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  1. @Leo Gura I've only experienced it during the day too. Kyle Kingsbury did a podcast on his 5MEO breakthrough. He was scared to sleep at night because the reactivations were so strong.
  2. Don't understand the issue. I don't understand why more men 40+ don't take trt.
  3. It feels just like self inquiry to me. How is it different? I trust that there’s something to this technique though. Many high level teachers such as Dan Brown & Dustin Diperna talk about it. But I still struggle with it. I guess I’ll spend more time on it. If you got any advice I’d appreciate it.
  4. Take it day by day. One day at a time. And if that’s difficult make your perspective more narrow. DONT focus on how many day’s you have left. I was doing this on the third day and it was hell.
  5. Sick! Thanks for sharing. I asked about loch Kelly here a few weeks ago and no one responded!
  6. @Leo Gura The combination is quite profound. If you're going to combine the two, you should use a low dose of LSD. It's worth checking out what amie Wheal has said recently about intentional use of nitrous oxide. You shouldn't do it more than a couple times a year.
  7. It's all relative. 100 ug is more like 2 grams mushrooms for me.
  8. You don't need him. You can learn kriya yourself from books. And the kriya gurus teach very weak kriyas. They hold back the good stuff. Cut out the middle man
  9. Read models by markmanson.
  10. The explanation of reality from the Law of One is correct. Beyond that, I'm not sure about everything else, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. Stop distracting yourself. And do this properly. Focs.
  12. don't be mislead by this guy. He's confused.
  13. damn, really? no one here has experience with Mahamudra