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  1. the end of forgiveness is when you understand that everyone did the absolute best they could for how evolved they were you have never met their past their pain or their parents
  2. perfect in addition doing intermittent fasting is a game changer for a disciplined relationship to food and it is easy to implement ... me i do the 16 8 version so my window is 9-5 ... breakfast 9 lunch 1 dinner 5 ... no meals outside this window body works so much better, it is doing its thing two thirds of the day (16 hours), there is an active reddit devoted to this subject
  3. infinity is when one is no more
  4. good stuff thanks and makes abundant sense, feel i have undergone this journey pretty much
  5. can you wake up i mean get up in the morning like clockwork that's the only thing that separates us
  6. below zero i stay in bed for my 3-hr meditation so essentially i am getting 11 hours sleep now, highly energized during the other 13 hours
  7. mind is the enemy, needs to be subdued, brought to heel, pacified ... til then we are enslaved and at the mercy of random currents
  8. @BenG marriage is to ensure an equal division of assets in the event of a break up ... things can get ugly in such circumstances if you don't want your assets split 50-50 then marriage is not an option
  9. that i got graced one more stab at it today thank you life
  10. for me the joy is in who i am which is gotten within, so don't start my day without
  11. lets one vanish entirely take each first letter and it forms the word love ... what and who have you loved today? ... who have you called encouraged fed smiled at? love is vanishing self ... this is the only path ... less of you more of god
  12. christ is you, spirit is center god is father, love is your daily going to the cross, there christ dies unites with spirit resurrects as god as you lets one vanish entirely take each 1st letter
  13. yeap this is it! thanks judy