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  1. Honestly, I don't know what's a healthy relationship with death, but I'd like to find out, I guess enlightenment through meditation or psychedelics. This can be your niche, you can become a Sage that just talks about helping people find inner peace through developing a healthy relationship with death, if you believe it will also pay the bills, like maybe you could write, speak and coach about it, after focusing on developing it yourself through meditation, maybe martial arts, psychedelics, reading or whatever... Maybe your book becomes a best seller and takes care of the bills. But I'm assuming you're not living in the Middle East or something.
  2. What field do you want to master and find the domain of mastery in?
  3. Honestly, I doubt psychedelics can heal anything anymore, especially traumas from the past. When you break a vase, it is very hard to put it back together.
  4. It is absolutely a function of material conditions.
  5. Wow, he says that wages have stagnated because women started having careers and working, not just taking care of the kids. Why didn't they stagnate in Denmark then? Wages have stagnated because there is a greedy bunch of capitalists and psychopaths in the government, fighting for their interests, for their rights to pay workers very little, when in fact someone who would fight for workers or wage-slaves rights for a decent living wage should be in the government. But yeah, life is life, survival is survival.
  6. If you want to move to NY, you can, try to plan it out a little bit, just do it, see what are the results, come back if it doesn't work for you after a year or even 3 months and that's my advice.
  7. I just don't know what are my dreams and if I can even make the right decision. I am afraid of making the wrong one. What if I choose politics but then I find out it is not for me and vice versa. I would have to stick with the decision for the next ten years if I want to get some fruit. I am afraid if I choose coding that I won't have enough energy and time to learn languages, history, law and politics, and that I'll fail of course. I'm just most afraid of failing. It is not like choosing an icecream.
  8. There is a subject I am curious about, very curious, but I don't think it will earn me any money, like knowledge of programming would. Still, I want to know it, but is it smarter to learn programming first so that then I can go follow this passion? Cause I live in a pretty toxic environment and body and it can be a big hindrance on my path to this knowledge.
  9. To be a programmer I don't just need a laptop, I need math, physics and chemistry knowledge as well, I'd also need to understand language, and I'd need to learn even politics very well to survive in this environment. I just wanna die, I don't have the drive, or anything anymore, I'm sick of all of this. "Comfortable lifestyle", I read in that book about Jeff Bezos how he actually knew math so well when he was a kid, calculating something I'd have a difficulty calculating on paper in his head and he said how he doesn't hire people who don't have a programming degree and excellent communication skills. He knows English and Spanish, and yeah, he's just very smart and I don't think I can ever beat people like that, for we are in a competition for limited resources.
  10. You are living in a bubble. Stop imagining different houses, money, security, presidency, celebrity status, pop singer or famous actor, successful fashion business, sports, athletic abilities, just stop with all this nonsense. You're not born in the right place at the right time. There just is no security, and nothing good will ever come your way, trust me. Now what to do? Well I'd say save yourself suffering that's gonna come from 5 years and earlier. Just save yourself the suffering. It's not worth it. You're better off not seeing what's coming. My advice, whatever I say, it just won't help you, nothing will.
  11. Why don't I have any advice? Nothing would work, it is unfortunate you're even born. I'm sorry, but you're gonna have to suffer and die, there will be no security, there will be no money, you'll literally be played out like a fool by other people who will gain from destroying you. You're not welcome in this world. You're better dead. See? Nothing good.
  12. It is said. I am doomed. Not do I have no idea of a good way to earn money, not only will I never be rich, but I'm literally doomed to be either a super poor slave or die. I really hate these parts of the year when everything goes wrong and I feel doomed.
  13. I can't learn math, physics, chemistry, and programming, my native which I would have to in order to go to college (maybe not after all), English which I need to, I am sure that if I knew these subjects I'd be able to get a job, like these subjects are primary in school. In order to move I would need to know all these subjects, and I can't learn them all. I would love to understand them all, they would give me a sense of security from knowing about the world. But just enlightenment might do the trick.
  14. I too thank you for sharing Truths of this world through your videos.