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  1. You can find it online, search reddit.
  2. WOW, I haven't watched RSDTyler for years. He's changed and developed a lot. Did he finally try psychedelics!?
  3. @Vlad_ tried, can confirm mindfuck
  4. if you want more on health, IMO Tim Ferris is one of the best to listen to. The guy's a real nerd about optimising his health and shares it all.
  5. Anecdotally I feel way, way better just eating meat & fruits. Not going to eat like this forever, but right now, I don't get any crashes from meals, have no brain fog and feel much better. Also I've found taking a short walk after each meal helps a lot.
  6. lol... worry about yourself
  7. Not everyone thinks this.
  8. @acidgoofy Nice! Great share, thank you!
  9. More videos on integration. Leo discussing his process of integration.
  10. @Leo Gura More than twice per week negatively affects me. Sleep goes down
  11. What dose and strain?