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  1. Reminds me of a quote form Owen : When nothing matters, everything matters, as in: if you don't have anything going on for you in life you whine about everything, and if you're focused and collected then you brush inconvenciences off your shoulder.
  2. I still feel a little burned out. I'll take today off and re-read my notes on heavy metal detox so I can start that and tomorrow I have plenty of time to do some more work on the van. I may have to buy some extra glue and material.
  3. [ ... ] This is because cadmium is insoluble in acidic urine ; we alkalinize it so that the cadmium does not deposit in the kidney. This is what I wrote last time. I don't think meat specifically has anything to do with the issue, it's just that meat happens to be one of many acidic foods. IDK about the importance of this , but it is pretty much the only reason I'm considering doing a hair test ( to see if I happen to be cadmium toxic from 24 years of passive smoking and more unknown factors )
  4. @Bogdan Not much. I understand that animal foods are high in zinc and plant foods are higher in copper and the two balance eachother out. Excess of coper is suposed to be excreted in feces and idk about zinc. I've heard about copper toxicity as it os a heavy metal but I'm not sure about what would a zinc toxicity look like. If @The0Self would be so kind he could throw a few insights on zinc to copper ratio and possible dangers Anyways I'll do some more research on this later one and post the info.
  5. @mememe lol. Dudes are DTF 24/7 365 days a year from all ethnicities all ages from 14-105
  6. I feel a little burned out from working 7 hours a day in my job and then another 8 on the van. It's okay. It's worth it. Tomorrow more.
  7. David bond is long the same lines. I thought he was a cool openminded dude but then hes a trump supporter and funnels his " extras " behind a paywall. Nice daygame infield thought.
  8. I managed to puzzle and blend it together so it looks decent. Today I started working 9 am and finished 19 PM with a few short breaks. It was good and productive and I did not procrastinate but a recurring theme is that I get done less than I expect. It's funny how off my expectations are sometimes. That's okay. Tomorrow is another day. Slowly chipping away at a proyect like this is exactly what I need to develop patience and some work ethic. If you remember the categories in the book " Mastery " I classify as "the obsessive" who goes all in and then burns out and drops the proyect. So this is healthy for me .
  9. @Rasheed don't. I did this for over a year and developed night bingeing disorder because i was pretty much chronically starving myself. Do intermittent fasting instead with a 6 to 8 hour eating window and don't do it every single day. Maybe 5 days a week mรกximum or you will lose weight and potentially slow down your metabolism over time.
  10. It's a slight different shade of grey. Fuck me.
  11. My order arrived. It's dark so i can't see if its the same shade. Praying for tomorrow morning. Also it's my day off so I expect to be productive AF. Carpet roof panels, doors and the bare metal that is left.
  12. Actually pretty terrible. The day of the shot I got very bad fatigue and I sweat the whole night. A week after the shot I got spike-like ache in the heart . Looks like it's called" myocarditis ". Chest pain, fatigue, shortness of breath, and rapid or irregular heartbeats. It lasted for two weeks. The whole following week, for about 10 days I had vertigo. Literally dizzy 24/7 . It's been a month and a week and I wouldn't say I've recovered 100% yet. It got me pretty scared at the beggining. Ofc I have no 100% proof that it's because of the vax but my intuition points at that keeping in mind all the other possible factors. I'm hesitant of taking the second shot now . I'll def wait 5 months at least. I feel like I may have fcked up for not having gone to the doctor to have a professional paper acknowledging my symptoms. Before this I had covid about 4 times ( every time for at least a week ) and the only aftermath it left me with would be hair loss ( for more than half a year already )
  13. Currently my whole van is carpeted with deep grey - anthrancite carpet. i thought about some color for contrast . It's s low roof van so i be crawling a lot and looking the carpet a lot. I want it to feel cozy AF. Cozy and not being subconsciously triggered is nr 1 priority. Cool design would be nr 2. Budget would be around 150 bucks. Feel free to post some designs. How it looks and some carpets I've considered:
  14. Today i ordered 15 sq meters of sound insulation. I love silence. It's mass loaded vinyl. Ill screw it to the back of the wooden panels. I hope it's worth the 100 bucks. Windows leak a lot of noise anyways but maybe I'll come up with smth.