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  1. spirituality is the transcending of psychology you are not angry, anger is trying to trick you into thinking you are, and there begins the work of spirituality
  2. i have cut myself in half so i can make love to my better half
  3. yes thank you i found meditation is nothing more than letting the air pass through me unimpeded, unruffled, smooth, seemless, i am not moving this translates nicely off the mat too, inside me nothing is energeticallyhappening, i feek myself a hollow stick being blown hither and thither by the wind
  4. certainly do all the kind of fun meditation techniques but only commit to one daily practice that is abiding in awareness also called do nothing but meditation isn't a technique it's not letting the mind run the show since the mind has never had your best interests at heart its agenda is to be the top dog your agenda is to be the one god (which you always were anyway)
  5. no doubt, life is one long party, we are here to have fun to enjoy and to love learn laugh ... if you are not smiling and laughing you are doing it wrong
  6. humor is an acute receptivity to what is (which is what god is too but that's another story) ... it is about seeing how inflexible you are, how rigid deluded deranged neurotic, such a circus clown smacking myself with custard pies, my buffoonery is simply next level. you have to laugh if you didn't you'd cry laughing is spontaneity, vulnerability, humility if someone has zero sense of humor you need to run a mile, simple as
  7. i like the shallow onei like the deep one, each brings different to the table and each is unfathomable to me, come one come all depth to one is death to another
  8. anxious is the universe is out to get me, cautious is the universe is on my side but won't save me if i jump out the window
  9. some like listeners some like talkers, if you like a listener if they listen admirably to you you will say wow that person has depth, if you like a talker and they talk at length you will say wow that person has depth depth is the extent two people keep "it" going, we are deep with some shallow with others depending if our interests and passions overlap
  10. mostly i feel zero progress to be honest but i take comfort that i am walking the walk and won't stop
  11. love is the overwhelming realization that you and me are the same tied with the hormones/horniness to desire to do something about it it has to be both the spiritual with the physical
  12. leo's episode today speaks precisely to this
  13. life is for the fun not for the glum, i quit self flagellation long ago and now engage in self adoration, god is a party-er not a punisher, a dancer not a dieter