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  1. @ArcticGong I understood everything no need for clarification, i also knew you think women are beautiful because of their looks and that moves you, which also shows me that you have low self worth etc. Women are smart if i can see this they can see it 10 times more when you approach... She will imidietlly sense he wants me just based on my looks alone and he wants to fuck, okay lets say no or put him on my list of needs ill have this guy to entertain me category when im bored.
  2. @ArcticGong Your only standard is womens looks ,thats the problem you dont hold any other standard besides that,because her looks will detirmin how you gonna treat her and how you gonna move so lose lose... Also every standard is conciously made(if its your own) so it shows you have no standards besides looks which is harmful in itself... @StarStruck Delete that red pill bs or ill have to ban you unfortunately.
  4. @MarkKol Okay 251st trap of life:dont challenge someone if you dont know if you can win. Im in Zagreb,so you come to me since you are "challenging" if thats too far for you, then you should not mention me in such a stupid way because fighting is not something you should mention, if you cant even win fight inside your mind...
  5. Nah you are saying you are going to become a loser for life, asshole doesnt care about a woman like you do.
  6. @rd5555 So the solution is that you "deal" with your own problems and you can express them,but the way you express them it wont come off as looking for emotional support(because as a man you dont look for it from others but yourself if you stand behind the statement you said) just you talking... just like you would talk about the thing that happend to you this morning and offering it, not like now its your turn to understand me and give me emotional support ,like an emotional male would demand.
  7. This is some game here,one that has zero game is in constant reaction and believing in every lie mind makes,so to get out of the "loop" one has to learn fundamentals of the game so you can then built your own world, i would recommend topic starter to watch movie Wanted(2008) but one needs a little game to understand it..
  8. Elaborate more about what is a problem to you ,because there is a big difference of what you think a problem is vs what i think a problem is. Also, usually a problem is not a problem because if you are looking for solution then its just a stepping stone, if you see it as a problem and need emotional support from others its a feminine trait...talking about your feelings dont change things for men...
  9. @josemar We not gonna do that 🤦‍♂️
  10. What kind of connection was it,based on what exactly?
  11. I ate so much meat today so its all cloudy 😁 i got brief point, but whats the conflict in short summary?.. and whats the process to find the deep desire (the dreams?).. Im drawn to this topic so if i dont get the response ill look it up tommorow..
  12. Renting is only good if you have a bussiness to invest so you use that money to invest so, since when you buy you at zero lets say. When you think about it its better to get credit from the bank and use it for a house rather than paying same amount on the rent and in the end you have a house... At some point you need to own something renting at older age is no good if you not secured.
  13. @Schizophonia When i say you I meant topic starter now i see the confusion.
  14. @Sugarcoat Yeah the opposite that older women approach him to have sexual interest with the topic starter,then knowing what younger vs older think so his focus is them and what future holds that's all charachteristics of the mind with no game,its a coctail of many things. No worry probably nobody gets what im saying since nobody learns game here only pick up.
  15. Exactly why tf would you want women to approach you..
  16. @Sugarcoat From his Pov mind is creating all sorts of distortions.
  17. @Sugarcoat Its worse to assume they approach you because they want to sleep with you, so you play imaginary scenarios in your head making yourself feel better because you actually not doing anything to grow yourself. Already knowing what young or older think and how you are the man of the party.
  18. @Lila9 Nobody made you feel that is okay to be you and show parts of yourself without fear of judgment and encourage it to the point that your facade is melted by the impact of security and leadership... #nogamearound
  19. As a man you dont ask yourself that queastion,you are focused on giving love and leading her there.The more you give love(it can be in many forms) that has an emotional impact, she is the one who is going to say it first, then again you use it to lead saying: " i dont want to tell you that i love you i want to show you how i love you"...then show it to her without saying it. If shes not saying im missing you in first phase and i love you at second you dont have any impact probably because you focused on those queastion instead of giving and leading...
  20. I strongly disagree with this statment Also found this for previous convo love every sec of it 👌
  21. You actually did whats needed to change bad habit to good habit you cant change habit if you dont see it as the thing its not benefiting you anymore(sometimes even with forcing yourself).For me it worked precisely for exercising forcing myself until it became a habit but better way is seeing how it hurts you so you stop doing it.
  22. @Yimpa too much low quality posts from you lately give some effort 🤙
  23. @Applegarden8 Well,i dont think like that anymore ,if someone has influnce over me that means i have no influence over myself,im creating everything in my experience(willingly or unwillingly which is shocking discovery) and live it, i create my influnce and my world ,if i dont create nothing in my world then my world is influenced by somebody else and usually resaults in disaster like somebody else decorating your room. I review my behaviours mostly from the time i went outside comfort zone and like i said 90% i didnt know why i did it, which is a big mistake if you dont want to do random things expecting something specific. If society is my influence then they show me whats possible they have the map and i believe its all there is its just huge limitation on your own ability..
  24. Thats why with every reply you ask yourself why im evening typing on here, like im working on it atm,every action needs to have why behind it otherwise it has potential for regret and purposeless living.
  25. If you look for someone telling you what to do its a weakness,every answer is inside of you made by you,every technique needs to be adjusted to your own specifications,if you cant do that then you will never truly grow.