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  1. This is why working with others usually sucks. Find a way to work for yourself. I've worked in toxic finance firms and it was soul-drenching. Much happier now that I work for myself.
  2. sounds like a great plan. A plan that you're in full control over... stop being a victim. Take more responsibility and do something
  3. @OneHandClap really interesting! I started a yoga Nidra practice. It's basically a form of afternoon naps for me. Love it
  4. Slow down to go fast. Take breaks regularly. I do 45 mins 15 mins break. It's counter intuitive but you will have done more than if you just try to sit for hours on end. You need a break. Ideally go outside get sunlight and fresh air.
  5. I don't know why they did that. I'm sure your video brought them a lot of sales
  6. @Guru Fat Bastard yeah, it's a better explanation than Buddhists and Hindus too!
  7. I feel like this video does not get enough love and attention - It's by far the best nonduality video of Le's (for me). I've watched it 3 times now. Does anyone have any book recommendations on the topic of Aztec Nonduality?
  8. @Thought Art please find the book. I want to read it!
  9. @kamwalker I've found the same thing. I've been around many spiritual circles and most people have no idea about non duality and god. met many people on silent meditation retreats and psychedelic circles.
  10. I've never felt lonely before I started spiritual work. It really didn't begin until I had breakthrough experiences with 5meo and experienced infinity. The trip that mind-fucked me the most was when I tapped into infinite intelligence and saw how I created every event I ever experienced, every person I've ever met, everything all to lead me to awakening - All Roads Lead to God. I wish I could share these experiences with people. While part of me knows that my friends aren't real..I still forget. If I really shared my experiences and truths with my friends and family, they would all think I'm insane... The funny part is even my so-called "spiritual" friends would not believe me. I keep almost all of this to myself and journal a lot. I've found journaling helps with integration a lot. I'm getting used to all of this though. It's an acquired taste.
  11. @The0Self how did you become adept to jhanas? Through concentration practices? I've done many meditation practices, but find concentration practices the most difficult...
  12. I really hope Curt does NOT speak to Frank. He seems very, very immature. He needs to do more ego psychological work.
  13. honestly frank seem's quite immature. I sense he still needs to do a lot of regular psychological ego work. honestly frank seem's quite immature. I sense he still needs to do a lot of regular psychological ego work.