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  1. 1. How do you know Leo's method of enlightenment is the best way? He says it's a very direct way, but why is it more effective then other methods like Osho's witnessing. 2. In Leo's guide to enlightenment video he said his method could uncover enlightenment in 24 months, but how does he know that? And was this incorrect, because I know he started using drugs and I believe he said he doesn't have a constant state of impermanence. 3. How do you know the effect of drugs is the same as enlightenment without drugs unless you became enlightened without drugs first then tried them? And how do you know it's helping you get to enlightenment faster, or that it's not delaying it?
  2. I liked the Joker because it did political messaging right. That is, it's open to interpretation. I've seen people on the left (Michael Moore) and people on the right both praising it and saying it agrees with them. It's also not in your face enough so you can enjoy the movie without feeling like you're being preached too. This is way better then what a lot of movies are doing lately in my opinion. This video I think is a good analysis about if the Joker is a victim, the guy in this video relates the Joker to his own experience with narcissism.
  3. " Collectively, we are at a point where the old — I call it the old, dysfunctional, egoic state of consciousness — has become extremely dangerous. We can go back 100 years ago, which is 1914, when World War I started, and that was the first time humans fully realized how insane warfare was because of all the advances in technology that had happened by that time. Millions upon millions of people died in World War I from chemical warfare, tanks, poison gas, machine guns and all the other clever inventions of the egoic mind. That was the first time we realized the magnitude of the dysfunction in the collective consciousness, as it became amplified by the advances in science and technology. We have reached a point now where if there’s no shift in consciousness away from the dysfunctional, egoic state that generates all that insanity, then humans would most likely destroy themselves, or at least bring about a complete collapse of civilization. We have arrived at a point of great danger, collectively, but danger also means great opportunity for change. There’s a fundamental universal truth, and that is humans do not change until they reach a point of crisis. That applies not only to individuals, but it also applies to humanity as a whole. It’s only when we reach a state of crisis, the suffering that it produces creates the impetus behind the shift in consciousness. This is the point that we have reached now, and we’ve been moving towards this for the past 100 years. This is why so many people are now ready to undergo that shift. So this is a very important moment in human history, where there is a possibility of almost a quantum leap in human consciousness. There’s also the possibility, of course, that humans are not going to make it, that the shift won’t happen, in which case there would be a regression in human evolution that could throw us back several thousand years. Hopefully, that’s not going to happen, but it could happen, and even that would not be ultimately tragic, because I believe that consciousness is destined to grow and flower on this planet. I’m fairly confident that it is happening already, but we must not underestimate the gravitational pull, so to speak, of the old, dysfunctional consciousness that is still here and operates, as you can see when you watch the daily news. Most things you see on the daily news are reflections of the old, dysfunctional consciousness, or, rather, unconsciousness. We have reached a very interesting point in human evolution. It’s quite amazing to be alive at this time." From Eckhart Tolle
  4. What do you mean by enlightened planet? Do you mean everyone becoming enlightened? Maybe if a drug is developed that can fully and permanently induce ego death in whoever takes it and everyone takes it. But that would need tons of research for a long time to be made, if it's even possible.
  5. Eckhart Tolle says the earth is an intelligent being and if it senses humans are a threat it'll do something to stop humans like reduce male fertility. Why does he think this? Is he right?
  6. YouTube is deleting PUA channels. So RSD removed all their pickup videos. Tyler (the owner) has said he wanted to move on for years now but felt obligated to teach pickup because he felt no one else really was. Though it seems he's still resisting and is releasing dating advice videos but very watered down, they are barely about pickup actually. It'll more likely collapse if the feminists manage to get the ball rolling on another anti RSD campaign, RSD almost collapsed in 2014 because of that, considering the way things are now if something like that happens again it might really collapse.
  7. As the west becomes more secular they can become more personally immoral. While a religious person can have a belief of a higher being that can punish them watching them at all times to sometimes shove them in the direction of doing the right thing, a secular person doesn't. As such many secular people only do moral actions based on what is still in their instincts from how they were brought up, and the law. But if they can get away with it, many people will do immoral things for quick pleasure or personal benefit. But doing things you know are wrong for pleasure and to get ahead is ironically just going to bring you more grief in the long run. I suggest a video about why doing the right thing even if it hurts you, or the selfless thing, is ironically selfish, because it benefits you and your conscious in the long run. hopefully with some sort of scientific data about it, since that can be seen as proof to secular stage people.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4JA0RXD9mYg&t=33m0s if the time link didn't work it starts at 33:00, also you can skip a little earlier and Mike Tyson said taking 5 meo made him no longer want to do cocaine. but what Anthony describes sounds different from what Leo described. Maybe he took a different kind or something.
  9. I wasn't sure where to post this, since it isn't directly about relationships and sex, but rsd Tyler and julien are still most well known as PUA's so I'll put it here since that's where the conversation will probably go. (If this is a bad assessment I'd appreciate it if you moved e thread or let me repost it in the other forum channel) Basically rsd Tyler has been casually recommending people to go study Eckhart Tolle to get good with game for a years now, but he's been doing it waaaay more and now basically gives the "power of now" an aggressive sales pitch in literally every video he posts. Relating to that what I want to talk about, Within this year Rsd Tyler and Julien have been claiming in videos that after doing "presence work" on themselves and students, they can tell how "on" someone is by the look in their eye, and can accurately tell how troubled a person is and the direction their troubles lie in from looking at them deeply in the eyes. Tyler made a video walking around in a crowd and some people came up to him and he says people give him props and blessings because he has "good energy" and they're attracted to his presence. They also say that everyone walking around in the streets has a dead glazed look in their eye, and Julien in a video put up screenshots from his old video at one point to show how he had "dead eyes" before he worked on presence. To be honest I wasn't able to notice a difference, but I'm probably not "on". What are they talking about? Is this truly something real that's happening to them? What is it? Are they just deluded?
  10. Has anyone who became enlightened without drugs then taken 5 meo DMT and commented on the experience and how it's the same different? I know Eckhart Tolle said he took psychedelics but if I'm not mistaken it was acid which is different.
  11. This isn't as serious a problem as the other stuff in this forum but I'll post it anyway. I realize I can get triggered from certain religious/political opinions that disagree with mine. I won't go into specifics as to what it is because really it's an emotional and not logical thing and I don't want to start off topic discussion. I really don't want to feel this kind of discomforting sadness or anger over anyone's opinions even if their opinion is actually a personal attack towards me, and I don't think I do for most things. But recently I saw a specific political/religious attack on an online comment and it affected me strangely deeply, possibly because I tried resisting it more then usual, it also had a lot of likes and other agreeing comments so maybe subconsciously I felt like I was being attacked by the majority opinion. I also saw someone in the replies getting triggered and flaming over it and I felt a deep sadness for them because I knew what it is like. When I saw it I felt a kind of bubbling sensation of anger around my face and I knew this time was worse then usual. I've seen it in the past and felt nothing / mild anger, but this time it ticked me off. Now it keeps creeping back into my thoughts and making me feel bitter and angry. Even a little nauseous and losing my appetite sometimes. I didn't reply but I went through the entire page of comments, disliking anything that said the opinion, there were a lot. I think it's because as a kid I saw this specific thing online and it shocked me, I felt deeply disturbed as if it was a personal attack on me and my family, I argued about it for long hours online flaming over it, and I stuffed all this anger into my subconscious and it's now resurfaced. Furthermore it's somehow made me remember a instance in my past and make me get even angrier over it then I was at the time. Basically at school a teacher relayed this opinion among others during the course that deeply offended me, and I felt the same bubbling anger back then but much less so, and I actually don't think I felt that affected by it and kind of shrugged it off. I even see that professor around sometimes and the first few times I didn't feel that poorly, but every other time I see him it seems to shock my system a little more. An example of how much it bothered me, I start feeling an anger in the back of my mind directed at strangers as if they all must think this way and are also personally against me, at my first day in a new class I felt this very heavily. I also have strange thoughts about hurting the people who I saw saying the triggering opinion (not my teacher, but rather people online who I didn't see in person, maybe because I don't have a face to see). Other things that may be adding to it. I started nofap recently to stop my depression and it's working, but I also feel more irritable, more anxious, and more nervous, this is probably happening because I also took a strong anti depressant that I now quit which had a side effect of causing anxiety, even though I didn't feel that anxiety while I took it (but I did feel depressed). I really hate this feeling and I don't want to feel this way, even if I'm 100% right but everyone around me not only agrees with it but also personally hates me, (which I know isn't true of course), I still wouldn't want to feel this cornered. I'd rather just be at ease and accept it. If anyone's gone through something similar and gotten past it I'd appreciate advice and resources. And please don't try and speculate what the opinion that triggered me is...
  12. This phenomenon shows itself in many forms. For example people feeling suicidal after watching the movie Avatar by James Cameron because they felt their life wasn't as good in comparison (you can find old articles on this). the most common way I see it talked about is post anime depression, people become depressed after finishing a anime series they really like. You can look up post anime depression and see forums where people talk about it. I'm assuming a similar thing happens with tv shows and video games. I also thing it shows itself in a different way with some people who lash out and get angry when the series ends in a way they don't like. I think this is a symptom of escapism from depression and becoming too connected to a media so much so that it makes a fake world that seems better then the real world. Possibly also why people who watch porn or hentai become less interested in real life sex and connections because it isn't as stimulating on the surface. Though it might require repetition of topics Leo already covered in other videos I think a video about this phenomenon is needed because lots of people who have this problem don't look up more general things like how to get out of depression because they don't see a connection. It gets talked about a lot by people who suffer from it online but I rarely see it talked about by self help channels that studied it or offer solutions.
  13. Have scientists ever scanned someone's brain activity while they have an enlightenment experience? Would that be possible, or would they not notice any different activity?