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  1. I was discussing the issue of minimum wage with my libertarian friend the other day, and she was telling me how it would leave people unemployed and was not a good strategy overall. And I saw a logic behind that as well I've also heard from @Leo Gura that it's not that simple and there are advantages too. What do you guys think about it?
  2. Chakras are just models, that have its origins in Hinduism, and reference energetic centers that are located inside your body. I think that you won't actually understand what a chakra is referring to, unless you actually experience it yourself, in the same way that you can't experience a taste of an apple unless you actually eat the thing. If you want to understand what chakra is referring to, and how to experience it yourself, I recommend reading this book: and doing further research, at least theoretically
  3. Hey, I want to understand economics and I'm looking for some resources to do so. Do you know any good resources (books, courses, lectures, etc)?
  4. Definitely not this one
  5. What should I handle in my life before having a family of my own? How do I reconcile having a family with doing the consciousness work?
  6. @Leo Gura As I remember, you once asked Ralston to take 5meo. Did he tell you the same thing? that there can be no way? There must be the reason for why does he think like that. What do you think is the reason? Just lack of experience and closed-mindedness?
  7. @Leo Gura What do you mean by strength and leadership qualities? How do I know if I have them or not? Because, obviously some men do have them by default (considering their life experience). What does being strong and a good leader look like in practice? Can your work help men develop these qualities? I mean the stuff you teach, for example: mindfulness, love, ability to let go, ability to look at a situation from a different perspectice, having multiple perspectives on a thing, importance of having nondual experiences, importance of being more egoless than selfish, etc, etc. Can a man, who doesn't even know that self-reflection is a thing, be a strong leader?
  8. @Leo Gura So, do girls also walk around the mall thinking whether they would fuck that guy or not too? If not, than what is the thing they do? And generally, how important are looks for women in a relationship compared to men?
  9. Is Shadow Work one of the ways to work with our fears? Is projection and shadow coming from the unconsious fear? Can all types of fears be overcome by doing a single thing? Or are there multiple ways to handle multiple types of fears? As I understood, the fundamental thing that we are trying to do with this work is ultimately dealing with our fears. And a path of having a wounded ego => having a healthy ego => transcending an ego, is fundamentally about maximizing love and minimizing fear. Am I correct?
  10. @Leo Gura What do you consider as a good theoritical foundation? If I read every book from your booklist from consciousness / meditation section, watch all your videos, and also have a meditation practice, will that make my foundation good enough to try psychedelics?
  11. @Leo GuraHow was this done? I mean, you held a pen and a paper, wrote a question and than the voice was answering your question and you just wrote it?
  12. How many of you have had a lucid dream on a will? And how much time did it take you to have the first one? I've observed that becoming aware of the recurring patterns inside a dream can help you become lucid.
  13. @Leo Gura What do you mean Jesus was not a human being?
  14. Hey, I have zero experience with psychedelics, or anything like that. But after learning lots of theory about nonduality and enlightenment, I want to have a little mystical experience using psychedelic substances. But I have no idea what to expect, or what am I suppose to start with. Is a microdose of LSD good for my purposes? And also, what is the ideal environment for the thing I am looking for? I suppose an empty room will do. And I suppose trip sitter is necessary too. What would you suggest?
  15. @Leo Gura I have a question about neediness. If girls are attracted to needy guys, and you are a needy one, how can you attract a girl? To really become a genuinely non-needy type of a guy, you must gain experience in relationships, right? And how do you do that, if your neediness becomes a problem in attraction.