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  1. @hellojohnson With a sports car and a house, you can get any girl you want. Well, almost any, it depends on how rich you are. But I don't know for sure. Maybe you can get any girl you want if you just try going out and approaching 100 of them.
  2. @Solace Okay, we get it already! Consciousness is 20,000 hours of meditation or something.
  3. Yes, she has good intentions.
  4. If it is a woman, she won't hurt you directly. She might encourage a man, pressure someone to do it for her. If you are not wise enough she might even lead you astray into the shipwreck.
  5. This is true and insightful. Still, there are facial expressions, tone of voice and body language that indicate danger.
  6. I got angry at my mom for saying bad words to me. Then I was reading this book about confidence from Les Giblin and changed my mind about who was provoking whom. I was being sarcastic, too loud and gay at night, while she was making pancakes in the kitchen, tired from work. I thought that I would be likable. First you have to be think that he is important. Notice him. Let him know that you are impressed by him instead trying to impress him. Put your shoulders back and your head up instead of standing with them bent, with your gaze down. There is also three A's he talks about. Acceptance, approval and appreciation. You accept his judgement in this case, I guess, you don't react to him, cause it would only make the matter worse. He probably has low self-esteem and is afraid that you might put him down in front of the girl. Which would hurt him badly. Since he is your friend, you can find something small and good about him. Smile, that is your million dollar asset.
  7. @Sri McDonald Trump Maharaj What happened?
  8. @Michael569 The way I would escape is by coming back to this place. I still have to work in a factory like a slave even here and with these salaries I can't really pay the bills and rent, if I'm not living with someone else. I thought that if I get a better citizenship I would not only have more money but freedom to go to LA. Maybe I will be able to do that from here as well in eight years. Yeah, maybe you are right. Just so you know, I would love to go to the UK, but it is actually even harder to go there from this country, I think.
  9. @bejapuskas I saw that movie yesterday. It was pretty cool. Not that I would like to live through that. Just act through it. I like the scene where Brad takes a gun and points it at his head (the Chinese) and asks him what did he want. It wouldn't work on me, but I'd love to try. It was very cool. But when they are in the buss, judging Calvin Klein models, well, they look exactly like them. But yes, they might be right about that too. What do you think about that spectacular Spectre movie? Is that full of anything? It felt very nice to watch him traveling and all that.
  10. @okulele my dear, I can't control myself. That is the problem which is not solvable with a psychiatrist. After 3 months of daily meditation, it finally fell in the water. So easily, so easily. And the food I decided not to eat, well, again I was left with nothing in the fridge and there was this gift from someone in the fridge, smoked meats... My teeth were in great pain for a couple of days! Another example of me not being able to control myself is, well, can't really say it publicly. But now I saw that movie, the last James Bond movie. It was very cool, so democracy means that we vote. Okay. I don't see how is it better than none democracy if the leader is really good, but hey. So after 3 months I saw a movie. Of course I'm not bad or flawed, that is right. If I was rich I would be living like Bieber, except for the concerts.. I'd rather act in movies. What is wrong with my psyche? It is fine, the root issue is my lack of habits and clarity of purpose, and the lack of money which is preventing me from actualizing it. I'm afraid of saying that I want to become an actor cause I might not like my voice and my acting, probably. And I'll always be poor, I mean, what do you want? Theater doesn't interest me at all. Plays are not fun. Movies, big and flashy movies are something. I really don't think that I can do it here. Or anywhere, for that matter. What is wrong with my psyche? Psyche will be better when it gets into a better with better circumstances in life. I don't know, it takes a lot of work to do it here. You do know that those athletes have personal trainers and chefs? I want to be an actor and a singer, but I'm not a girl and neither am I Bond, James Bond. Moving to another country might really be difficult, cause of the language and legality barriers. Can I try? I can bring enough food in my bag for a month or two. I can sleep outside and during the day, look for an employer. At least 2 weeks? It is Denmark or Germany after all, it is not that bad over there. Yeah right... If nothing, it will be a nice vacation, a great experience. A meditation. Yes, that's it, I need a retreat, a vacation. But it won't solve anything.
  11. Movies are a great source of entertainment. The problem is if you watch movies too much, you will end up without any skills and value to offer the world. Plus, I didn't watch movies for a couple of months now, and if I think that I was rich, I wouldn't watch them either. A waste of time. You could just go out and live without them. It is much better. I think, that Leo is right. It actually takes energy from you, and doesn't make you feel that good. I don't know, maybe it is time to watch one? I mean, what am I going to do, farming? Shooting movies that are kind of weird? I do want to become a movie actor. But if I have to pretend and dress a certain way, I'll kill myself. I didn't mean that, I do like acting, but not all acting. He is right about diet, exercise, cults and watching movies. That is the problem. Why is he right? I'm going to see a movie guys. One movie. So that I can get motivated to make them or leave them for the bad effect they have. But if I was rich I would be reading cultural books, so to say, history and all that. Politics and that is all turned into movies, which is good. A marketable skill like speaking? That is a good idea. Yes, I could be a journalist, a political one or something.
  12. But yes, I do want to get out of here because I would be able to see a better world and maybe rent my own home with the money I earn. So it is because of the economic stuff as well. Hey, hey, hey, wait a second, you want to say that it is not the wisest decision? My gosh, you must be kidding me. I think that it is the best decision, one that I should have made long time ago. But maybe you are right!