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  1. @vibv I wanted to post this😤 But seriously I was considering a Phd cuz Im finishing up my MA degree. I decided not to. You wont find Truth through peer reviewed research papers.
  2. 1, I can hardly make myself to work on my MA thesis. I dread writing. 2, I want to socialize and initiate with people more but Im both undermotivated and scared of people at the same time. I cant even get started with girls.
  3. @Past-Philosopher-562 just avoid CSJoseph's content. He has a toxic cult around the subject. I was a member of it before I found Leo's content.
  4. Objectivepersonality on youtube is a good source
  5. Travel, pick up several hobbies both introverted and extroverted, do some sports, learn cooking, try art class. At least this is what I would do
  6. It may sound like a silly question, but where and how exactly do YOU socialize with other people? Do you meet people through hobbies or is it spontaneous like a club? I plan to do some radical socializing after I'm done with my MA degree so I'm trying to gather some perspective. Another question: Do you have a lot in common with the people you hang out with?
  7. This is the craziest documentary I have ever watched. A bit hard to stomach. Stage red at its worst. The cannibal warlords of Liberia🇱🇷 https://youtu.be/OMwI5unlK9M?si=4CFQ-WTJc7p7zRlc
  8. @vibvA lot of things. But she has to pass a looks threshold otherwise I dont feel attraction. Which is not very high.
  9. Wheat waffles. He gave me a pretty low number which I believe is not true based on dating experience, then told me to buy his 20 $ looksmaxing advice so I can become 2 points higher and attract girls LOL
  10. @universe Was that supposed to be an insult?
  11. @Dioxide2533 I didn't mention that I'm neither bad looking nor a virgin. However blackpill content still fucked me up. But it still makes the most sense for some reason.
  12. I got so addicted to blackpill content that my inner game progress has completely deminished even though I once managed to turn things around. I just cant convince myself that the blackpill is not true. I see so many evidence that looks are the most important to women. I even payed for a stupid face rating service I'm so ashamed of myself.
  13. Sweden has the highest quality of life among your listed countries. Individualism is high, although the people are radically different than people from Iraq. They can be rather cold and introverted. Muslims are welcome if you are one. My parents and grandparents couldn't legally migrate to the west before the fall of the iron curtain so I can sympathise. I'm from Hungary btw.