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  1. love generated from outside is many people's life purpose and seems to many a well lived life i frame it as they look up to me so i better get up and put on a good show and put in a good shift they need me plus they feed me and this keeps me jogging along blithely meanwhile i know not true love not to mention self love, i make do perfectly well without these while living this lifestyle so i shall keep living this movie pretending it is, or at some point when i have enough in the bank will be, fulfilling
  2. bernadette roberts. even better all 6 of her books free ... even a rare 3-hour youtube of her which won't make much sense if you haven't done the reading
  3. could be/come attachment but then again i am lucky to have danced through all vistas of the globe and so place holds less sway; provided i have a few trees and green surroundings to wander in i am good ... wonder calls in the meretricious as much as the marvellous ... i rather see one thing a thousand times than a thousand things one time
  4. depends who's asking ... that's the one that makes more sense to talk about on a forum ... talk about what you know without speculating about what you don't, that is what helps both yourself and the imagined others
  5. i have finished with the world, i lived it in absolute totality the first half of life and enjoyed every kiss and curve ... yes body mind still asks to get out there for more of the same but i have a better time savoring the spiritual rather than the sensual, and the rewards of this accumulate rather than crumble like sand ... don't have much attachment anymore even the cold has become my friend since it tells my body to kick into overdrive ... i had a good life in the world and now i am having a good life out of it ... i am 57 btw so i do say to you that it is good to exhaust all the world can offer before bothering with renouncing
  6. i can't help anyone because i don't know anything ... i can however help myself though i wouldn't try nor couldn't try to prove that to anyone
  7. been doing the hermit thing for some time, my schedule is bed at 7 up at 3 meditate til 7 work til 11 study til 3 play til 7 ... can attest it works well and i won't change any time soon
  8. simplistically put let's say 1% of the population is trans right now .... let's say 10% of one particular school becomes deeply interested in trans issues due to the way it is presented supported well funded and modelled; 9% of these people are playing with fire; they are not trans, since only 1% are, but they are given good grades if they explore empathize and perhaps even role play it for themselves; this is helpful for the 1% but harmful for the 9% ... they are experimenting with their own gender and sexuality at a vulnerable stage of their lives; this will have far reaching consequences in their lives and arrest their development so nine times more damage
  9. @Water by the River thanks for explaining ... i have found the following most helping in practicing all of that: progressive-stages-of-meditation-on-emptiness.pdf
  10. and the way to prize asunder minds vise like grip is a million times a day asking who am i and abiding in the supreme nature ... you were never the person looking back at you in the mirror, take back your sovereignty your birth right your glory, step away from the insane machine running you
  11. i say enlightenment is the knowing that the other is living in full truth and harmony, they don't need changing saving fixing ... they are enjoying the level of consciousness they have just like god does ... every person is a wow a wonder a marvel a miracle an enchanting masterpiece of the what is to be embraced elicited enjoyed
  12. tiktok is to youtube as twitter is to facebook ... if you cant say something in 2 lines you don't get it ... think before you speak and stop wasting people's time ... here especially ... say what matters in the very first sentence or i don't stay
  13. suffering is the fact that you are fading away day by day, you have few breaths left can still have a nice dream while you're here no suffering no dream god likes a dream just like you enjoy a movie
  14. amazing library of spiritual books spread the word and share the love