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  1. I have seen two examples of people who were enlightened and both said it was after 20 years of meditation, but a lot of that time was spent dicking around and doing this incorrectly. If you can self inquiry almost 24/7 and do therapy to unwire what is holding you back, I believe you can stream-entry in just a few years. But you shouldn't view it as getting somewhere, the better attitude is to just be present at that moment and not imagine a future scenario.
  2. Brought awareness to how toxic parts of the media and establishment are, even though his reasons for attacking them are a little narcissistic, it shown a light on a lot of their manipulation and bias to a lot of the population who may have been unaware. (Yes I am aware he attacks them unfairly just for criticizing him as well).
  3. Going by the 4 stages of enlightenment according to Buddhism, I think at each stage you become less prone to that, and if you are fully in the final stage, arahant you would be.
  4. Right but the current push for defunding police works against that, because training costs money.
  5. Dailymail leaked 10 minutes of footage, this is the full video, for some reason the major media outlets are cutting it up and editing it. New information this shows is clear signs George was on drugs, and that he was saying he can't breathe before being restrained, and that he was non-compliant. It's more possible than people think that Chauvin could be acquitted, the case already seemed murky when they had to bump it down to a 3rd degree murder charge so soon after going for a 2nd degree, though I don't think he will because of all the public pressure. Remember, the famous Rodney King riots only happened after the officers involved got acquitted, so if Chauvin gets off it could mean riots even worse than the ones that already happened.
  6. https://theconversation.com/yes-mathematics-can-be-decolonised-heres-how-to-begin-65963
  7. Mr Beat from youtube wrote a book about presidential elections https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08D7VQ79B
  8. Porn is extremely unhealthy and is something you SHOULD leave.
  9. This is a small youtuber I watched a long time ago, he had a very hard childhood and was always stuck in the victim mindset in his videos talking about how much he was suffering. I'm happy to see he's gotten past that and is motivated in stage orange.
  10. Ability to be present in an interaction is far more useful than looks, and unlike looks anyone can learn to be present. I was on old pickup forums and there were constantly endless debates that went on for hundreds of pages about do looks matter. Ultimately the truth was the people asking were just looking for an excuse to blame not getting better on. Whether it is true or not, you are better off believing looks don't matter at all, that is how you will get the best results you are capable of.
  11. Looks matter for first impressions, in something like a dating app looks matter a lot. But using in person communication and game, looks do not matter that much. Anyone who has been in pickup long enough will tell you they've seen guys who look better getting their girls taken from them, or losing out to a worse looking guy with better game. Generally girls will tell you looks or all that matter or something, but it isn't true, don't trust it, in fact people will think you look better if you are in state and they get to know your personality, and you can convey a lot in a short interaction. Many guys who are extremely successful with girls look below average. Worrying about looks will cause far more damage than the looks themselves, in general you need to believe looks don't matter, don't be discouraged to learn from people who look good.