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  1. As a half american, half indian, seeing blatant racism like this is honestly pretty hurtful And then seeing no defense or moderation is like extra fucked lmao Dudes out here calling indians classic stereotypes lmao unhygenic, scammers, mysognists and more Just need someone to call them horny and cheap and this thread can tick all the boxes Gg I'm outta this forum
  2. Blatant racism toward indians in this thread With no moderation either These are racial stereotypes.. @Leo Gura Whats your stance?
  3. 5 tenants of conservatism 1. God ✝️ 2. Guns 3. Fear of change 4. Less taxes 5. Racism Lol But fr tho, one reason is conservatives tend to be lesser educated https://www.pewresearch.org/politics/2016/04/26/a-wider-ideological-gap-between-more-and-less-educated-adults/ There's actually a direct correlation, the less educated someone is, the more likely they'll be conservative.
  4. I think your argument is flawed bc 1. Makes an assumption that non-natural is bad 2. 'why are there more heterosexuals then?' ignores the cultural, and historical reasons as to why 3. Implies evolutionary psychology is the only + right lens to use
  5. Unsolvable hm. I think acceptance is part of that equation. I know with struggle it can be common to resist unsolvable issues, which can cause a lot of mental turmoil. When you accept it, you come to peace with it. This doesn't mean you are enabling/condoning/neglecting etc. But you are coming to peace with the suffering with an issue Practically speaking there's a few ways I know how to actualize that. Mindfulness meditation, sedona method. Lots of evidence based therapy modalities as well
  6. Yeah its kinda lame. I've personally never come across that but I see it pretty popular on sm I'd understand if she was like broke, broke tho and her partner was wealthy Imagine both ppl were making similar and she takes half ur shit and keeps her own lol. Dude that is so dumb ud have to have picked really badly I think to land a girl like that 🤔
  7. Yeah if he's not fulfilling his end of the group then sounds a bit tough
  8. Yeah this is what I was thinking. I feel its good to also befriend ppl who are naturals as well
  9. I remember Nathaniel Branden has a quote about self esteem being derived from an innate sense of self efficacy and self worth and accomplishments reconfirm the innateness
  10. I feel its also impt to make friends w guys who r good with girls You can learn from and absorb skills through osmosis You've said this many times b4 nothing new tho
  11. chatgpt4: The stigma surrounding homosexuality has complex and varied origins, influenced by historical, cultural, religious, and societal factors. Here are some key aspects: Historical Factors: Throughout history, many societies have had norms and laws that privilege heterosexual relationships, often viewing them as the only legitimate form of relationship. This has led to a marginalization of homosexuality. Religious Influences: Many major religions, including Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, have traditionally viewed homosexual acts as immoral or sinful, based on their interpretations of religious texts. This religious stance has significantly influenced societal attitudes. Cultural Norms and Traditions: In many cultures, traditional gender roles and expectations about family structure are closely tied to heterosexuality. Deviations from these norms, such as homosexuality, can be seen as threatening to the social order. Lack of Understanding and Fear: Homophobia, the fear or hatred of homosexuals, often stems from a lack of understanding. Misconceptions and myths about homosexuality can lead to prejudice and discrimination. Societal and Legal Discrimination: Historically, many societies have enacted laws that explicitly discriminate against homosexual individuals, reinforcing the notion that homosexuality is wrong or abnormal. Psychological Theories: Earlier psychological theories pathologized homosexuality, treating it as a mental illness. Although this view has been largely discredited and abandoned by the mainstream medical and psychological communities, its legacy can still influence attitudes. Media Representation: For a long time, media portrayals of LGBTQ+ individuals were either negative or nonexistent, which contributed to widespread misunderstanding and stereotyping. Understanding the origins of this stigma is crucial for addressing and combating it, and for promoting a more inclusive and accepting society. The attitudes towards homosexuality have been changing in many parts of the world, with increasing acceptance and legal rights for LGBTQ+ individuals, but challenges and stigma persist in various forms.
  12. Just playing semantics.. same logic applies
  13. Depending where youre from it can be not 'normal' in the sense that it is heavily stigmatized to be gay. You're open to public judgement, disapproval, losing friends, family, job opportunities etc. It can be a dominating, culture wide perspective It's normal in the sense that it's a normal human emotion to feel (same as straight feelings) But conservative, religious countries put strong negative judgements around a normal, human thing which keep many people in the closet hiding their sexuality, having (often unconscious) repressed sexual feelings, and exploring their sexuality
  14. Being gay is normal bro, it's just that stigma prevents people from being open about it or even accepting it in themselves Check out this video if you haven't seen it