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  1. @Zane Who? It would be nice to have a transcripts book. @Manjushri seems interested too. Attached is a list of all episodes, numbered and organized by upload date. Actualized Episodes List.csv Actualized Episodes List.pdf
  2. Your work is appreciated ♡ Thanks for all you do for us.
  3. @Bojan FYI this person who says he's a chemist says to get an HTMA test before chelation. And to watch your copper-to-zinc ratio. He says zinc and DMSA deplete copper and therefore iron and that can be harmful or even dangerous. I personally don't know anything but came across this yesterday and wondered whether it might be worth looking into.
  4. Ok thank you. Realized soon after that it was a silly question but glad to know for sure. Thanks for your reply.
  5. Hi @Space would you happen to know whether Andrew Cutler's chelation method is only for those who have had mercury fillings, or whether it can help to detox from any kind of mercury buildup such as from shots?
  6. Thank you for all you do. Your work and recommendations are so positively transformative. Wishing you all the best. ♡
  7. I like this! Feels like a great technique or stepping stone.
  8. @BlackMaze Thanks for your reply, the following posts by everyone were helpful too.
  9. @Rilles @tuckerwphotography Thanks for the posts and recommendations.
  10. @Cepzeu @m0hsen these are so beautiful ♡
  11. @jimwell I agree now about the SD stage. Before learning about SD I guess I was mistakenly attributing mainly Green values to the culture. Three of my Japanese friends have happily left Japan and don't intend to move back there. They personally have mostly Orange values. Thanks for the video. So far heavy Indian accents are at the highest dificulty level for me. Also I once had an elderly Chinese boss. English was my second language too and at some point in elementary school I became a native speaker. After forgetting most of my first language and losing the muscles for speaking it, I visited the country as an adult and completed a graduate program there in that language (grammar, reading and listening were a nightmare). It took years for my American accent to fade away even a little. Many muscles in and around my mouth ached when I spoke the other language. Now speaking both OK, with some discomforts. Can't imagine trying to develop those muscles later in life than I did.