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  1. shadow work. might be a bit radical but if you do shadow work youll be able to integrate 'other' and the anger towards 'other' will decrease as you start to see it a part of yourself as well. integration of those parts in yourself will help you understand that in others being a good/moral person requires a lot of development and consciousness. it's actually a large spectrum. this is because there is sooo much to it. emotional intelligence, quality of your intentions, the manner in the ways you cope, integrity it's like a process to gradually reduce your selfishness and your 'evil'. i try to not think of evil as a bad because it is contained in all of us and is just what makes us human. it helps you integrate it as well. leos videos on evil may help you i find it an enjoyable process to find and dissolve the 'evil' in me, it's a never-ending healing journey for me
  2. yeah. in terms of emotional mastery, mindfulness can help you dissolve emotions, become aware of emotions, give insight, provide a space of beingness where emotions pass in terms of mastery, mindfulness ime can help you make better decisions, see things much clearer, help you get into flow, give you insights, let go of negative emotions it's like key id recommend doing research on it, it is decently studied. youll be surprised id assume
  3. @lxlichael you may need to dig into the reason as to what makes your preferences the way they are
  4. i would also say mindfulness as the #1 habit but also - the best habit is really relative to the individual as each person and situation is different
  5. Naw I don't think so. If i had to guess they'd need to turn internal first
  6. @hoodrow trillson some of the anti racists have heavy internalized racism in them They're fighting against their shadow or something
  7. Ya I agree. I don't agree with condemning most of the time, I think everyone deserves compassion But need to be careful because it's deeper than preferences
  8. Also implicitly Those on the other end will feel the racial bias on a systemic level Like you see through dating apps and swipes. Though black women are probably not explicitly having said racist things to them, implicitly they feel the bias Stats show this Like thru their lack of swipes, lack of good responses from men, observing and comparing w other poc and how men treat them etc. Like if you don't work through racial bias internally it'll reflect externally. I dont want anyone to feel shame for it as I think we all have some of it to an extent so it's understandable. But still has its consequences so it's best to be worked thru (if that resonates)
  9. i do not recommend betterhelp betterhelp is a new platform for affordable therapy but the problem is i think (no offense) attracts therapists that may be new and lesser competent. they also get paid very little. ive heard like $25/hr which is ridiculous as therapists usually make $200 / hr i had 4 therapists from there (they let you swap until you find one you like) and they were so lowly skilled relative to the ones i got who charge market rates. im sure though, if you do not have insurance or can't afford it, they are probably helpful. but for me, it just didnt suit my needs
  10. @AlwaysJoggin true thinking it is hard is a self-fulfilling prophecy for me i have a core belief that business is easy and it's made doing business so much easier.
  11. Impact is inherent You will always have some sort of impact on the world/people around you, it's important to take conscious control over it because it will either be negative or positive
  12. As long as your intent is clear it's chillin. Like whatre you trying to achieve with it
  13. yeah i can relate. for me models just feel too inaccurate to fully depict who i am, where im at, and what i need or desire a lot of models are just straight irrelevant to me. sometimes theyre incomplete to my needs. sometimes theyre inaccurate. sometimes theyre not that useful as i previously thought sometimes theyre useful for me i had to question why i was even using the models in the first place and if they were the right ones for me.
  14. upwork freelancing you might be able to find a niche there. you can advertise something and learn on the job
  15. yeah, they say sexuality is a spectrum not a binary thing and a lot of people will never explore - part of what keeps people from exploring is cultural stigma and past conditioning