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  1. you're a body or you're awareness and if the former the bliss comes and goes while the latter is sat chit ananda how do you do it? you merge with the awareness that you are and cut away from the ego that you are not the ego keeps on keeping on and it will struggle if you jump ship it won't feel like eating or sleeping or anything and will need help to stick around maybe from a spouse
  2. yours truly does so at the supermarket every week, who cares what goes into the body, anything is fine, what looks nice to these eyes today i mean i do prefer coffee but am perfectly satisfied to drink tea every day in any case i was just giving an acceptable-to-many definition of enlightenment to show that it is opposite to cessation in short, enlightenment is engaging but seeing through it and cessation is disengaging
  3. cessation is awareness empty of experience namely sleep but aware in it enlightenment is awareness full of experience but not attached to it
  4. a synthesis of the two approaches would be: Let go of each arising thought as an illusion and forever rest in the light-filled awareness of pure love which is what you are
  5. i asked AI to compare mahamudra and acim, and here is what it concluded:
  6. glad someone is on the ball here 😜
  7. about a year ago i presented in this sub a hydogen peroxide protocol for optimal health and in my case it has cleared the blocked sinus issues i had endured most of my life, i know it works since when i stopped it they began to return i am not saying this will work for everyone but it worked for me if interested the book i got the info from is called, the one minute cure, just type those four words into google
  8. creativity is you bringing you there has never been a you before you are what we have been waiting for go out and leverage you like never before
  9. father god, as i leave the house today let me surrender the arrogance that i know anything let me instead lean on you and learn of you let me discard all words or intellect to try to convince and persuade let me see my brother as he really is - i deny this person in front of me is skin and bones and i affirm that he is my hope and savior let me see the light in him so that i may know who i am - i cannot know myself or anything otherwise let me be forgiven for ever thinking that my human eyes show me the truth and let me realize i can only see the truth by looking beyond the illusion let me see your grace at work by me doing absolutely nothing today save seeing heaven all around me amen
  10. supposed to disclose when you use AI generated responses
  11. hers was from the heart, better to disclose when you use AI
  12. yours was a more likely candidate truth be told
  13. yes exactly and it def rubs off on the owners ... the happiest most relaxed most present people i meet on my walks are dog owners and te more awake the dog the more awake the owner what i love about dogs: they always make eye contact, any time is the right time, their abc priorities are affection basking curiosity devotion dogs are the way