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  1. seems you got a long way then the wheels fell off i would say go back to the basics of knowing nothing and self love there is no failure there is only feedback, no triggers only teachers truth is, you are all
  2. external happiness is ever more realised to be sham; do we replace it with internal happiness or just keep chasing the dragon
  3. friend of mine just wrote a book you might enjoy, take a look she will answer your questions too if you have some
  4. self love is the extent to which one does the inner work, and even being here can be in practice of self love if done in the right way self love will be recognised in another to the degree they are self-aware, non-judgemental, compassionate, sincere, and humble
  5. as you get more evolved you note that what you are exposed to is overwhelmingly BS ... can't be helped key is, have a finely tuned BS detector, and don't allow yourself to get triggered and or side-tracked remember everyone you meet is operating according to their level of consciousness find a good crowd you can learn from, have pity on the ones who are stuck in the mire no need to confront people or try to change them, you just work more on you and in this way you will create a new planet
  6. you are a good man leo gura though your legendary meltdowns are a bot OTT a lot of the time respect and love
  7. for me it is about calming down and no longer being a main player in the movie ... i am the whole not the part
  8. looking outside perpetuates the past, looking inside engineers the future if you want more details, read Dr. joe's Breaking the habit of being yourself chat-gpt:
  9. to override body pain can be a worse curse than accepting it your life expectancy will be shot and quality of life meager best be sensible and allow a body to go its way just like it was designed give it its daily bread so you can be living the dream
  10. we have to permit a certain level of wellbeing and wholeness to a body to make any discussion on suffering meaningful if you cut an arm off that body isn't a body anymore, it is two parts of a body a body has a life force and wants to keep on being that entity until it breathes its last suffering is psychological and conquerable but you have to let the body have some givens that are let be you can't modify the rules in the middle of the game, that is cheating
  12. yes agree with you on all points ... have to pick what we imbibe very carefully 👍 here is what i tune into on twitter if anyone wants some good follows
  13. looking outside is repeating the past, contemplate that