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  1. okay but why isn't anyone talking about how his name literally means black dick 😂🤣
  2. many men only man up when they have to provide for a kid. Which is a shame because it will eat up 20 years of their life becoming a work mule. 99% of guys will just end up in a 9-5 or maybe two. But hey, at least they're too busy to be depressed.
  3. @TimDavid Join this facebook if you haven't already. Pr ecisely follow the protocol. It's as simple as it gets. I'd say if you think you're that toxic definitely simply follow ACC protocol. They have a support group with informed people that will help you out with anything you need chelation wise, pretty much for free. If you follow Leo's protocol, he won't be holding your hand if anything goes wrong. I'm not that toxic and I still struggle with low doses of chelation so If you're really toxic you could hurt yourself by doing big doses.
  4. Maca works but careful as in its raw form it attracts some very dangerous mold.
  5. I'll start with the boys, but you may take this thread wherever you please. Very straight to the point guide. Some people do some of these things intuitively and some don't. Sneak peak from the article: What most men don’t know is that there are three more types of orgasms, which most guys never experience: Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (NEOs) Prolonged or Peaking Non-Ejaculatory Orgasm (PNEOs) Prostate Orgasm (POs) What’s special about the other three? More intense. Once you’ve practiced, all three are a more intense sensation than an EO. No refractory period. You can orgasm again and again without having to cool down. They’re looong. A PNEO can last 1, 5, even 10 minutes. Ever been physically exhausted from orgasming? No? Well get ready.
  6. I've been taking the 1G ascorbic acid pills every 4 hours for about a day. At the beginning it was great but the last few doses make my stomach burn a bit. I've purchased the BUFFERED version ( sodium acorbate ) off Iherb. Just 15 bucks or so and it will be here in two weeks. I could not find Sodium ascorbate on Spanish Amazon. 92 hours have passed since I've started the round. I was feeling really tired until I swapped my vitamin C supplement and increased adrenal support with ACE. this 50 MG DMSA every 4 hours seems to be my sweet spot for now. I'll repeat 2 more rounds and see If I increase. I'm already feeling more clearheaded but the real gains will come when I start ALA. DMSA only chelates from extracelular spaces aparently . Also potassium seems to be a very important electrolyte. a 4-1 potassium to sodium ratio is recommended and I consume quite little of it if it's not bananas . I'll try the adrenal cocktail next round ( ascorbic acid, cream of tartar, pink himalayan salt, orange juice )
  7. My vitamin C turned out to be an issue. From what it feels it's practically useless and had no effect. I swapped the vitamin C for 1000 MG ascórbic acid pills and very soon I started feeling way better. May be the reason I felt so bad last round. Also increased ACE intake for more adrenal support and I do feel the difference as the adrenals are the hardest hit organ by mercury. I also purchased Taurine for Liver support. I'll have to try out if it makes any difference. I'll also be drinking an " Adrenal cocktail " As recomended by ACC group. Ascórbic acid powder, cream of tartar and some Himalayan salt ( for electrolytes) . See how I feel.
  8. Day 1 / 4 done. I felt actually really energetic throughout the entire. I had stopped taking all the supplements for a few weeks and overall my wellbeing had gone to worse . But now taking daily supplements again it's very good by contrast. I only could get in 4 hours of sleep which may be one of the reasons I'm pretty fatigued. You can't ever tell exactly what is the core cause . It may be a side effect of chelation. But I do feel way better than last time I dosed 50 MG. every 4 hours insdead of 3 hours seems to work for me. I don't feel any redistribution symptoms so that means I'm not dropping my blood chelator levels . 3 more days to go .
  9. This will be my 5th round of DMSA. When I reach round 10 I can start adding ALA - which is my goal, because It pulls heavy metals out of the brain and I intuit it's when I will feel the real effects of chelation . DMSA only pulls them out of extracelular spaces . I will do 50 MG DMSA every 4 hours this time ( contrasted with every 3 hours last time which was too much for me, perhaps because I didnt support Liver and Adrenals ) This should be a nice experiment to see if I feel better overall during the round as I'm suposed to get better sleep at night . It may actually be counter-intuitively worse because many times I come back from work at 01 or 02 AM which means for the night dose I will not be able to fall asleep until I take my 4 AM dose . . . We will see how it goes. Also I will support with ACE and liver supplements. See how big of a difference it makes. Gotta say that last round left me kind of destroyed. Terrible sleep for the first week and I'd say perhaps it still affects me until today. It's been 3 weeks since last round. This is my schedule : 16 - 20 - 00 - 04 - 08 - 12 - - - repeat 4 times in total. Start time = Thursday 16 PM 21 - 07 - 2022 . - - - END : 25 th Monday 16 PM 50 MG DMSA every 4 hours. 1200 MG of DMSA throughout 96 Hours. Supplements : 500 MG buffered calcium ascorbate every 4 hours ( 3000 MG ) , together with the DMSA, as long as the round lasts. ( I'll try buffered Sodium ascorbate as soon as I get my hands on it, I feel this brand is pretty crappy ) 200 MG Chelated Magnesium Glycinate every 8 hours. 600 MG a day in total. 536 MG of Vitamin E ( two 268 pills - you could take this in one go but I don't mind splitting it. I've never felt any effect of taking vitamin E but I do it because it's recommended. Leo recommended a brand that has 100 mcg selenium in it and I've read on the group that it is not advised to be taking it ON round, only after - to mitigate redistribution symptoms ) 50 MG of zinc once a day at night . Other ( the effect is not clear ) : 5000 IU vitamin A - once a day. molecularly destilled omega 3 around 300 EPA 200 DHA a day Iodine : 150 μg a day. ACE ( adrenal cortex extract ) around 450 MG a day ( my biggest dose yet to try ) Artichoke extract and Milk thistle extract for liver support : as recommended in ACC FB group. Other things to keep in mind : Avoid thiols while chelating - follow my diet that I have posted above . basically only coocked peppers , highest quality ground beef, white rice, bananas and coconut water for fiber and potassium. Go shop in bulk for these items. I will try my homemade water kefir for probiotics as my batch will be ready around sunday. I've tested it for months and it makes me feel amazing but I've never done it while chelating . Drink a good quantity of water to pee a decent ammount, and fiber intake is important to poop at least once a day. ( thats the very minimum for a proper chelation experience , as the heavy metals are excreted through feces and urine ) Do a couple 5 to 10 minute cardio workouts ( I have the site attached to the browser for an easy reminder and easy click ) Minimal effort, maximum results . Treat it as another supplement, but instead of orally taking it you must go through the effort of these movements . Double alarm for night doses. Carry a paper cup so that you dont spill the pills when it's time to take them. phone allways in pocket so I dont miss the regular alarms
  10. Classic idealization of purple. Ancient cultures were extremely brutal and would go to war witch eachother, kill all the men, enslave your children and rape the women and place your corpse skewered on a stick at the entrance of their tribe to repulse strangers. Life is extremely complex and the bulk of people will never be satisfied with food, water, shelter and company.
  11. Just so you get an idea, this is what I get .ánulos-Kéfir-Agua-Cultivo-Kefiralia/dp/B014SUV2BS/ref=sr_1_10?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&crid=1DQ2JW7WHVZBQ&keywords=kefiralia&qid=1658051539&sprefix=kefiralia%2Caps%2C793&sr=8-10 I should probably make a separate thread on Water kefir instead of us hijacking this one