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  1. Second set ever. I walked around a lot lmao also kinda stuttered during the first minute. Lights were bright AF again and I barely looked at the crowd
  2. Btw, the sales lesson here is right in front of our noses. Look at his sales page. That sales page is what he will tell you to create at best. " High ticket items" to make people feel it's special because of its price, making them feel special for belonging to that community of people who spend that kind of money "The best way of getting rich is teaching people how to get rich" That being said, a handful of specific training programs are valuable for sure. This doesn't to seem to be one of them What kind of value are you looking to obtaining from that " training"?
  3. This is exactly the response that this piece of marking is looking to trigger -------- Unless you're making 100k+ per year I wouldn't consider any of this. And even then you could leverage this capital better. I understand you want to invest in yourself, but it's a common trap for wealthy people to throw money at problems believing the more cash I spend, the more expensive the product, the more I'm investing into myself and solving my problems. It's a logical fallacy really Properly leveraging your capital for serious growth requieres more careful thinking and planning than giving someone 5k and expecting it to be as valuable as if you had invested the 5k yourself into your own business and experimenting in the real market with your own hands But I'm curious what is the reason for you asking us instead of just doing it? Are you honestly looking for opinions? What's really on your mind ?
  4. @Bandman have you ever tested for heavy metals? Do you have any reason to believe you can be toxic?
  5. The first step of dealing with emotions is to deeply feel them and embrace them. Trying to resist them or let go is the wrong initial approach Doesn't matter if they are justified or not. You may have heard that "what you resist persists". It's more true than for anything else for emotions. It seems like the kind of emotions you're referring to are better off being called " emotional reactions. The nature of these emotions is for self-manipulation. If you hear a loud noise mid night that wakes you from your sleep, you will feel fear. For a good reason, which is to maximize caution , watch out for threats and enhance your perception for the sake of survival, even if it turns out it was just your cat that knocked a glass off the counter It is deeply wired into your genetics and it's the reason you're alive. Anger specifically is a little different. It origins when you feel you've been hurt. The " something deep that makes you feel like you should be angry" is your subconscious frame of mind and perspective If you come at the situation from a more broad and understanding perspective, it's pretty much impossible to get angry. Once you reframe, then tools to deal with the accidental emotional reaction begin to be effective. Deep breathing, exercise, nft tapping, Sedona method, shaking, etc ( depends on the emotion) If you share the specific scenario you were referring to I can show you how to reframe it if you don't see it yourself already. Byron Katie has an amazing book on this subject called " the work ". You can also just look up her seminars on YT to get a feel for what she's about Let me know how that sounds and if you'd like to elaborate on something more concrete. Also it would be good if your thread title was more accurate to your question so that other people with similar struggles would click it. You can still swap it if you want
  6. Keep In mind that Leo has changed his opinion on some of the stuff he said in other videos, like the " you don't exist" from this video
  7. I got it from Andy Cutler's Hair Interpretation Manual. I'm no biochemist nor I know what studies does he base his claims off, but he has been one of the leading authorities in this subject. The book has a dedicated section for toxic heavy metals different than mercury. You could try joining the andy cutler chelation facebook group. They have a sub group dedicated to specifically chelating children. There is a lot of people in your shoes there. The reason I said I'd recommend normal chelation if you tolerate it is because there are no safe levels of toxic metals ,so getting rid of any arsenic, lead and specifically mercury that you have should improve your situation meanwhile you try your other thing, Aparently mercury is nr 1 foe and once it's out of your body it recovers natural detoxification capabilities for other heavy metals. If you're asking for more ideas, maybe try Zeolite Nanoparticles. It's supposed to work for Thallium as well. I've been using it for two months and the results are unclear. I would avoid the one that has nano sized silver added. It's the cheaper one. The science is between miracle health supplement and terribly toxic heavy metal that you can't chelate out wishing good luck to you and your child. Extra resources
  8. Why do you think thallium and cesium are your problem? thallium chelates with ala, dmsa and DMPS anyways, so I'd just do the normal chelation protocol as explained by Andy Cutler
  9. If you share your situation in more detail we could get a more fruitful conversation going No, you can face truth and still be suffering Also by definition, distraction is a mechanism to avoid suffering
  10. Emojis have recently been specifically banned from thread titles
  11. Once you're on the forum for a while you get a grasp pretty quickly whose posts not to read if they're more than two lines long or skip entirely lmao
  12. Wtf guys don't be that blind to feedback She literally told you. Why would a guy she just met ask for pictures of her house and family? Through Instagram???That's some psycho stalker sh1t you can see in movies and on the news. No wonder she blocked you No offense. Learn from this mistake. Anyways, there are a million things that can get in your way after the interaction ends. She can endlessly rationalize what can go wrong. Once I approached a super cute shy girl during the day. The was carrying shopping bags. She loved me. But she didn't want to come on an instant date because she was set on leaving her bag at her apparent first . We walked to where her apartment was ( she told me she would come in an hour ) and in a later she texted me that her sister convinced her it's s bad idea basically. Just find more and don't be creepy. Specifically understand what triggers creepiness and erase it out of your behavior and mouth.
  13. Adding piercings, tattoos and other body modifications to this list
  14. Don't mess around with a man that has lost everything. He has also lost his fear.