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  1. You must be fully enlightened after that lol
  2. Yeah maybe, but maybe not. In my experience, rationalizations are endless. There is always a new one replacing the old one. The trick is to realize that whatever the content of rationalization is, it's still a rationalization and that there are two choices, first, to do what your mind tells you to do and second, the opposite. It's really hard for me to realize that I have a choice. I realize that after I break my commitment, but the hardest part is becoming aware of your action in the actual process of doing them. But hey, if it was easy, we wouldn't even be talking about this. There's another thing that helps me sometimes (when I am conscious enough to see it). When I'm about to do what I know I shouldn't be doing, sometimes I just stay still and realize that if I don't do this, I have to go through the emotional labor. And THIS is the actual possibility to actually develop my discipline a bit more. Then I think of all the things that I want to achieve and know that I won't achieve them without having a discipline and I realize that THIS, this moment right here, right now is literally creating my future. It helps to think of it that way. It puts things into a proper perspective. Because you realize that what you call future, and what you visualize as your future is being constructed at this very moment right now, And the emotional labor that people are talking about is not something that you'll do later. It's being done right now when I'm staying still and not doing what my mind tells me to do with its endless rationalizations. And to be conscious of this is hard for me. What about you?
  3. For example, eating garbage fast food after eating clean for a month, just to reward myself for being such a good boy Of course, all such rationalizations are bullshit, but it's really hard to see that in the actual process of doing it.
  4. My biggest struggles are the reasons that my mind very easily creates for why should I do the thing which I know I shouldn't be doing. Mind is one giant tricky bastard
  5. @Sopot What I am doing is saving $30 each month (or how much I can, sometimes much less than that) so in couple of months I'll be able to purchase the course. You can do the same. Just sit down and think, what are you spending your money on. Can you not spend some of it each month? Just collect your money with baby steps, if you don't have another choice (kinda like me). $10-20 a month will be 250$ in one year. And by then you'll only be 17 And come one, you probably spend $20 each month on useless shit, don't you? Patience is what you need
  6. In your meditation for beginner's video you said that even if you sit for 20 minutes and think about sex or something, you can consider that as meditation because what counts as meditation is that you sat down and had an intention to be aware. You also said that it's not in our control to be aware or not. Now you say that if you are not being aware, you are not meditating. Isn't there a contradiction?
  7. Happy birthday Leo
  8. @electroBeam What I mean is after some years of socializing (parties, going to the events, etc) I might realize that this was not as much of a big deal as I made it to be. So years later, I might smile at myself as I currently am. Because right now I am lacking all that "socializing" experience and my mind constantly tells me not to miss opportunities. And when I miss them because of my anxiety or any other reason, I get depressed, more anxious etc. I will probably look at that mechanism of behaviour years later with a big smile on my face. Or maybe I won't. That's what I meant.
  9. @Epiphany_Inspired Yup you are right, thanks
  10. @Epiphany_Inspired Yes I agree, giving up socialization when you feel the need of it is silly. My problem is that I get depressed when I have the possibility of being more social and don't use it. I think when I get older and look back at myself as I currently am, one of the things that I will laugh at is my desire to be more social and all those hours that I spend thinking about the issue of myself not being enough, not being as good as I can be in social interactions, etc. But I guess this is just a phase, I have to look at this as a phase of my life, which will not be as important as it is today as time goes on. I hope so...
  11. @Nahm And did it have a huge impact on your life?
  12. @Shin How would your life be different now, if you started 20-minute meditation practices each day from the age of 21?
  13. Hey, If you were able to speak to your 21-year-old self, what would you tell him/her? What advice would you give him/her? I am asking this because I turned 21 a month ago, and am a bit confused about my priorities in life. One day I am depressed because I don't use all the possibilities that I have to be more social. Another day I am happy with who I am and I don't feel like having anything or being anyone else. Some other day I feel anxious because I don't feel like my lifestyle is good enough to have the kind life I want. And sometimes I don't even know what kind of life do I want. So, your ideas could help me see other people's perspectives too. I know I have to deal with all my confusions by myself, but your ideas might help me become more aware of the things that I do which I should not be doing. So yeah, what would you tell your younger self?
  14. Thanks for the ideas guys. I guess when I become more aware of how I am doing those kinds of things, and also when I have more holistic understanding of the problem, by researching about those issues etc, It will cause less and less suffering over time. So, I guess I have to trust this process