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  1. @blessedlion1993 just my opinion. I dont think you did anything wrong. It's called spontaneity. If you honestly didn't pre-plan fucking and then ignoring her and just allowed yourself to go along with your emotions in the moment it's okay. It's actually really challenging to embody that level of spontaneity. You two just happened to organically click and the man-woman nature took over. You had commonalites from moment 1, both had free time, both are single and open to explore new experiences with a stranger, which is wonderful. If she had texted you " Thank you for this wonderful spontaneous experience " I'm sure you'd follow up. But she also didn't and expected you to do everything. Which is fine but she also did zero follow up. Realize that the overarching big picture of this experience is positive. You learned that you need to hone in your communication skills . You both enjoyed eachother . She may perhaps be more closed to strangers now but that's not all on you. The lesson is not to be more closed but more open in communication and expectations. It may be difficult for her to grasp that but now she has the chance to stumble upon this insight, as otherwise you would have let her reading that book, you two would have never connected and this thread and all the insights generated wouldn't exist. Don't be afraid to do it again. Allways as genuine as possible.
  2. I eat as high quality eggs as I can get my hands on, organic canned lentils ( i puree them in a blender) , organic white rice and about 400g of organic ground beef (soon to be 100 % grass fed) , About 400g of diced sauteed onion. Sometimes I add in a jar of organic pureed tomato. Sometimes a slice of organic cheese / some organic diced bell peppers. I snack on fruit. Bananas, melon, mango. dates, figs. 75%+ organic dark cocolate. And I chug the DIY water kefir. About 1'5 liters a day. This has been my every day meal for about 4 months. And I seem to be getting all the nutrients ( I supplement vitamin C and magnesium) Only problem I see is that I may be getting extremely high ammounts of iron and since I'm a dude and I don't menstruate this may make my liver into and iron brick(?) . I heard vitamim A ( retinol) and a proper zinc to copper ratio is required to regulate it. If that's the case I should be ok. What I avoid : Any not natural ingredients: colorants, preservatives... Drinking cows milk, and I used to avoid wheat and sugar like the devil but now with the water kefir I have accquired the digestive capability of a volcano and they do nothing to me besides giving me a few pimples ( used to have leaky gut, IBS, possibly pre-diabetes and possible a little candida , carbs gave me the worst brain fog)
  3. Little something on K2. Do more research and apply discerment. Looks like it's only contained in fermented foods
  4. Thanks for the anwsers Michael. You're allways on point. 5000 IU / day for 3 months, right? I ended up purchasing this vitamin D supplement. IDK if there is much difference between different kinds of vitamin D supplement though. So what would be a more accurate way of figuring out what micronutrients may I be missing? Analyzing what foods am I eating and deducting possible insufficiencies by contrasting it with the full list of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals that exist? Vitality. Feeling mentally sharp and physically energetic. There are many factors for this but for now im tackling the nutritional facet. I do deal with ocasional brain fog, lack of energy and sluggishness but im getting better after incorporating self made water kefir and organic ground beef into my diet.
  5. @Focus ty [...] Blood tests are often not very informative, as they usually only test once in the morning. Our adrenals have a rhythm of cortisol production that starts in the middle of the night (around 3am) to prepare us for the day. It increases throughout the wee hours, peaking in the morning around 8am or so, then slowly falls during the rest of the morning and early afternoon. Cortisol levels should be lowest around bedtime (10p+). Some people may have high cortisol at night that affects their sleep that would not necessarily be reflected on an 8am blood cortisol test. For this reason, a 4x salivary cortisol test is recommended. often has the best pricing, and ships internationally.
  6. Screenshot from the " Start Here " section. The purpose of this thread is to recompile FAQ's , resources, recomendations , tips and tricks about bloodwork . I decided to get tested for vitamin D few days ago (42€ here in Spain) . The results came and I'm LOW. What's the best form of Vitamin D supplement that I can take? I do live in a super sunny area but I intuit that I'd have to sit in the sun for 2 hours a day for a year to compensate for my deficit. Got recommended this from a trusty source . Liquid vitamin D3 Thyroid seems fine?. (57€) So I want to get checked for all vitamins and minerals. I guess I need to get a bloodtest again ? Is there a way to maybe pick your finger with a machine and get tested at home ? ( maybe I'm talking sci-fi stuff, but would be cool if that existed ) Is a cortisol test the proper thing to do to check for proper adrenal gland function? What other tests would you consider to be important? I'd like to get tested for mold toxicity as well. Got a record of living in moldy spaces.
  7. this is 24 karat gold. Mood is relative. If you spike her " buying temperature" too soon without proper logistics, she will " go cold" from that point on. Her mood declines from there on and you didn't seal the deal. " the magic" gets lost
  8. [...] " Blood tests only show recent, acute exposure and often aren't sensitive enough to detect the relatively low levels of mercury moved (compared to an industrial type exposure). Urine tests do not show what is in the brain and organs, and often show what was already on its way to excretion. In addition, challenge/provoked tests are dangerous, as they mobilize more mercury than a person can excrete, often causing a variety of symptoms. " ACC FB site recomends hair test. Is the reason you do not trust it is because it's more accurate to take DMSA and see if you are still excreting heavy metals? Seems the most reasonable to me, maybe since they are managing such a big ammount of people they want to go with the safest route that would get them into the least trouble with people following their methods? Also the hair test interpretation is somewhat of a nice business . [...] " Hair tests usually cannot be read at face value because mercury causes mineral transport derangement. Outside of pregnancy and lactation, it is the only thing known to do so. Additionally, old exposures can hide, and a low mercury bar can actually mean you're more toxic because you aren't excreting well. " All so complicated. So you prefer the DMSA provoked urine test because of its simplicity and clarity? Take DMSA , pee . Toxic? repeat ( following the whole protocol)
  9. @Endangered-EGO its just because that's where most of your sensory organs concentrate : ears, eyes , smell , taste. Imagine if all of these were on you asscheeks. You'd think you're inside your ass.
  10. @AlwaysJoggin l-theanine, vitamin d3, cardio, and more
  11. @AlwaysJoggin morning 9-5 job, big nap, night job - long nap. Drive for uber for 10 hours a day and then strip at night. No joke
  12. @Khr you are wrongly assuming that you need to be objectively attractive and to fully accept yourself to be confident, when confidence is fruit of social conditioning during your upbringing and basically a mental game. It is a strange loop because : having a cute body/face reinforces other people putting you on a pedestal and feeding you attention / validation therefore you internalize confident traits ( lack of self doubt, a sex-worthy self image, "being the prize", commanding voice tonality. . . Therefore spiraling you into more confidence and this way other people perceive you as confident ( you see where I'm going) . But you don't need other peoples permission to be confident. 1. Dunning Kruger effect : you can be the type of person that simply doesn't think a lot, therefore you don't think about what you may lack or how others may perceive you. If you grow up this way, you're not going to have much self doubt ( for us conscious and relatively intelligent men it hurts to see absolute dumb douchebags with hot chicks, but that's how the dunning Kruger effect works. They are so dumb they can't recognize they're dumb, therefore making them confident and free of self doubt and attractive. 2. You can work on yourself , learn how to let go of obsessive self-doubt, learn how to dettach your looks from your self- worth, how to love yourself unconditionally and train / rewire your mind for delusional self confidence ( it's possible, remeber that even the douchebags can pull it off! ) It's harder for women to pull this off IMO. It's very common them to interweave looks and self- worth. Since it looks like you haven't been conditioned to be confident all you have left is : Stay as you are and struggle. Go for number 2 , which will take time and effort ( if you really want to get to the root of the problem )
  13. Those signs that say " Do not put sings here, the advertising company will be fined"
  14. As moving is not an option at the moment, would you recommend some in home air purifiers? Or it's all BS and and a waste of money? Maybe I could incorporate a life long 2 day water fast once a month habit. It may be useless, or not .
  15. I was thinking about possible sources that may have intoxicated me with heavy metals throughout my life, and I came up with : Tap water: Cooking, cleaning dishes, showering, rinsing mouth after brushing teeth, even making coffee and I remember my teachers at school telling me to drink tap water. food: Low quality vegetables, fruits and meat possibly poluted and grown in low quality soil that use the crappiest " water " possible. Meat soup where the bones leak the accumulated heavy metals. Lot's of fish and seafood. Mostly fed tuna by my parents and I allways loved shellfish ( f*ck me ) Hygiene products : mostly deodorant ( aluminum ) Cookware : I remember keeping the trashiest most scratched teflon coated pans for so long. Same with teflon coated sandwich grills, and teflon coated rice cookers. I'm concerned that even though I only use the rice cooker to steam food, it still may leak teflon. And now the biggest one and the one that made me create this post : Traffic. For as long as I can remember, I've allways lived no further than 200 metres from a big road with 24/7 traffic. Sometimes even closer than that, for years and years . It just hit me today as I was going to the gym that the " fresh air " that I'm getting on my nice morning walk is not fresh at all , but possibly poluted with all kinds of heavy metals like lead and other poisonous gases. As I recently discovered my Life purpose, I understand that to share and articulate wisdom in the most efficient way I NEED to get going with the detox. I had an intuition that I may be a little toxic, but now looking back I must be toxic as f*ck. And I was wondering why I have to deal with chronic fatigue and brain fog at 23 yrs old. How toxic would you say living next to a big road is ? my intuition says it's almost worse than smoking.