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  1. so doesn't a car. yet it's still very useful 👍
  2. for anyone considering purchasing - there's a 25 message limit for gpt4, every 3 hours. which they don't tell you before purchasing
  3. anyone wanna split chatgpt4 with me? it's only avail for plus members -$20/month
  4. @Leo Gura they got both bro, u ever see a regular lookin girl use hinge? When my sis was dating she used to get 10+ likes a day, and she's p avg looks wise (she did have a great profile). She could probably get a date a day if she wanted .. But it doesnt matter. All this thinking corrupts the mind. It's important to realize abundance regardless of your gender, and have healthy frameworks Instead of saying omg girls have it easy... You say, I'm so lucky to live in a city where there are tons of great people and women around me. I can't wait to meet them. Etc.
  5. its hard to deny most girls generally have it easier when it comes to having options But at the end of the day who cares. Tbh its not that hard to meet base checklists
  6. what kind of relationship do you want? Edit: also I think being a flirt could sometimes mean having one foot in and one foot out. Seems she can't commit
  7. it's valid and understandable based off the stuff he has been putting up with One solution is inner child work and conscious boundaries
  8. by principle i believe it it should be equal 50/50 especially since most girls split 50/50 after the first date (this is a non-negotiable for me unless she's suffering financially, or isn't entitled to me paying for her stuff) but im just worried that ill lose otherwise good girls by holding to that principle for the first date i might just go for free + coffee dates instead like you guys mention > It all works. Depends on the situation and type of girl. If a girl truly likes you she will not mind about this that's true
  9. some form of self-therapy might be helpful, these are opportunities for more compassion + empathy (towards yourself and others) all negative judgements stupid, lazy, uncaring, selfish, etc. but when dug into, reveal healthier and more accurate perspectives this channel leo linked a while back illuminates what im tallking about
  10. Yes, 50/50, no? a lot of girls still expect guys to pay for dates, even in progressive areas What do yall think?
  11. Talking to girls (and developing social skills and with woman) isnt inherently unethical There's def ways you can do it with good intention and social acceptableness 👍
  12. i thought this was a good talk
  13. hmm, maybe priority setting would be helpful. what is most important to you? what are your goals?
  14. I think a book on boundaries might be helpful here
  15. Nice win and approach dawg. just try to watch for social cues about her comfortability. If she's not feeling comfortable I wouldn't pressure her too much