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  1. What happens with your balls and semen when you do nofap, while not having sex at all?
  2. @hellojohnson With a sports car and a house, you can get any girl you want. Well, almost any, it depends on how rich you are. But I don't know for sure. Maybe you can get any girl you want if you just try going out and approaching 100 of them.
  3. Don't take him to the psychiatrist if you are not in a first world country. Does he have a job or something?
  4. @Solace Okay, we get it already! Consciousness is 20,000 hours of meditation or something.
  5. This is in my city, but quiet far away. Been here like 4 times in my life.
  6. @kira It could be cheaper and healthier if the meat you are currently eating is not organic, grass and flax seed feed. The easiest and the least green vegetable of all to make a salad with is cabbage, at least from my experience. You must clean the spinach and during the year you can't find it in a small city market. Eat lots of vegetables, make a big salad. Fruits as well. Don't go to bed hungry. Get some protein from peas, beans or nuts. You will have to evolve your diet, I guess. And don't forget the carrots!
  7. Nope, this was mine self-esteem issue. It depends on who you are born to be.
  8. @bejapuskas Thank You
  9. Oh, you are too kind
  10. Ahahhahaha Might it be the other way around?
  11. You know what's important and how to love?
  12. @Shin What does it matter if they are good for you? You don't care about anyone but yourself.
  13. I don't like having people around me when I study.