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  1. I am eating at least 4-5 whole eggs a day trying to bulk up. Are there gonna be negative consequences on my cholesterol levels? I am 17 and fairly active
  2. He for sure is super mega wise and conscious. Not sure about "fully" enlightened though. At the end of the day it doesn't matter to know if he is or not, its been emphasized here multiple times to not let this work be about him. Focus on u
  3. Dont be scared bro. Use it to get serious gainz via law of attraction How long did it take you to get to that point?
  4. Thank you We appreciate ur effort
  5. How old are you? Imma just assume ur 25 ish. Google some outfit pics. Save. Go to to some basic clothing shop like h&m and try out a bunch of what you saved and see what u like best. I recommend u build out a basic wardrobe with clean looking tees (get a high quality white tee!!) and jeans. From there learn how to match colors and combos. Don't be cheap with clothes, they'll serve u good. If you have the time tho, go thrifting and youll find some hidden gems in there. Looking clean and smelling fresh works the best. Start from there. Good Investments: Decent smelling perfume. Invest at least one each for summer, winter and clubbing. A good smell is underrated. Look up Jeremy Fragrance on yt. Order a tester or take a sniff on Sephora or something DO NOT BLIND BUY: Versace Pour Homme, Channel Allure Homme Sport, Creed Aventus (expensive but worth), Mugler Cologne, Bleu de Chanel, Dior Sauavage, YSL L’homme, PDM Layton, D&G Light Blue Clean looking watch. White shoes. They go along with so many outfits. If u wanna stand out of the crowd and really want some aesthetic going on, go ahead and experiment with some street wear. Just don't look like a homeless man.
  6. Powerful advice bro. thank you
  7. @flowboy How do you get out of this trap? I can't seem to just take the plunge and commit myself to taking a shit ton of action. Especially in my socialization. It frustrates me because I know I could be doing and accomplishing so much more, but at the same time let myself get stopped by fear of judgement and humiliation
  8. Get to work and stop talking shit. I got all the theory I need now.
  9. MY JOURNEY I already wasted my early youth fucking around, living life through the path of least resistance. The past year I spent a great deal of my quarantine watching and mentally masturbating to various topics of and other self-help stuff. On the positive side: I ditched junk food, started working out, counted calories, and sustained a meditation and an isha kriya practice for about 3 months. Stopped when I felt weird shit on my forehead and spine. I am now 17 years old. This is the perfect time to build a strong foundation and and get back on my positive habits. Be very strategic and plan ahead. 2, 5 and 10 years into the future so that my actions don't seem pointless. Have a big vision. MY TOP PROBLEMS ADDICTIONS: These were much more sneakier and harder to deal with than I initially thought. Feels like there is an invisible chain that’s so fucking hard to let go of whenever I catch myself drifting to these. Hard: Phone, Instagram, Discord, Youtube, League, Video Games, Internet, TV, Actualized, Actualized Forum. Soft: Perfectionism, Feeling Special "I am better," Blaming, Powerlessness, Running away from negative emotions WEAK WORK ETHIC: I get easily distracted. Can’t stay focused for long periods of time. Use Pomodoro technique and concentration practice Stop when the task is done not when I’m tired. Reach a point where I can work for hours sharply WEAK SOCIAL SKILLS: Found out that I am acting a complete victim in this domain. It was the main reason I got to self-help. For some reason my ego is so delicate to social rejection. It stings so much and leads to backslides whenever I am humiliated or laughed at. I need massive experience in this domain. Work on inner blockages and track down childhood traumas Discord calls, chatting up strangers Cultivate friendships and social circles Pickup and Cold approach MENTAL MASTURBATION: I believe it’s important and even beneficial to be studying theory and immersing myself in topics such as spirituality and self-help. But I have noticed within myself that I am topping theory off with more theory just to avoid acting upon them. Set aside hardcore spirituality and enlightenment until I’m comfortably on my feet. MOST IMPORTANT HABITS Taking Action - Baby Steps Consistent Sleep Schedule Strong Morning Routine Reading with intent to understand - Notice when mind starts drifting off Meditation - Do nothing technique and eventually to labeling Fighting my Addictions - Phone, TV, PC - replace with reading THE BIG 3 - BIG AREAS THAT NEED FOCUSED ON Social Skills - FOCUS ON EXPERIENCE, NOT RESULTS. Humor Confidence Playfulness Charisma Approach Anxiety School/Career Path - GET CLEAR. START THE EXPLORATION PROCESS. FIND MY PASSION. Technical Knowledge: Math, History, Science Writing Skills Study for knowledge, not grades Gym/Diet Weightlifting and HIIT Aesthetic Physique Focus on macros but try to hit micros Laser Focus Areas: - Business, sales & marketing - Self-help & personal development - Psychology - Emotional mastery - Dating, relationships & sexuality - Language; good writing & speaking skills - History - Spirituality, philosophy, epistemology & existential questions about reality - Awareness, consciousness & mindfulness