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  1. Neurofeedback Question for Leo - EEG/HEG Training for ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety
    Neurofeedback Question for Leo - EEG/HEG Training for ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety
    For the past six months I have been on a journey to cure my ADHD, depression, and anxiety. For a very long time I was mostly unconscious of these problems and managed to suppress them; only recently have I become very aware of them and the radical impact they have on my life. These issues have been crippling on both a day to day basis, and in the bigger picture of pursuing my life purpose/other self-actualization work. I did quite a bit of research about how to cure these issues after I read a forum post Leo responded to, in which he talked about how ADHD can have it’s root in physical imbalances - diet, heavy metal toxicity, hormonal imbalance, nutritional deficiency, etc. I am currently working with a functional medicine (naturopath) doctor to resolve any imbalances I have there and optimize my health. I'm making progress in this area, but I think it's just one part of a full solution.
    In that post Leo also mentioned neurofeedback as a very effective tool, so I went about researching it and learning all I could. I read the book on the booklist, read a ton of articles, watched videos, podcasts, etc. I found a practitioner very close to me and started talking with him, but I soon realized that it was very expensive - treatment usually took 20-40 sessions, and each session was $100, plus the $1000 cost of the QEEG brain map. Then I read that Leo had his own EEG machine (in the $3000 range), which interested me because that would be cheaper than going through 30 or 40 sessions+QEEG with a practitioner, and I could use it for life (for peak performance + alpha training protocols)! I ended up researching different companies that offered neurofeedback machines in this price range and came across this company:
    They offer complete packages with all the hardware and software one would need for either HEG (training just the prefrontal cortex), EEG (whole brain) or both, and also include a few hours of mentoring to help customers map their brain, and learn/get started with EEG. They have a pretty interesting version of the brain map called the TQ7, which seems to be superior to the normal QEEG because it doesn’t work to train the client’s brain to minimize deviations from the average brain, but instead trains the client to what they call the “peak brain.” Here’s the explanation of how it works if anyone’s interested: (this explains how the TQ is superior to other methods like QEEG, NeurOptimal, Z-Score, LORETA, and more)
    I am considering purchasing one of their packages (linked below) as it would actually be cheaper than going to a neurofeedback clinic in the long run.
    EEG Package
    HEG Package
    Combo Package
    Here are the testimonials (obviously to be taken with a grain of salt as they are posted by the company, but still good to hear)
    This is the only review I could find of this product that wasn’t on the testimonials page - it's hard to find reviews of any neurofeedback system. 
    My question for @Leo Gura is - What specific neurofeedback hardware/software do you use? Have you heard about this company? If you bought your hardware/software from them, what has your experience been like? Do you recommend a different company? Also, have you used HEG neurofeedback in addition to EEG?
    I am really interested to hear your thoughts (or anyone else if they have experience with neurofeedback home training!)
    I am very persistent to resolve my ADHD, depression, and anxiety, as currently they are my main obstacles.
    - Noah

  2. I’m getting her into Auto-rejection
    I’m getting her into Auto-rejection
    So, I’ve  been trying to get into a relationship with a girl (which is going very well), but I think she’s going into auto-rejection ( which basically means she is starting to think I’m too hard to get for her. Things is starting to go “cold”. I believe this started because I’ve been talking with another girl (which I don’t have any romantic intentions) but I really felt the jealousy in her. 
    I need to do something and do it quickly, she is going on a trip in a couple days and I think that would just finish extinguishing the magic (there’s still magic left between us). (Also, I notice she’s using another boy to try to make me jealous, since she saw me with that other girl)
    how do I keep advancing wit her but not damage my friendship with other girls?
    pleas resd the article so you know what I’m talking about. 

  3. David R. Hawkins' 101 Ways To Happiness
    David R. Hawkins' 101 Ways To Happiness