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  1. push awareness into now, take each 1st letter pain is a divine messenger and wise teacher telling you to prick up your ears and pay careful attention don't make this error again, don't go anywhere near it, don't mess with this stuff like leo said it is god making you foolproof against your own foolishness
  2. yes god has decided to create some art, all you see is his magnificence his munificence his majesty and most importantly you can see the one who sees it god made his work (your world) to be ephemeral (all here is ever passing away) so to end things, one day awakening is destined to happen, which is what it means to wake up to the dream then you can enjoy your life as god enjoys his dominion with open mouthed incredulity and delight you mean i did this?????
  3. consciousness is on a continuum from low to high ... leo's insights and teachings are tremendous for moving along it in my opinion @WaveInTheOcean
  4. live as love share if asked "Hey seekers, this is to all those whose blood, bones, brains are made by eating the fruit of the Beloved; you are my siblings, no my very Self. Tell all of them I am theirs. I embrace all. I exclude none. I am love. Love like light clothes all with splendors of brilliance. I am nothing but floods of love."
  5. this is a good distinction leo you are a dream character, a cloud passing away in the sky of consciousness you cannot understand god, you cannot know god, you cannot be god contrary to what folks love to claim stop being god and let god be you, big difference this you gotta go presence love no-mind
  6. being alone is no biggie i am just pops out some ribs has me the eve of my dreams
  7. could god create a machine / clone of me which lives this life same as me womb to tomb? no doubt, because it is god god has done precisely that with every person in the universe this is realized to be true since no individual has free will, all of us here are automatons now the kicker: i writing this am god constrained having temporarily set aside powers; truth is i the one the only hitchhiked a ride to earth on a self created body-mind machine called gettoefl which had a bunch of karmic appointments to attend to and now i am enjoying this arrangement in its totality, when this is over i will hitch a ride with another automaton and then experience life through its eyes this is existence over and out
  8. there is only god here having limited itself to sample a different aspect of its infinite consciousness similar to me watching a movie or getting drunk at a party, it is about enjoying life to the max god can step away from the movie any time he chooses, he is not bound to continue this particular movie, he may decide to start over and try another genre, awakened beings have told us that god does come to the fore sometimes and in these cases the movie can be lived lucidly
  9. i trust you have watched the vid just posted ... remember everyone is ignorant of how they are acting, they misunderstand who they are and god wants to bring everyone back home eventually namely to end all ignorance and illusion bless you, you are on the right track
  10. you are god asleep in a dream thinking you are a mind body separate from other mind bodys you think you are a doer of stuff but that is illusion; and because you are not a doer, when you try to change the unfolding dream, you suffer awakening is to realize you are not this person at all
  11. only one piece of knowledge is valuable and true and innate, i am ... this is the best the mind can achieve anything else hinders awakening since all other knowledge is duality and therefore false
  12. life is but a karma correcting mechanism you were bad in your previous life now you are paying the price you were a perpetrator then, you are a victim now ... or perhaps vice versa you need to see this and forgive and step out of this cycle stop reacting to what the world throws at you = the end of karma = the beginning of nirvana no more incarnations for you
  13. leo's just posted yt vid on forgiveness has some great nuggets about love love is i am all this, how can i reject any part of myself
  14. how about step out of the dream right now? disidentify with the false that you are above speaking of who disidentifies? god does of course if it so chooses and lets itself become conscious in the dream let the new phase of the dream commence, the lucid dream
  15. highest truth is divine indifference let it be this is the method how i get out of the way, stop being a devil by trying to change things, and merge back into the godhead in truth my natural state