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  1. i've been playing a lot of videogames in a weird position for about 3 months other than working from home in the same pc and i had some shoulder mild pain ( like 2/10 or less). After i let it build up for about some time it transferred to the neck and jaw (only right side or mouse side) and like 2 weeks ago i woke up with a bit of vertigo stiff neck and jaw and weak tinnitus ( it isnt even noticed mostly throughout the day) I was mostly concerned about the other symptoms cause they were more quality of life-like disturbing. I started doing some stretches and most of those went away, or is going, only tinnitus seems to be persistent. It shows up mostly when im about to sleep like (1/10 volume) and it changes pitch, frequency and volume based on my head position through the night. I toss and turn a lot tbh and its not uncommon to wake up just cause of that through the night and then get panicked and anxiety attacks, opening forums and so on. Im conscious its related to my neck and jaw applying pressure to the middle ear but still in the back of my mind (and especially after reading a lot of depressed posts on reddit) now is planted the belief it will never go away. Hopefully it does. Peace
  2. I've been in personal development and spirituality for about 10 years now and started to listen to Leo's videos since 2014. I appreciate his work and i view him as an example to follow. Last year i joined the forum and i had the pleasure to exchange opinions with so many of you. This forum has the best quality people as far as i can judge. Lots of you helped and answered me in my threads in the kindest way in various steps of my journey. To me that counts a lot especially in this day and age internet where all the forums are full of trolls and mean kids. Lately i've been posting less and less because i got busy reading and acting more and more. Today i entered in the forum inspired after reading some of Alan Watts and Eckhart Tolle work and wanted to discuss it, that's why forums are for or no? I have very few friends who are into spirituality and philosophy books so i made a thread in the spirituality section of the forum named "is the godhead awakening up?" . I've written it the best i can although english isnt my first language. I put a lot of love and time into it for about 20 minutes but that's nothing compared to the joy and thrill when i wait for your feedback. Now if im not stupid at all im pretty sure i didnt go against the guidelines, and yet the thread got closed by one moderator. Now i didn't had the pleasure to discuss before with this senior gentlemen (according form his profile picture) and i gently asked him why he closed down my thread since it doesnt go against the guidelines in the messenger and he didnt even bother to answer. I dont know what did i do to deserve all this arrogance and arbitrarity except writing something he didnt like? And i've noticed he did it with other threads that were written by people that spent maybe 15-20min like me as i can deduce from the paragraphs. It's not a big deal really to get your thread closed i dont really care, what i care is that i'm not able to see the feedback of guys like me around the world about that certain topic because someone maybe didnt like it? Well like this i dont feel welcomed anymore in here by the staff especially if they decide to close and delete threads in base of their personal likings and not to the guidelines to a thread i put time and thought building up and writing about. . . Im writing this as a hope that these kind of services will improve and i hope nobody else will feel this bad as i feel right now. As i said i find this forum a gem amongst the shitty internet and ill visit from time to time as a guest to look at your threads guys. I wish you all the best in your journey. Lots of love.
  3. We as humans are the only sentient beings as far as we collectively know, we parted ways with our true nature long ago when we started to build this society which looks to be perfect because of our gadgets but deepdown is not. We're nearly 8 billions now, 8 billions opening of the universe that are "thinking" they're not the universe. Thinking with our rational minds, and yet we manage to cause a lot of suffering, suffering to the environment, to other species, to ourself. Numerically speaking there's more suffering today in 1 year than 10000 years ago in 100 years. So a large part of the universe is suffering with us . . . Poor people suffer, sick people suffer, rich people suffer, healthy people suffer and the number of people who are chasing enlightenment is becoming greater each year. I think its more than ever. . . I dont know almost nothing about hinduism but i guess this time is called kali yuga and after this the manifested cease to exist and god awakens to sleep again... Ok time to pull out my hand and look at it for another 30 minutes... Bye
  4. At this point i dont want it anymore. Leo's videos are there (as he said himself) to open up the perspective, and you and me and all the people who asked for it i bet know what his introduction might be. . . A short introduction of jung, what is the shadow, the role it plays in our consciousness, naming various techniques for integrating it and so on. I bet we're past that. I personally downloaded all jung's books and ill study it from there. If ill need help i guess ill have to go to a specialist therapist for undergoing hypnosis. But is always nice to hear it from leo anyways lol . . .
  5. @moon777light he said he would in the upcoming videos lol . . .
  6. @Shin i dont know man . . . After 2 months long ago i become very agressive especially when drinking . . .started to pick up fights randomly in bars . . . But that's probably just me
  7. How do you know that escaping the maze is what we should go after. . . Why not being the fattest rat in the maze ? Without neurosis without disfunctions . . .? God himself pun on the maze or the show if you like and who are you to say we must wake up and stop playing gods game, or if im god why should i even stop to play because you a mere puppet tell me to???? (I'm being the devil's advocate here, even alan watts says the basic game of life is hide and seek but we cant ask him why today)
  8. Smooth it then.... Ego is a spectrum
  9. That's my exact situation. I quit facebook because too many dumb people were tagging me everywhere but instagram i ok. There's no status updates, no bullshit, you control what you want to follow and also hide stories etc. Just dont use it for about 1 week and see if you're addicted or not
  10. How do you get all of these insights?