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  1. Go wash your dishes
  2. Also, modern stage orange culture of instant gratification and cheapening of sex is so lame to be honest. I would like to live my life in a more idealistic and romantic way.
  3. I've noticed that it has become popular to dismiss this problem, that clearly a lot of people are struggling with as some bullshit, so I wanted to make a post about it. Even Leo just laughs about it and has a "I never had a problem with it so it can't be a problem" attitude. But this is just not the case, people are different. Some people can drink alocohol their whole lives in moderation and be totally healthy and functioning humans, while some become alcoholics and ruin their life. Even tolerance of negative health effect of drinking alcohol is probably different among different people. Disclaimer To clarify, I am not saying that masturbation, or even porn is inherently evil. If you have a healthy relationship with it then fine, good for you. But it's not the case for everyone. Although I still think that it's silly to assume that you can just watch porn your whole life and that it will have no effect on your mind whatsoever. Leo is big on reprogramming the subconscious mind with affirmations, visualizations, and such. Well, you can also reprogram your mind in a negative way through the posts you read on social media, music you are listening, ads you are watching, people you are hanging out with, and yes, porn. I am also not saying that you will become a superman buy doing nofap for 90 days. But I think it's safe to say that most men will feel better and more energetic/lively if they retain their semen for a week or two. I've clearly noticed positive effects in my personal experience and as Leo says "experience is king". The issue I have with porn 1) Insecurities and negative beliefs. Porn has definitely imprinted quite a few insecurities and negative beliefs into my mind: - about my penis size - about what's considered attractive and desirable - about women - about what is considered "cool" and who I need to be Now I will have to spend quite a bit of time unwiring all that crap. 2) For me porn got progressively more and more perverted. I didn't start masturbating to porn at all. The first time I masturbated I masturbated to Naruto fan fiction, it wasn't even that erotic and the hottest moment there was character kissing. I didn't even know what masturbation was at that time, it just kind of happened naturally, lol. But of course it didn't stay this way forever. Over the years it had to escalate to more and more extreme stuff to keep feeling pleasurable to me. It has gotten to a point of me watching porn that honestly disgusts me in my "sober state". It affects my mind very negatively and makes me depressed and nihilistic. And whenever I try to get back to watching more vanilla porn it always escalates back because it's never enough. 3) Whenever I watch porn I do genuinely feel like shit. My productivity always drops and I turn on a vegetable mod. All I am interested in those time is watching porn, scrolling reddit, watching tv shows, and binge eating. I feel like it turns me into a retarded animal. Solution No, I don't think that total abstinence is a legitimate solution for most people. But I think that reducing masturbation to a few times a week, or whatever schedule fits the best to you personally, and doing it consciously, without any porn can be. This sounds like a good, healthy approach. Also, as a side note regarding semen retention, I think it's absolutely fucked up that in our modern culture not jerking off for 14 days is considered somehow very hard and extreme. How can you claim to have any kind of self-control and discipline if you can't deal with some sexual urges here and there? This is honestly the main reason why I think doing classical nofap challenge can be beneficial. Not because it will grant you some magical super powers but because you will at least now that you are the master of your mind and emotions, instead of being their slave. It develops discipline that can then be used in every area of life.
  4. For example right now. Just focus on working out regularly, eating according to the diet plan and limiting crap like reddit, and porn. Don't worry about programming, don't worry about social skills, don't worry about language, don't worry about toastmasters, don't worry about dating, don't worry about starting a blog or a social media account, don't worry about doing parkour, don't worry about travelling. FOCUS ON ONE THING! Vik, you are always afraid that you are too late, that you need to urgently make up for the wasted time, but it only causes you to waste more time, can't you see that?! You are still relatively young, you still have time, you can afford do things step by step and gradually transform your life into something amazing. You are not missing out, you have plenty of time, everything is fine! Add one building block at a time and you will actually progress faster than ever!
  5. I need patience. I need to stop rushing things. Patience is key. Shortcuts make long delays
  6. @BlessedLion so did you just decide to leave the place once you saw them?
  7. How is this different from you going to a doctor, saying that you feel like crap after eating ordinary food and doctor telling you that you are just bullshitting yourself?
  8. @Migue Lonas yeah, I have it. I almost completed it a few times. But every time I came to a point where I needed to start choosing something specific and had no idea what it should be or if I had it felt forces and not real. Maybe this time it would be different though.
  9. @Matt23 thank you. I know it affect me positively, but it's really hard for me to quit porn forever, I alsways keep going back to it. You know, I've just realized that there are things that I genuinely enjoy doing, but the issue is that they are not really fit to be a life purpose. Just something that I do for myself as a hobby. I llike travelling in nature alone, hiking, climbing, doing some parkour, etc. But I don't think those are something I can/want to do as a career. When it comes to creating shit, maybe starting a youtube channel is something that I would enjoy doing. I shoud try.
  10. Yeah, I know. In general I think that I need to start taking more action. Basically I know tha if I worked really hard and was super focused on something I could achieve it. But I doubt that I can be hard-working and disciplined enough, and that I can keep going and not quit.
  11. @Migue Lonas not being 100% clear about what I want, doubting myself, making premature commitments because of social pressure when I should've given them more thought first
  12. @Migue Lonas I am not sure yet. I am tired of making commitments that I keep abandoning. I am still clarifying what I should focus on right now and how I should spend my time. But probably yes. I am not sure how regularly though.
  13. Ha, I went and only drank water with ice and lemon. And it went great First of all, nobody gave a fuck that much. Especially, since I handled the situation with humour. Secondly I wasn't that awkward or closed off / shy at all. I participated in conversations, even initiated some, laughed and had a pretty good time in general. Sure, I wasn't the sould of the company, there were a few moments with uncomfortable silence where I didn't know what to talk about, and one awkward hug when I was leaving, but in general it is a big stepforward for me. I am also really glad and proud of myself for having balls to be myself and do the right thing Thank you for support guys! P.S. my teamleader was amazing. I am so sad that she is leaving.