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  1. I'm interested to hear about the healing aspect too. In the video, Leo mentions he has a good diet but does not mention his exercise routine. Does he lift weights? Does he do cardio? Does he fast?
  2. @Nexeternity What benefits have you received? I've only done kambo once, and it helped with my fatigue. I did not even want to quit caffeine, but I found myself naturally reducing my caffeine intake after kambo. Maybe it's time I go again!
  3. I used kambo to quit a caffeine addiction. Not sure how it worked, but after I did kambo I don't feel like coffee as much anymore
  4. @Esoteric I don't think aubrey marcus does 5meo and if he does he's probably not doing high doses
  5. @Leo Gura Is there evidence for higher doses to trigger schizophrenia? I ask because i am curious to try high dose mushrooms 10+ grams
  6. https://open.spotify.com/album/4IoMVqRAfQgdD43RCDx4r1?si=Jz8Xhk4WRoy8HvtFMo_aEg
  7. @DefinitelyNotARobot Yes for all of those questions. Watch this -
  8. There's plenty of people already talking about this topic.
  9. Not much happening in Bangkok. You're better off going to a small hippy island.
  10. No idea what the 5 tibetian exercises are. Do you have a link? If you are concerned, then do them at separate times. Try it out and see what happens.
  11. LOL That's a great channel name.
  12. I've seen a few psychics. Two I think were not very good. One seemed like the real deal.