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  1. @Opo That doesn't prove anything. Black people are 4x more likely to commit homicide so getting busted for weed comes with having more disagreeable people in your racial category. It has literally nothing to do with prejudice.
  2. That's defamation when you accuse a whole country of treating minorities unfairly. Exaggerating racisim is racist.
  3. I read War and Peace awhile back, the book was written around 1870 in Russia. Almost every point about human nature in the book applies 150 years later across languages and continents. We are not as malleable as people want to believe.
  4. The biggest reason you would call someone a bigot is to form a lynch mob. You're a racist if you exaggerate racism especially for this reason.
  5. @Opo People on this forum and most people that engage from the left side of politics worship racism like a religion because they're trying to get Marxism out of it. It's clear cut and dry.
  6. Look at you having to go back how many years, like 200 to make a claim about racism. This is beyond lazy. You know everyone used to be slaves, white people in Russia were serfs until the 20th century. Then, Leo's people put them in the gulags.
  7. The Sahara desert is shrinking because carbon is good for trees. Not sure if that makes anyone feel better.
  8. This is why there's more billionaires per capita than any other country. If you expand your business, you keep the money.
  9. @Pericles The people on this forum won't help you. I suggest you you take advice from someone with practical experience in helping people build order in their lives.
  10. I'm sure JP doesn't mind. In that video, Leo basically admitted he was wrong about 95% of the badmouthing he and his followers did toward JP.
  11. Biden doesn't have the spine to call the news fake. Better to talk about this instead of inflation, anyway.
  12. Trump was the first person running for public office to call the news fake. Could you imagine one of the other bullshitters having the balls to do that? Say what you want about his rudeness and exaggerations, but at least he stood by his convictions. No one thought they were voting for jesus.
  13. There's a reason the eskimos stay in Anchorage instead of the tundra. It has nothing to do with elitism.
  14. Almost all moderators on the internet are poor and pro-marxist because they put all their energy into activism instead of things people will pay them to do. So banning is what happens when Green is smitten in a debate.
  15. This is in society, politics, and consciousness because I want to point out that Western Civilization and sub-Saharan Africa share a common human mythos despite having no contact. To end the bitterness of race-rallying we must accept and be educated on the fact that humanity has shared a common storyline.