at their consciousness, they're in their pain body
  11. @KoryKat wbu, do u got those things?
  12. Tbh i think the thread needs to be recentered to ops dilemma
  13. I'm inclined to agree bc I thought it's universally accepted to understand when a girl says no. Even if it's a soft no, what are they not understanding But also the system as a whole can be blamed for this
  14. the paradox is an illusion, really theyre interconnected. when you love yourself, you still can desire change, it's just the motivation is different. one arises from self-love whereas prior it may have arisen from self-hate
  15. I am not qualified to respond tbh but I've heard freezing is a common response to things like this. Fight - flight - freeze they call it