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  1. @Leo Gura bring back chimp rank 🙊🐒
  2. @zeroISinfinity That's where the fun starts. When you stop having belief , sense making, logic and rationallity as your main operating system you switch to Feeling and Intuition as your guiding mechanism. Not that you stop being rational or stop thinking, but you use those as tools rather as the reins for your life. And this way you tap into your more" Authentic Self ", where you do things that you simply feel like doing, and are " naturally " drawn towards. Not because of shoulds and beliefs or because it's logical. You can reduce your thinking to 10% and simply operate with your gut feeling, and 9 times out of 10 you would be actually more functional because you'd be more in touch with yourself. Or if you can't manage to think less, just dettach more from the thought's authority and give it to your intuition.
  3. Some people say that L-theanine + cafeine is good for them. Lmfao i did that and I ended up digging grass with a shovel in my garden at 7:40 am and I thought It was normal. Then had severe heart palpitations for the rest of the day and couldn't nap for sh1t. Sometimes I can't sleep if I eat dark chocolate at night because of the caffeine content.
  4. @JJfromSwitzerland watch this episode , maybe it will help you to experience non-symbolic awareness and experience some unity The thing is it's a very swisted paradox and a strangeloop. You are simultaneously the whole grape cluster and simultaneously a single indivudial grape and simultaneously absolutely nothing at all.
  5. All of these ideas are weaksauce. This right here is as conscious as stage Red expression can get. Check out this old Elliot gem: It's not only for depression. It's also for expressing stage red repressed emotions. Don't dismiss this. It's extremely effective. EXTREMELY. This is exactly what you need. I soundproofed my room once with couple of mattresses to get it all out. You can also go to some empty beach or smth like that. Brainstorm some logistical ideas for you to do this every other day or whenever you feel you wanna don it. Again. It's extremely effective. Pd: check out some more osho dynamic meditation in YT to learn some more. Or create your own Fight Club lol. Hope you've seen that movie.
  6. I drink decaff with some dark cacao and coconut cream, non sweeteners. You can draw energy from other places , like light workouts / cardio throughout the day, dona sprint or dance off, boost oxigen in your body with some short breathig exercises, learn how to pump your own emotional state and have aomet good laughs, take a shower ( any temperature works for me ) , grab some nootropics ,making sure you are drinking enough water and getting enough electrolites ( sodium potasium magnesium calcium) and other essential micronutrients, try keto diet and quit sugar ( extremely fluctuates your energy levels) , sing or speak out loud ( expression energizes you) or wrestle a friend or someone if you are playful enough, also very energizing. Or steal an orange from the store and run off. Spicy adrenaline rush for you there 😉
  7. I'm extremely sensitive to caffeine. One cup after 5pm and i don't sleep. Do you usually take 1/4th or the whole pill? And do you take it with the rest of nootropics you shared in the vid? Took 1/4th for the first time and it lasted from 8 am to 12 pm, with 1 hour come up and 6 hour drop at night
  8. Gotta re-shoot the holism episode you typo'd " seflessness " at 35:20 but still great video 👌😂
  9. Does this look legit? Leo didn't mention modvigil in his vid but th site said it's the same
  10. @Yali depends on the quality for sure .
  11. have you guys ever thought that being extermely cute may be a survival mechanism ? I'd let that thing steal my lunch any day.
  12. " Crab amputates own limb "