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  1. yeah something like that. i think it's just a lens/method you could probably do the same with different lingo. maybe even using scientific jargon lol
  2. dw OP you are fine
  3. Blessings bro One thing I can say as someone who used to have extreme limiting beliefs with women is that a lot of it has to do with your own skills as a man. Like women will love you and care about you but a lot of my issue personally really made me think that it wasn't possible. I was introduced to pickup in 2013 and that really helped me as I dedicated a lot of my time and energy to pickup. That helped me see through a lot of my struggle. What I can say is to please reconsider because I know there is a way out. I promise you it isn't true and you are fully capable just the way you are. The delusions in your mind need to be seen through bro and I know you can do it. It will take time and different healing modalities and help but I know with effort you will achieve a lot I know also to get some better information too my friend, they've toxified your mind whoever they were. I know you can do this man I believe in you
  4. Self assertion does not mean belligerence or inappropriate aggressiveness; it does not mean pushing to the front of the line or knocking other people over; it does not mean upholding my own rights while being blind or indifferent to everone else's. it simply means the willingness to stand up for myself, to be who I am openly, to treat myself with respect in all human encounters. It means the refusal to fake my person to be liked. - Nathaniel B dude is an inspiration. his book is clear, concise, powerful, practical, theoretical
  5. level of consciousness
  6. yeah - but you alluded it to being a red flag but i was arguing for the fact that it's a gender norm where the guy has to pay for the girl. it's a form of inequality is it not?
  7. You don't like questioning gender norms? in fact, it's probably conscious and wise. it serves women less so it's beneficial in general
  8. @Preety_India sure but then you said financial insecurity - Totally get that you want him to pay
  9. @Preety_India im confused - didn't you say you can pay for all of your bills?
  10. @Preety_India what do u mean by security?
  11. @Preety_India Im pretty sure these gender roles are stage blue Nothing wrong with it ofc
  12. I don't like the idea of paying for girls. I'm not a sugar daddy lol If a girl needs that from me I'm down. But she shouldnt expect it from me.
  13. You can find it yourself by asking that yourself why you do that. Some inner insecurity probably drives it On a side note if the genders were switched this would look really bad lmao
  14. what do you mean? not sure if I understand your question there's a lot of good science out there. science isn't holistic but it's definitely very useful. like i personally appreciate different scientific therapy modalities like exposure therapy, cbt, dbt etc. but i guess it depends on what you're after and what you want?
  15. You can definitely make 30 hours/week work if that's what you desire One way is to up the money potential and another way is to reduce the spending To survive pay check to pay check even in manhattan is doable with $20/hr with 40 hours a week. It doesn't suit my needs personally but it's doable. Personally I need more $$ for investments, security and fun But if that's all you desire it's definitely doable I'd just do the math TBH just a suggestion - maybe considering making more versus saving more? It can give you more freedom.