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  1. Interesting, this hadn’t crossed my mind. I then added it into my comment.
  2. I like this! Feels like a great technique or stepping stone.
  3. I’ve wondered this a lot. Would neural patterns / memory transfer over with the same ‘piece’ of consciousness? Would the patterns mix? Can two consciousnesses be in the same body at once? I once woke up in shock that I was in this body. I saw my arm as smaller than it should be, then in absolute terror jumped up so fast, scrambled onto my knees in bed looking at my arms and hands and bent knees (short thin upper legs) screaming “Sh*t! I’m in [my name]’s body?! WTF?!” My heart was pounding. How short and thin my bones felt, how much less space I was occupying in the world, feeling from the inside the flesh and cartilage etc, it was so disturbing and a unique kind of disgusting. I sat in shock for a bit looking at my hands, flipping them back and forth again and again, as I tried to remember how I got here, who I was expecting to wake up as. My mind went blank then started remembering from the perspective of the body, which took at least 1 full minute, then I kept laughing at myself thinking “Who was I supposed to wake up as?” Still get chills remembering the sense of smallness, and my foreignness to both my body and my mind/memories. I’d fallen asleep shortly after a breakup, so maybe in my dream I was my ex for a while and identified too much, or maybe someone accidentally entered this body, or something else. It was not much like amnesia, since I was comparing my body to the feeling of being a larger one. Referring to myself in third person like she’s someone I know enough to recognize her hands and her dorm room. So weird. Someone I once told this to recently recommended I watch In Her Eyes on Netflix. In that series all memories transfer over fully. Maybe it’s based on some real-life reports. Not sure I believe these are possible or whether my experience had anything to do with it. But I’m openminded, since I imagine that’s how a sort of accidental or failed possession might feel.
  4. @BlackMaze Thanks for your reply, the following posts by everyone were helpful too.
  5. The disclaimer is interesting too. Why do many assume that such abilities are dangerous? Too much consumption of fear-inspired fiction? It's sad that people have to apologize or be feared or cast out for being honest and open.
  6. @Alfonsoo Yes. I think it's also good for silencing the mind, reconnecting with body and the rest of existence. You become better at listening/feeling, distinguishing thoughts from intuition, etc. A healthy consciousness exercise maybe. If you have the iPhone version, you're seeing 4 squares. Click info at top, it says to contact them if frequently scoring 12/24 or above.
  7. @Rilles @tuckerwphotography Thanks for the posts and recommendations.
  8. @Blackhawk This is heartbreaking. Think of those you love, how sad they would feel if they could see and hear your pain. And how your love, inner peace and appreciation heals and uplifts everyone. There's a mention of struggles, suffering, implied self-victimization, and then of there being no gain, salary, or reward. There seems to be extreme resistance to what currently is, everything is being viewed as a means to and end, and solutions/rewards are being expected to come from others. This is a failure to realize the preciousness of the 🎁 present moment. It can be hard to see, because we're completely immersed in it all the time, and the mind too often gets in the way. Part of awakening is realizing that living in the past and future means living unconsciously, missing out on the joy of living. When we experience joy, questions like "Why do I exist? What's in it for me?" seem silly. My advice, based on what helped me when I felt similarly trapped: Get your own physical copy of The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. Every page is gold. Good to (re)read whenever the brain hijacks our entire being, dragging us down a spiral of too much mind, creating hell. "The mind is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master" --Robin Sharma. This is from Tolle: unconscious state (includes emotions) = identification with mind = false self creation (ego; used to substitute for true self which is rooted in Being). I'm currently borrowing, so I don't have good notes but randomly came across a few pages that might be relevant to your situation. I hope it's OK if I post photos here rather than typing up quotes.. It's page 68, 69, and 72. Hoping you find your way soon ♡
  9. That’s a really good answer @BlackMaze! Does that quote also have something to do with shadow work? Like maybe intensifying the illusion of separation from things that trigger us can get us stuck in a cycle where ego/painbody grows by feeding on that sense of separation while forming a resistance that forbids us from understanding/empathizing to properly integrate that part of human nature to complete that stage of development? In other words, are we triggered by something because we haven’t yet seen or don’t have a healthy relationship with that aspect of humanity which is also innately within us? Hopefully this is making sense. Just trying to see how/why we get triggered and how the thing to which we react is in us too. It’s all just unconsciousness on both sides is what you’re saying?
  10. I think when Leo uses the word "you" there he's refering to the actual self, which is pure consciousness, or God, or timeless nonlocal awareness, which is the same in everyone and everything. Hearing others explain it might help too: David R Hawkins, Eckhart Tolle, Russel Targ are a few. In addition to a number of Leo's episodes, Tolle's book The Power of Now talks a lot about the nature of the ego and how to transcend it. I'm a beginner, so that's about all I've got right now, am hopefully understanding correctly. These are great questions, I look forward to reading replies.
  11. Good question and responses. I wondered the same today when I saw someone express disinterest. Leo answers your question the best in a number of his videos. I will try to take better notes so I can quote, but hearing him in context is always going to beat reading an excerpt. Two reasons I've personally experienced, as to why some may not be interested (or are highly disinterested) in these areas: a.) They have never actually had a taste, so there is no attraction or incentive for them to seek more. When you experience something so profound which science and materialism can't explain, that can be a wake-up call. ---> I had deeply disorienting ESP experiences which I had tried to dismiss or hide in reaction to theism and out of a fear of alienation. However, I had had a taste of some non-material treasures, so paranormal topics would instantly get me curious and excited despite my otherwise scientific/rationalist mindset. b.) They group SD Purple, (maybe also Green?), Blue, and Turquoise values together as similar superstitious/religious/New-Agey belief systems developed as a result of people's scientific ignorance (needing answers in which to ground one's sense of reality, without having access to or putting in the effort to learn or admit not knowing) or as a reaction to materialism (assumed to be triggered by a failure to materially thrive). ---> This is where I mainly came here from. I saw most spiritual/religious ideas as conflicting with science. Spiral Dynamics helped me to better distinguish spiritualism/nondualism from religious belief systems, by listening to Leo I was able to link nonduality with my psychic experiences, and quantum physics seems to be increasingly more supportive of ideas of nonduality, infinity, oneness of space/time/consciousness, etc. (Would you disagree?) So I think there are many answers to your question; for example, some genuinely believe that authority figures have their best interest at heart or that the herd they follow is as smart as its size. But definitely hear Leo. Here are some of the videos that I think went into it: The Dangers of Spiritual Work Being a Spiritual Seeker, Good or Bad? Enlightenment FAQ - All Your Questions Answered (Parts 1 and 2) Thanks again for this post. That question bothering me was the reason I logged into here today. I missed seeing curiosity and appreciation in people, about the nature of reality and being conscious.
  12. Insightful. Thank you.
  13. @Cepzeu @m0hsen these are so beautiful ♡
  14. @jimwell I agree now about the SD stage. Before learning about SD I guess I was mistakenly attributing mainly Green values to the culture. Three of my Japanese friends have happily left Japan and don't intend to move back there. They personally have mostly Orange values. Thanks for the video. So far heavy Indian accents are at the highest dificulty level for me. Also I once had an elderly Chinese boss. English was my second language too and at some point in elementary school I became a native speaker. After forgetting most of my first language and losing the muscles for speaking it, I visited the country as an adult and completed a graduate program there in that language (grammar, reading and listening were a nightmare). It took years for my American accent to fade away even a little. Many muscles in and around my mouth ached when I spoke the other language. Now speaking both OK, with some discomforts. Can't imagine trying to develop those muscles later in life than I did.