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  1. I am eating at least 4-5 whole eggs a day trying to bulk up. Are there gonna be negative consequences on my cholesterol levels? I am 17 and fairly active
  2. He for sure is super mega wise and conscious. Not sure about "fully" enlightened though. At the end of the day it doesn't matter to know if he is or not, its been emphasized here multiple times to not let this work be about him. Focus on u
  3. Thank you We appreciate ur effort
  4. Powerful advice bro. thank you
  5. @flowboy How do you get out of this trap? I can't seem to just take the plunge and commit myself to taking a shit ton of action. Especially in my socialization. It frustrates me because I know I could be doing and accomplishing so much more, but at the same time let myself get stopped by fear of judgement and humiliation