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  1. Lol I agree with the message. Though too many insults and calling them subhuman makes us more of the same
  2. @KH2 pretty low IQ response LMAO
  3. @KH2 not sure why ur making personal attacks
  4. @Alexop damn 73 out of how many?
  5. @aurum Not sure tbh if they would be rowdy like this
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uMHh4PhDMtA from a systemic standpoint i can understand but jesus christ. these college kids need to learn some respect and manners. makes me not want to identify with being left disclaimer: i dont endorse sneako or his ideas.
  7. I know IT has many job opportunities in western countries. I know in USA many companies will sponsor your visa
  8. I'm looking for a book that may help me read people better. I've definitely gotten into some relationships that have ended poorly due to deceit and stuff like this. So maybe there was a book that could help teach you to judge character better
  9. https://www.amazon.com/s?k=networking&crid=RLS50X43UK1Y&sprefix=networking%2Caps%2C114&ref=nb_sb_noss_1 Maybe a start
  10. Depends on what type of party Raves, frat party, clubs. Those mfs are just going crazy and having fun.
  11. Maybe find some dudes that you admire in this area and glean insight off em
  12. Hehe this is the reason why feminism even exists in the first place. Do u see the negatives of gender roles? Women should be X, men should be Y and it demonizes the person who doesn't want to live up to those expectations "That's why I pointed out how feminism caricatures women into this "strong independent masculine" stereotype which every woman is supposed to aspire to or else she is considered weak" Yeah, and This is one issue that traditional gender roles had toward men. Men are expected to be strong independent or masculine or they're demonized/dehumanized for being beta, weak etc. I agree with you that feminism over corrected in some aspects and strongly dislike some forms of feminism but I don't think it's the core of feminism. At its core feminism to me is allowing freedom for all ppl freedom without expectations. Sort of like freedom of religion in USA (in theory at least) .
  13. Yes toxic woke is like it replaces the old toxic standard with a new one. Traditional gender roles were challenged because it places an expectation of men and women to behave a certain way - but really people are fluid . But they're forced to behave in certain ways even when it's not authentic to them Then feminism comes along and is like damn this shit sucked why must a women just sit around, cook and clean (among many other expectations)!! Fuck gender roles! But the problem with some strong progressives is that they create New gender roles-> so some create it by saying that women must go out and work! But really what needs to happen is that people should be free to do as they please. If they want to work, work. If they don't want to, don't work. They're not less of a woman or person either way, just following their bliss and what feels right But this isn't all progressives. I'd say only 30% of the left represents the more toxic form of feminism. Dont quote be on that.