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  1. no billionaires at meditation retreats, they succeeded not suffered only in throwing your hands in the air from the gutter and pleading there must be another way do the angels minister to me and point the way this indeed is how a course in miracles came about
  2. false dichotomy, i am not happy i am happiness
  3. alone because you don't realize who you are and who right now has your back and your hand god does only one thing, creates creators
  4. ego is that what imagined splitting god into two which maketh ego and non-ego ego is all that helps me and benefits me and supports me for example my body and perhaps other bodies non-ego likewise is all the bad stuff i don't like it's all a fun game, a dream, an illusion of light, all false but still cool god pays not a bit of attention and not one note of heaven misses a beat in this insane play
  5. sex, love, money, family, happiness his aim procreation and promotion, her aim protection and provision and ne'er the twain shall meet a useful truism for the dating arena
  6. be nice to know what love is though love = linking of vibrational energy, literally our very essence, limitless oneness valued everywhere, lack of variability evidenced, lets oneself venerate everyone
  7. yes fully agree, he wants her looking good, she wants him doing good god broke the mold when he made me
  8. if i allow you to look better than me it means i am forcing myself to outrank you in other areas like finances status or intelligence this may be more the norm but for me is too transactional ... better and more enduring is where all categories are more or less equal it should be about lifting each another in categories where one has strengths
  9. ego will tell you life is the bomb ... what it won't tell you is that each passing year you are ever close to being hit by one no one is leaving here alive
  10. she is more interested in the suit you show up in more the skin you are born in because she is playing the same game that you need to look as good as me this equates to a level playing field when you have the right wardrobe
  11. an ego is but a front row seat in the mind of god
  12. i am not an ego ... i came here to realize as much, to self realize, namely to identify with what i am which is nothing to do with an ego death is of an ego, it is no concern of mine ... if i as true self have awoken i return to the awakened mind and won't be needing another ego role life is god's mind waking up from its sleep and each awake figment returning to it renders it more awake and makes the dream end closer
  13. a hypocrite is consciously inconsistent the rest of us do it unconsciously, we feel better because we therefore are not hypocrite sinners say what you like about a hypocrite but they are what they are honestly
  14. a thought is a dreamer's well meaning attempt to fracture reality and perpetuate said reality what i think i manifest, i put good in my life and to make it interesting i put bad in my life i think this tree into existence, it is stored in my memory vault and i plant it on the screen in front of me and i say, it is good - let us eat from it adam this is all just a fun game of color and light and artistry if i abide without a thought all is whole and pristine as it always was and always will be and outside the dream, there isn't a thought since only one things happens, love expansion perfection
  15. there is real realer realest, first two are dual and third is beyond, this is for real but can get realer still if you stop imposing your real on it realer is ever reeling you in for the realest of deals; simply have to merge with all this real then realest emerges such that all apparent falseness flees