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  1. Hmm, my favorite food is grilled chicken with a salad (spinach, carrots, red peppers, olive oil). Though I never had this meal, it sure does look tasty. Why does chicken look tasty and a grasshopper doesn't? I don't know really. Why does a cake look tasty, very tasty, irresistible but beans look so boring? Well, sometimes beans look much more delicious than a cake. Literally. When You had enough of it. But when there is not enough healthy sweets around, a cake is going to get you.
  2. HUGE EGO, yes, I do have a huge ego. I don't want my head to be bloody again. I don't know, maybe it wouldn't have been so bloody if I was just openly gay. Still, there are many straight people that have huge egos.
  3. Well, you know what? I tried meeting someone outside for the first time, like without using a dating website. On the mountain I meet Nicola. He plays a guitar. I approached him from behind, which is the first mistake. At the beginning I smiled, but later I couldn't, another minus. He smiled quiet a lot. We talked about useless stuff, like school, interests, but I know that I said lies about myself to seem better. In the end, I asked for a number, but didn't get it, instead he added me on Facebook, which I don't use. I was like trying to personally develop him when he said that he doesn't like reading and goes drinking in bars. I said that music might be his passion (so many of us want music). I don't know, I'm quiet tired from this. Next time, my approach should be in the city. There, my ego will burn as hell.
  4. Well, when I was on the top of the mountain alone, walking and talking to myself aloud, I hope there was no cameras around. I thought that I could have created muscles 2 years ago instead of having all of this unnecessary suffering and loss in my life. I could have bought some gym equipment and with all the free time and money I get from my parents for food, I could have created muscles. Well, I could not have actually, even if I had the proper knowledge of what is necessary. There was still my disabled grandmother, and no book can help me with that relationship. Well, I could have went out and socialized, if I was smarter. I don't know. If I was out all day, right now I'd be a social butterfly, having sex every night. I don't know, maybe. Still, with the right diet and weight lifting 3 times a week, that could grow into something big. Now, my dreams will be destroyed by reality. I am too vague. I can't say what I want to be, and my mind changes, so all effort remains futile, since I can't decide on one thing, definitely. I would if I knew where can I really be successful and wealthy. But it is hard to imagine without real experience.
  5. What happens with your balls and semen when you do nofap, while not having sex at all?
  6. Well, I lasted around two weeks or more without mastrubation. Today I faild after making a vision board and still being indecisive about the career life purpose. I don't know if by going through the course again I have to read those books again and watch those movies and so on. I am also afraid that I might have ADHD from stress, fear, this water that I'm drinking and pesticides. The problem is also that I have fatigue. My heart is starting to beat very fast every day and night. I can't sleep. But there are days on which I read a lot and meditated. I am afraid that wage slavery is my future.
  7. @hellojohnson With a sports car and a house, you can get any girl you want. Well, almost any, it depends on how rich you are. But I don't know for sure. Maybe you can get any girl you want if you just try going out and approaching 100 of them.
  8. Don't take him to the psychiatrist if you are not in a first world country. Does he have a job or something?
  9. @Solace Okay, we get it already! Consciousness is 20,000 hours of meditation or something.
  10. This is in my city, but quiet far away. Been here like 4 times in my life.
  11. @kira It could be cheaper and healthier if the meat you are currently eating is not organic, grass and flax seed feed. The easiest and the least green vegetable of all to make a salad with is cabbage, at least from my experience. You must clean the spinach and during the year you can't find it in a small city market. Eat lots of vegetables, make a big salad. Fruits as well. Don't go to bed hungry. Get some protein from peas, beans or nuts. You will have to evolve your diet, I guess. And don't forget the carrots!
  12. Nope, this was mine self-esteem issue. It depends on who you are born to be.
  13. @bejapuskas Thank You
  14. Oh, you are too kind