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  1. @Panteranegra This looks very holistic to me
  2. Damn, this is the most danger I've felt since insulting a k-pop group while talking to an anime girl from my dorm
  3. Okay, I see. Once again, sorry if I sounded to cynical. Btw. So do you have in person classes where they are doing those exact workouts frorm the videos? That's kind of cool.
  4. @no_name now I feel like I sounded too harsh. Sorry. I just woke up and was feeling kind of grumpy. To be clear, I don't say that those workouts are bad or anything. They have a lot of benefits on their own. And the most important thing is that you love doing them. But I guess ideally you would want to balance them out with different types of workouts. Just like it's not recommended for a person who is into power lifting to never do cardio and never explore higher rep ranges.
  5. Do I really need to explain why using a bar with the same weight to do barbell rows, clean presses, squats, and lunges is not the best idea if you want to actually grow in any of those areas vs just pumping your heart rate up? No matter if it is a squat, clean, or overhead press. It's easy to maintain a good form and the chance of injury is rather negligible if you are doing them with such a low intesity that allows you to keep going for 6 minutes. You won't learn how to hold a good form until you learn how to keep it while using a weight that allows you to go for 3 reps max. That's where all of your imbalances and bad for actually shsow up. Knees want to cave in, back wants to bend, elbows start flaring out, etc. If you want to talk about perfect form... Not in a single video did they do a full range of motion squat. The guy in the blue tank top is especially funny cause he keeps talking about 90 degree range but then he himself doesn't even go to 90 degrees most of the time. And the blond girl next to him has a better form. Or push-ups, most of them can't do push-ups properly. For example at 30 minutes during body combat video you can see how a guy in a blue shirt breaks at his hips when compared to the bold guy. The same in body attack at 3 minutes. Only the middle guy has a decent form. *** But okay. Let's say you've already learned doing all of these exercises with a good form. So you've got the basics down. What now? What are your next steps? Are you just going to be doing more of the same for the next few years? Don't you lose motivation over time? For example I have a goal of getting my weighted pullups up from 30kgs to 80kgs. And my military press from 50kgs to 100kgs. This motivates me to keep going cause I know that I am working towards something.
  6. I guess I worded it wrong. Sure, you will struggle and there is always a way to make an individual workout more challenging. But in the grand scheme of things what do you gain after many years of doing them? A person who specifically trains running marathons over the year will get better and better at it. And he will be able to track his progress by how good his time is. He will also be mastering the skill of running. Proper cadence, how to plan out his run, how to place his feet, how to breathe, etc. Which is a fun thing on its own. A person who does calisthenics for many years will learn to do handstand, handstand pushups, front levers, one arm chinups, muscle ups, etc, etc. They will also develop great level of body awareness, balance, flexibility, etc. A person who is into weight lifting will go from lifting 50kgs to lifitng 200 kgs And so on. All those things will likely stay with you for life once you acquire them. Because 1) they are skill based 2) raw strength is the most long lasting when compared to muscle building and especially endurance. Which as I mentioned can get completely lost if you decide to take a 6 months break and go do something else. This gives you a feeling that you are actually bulding something, going through a mastery process, and not just doing a random set of exercises to challenge yourself during a particular workout. But once again, all of this depends on person's preferences. So if you don't care about any of the above and enjoy doing those fitness classes, then sure, do them! The best physical activity is the on that you enjoy after all I actually dgaf about bodybuilding either. I mean, I would kind of want to look super ripped but I consciously sacrifised this aspect in order to master movement patterns that I am actually interested in. Besides, as you've mentioned, I still have above average body physique so it's enough for me. Cause once again this is something that will come and go as you age and as your goals and interests change. But once you've learned a press to handstand, you've learned a press to handstand and now you need to actually try kind of hard to lose it, lol
  7. I love that mindset
  8. Маленькие дети на крышах домов Всех улиц, районов, кварталов, городов Тянут руки к солнцу, ловят тепло Но вот это солнце, растворившись, ушло
  9. @BipolarGrowth you look great! How old are you?
  10. @Bando, @NoSelfSelf, @Leo Gura Yay, eugenics on!
  11. @no_name omg, why are those things so flashy 😅 They should put an epilepsy warning before the video, lol. Regarding your question though. It all depends on your goal and preferences. If you want to develop a good cardio and basic level fitness, but running is boring for you for some reason then I think that those types of fitness classes can be good. Also, as you've mentioned you feel better when there are people around you. Personally, I am more like @Carl-Richard , I actually prefer to focus on myself during a workout and love to workout alone. The biggest downsides of such fitness workouts are: 1) You just do what the teacher tells you to do mindlessly and you follow some generic one size fits all training routine vs listening to your body, creating your own programs and exploring what suits for your personally. 2) You will inevitably hit a point where you just stagnate and keep doing the same things over and over without any major changes to your fitness level. Not only will you stop getting stronger after a while, but even your endurance will stop growing. That's because you can't really effectively increase intesity of the exercises. Yeah you can go from knee pushups to normal pushups or to take 5kg heavier dumbells, but that's it. 3) Yeah, those types of workout may be fun to do once or twice but ultimately you are just doing a bunch of diffenrent random stuff without any particular goal in mind. So you are not getting anywhere with them. Which is once again is a matter o personally preference. For example I love to have some goal that I am working on vs having "I just want to be generally fit" mindset.
  13. You do realize that you are intellectualy lazy one here, right? Instead of trying to understand what @Devin is saying you've simply decided to simplify and ridicule it, cause it doesn't agree with your own beliefs.