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  1. I am being a troll here. Sorry, the point was: I wanted to go to USA to be a successful actor. I feel my skills and life circumstances are not going to allow me. I don’t know what my life purpose should be. So I did not sign up for acting college. And I have no idea am l doing. I am in stage orange. And blue. I think. I am not spiritual. I gave the book back to the library. I read a part of this sad family story (180+ pages). I did not sign up for acting but psychology. If I don’t do the IQ and some other test right, it means I am left with 3 more options. But this is a college about psychology, so I think this should be the way. It looks like net worth and good looks are important to me. So I am not a spiritual person to care about what this spiritual genius has to say. But the page you shared is great!
  2. Well, if you are a social, likable person, and you love spending time with people, and you love games, and personal development, great. Create a social, friendly, personal development teaching game.
  3. I read that he was a gambler. But I might continue reading it. (To be continued) Thank you for your thoughts.
  4. Hello. I don't know if I understood the "Follow your bliss" idea, properly, but I went to academy of arts in this city and meet some people. Its because I want to go to college and find out does me being an actor or movie director have legs, or is it just not gonna fly. Is it my bliss? I meet a Russian actress and one of the things she told me is to read "The Brothers Karamazov", she thinks I could be Aljosa. I read a couple of pages and I wonder: What do you think about this book?
  5. Leo, if all humans started eating fruits & vegetables only, using electric cars only, creating electricity the eco way (Sun, wind, water), would then all people on Earth be feed, and healthy? Is this maybe the next practical step for societies when most people are green stage psychology? How to help solve problems like basic human needs? Maybe we would not have many diseases and problems like today, if we apply these ideas. Sorry for wasting your time, a lot is missing, I think that what you are doing (improving people), will maybe lead to the world for humans with these ideas applied. The cartoon idea of robots doing the agroculture and other kinds of work seems nice! Nice Iideal for humanity.