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  1. Hello, guys. Recently I just started Leo's life purpose course, it seems too overwhelming with tons of videos. So I am wondering can any of you who have finished and benefited from the course give some advice about how to digest the course, how to make full use of it etc. My Plan is to spend two week to finish the Concepts part, and another two weeks to finish the Exercises part. Basically every day I finish several videos. (I would rather laser focus to finish the course within a short time such as within a month. ) But what if I have been clear about my life purpose(my life purpose is to be a professional yoga practitioner and yoga teacher in the future ), should I just skip the " Finding life purpose " part? Can you share some successful experience about how you digest the life purpose course's content strategically, or any good advice? Thanks.
  2. just before me taking the second vaccine shot , a friend sent me some below information to warn me not to take it,saying that the vaccine may be highly likely deadly harmful for human body in the future and saying that it is a hoax to genocide human beings . Now I am so shocked , confused and hesitate to take the shot , if it's harmful , how can so many govs and experts promote it and encourage people the take the shot ?what do you guys think of it? @Leo Gura Thank you so much .:
  3. Sorry, what do you mean? I am confused. Can you explain, Thanks
  4. See Youtube Channel YogaTX, they have a playlist centered around the the seven chakras to practice Yoga. That's amazing.
  5. @King Merk As a peer, I can very relate to your situation here . and just like you, I come to realize how important it is to work on the basis. Everything would be fine and better after our hard work on the basis.
  6. Having been through so many emotional ups and downs this year in my life,both in relationship and career. A bittersweet year. After learning about so many theories, often being stuck in an intellectual level with distractions and mental misery along with in my life,So for a real practice and hopefully establishing up a required discipline in the future, I am on way to the temple near my city for a Vipassana meditation retreat now which will start in tomorrow afternoon. Best blessing. Happy New year to all of friends in advance.
  7. @NoSelfSelf Sorry I don't get what you mean clearly, can you elaborate on it? Thank you.
  8. @zambize thank you for your comfort, it's so soothing and comforting.I feel much better now. And thanks for the recommendation, that's inspiring. Best regards.
  9. @zambize @zambize @zambize @daniel695 .
  10. It may sound silly for many of us, but that is indeed what I think of sometimes in my life. The more I realize my parents become elder especially when they get sick sometimes,the more I feel so urge to look for someone to get married, especially in this year that I have never felt so urge before. Another triggering reason is Because this year my aunt got colon cancer which was in middle phase. With no choice Now she has been in the long-term chemotherapy which is painful. Because I don't want my parents to end up one day seeing me still single , that's so cruel to them. I want to do it before it's too late. So,I can have my own family earlier. And Have a baby so that my parents can look after the baby. Thay would feel more fulfilled and happy, and a sense of continuity of family bloodline. They would have a much happier and fulfilled retirement life like their peers. I think this is one of the main meanings of marriage,at least in China here. Just some of emotional epiphanies. What's your opinion? Any advice? Thank you~
  11. I am understand what you said, at least at theorial level.but why am I still unhappy often?
  12. @zambize @daniel695 I cried on bed today.But I couldn't cried out, I had no tears because I am a man, which made me felt worse. The memories, the rejection,the hurt,are painful, I was overwhelmed. How could I be so broken inside?
  13. @Spence94 A Chinese gf maybe can catalyze and speed your current learning process by factors.
  14. @Spence94 you did the yoga on the bed ,can you specify the process?
  15. @Lisa2525 vaping is too dangerous, it's better to keep away . It would harm health, especially girls like you.