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  1. On my way to read'em all. Thanks guys
  2. @DoubleYou ohh ty
  3. Tik tok
  4. How do you know that escaping the maze is what we should go after. . . Why not being the fattest rat in the maze ? Without neurosis without disfunctions . . .? God himself pun on the maze or the show if you like and who are you to say we must wake up and stop playing gods game, or if im god why should i even stop to play because you a mere puppet tell me to???? (I'm being the devil's advocate here, even alan watts says the basic game of life is hide and seek but we cant ask him why today)
  5. Smooth it then.... Ego is a spectrum
  6. That's my exact situation. I quit facebook because too many dumb people were tagging me everywhere but instagram i ok. There's no status updates, no bullshit, you control what you want to follow and also hide stories etc. Just dont use it for about 1 week and see if you're addicted or not
  7. How do you get all of these insights?
  8. @Joseph Maynor you think that the actualizing agenda has anything to do with the enlightenment one?
  9. I would say negative thinking but that's a madeup concept so maybe it's addictions
  10. Again. . . . . .
  11. @Serotoninluv i dont know because i never tried. . . (Never tried psychedelics for example)