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  1. @SoothedByRain What did you get out of Eban's course?
  2. @atlanticgirl Which kriya organisation?
  3. @Recursoinominado How long does hatha yoga take you per day?
  4. @GreenWoods How many mahmudra sets do you do? I've been thinking what's the optimal amount to do per 12 pranayamas.
  5. Have you read spiritual emergency yet? If not read that book as soon as possible
  6. @ROOBIO Just begin with the practices. No need to work yourself up to pranayamas
  7. Hey guys, how long are your kriya routines? I want to increase the amount of pranayamas per meditation
  8. Does anyone do fractal digital art? Any suggestions for software to use? Something beginner-friendly
  9. Besides kriya do you guys do other spiritual practices?
  10. @ajasatya What are the ceremonies like? are you Christian?
  11. @Spacious Do you have a link for Osho methods? I'd like to try his dynamic meditations.
  12. Interesting, thanks for sharing. I've recently started doing Qi Gong before my morning meditations. Bioenergetics seems much stronger than Qi Gong for getting rid of body tension. I will give it a go
  13. How's your sleep? If you don't already start taking cold showers and using a sauna. Aim to sauna 3-5 times a week