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  1. If everyone around the world were to become omniscient (develop ESP, telepathy, and perhaps more), what do you imagine would happen? Let's say we all became able to know almost anything by will and spontaneously, across space and time, especially facts and the intentions and actions of others. Could secrecy, dishonesty, corruption, bad intentions, and some violence disappear? What else would we lose along with them? Could businesses, governments, banks, and other institutions that currently rely on confidentiality adapt? How might they evolve? How might this differ from transparency through technology? (Other than it being more decentralized, freely accessible to all, and uncontainable?) What if this change in individuals were to happen within a span of one generation? What if more gradually? What might be some other effects? What could be some secondary and tertiary effects? Could not find a clue online so far. Would love to hear your thoughts or suggestions. Thank you.
  2. Did you take great notes? That's what I would recommend, and then to retake it to refine your answers, and/or read through all the notes and redo the exercises to get more precise while also refreshing memory and motivation, and then review a condensed version of all of that regularly with clear action steps, a checklist, and extras from the recommended books. If I hadn't taken great notes, I would probably have forgotten most of what I need to keep in mind daily and feel lost as well, because that's how I was before I started using a digital commonplace notebook and figured out how to use it in the best way for me. Reading the books recommended there (also doing the exercises in them), reviewing a condensed version of my course notes weekly, the full notes occasionally, redoing the exercises whenever something doesn't feel 100% right, and incorporating many things from the course and books into my daily routine is helping me to keep clarifying my vision while also providing the momentum to stay on track, be productive and enjoy it. If you felt a lack confidence in any of your answers to the exercises, building more experiences (or doing more introspection) there and answering with certainty before moving on to the following sections is probably a good idea. I get the impression that maybe you continued forward before you were fully ready to. So in addition to the above suggestions I would be serious about notetaking with consistent redoing/reviewing.
  3. Thank you for all you do. Your work and recommendations are so positively transformative. Wishing you all the best. ♡
  4. Interesting, this hadn’t crossed my mind. I then added it into my comment.
  5. I like this! Feels like a great technique or stepping stone.
  6. I’ve wondered this a lot. Would neural patterns / memory transfer over with the same ‘piece’ of consciousness? Would the patterns mix? Can two consciousnesses be in the same body at once? I once woke up in shock that I was in this body. I saw my arm as smaller than it should be, then in absolute terror jumped up so fast, scrambled onto my knees in bed looking at my arms and hands and bent knees (short thin upper legs) screaming “Sh*t! I’m in [my name]’s body?! WTF?!” My heart was pounding. How short and thin my bones felt, how much less space I was occupying in the world, feeling from the inside the flesh and cartilage etc, it was so disturbing and a unique kind of disgusting. I sat in shock for a bit looking at my hands, flipping them back and forth again and again, as I tried to remember how I got here, who I was expecting to wake up as. My mind went blank then started remembering from the perspective of the body, which took at least 1 full minute, then I kept laughing at myself thinking “Who was I supposed to wake up as?” Still get chills remembering the sense of smallness, and my foreignness to both my body and my mind/memories. I’d fallen asleep shortly after a breakup, so maybe in my dream I was my ex for a while and identified too much, or maybe someone accidentally entered this body, or something else. It was not much like amnesia, since I was comparing my body to the feeling of being a larger one. Referring to myself in third person like she’s someone I know enough to recognize her hands and her dorm room. So weird. Someone I once told this to recently recommended I watch In Her Eyes on Netflix. In that series all memories transfer over fully. Maybe it’s based on some real-life reports. Not sure I believe these are possible or whether my experience had anything to do with it. But I’m openminded, since I imagine that’s how a sort of accidental or failed possession might feel.
  7. @BlackMaze Thanks for your reply, the following posts by everyone were helpful too.
  8. The disclaimer is interesting too. Why do many assume that such abilities are dangerous? Too much consumption of fear-inspired fiction? It's sad that people have to apologize or be feared or cast out for being honest and open.
  9. @Alfonsoo Yes. I think it's also good for silencing the mind, reconnecting with body and the rest of existence. You become better at listening/feeling, distinguishing thoughts from intuition, etc. A healthy consciousness exercise maybe. If you have the iPhone version, you're seeing 4 squares. Click info at top, it says to contact them if frequently scoring 12/24 or above.
  10. @Rilles @tuckerwphotography Thanks for the posts and recommendations.
  11. @Blackhawk This is heartbreaking. Think of those you love, how sad they would feel if they could see and hear your pain. And how your love, inner peace and appreciation heals and uplifts everyone. There's a mention of struggles, suffering, implied self-victimization, and then of there being no gain, salary, or reward. There seems to be extreme resistance to what currently is, everything is being viewed as a means to and end, and solutions/rewards are being expected to come from others. This is a failure to realize the preciousness of the ? present moment. It can be hard to see, because we're completely immersed in it all the time, and the mind too often gets in the way. Part of awakening is realizing that living in the past and future means living unconsciously, missing out on the joy of living. When we experience joy, questions like "Why do I exist? What's in it for me?" seem silly. My advice, based on what helped me when I felt similarly trapped: Get your own physical copy of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Every page is gold. Good to (re)read whenever the brain hijacks our entire being, dragging us down a spiral of too much mind, creating hell. "The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master" --Robin Sharma. This is from Tolle: unconscious state (includes emotions) = identification with mind = false self creation (ego; used to substitute for true self which is rooted in Being). I'm currently borrowing, so I don't have good notes but randomly came across a few pages that might be relevant to your situation. I hope it's OK if I post photos here rather than typing up quotes.. It's page 68, 69, and 72. Hoping you find your way soon ♡
  12. That’s a really good answer @BlackMaze! Does that quote also have something to do with shadow work? Like maybe intensifying the illusion of separation from things that trigger us can get us stuck in a cycle where ego/painbody grows by feeding on that sense of separation while forming a resistance that forbids us from understanding/empathizing to properly integrate that part of human nature to complete that stage of development? In other words, are we triggered by something because we haven’t yet seen or don’t have a healthy relationship with that aspect of humanity which is also innately within us? Hopefully this is making sense. Just trying to see how/why we get triggered and how the thing to which we react is in us too. It’s all just unconsciousness on both sides is what you’re saying?