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  1. I'd look into the most modern trauma therapies. Such as somatic experiencing, internal family system therapy. The body keep the score is a book that is useful for understanding the different modalities.
  2. I'd look into psychotherapy. ED is not uncommon with depression, to my knowledge. Perhaps, consulting with a psychosexual therapist could be a good idea too.
  3. I'd really watch this guy
  4. I don't see your therapist as overstepping your boundaries. I don't see why the therapist ought to consult you before working with them, unless there was some prior agreement regarding that. That said, I don't particularly like the way your therapist responded to your communications. I also find her response dismissive, as well as condescending. Particularly, the communication about the trust issue. It does prompt me to wonder whether such responses are indicative of an unskilled therapist. Whatever decision you make, you have my support and well wishing, OP.
  5. *spoilers here too* For sure. Nice analysis. I agree with some points, and not others. I think, in the movie at least, it was supposed to portray that elvis didn't have lawyers involved in the early years because the colonel persuaded him not too. But I did wonder why in the later part, when the colonel invoiced Elvis for the massive debt owed, why he wouldn't lawyer up. Maybe there would have been some get out clause with the colonel having a fraudulent identity.
  6. Dude I reckon that's actually a lot harder to do than you think.
  7. I really think politics will be the domain of my life purpose. Its been something I've always been passionate about. I feel I've always been at the fringes of it, and also actively involved with it at times too. I think I might need to educate myself on some of the history of things, and some others genres. I want to get actively involved with it, and use my skills and potentials as best I can. I really like IFS and see it as really useful. However, as a psychotherapist, I don't like the accessibility issues, and also the material circumstances so many find themselves in is something that is an elephant in the room for sure. Also, the growth of IFS will to a large degree be aided or shunned by political structures. It feels very honourable too, which is a chief value of mine, too.
  8. I don't find it weird myself. Its the worst terrorist attack on a western nation in decades, and, to my understanding, by a long way. I actually don't know another terrorist attack that comes anywhere close in terms of magnitude.
  9. Hi, I think my life purpose will involve seeking to maximise political progress in my country. I like Leo's advice about voting for the most high consciousness candidate. I want to dedicate my career to supporting such candidates, and there's a clear political party to get behind in my country in light of that. I was wondering what thoughts folks had regarding that, and what roles people could think of. I.e. trade unions, roles within political parties. I go to a very prestigious university, which means I have numerous high level options more available to me, at least to my mind. I'm also privileged enough to be highly intellectual. I don't mean to brag, I just think its an important factor to consider in this circumstance. Thank you in advance.
  10. Jheez https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEyne0lCpIM