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  1. all the time you're engaged in either mentation or meditation sorry to tell you, you don't have a choice in the matter
  2. if i do object to sleeping with you, this is pure game playing, that is me not really wanting to be with you, and you should drop me and move to the next
  3. everyone needs to sleep at night, as for sex that is an fraught with lingering undercurrents if you do spend the night with me, this gives assent that our lives are moving in a common direction ... sex meanwhile is much more complicated and can wait til we decide we are ready to talk relationship i have no qualms about you spending the night on our first date
  4. learn to sleep with me without having sex with me sharing space is way more of a mine field than sharing bodies sex is fantasy, sleeping is reality if you can't sleep with me without transcending my body boundaries you need to find someone else learn to communicate with me before expecting any access to me body for example i need to hear firm comfortable no's before i will trust your meek tepid yes my bed you are welcome to if we get along, my body you need to work much harder for
  5. i am the missing ingredient in every activity interaction engagement outlet in this whole universe even every tree looks at me in bowed adoration as i march from one place to the next my arrival had been much heralded and is keenly felt all existence champions my very movement without me death is licking her chops in earnest let's go get 'em
  6. agree with all this ... i would also add the world is a mirror to show you what you hate about yourself, that is all hatred is self hatred use the mirror so you can fix yourself
  7. ask this, in what way would this day be different if i knew for sure today was my last day can you go to bed tonight so dripping in elated thankfulness that you have no need whatsoever to wake up tomorrow you have done no more or no less than what you came to this place to do
  8. pain is penance failure is feedback ... just add five mins a week to your sits, don't try a marathon on day 1 ... in one year you will be zen master / 4 i do this
  9. i wake up daily falling on to my knees with heart pounding thankfulness that is undirected but pulsating wildly that i am undeservedly graced with a couple more breaths to get the coveted assignment right that i wasn't snatched away - as many indeed were - from this glorious tapestry mid dream that i step majestically into fullness of life and wonder and mystery if only slowly unerringly inexorably that i may - yes - only have this one day to breathe this sweet oxygen that is divine love but i will expend it to the supreme maximum that i am humbled and chastened and oh so awed by this spectacular gift of ever expanding earth shattering god like consciousness that is me!
  10. god's understanding is, it's all good ... bad may seem to happen but to god that needs to happen god's love is, it's all me ... all my handiwork plain to see
  11. first to say this can't be done completely else you would be dead the relative answer then is to stop thinking you have control and that you need control ... exercise fewer decisions by choosing default options it doesn't matter what you do! what counts is how you do let god choose while you approve dad knows best you go along for the ride every second every scenario is flawless
  12. i say days best structured hardest to easiest which is why i rise at 4 for 160 minutes of do nothing, is all downhill from there, have no time to think
  13. you auditioning for your god job or reading it, witnessing another's audition fiction is necessary until you take up that god job it is all you came here to do