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  1. could be partly the spiral stage. i think stage green would be more interested in the depth part of the relationship if true it's unfortunate but i'd say it's akin to people who chase money in a career versus looking for depth/meaning in their career. both are nice but one is more fulfilling i think it has to do with maturity..
  2. does biological system count? solar system
  3. Failure hi failure, how do you do? seems you like me, I like you too thank you for showing me what doesn't work thank you for showing me the wrong direction thank you getting me closer to success! i've learnt to welcome you i've unlocked the doors that were covered in chains finally taking a breath of fresh air i release the fear of you you are not scary you are guidance Failure
  4. problem with trying to be self-confident is that you're trying to be someone you're not, denying your original self as not good enough to be someone that you feel deserves love and acceptance instead i propose to be confident in yourself, as you are. good enough as you are. it's an act of self-love
  5. @Etherial Cat ah i remember seeing this a while back. mccain really has some good integrity
  6. me sometimes lol on a real note, the CEO of jubilee, Jason Y. Lee, seems to have high integrity imo. - he is honest, fair and kind with his employees. in his videos he states his honest opinion, listens to their opinion, reflects back to them. he is also not a doormat because though he is empathetic he also is true with his own opinion -how he structures his relationships with his significant other is integrous. he is very value driven with her (he states and lives by the values he states) - his vision is noble (he is trying to create a more empathetic society). he is integrous to his soul in this because he used to sell himself to wage slavery and now he is following his heart I can share the videos where I got these impressions because I think nobody here knows him besides me probably lol. if anyone is interested in the rest i can share here's the one where he speaks about his vision and the steps to getting there. from fluctating between low to high integrity and finding his path along the way i think the main this is that he is very value driven. which i think from leo's video means can mean you are integrous
  7. i think both sides need to be heard and seen and come together. self-bias has too much in play here.. both issues are valid imo. there just needs to be more nuance and not make it black and white. we need to approach this situation consciously both the metoo movement and anti-movement are flawed
  8. doesnt cancel culture depict otherwise? from noticing in the gaming community most people that were accused of something had like a 90-10 in favor of siding with the woman
  9. haha i felt the same thing. i was like wtf yall takin all my shit ahaha
  10. what would be a healthy relationship between two people? Some characteristics i can come up with would be: - stating your boundaries. respecting each others boundaries - stating your feelings. validation of each others feelings. validation of your own feelings - apologizing and taking ownership of mistakes/wrongdoings - being aware of your projections - having good conscious intentions - being emotionally conscious of how your actions impact the other person - being conscious of and voicing your needs - An intention of love and respect (i think this is the foundation) any and all thoughts are welcome. what would you add? what do you find important?
  11. i have OCD and i use erp to conquer the fear. basically escalating the fear and sitting with it and eventually noticing there was nothing to be afraid of from the first place. the tricky thing with this though was that i noticed that the fear would just hatch onto a different topic. what would be a more permanent solution to this? i think it has to do with my overall happiness levels and food intake
  12. Self - CBT is one solution. Or you can find a nice therapist. The work from byron katie can also help