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  1. You can move or learn social circle game, which is how most normies get laid. The idea is making friends, and then being introduced to your friend's friends. And then to your friend's friend's friends. Until you find a cute single girl that you like and is available. More tapdancing around the problem and more effort but it's not alarming in small cities where everyone knows you. Just move i'd say.
  2. lets not get into baby food ; )
  3. @Hardkill most of the people you think have made an early strategic deliberate decision of working on their Life purpose is actually just luck. They just happened to stuble upon a field or skill early on, by chance or introduced by parents and they just stuck with it. Some people love the skill they developed early on and therefore kee building it for the rest of their life , and some weren't so lucky and they have little to show for in their adulthood. And if they're lucky enough to stumble upon personal development, they have the opportunity to deliberately build a LP from scratch. Also, "these people" you mentioned haven't probably figured out much. An actual Life Purpose is so much more than just having a lifelong practice of a skill.
  4. i like sleep
  5. Any thoughts about the claim some people make that the nutrients from plants and fruits arent nearly as bioavailable as animal foods? Meaning they only have nice nutrients on paper, but they really arent being absorbed and actually inhibited by antinutrients? ( phytates, tannins, lectins, saponines, etc) Idk if this is true or not. Simply a perspective im curious about.
  6. Bump - still quite amazing.
  7. @Leo Gura have you looked into dairy kefir / water kefir? I've heard it's the God beverage for ultimate gut bacteria health.
  8. or suck on your thumb : >
  9. This is quite amazing - watch the whole thing
  10. @Leo Gura would you say them that daily 20 min of cardio is overkill? Obviously im not taking things black or white but im curious what so do you think would be the sweet spot, between "wearing out your heart" and "mantainance work"
  11. @Leo Gura Recently I discovered Coconut Aminos. It's basically a soy suace replacement made out of fermented coconut nectar and sea salt. Nothing else. It's kinda pricey but the taste is top notch. If anyone here hasn't spent 10 bucks on a bottle of this you are missing out on some divine healthy mouthwatering stuff.ánico-250ml/dp/B084GPBCK4/ref=sr_1_3?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=coconut+amino&qid=1623192824&sr=8-3
  12. Little typo lol. Thats kinda gay actually. I mean you're sucking a dude's dick and also a dude is sucking your dick. But it's all you, so is it gay? The metaphysics of existance in a nutshell
  13. Have you ever considered owning a small farm? It may not be directly relates to your values but quality food = base for consciousness work and what better way to ensure quality food than growing it yourself ( or people you hire) . Could also have your own livestock and be able to eat soy/corn free eggs : 0 Just some thoughts.