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  1. @Leo Gura After seeing this communication, and that you called the user a 'fucking idiot' on the message you sent when you banned them, I'm done being a mod on this server. To continue being a mod on here simply contradicts too many of my values now.
  2. I understand that, OP, you make feel strongly about this subject. However, the thread is being locked for, what I judge to be, referencing administrative decisions. Posts are removed for referencing administrative decisions when they comment on administrative decisions/activities or potential administrative decisions/activities. If you want to discuss this matter further, I would suggest that you contact one of the moderation team or Leo via PM.
  3. I think shadow work and meditation could help.
  4. @Potential If you have the financial means, I'd look into depth psychotherapies such as gestalt therapies, and IFS therapy. Developing some mindfulness practices so that you become aware of your unconscious beliefs would be helpful in regards to the therapy, and also just useful in itself, in my opinion, too.
  5. https://centerforintegralwisdom.org/thought-leader-dialogues/ifs-integral-and-unique-self/ Discussion between 3 speakers. Two of which being Ken Wilber (Founder/ creator of Integral theory) and Richard Schwartz (Founder/ Creator of IFS therapy)
  6. https://insighttimer.com/jennariemersma/guided-meditations/morning-ifs-parts-check-in
  7. @Yimpa Damn, things just keep getting better and better in this department. i wonder how much of an improvement they've managed to make already.
  8. @StarStruck I like it man. I respect all the work you seem to be doing on yourself btw.
  9. @koyadr3 Hey mate, I respect your situation. I'd advise getting started with some inner work on the side as well. Maybe some IFS therapy on the side if you have the finances. Sounds to me like you might be more of a hardcase newbie, which I think requires more inner work on the side. Also, if you want to cold approach, I'd really work on your goal setting. Just work on things like saying 'hi' being your goal. Or even just turning up at the place you wish to game at. Then build over time. Maybe try and get some supportive wings too.
  10. @StarStruck Maybe make some of your free association about her too. I.e. "Ow, cool. I never had the chance to read Harry Potter. I bet you read Harry potter though. You have that kind of a vibe to me" I'm not experienced in game btw. But I'll chip in if i think i can still be of value. Maybe just take my thoughts on this topic with a pinch of salt though. I don't wanna mislead you. I understand the green name colour can imply some authority.
  11. @Lincisman I get you posted this a little while back now. But, in my experience, and to my understanding, the IFS process looks quite different given the way your psyche is currently structured, and what defence mechanisms your psyche has adopted. Some folks seem to get a lot more success working with parts in the body, i.e. I've noticed that to be the case with some who experience serious and chronic dissociation. Also, similar to the user above, I've had a lot of resistance with the process. But again I think that has a lot to do with my specific psychic structure. I think if you go into it having had some effective results in meditation then that helps. Though I don't think its a barrier to entry.
  12. @Hardkill There are a lot of very rich groups and people in the US who put a lot of funding into manipulating the populace into the believing in neoliberal views. Lots of big donor funding for people like Ben Shapiro, fox news etc. I think Noam Chomsky's ideas around manufactured consent could prove insightful for you on this issue.
  13. @Something Funny Perhaps you would find value in reading the books, 'Mastery' by George Leonard, and 'Atomic Habits' by James Clear. Maybe integrating the lessons from those books could help make your more intense meditation goals more likely.
  14. Men aren't just putting on a persona for women in my opinion. Its for other guys a lot of the time. If guys acted authentically in a lot of circles they would likely be shunned or even unsafe. The traumatisation during school is pretty harsh for a lot of guys growing up too, especially at schools lower down the socioeconomic ladder. Its pretty brutal the bullying that happens to a fair few of the kids who get identified as outcasts or different. Some of that trauma ends up staying with kids for life. So, there is a lot of survival benefit to maintaining a macho persona. People don't just put on personas for no reason. And, on the matter of pickup, I think what some people don't take into account is how many guys use it as a means to learn serious social skills, hence using it as a means of therapy.