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  1. @Leo Gura What would you say to a beginner on meditation with your current state? I guess it's better than nothing
  2. @Leo Gura You've said in the past that meditation is the single most important self-improvement habit that one can have. Do you still think that way? I get the sense that your views on meditation changed over the last few years.
  3. @EddieEddie1995 What about Galantamine, have you heard of it? And about Huperzine, what does it do? Does it produce more vivid dreams or just makes you remember more of them? Haha yeah, it's hard enough to make an approach regularly dressed But I can try to do that in a dream lol. But who needs girls when you are dreaming and you can literally be superman, lol
  4. @EddieEddie1995 Hey man, thanks for the video, it was very helpful 🙏 Do you think that lucid dreaming can be an effective vehicle for conquering fears? For example, let's assume I have approach anxiety and I don't feel comfortable around girls, do you think that If I develop lucid dream abilities and approach dream girls ( ), will it become easier in "real life" as well? If we say that it's all mind stuff, what's the difference then? I might not be conscious of the fact that this reality too is mind-stuff, but if I assume that it is, and I train some abilities in lucid dreams, will it affect the waking life? Btw, your girlfriend's artwork is awesome
  5. @Shin In what way did NOFAP help you with that? Just curious
  6. @Shin What techniques were you using? And overall, do you find it hard to get into deep lucid dreams? I am new to this, want to start practicing and am wondering what to expect. @EddieEddie1995 Do you have a YT channel?
  7. Hey, The other day I became lucid in my dream amd everything felt so real. It felt almost the same as the waking life. That got me thinking (inside the dream), that all I see, hear and feel is created by the mind. Not by the mind of a dream character, but something outside of that dream reality. Then I remembered what Leo always says, that there is only appearances without substance, and it's being hallucinated by the mind. So, I suspect that dreams can be used to discover and travel into our subconscious mind, if we become lucid and sustain it. Do you think that it's a valid method and do you see the connection between waking up from the nights dream and waking up from the dream that we call life?
  8. @Leo Gura How is Zen satori different from the God realisation that you're referring? Is it more radical to go from Zen satori to God then to go from normal state to satori?
  9. @Andrey Yeah front-end turned out to be the most enjoyable for me out of all the possibilities suggested in CS classes. Not really a science, for sure
  10. @Leo Gura That may be applicable to hot girls. What about all the other ones? Like those ones who are more or less insecure about their looks?
  11. I would love to see your conversation with Lex Fridman
  12. @JonasVE12 Yeah for sure. I've just bought Leo's course, lets see what I'll end up with.
  13. @intotheblack Yeah, you are right. I think one thing that I and people who think like me don't understand is that most of us feel that way. I guess most people around me feel insufficient and partial. But that doesn't stop them from getting into relationships. But the sad part is that many of them expect to fill that thing that they're lacking with a relationship, and often they fail to do that. You are right about judging too. When I judge myself, that's when I tend to judge others as well, and I guess that becomes a problem in an intimate relationship. And why do you think that relationships are the best ways to learn?
  14. I notice a tendency in myself that I have like a list of 20 items that I want to fix before I commit to any serious intimate relationship. The result of this is that I am 25 years old with 0 intimate relationship experience. So, I guess this is not the way to go. But still, even though I understand logically that I shouldn't do it, this tendency blocks my ability to try to involve in a relationship, because every time I consider doing that, my mind gives me my list of 20 items of what is not good enough in me and what I have to improve, and I always postpone the decision of starting a relationship. Does any of you experience the same thing? Is this a low self-esteem issue? How do you handle it?