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  1. Craft for professional work Onenote for personal life
  2. The way i see it is, psychedelics give insights but don't do much to increase my base line consciousness / happiness. Buddhists' forms of meditation — especially dzogchen, increase baseline awareness.
  3. Start by reading — The Way of the Superior man
  4. Found out I had a ONS with her close friend years ago.
  5. @StarStruck True, you guys are all right.
  6. ended up calling her, she was with friends, then texted me saying she knows she's been distant, she's been feeling a little weird since the last meet and she will think about the proposal. I suggested we meet for a coffee. I don't think the call was terrible because i think there's still attraction. But I won't make a further move. The question I'm wrestling with is how to know when to stop chasing or chase? If a girl didn't sleep with me and she wasn't into me i wouldn't chase, but if we had sex and in person she's obviously into me, then it feels different Not a bad idea.
  7. @Roy you're right and i'll do one phone call, and that's it
  8. @Roy defs not just looking for a hook up, wasn't the vibe i got and from her questions too
  9. @Raze thanks I’ve seen some of these videos. I feel the situation is different than most I’m finding online, as we had sex and she was clearly into me and asking me questions. will watch the videos, thanks
  10. I had two incredible dates with this girl. We got along well and there was defenitly attraction. On the second she was the one asking me asking such as "Are you dating others" "what type of girls do you like as gf" We had sex on the second date, the next day she went out with her closest girl friends and since then the tone has changed and she's been basically ghosting me. I'd usually never message a girl again who's ghosting me, but here it's a bit different, we had sex and she was clearly interested in me. I'm considering calling her phone and just asking how she is and pushing for a coffee meet. She hasn't replied in a few days now. At this point I'd always just stop, but i don't think it's because she isn't interested. She also just got out of a semi abuse relationship 4 months ago, so maybe she's being defensive. I dunno. Most of the advice i read online is always what to do if girls ghost you after a first date or two when you didn't have sex. But we had sex and she was super into me, so that's why I'm thinking it's okay to call and be direct. Any PUA's got advice, haha?
  11. @Thetruthseeker No one's perfect. Worry about yourself
  12. You can find it online, search reddit.