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  1. If you're not aware, it's worth listening to Paul Saladino - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CZ8lOwJHVEA
  2. @Shmurda how does it fall short?
  3. @Leo Gura Do you plan to talk about basic self-development again? things like habits, etc
  4. @Koeke These experiences are normal, and will go away with more time practicing
  5. IN. I love Jamie Wheal. Are you a host of Rebel Wisdom?
  6. I like his courses, but don't understand why Eben charges so much. Especially when Leo's course is cheaper and higher quality.
  7. Routine advice. I've stopped doing kriya because it was taking too long 45-60 minutes. And with everything else I do in my morning routine I just don't have the time. I can only do 20-30 minutes. Would that be enough and if so what would you suggest to do
  8. @Matt23 Interesting, it's something I want to study more. I was reading some research on psychedelics and people got the best results when they used IFS for post trip integration
  9. @Matt23 How did you learn IFS? I've bought some books and planning on learning to do it on myself. Did you self learn or see a therapist?
  10. Has anyone consistently done concentration practice? I can barely do 5 minutes of pure concentration practice. Curious what the best way to build this up is and how to add more time
  11. General knowledge - how to change your mind Using psychedelics for awakening - read through martin balls books
  12. @EnlightenmentBlog Thanks, i'm looking for more of a stretching routine
  13. What dosage do you do foe solo trips? And any guidelines for solo trips
  14. For me, Yes. For others? Not sure. I've seen psychedelics ruin lives. Some people can't handle what it brings up.