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  1. I was noticing japanese spectators during the world cup in russia who after the game went on cleaning the stadium. Another "strange" thing among others like train company giving public excuses for being late 10 seconds all year etc... Which color do you categorise them? They must be some kind of deep blue or advanced yellow . . . @Leo Gura
  2. Here's a good point of view about free will . . .
  3. @pluto also omega 3 from chia and fish helps... My only flaw are the screens but since im aware i tend to blink a lot mindfully.... It will go away with time i guess . . . . Thanks
  4. I'm satisfied on the 80% tho, the doc says i'm still improving anyway from a social point of view dont do anything to your kid while he's still not an adult.. let him gather up all the information and decide for himself because lasik is not sweet as the docs make it sound... It may ruin in small percentage your contrast, you may see floaters ect.... i would recommend vision therapy.... It works wonders... Just talk to many doctors as you can so you work on the best non surgical way (for now) . . . .all the best
  5. I did it on february and now im still recovering from dry eye... Lasik doesnt give perfect vision although you may see better than with glasses and not to mention the freedom you have... Anyway it goes from person to person, it depends on the cornea thicness etc..... I reccomend to do that when he'll be fully adult in about 20 years so . . . Who know what other better technique will be avaiable till then?
  6. I mean , where is it, it had to be out right now.... My ego needs it
  7. I think the pixel is the building block ... If you zoomed in yourself (your body) ifinitely what you would discover is empty awareness... How do you point that out? I dont think that will ever be an instrument so sofisticated to do that cause it would be against the rules. . . Nor the less every religion and philosophy points that out in metaphores. Generally speaking most of humanity calls the same thing in different names like god, brahman, allah, consciousness, the great self, ecy but what leo refers to "rasing your consciousness" is grasping the essence of these metaphores. I dont think that awakening leads to pointing at the pixel i think it leads to knowing you're made of pixels, you're made to play so dont get to serious about it. Is like having a lucid dream, what you do if you know you're in a dream? Dream more and dream better.... Usually you enjoy dreaming more and more because you have some sort of control. Now imagine the dream lasts 80 years (in avarage) and you get awakened (like knowing you're dreaming) i bet your life or the experience of life gets 100.000.000 times better just because you're not caught in small neurotic feedback loops inside the great consciousness but you have the feeling you're all of that in a place called here and now. With that said we have a specific orgsnism which right now cannot allow us to look it ... Just feel it
  8. @Ether same... Except for needing less sleep (or struggling more to get to sleep and waking the same time)
  9. The only person that can help you is YOU... Everyone else can tell you how... I feel the same as you 90% of the time especially when my body aches, my vision isnt perfect or when i lack energy... I think its normal i cant think of anyone that doesnt have that kind of emotional response when the body feels like shit anyway what needs to happen is for you to take pen and paper and write things down, make a plan, advance on taking challenges and stop when the pain is unbearable. Fromt i read you should start hitting the gym. It fixes your posture without you thinking of it. Your subconscious mind and musclular frame would do the trick for ya.... Never surrender.
  10. Only doodeees in here
  11. @Time Traveler @Time TravelerTraveTravelTravel
  12. Now a tribunal in california claims coffee is as risky as cigarettes are.... Hmmmm
  13. The main "problem" here is the term forever. If the soul form has some of the human features even the most cruel tortures after some time become obsolete because you get used to and the realm itself loses its purpose so has to change form. I think that nothing last forever although from a human perspective it might look like it is.
  14. Its called convergence insuficency i guess... You need to talk to a behavioral optometrist in order to do some eye exercices or some videogames with 3d filters to fix that. Ps: pencil push ups should be your bread and butter :
  15. The modern version of hell is mostly made up by dante