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  1. @d0ornokey Aubrey is a great guy. I wish Leo would go on Aubreys podcast
  2. Read - love yourself like your life depends on it
  3. @Girzo I thought Parvastha State you don't focus anywhere. You just witness all sensations
  4. @Leo Gura You should look into lucid dreaming / dream yoga
  5. When will the book list be updated next?
  6. @Leo Gura On this topic of psychedelics - I'm curious if you or others have read Stan Grof's latest books - https://maps.org/psychonaut The books seem to provide a framework for working with psychedelics. (I did not want to start a new topic for a small question)
  7. @Leo GuraI think it's also important to point out that meditation can help you with your psychedelic trips. I've noticed people who don't have a solid meditation habit can't handle a bad trip. They are not used to witnessing their minds.
  8. Why would you think this?
  9. @John Iverson Ahh ok. The book by Dean Radin. Very eye opening stuff.
  10. Alex is an interesting person. I suspect what he needs (but does not know) is a mystical experience.
  11. @John Iverson If you have the booklist then it's easy to find.
  12. @Mada_ He's teaching yoga for the masses. You need to keep in mind the yoga he teaches is not strong.
  13. Strong discipline. This is what real spirituality is.