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  1. @Aaron p That's awesome! What did you do, do you have some kind of spiritual practice going? Psychedelics? Or what?
  2. How many trips did it take you to build up to that point?
  3. @Leo Gura For a psychedelic noobie, would you prefer a solo psychedelic retreat, like flying to Netherlands, buying a hotel room and a bunch of shrooms or LSD, and tripping and contemplating there alone. Or going into a special center with facilitators and doing that there? I think there are such centers in Amsterdam.
  4. What do you put inside those lettuce leaves?
  5. @Leo Gura But if everything is love, and love can trigger love, why can eating a magic mushroom trigger Love and eating for example an apple can not.
  6. @Leo Gura I recently started meditating for 20 minutes a day, and I notice that when I'm going out, having fun and socializing, and after all that come back and try to meditate, my mind is all over the place. All those 20 minutes are spent thinking how awesome was the day, how I should be more humorous, how I should be interacting with more girls, and how awesome would it be to talk a bit more with that cute girl and etc, you get the point. What would you advise in such a case? Literally all those 20 minutes are spent sitting still and mind just wandering to all those places, which I know are the needs that I haven't satisfied yet. I think that keeping at least 20 minutes of meditation habit is a good starting point, and the main focus must be on keeping the habit, no matter what. What do you suggest?
  7. @Leo Gura So if one spends decades doing consciousness work the correct way, will he/she be able to alter what they imagine? And if that's the case, what would it look like practically speaking? You don't mean turning computer screen into a demon right?
  8. What do you think, if you are interested in spirituality, pursuing enlightenment and all that, does your partner need to be on board with that? Why would you want her to be interested in what you are interested in? I kinda agree with you, but when I think about it, your own development narrows down the options of possible partners. There aren't lots of green+ girls with which you'll have your values aligned plus who you'll find attractive, are they? That probably heavily depends on where you live.
  9. I was discussing the issue of minimum wage with my libertarian friend the other day, and she was telling me how it would leave people unemployed and was not a good strategy overall. And I saw a logic behind that as well I've also heard from @Leo Gura that it's not that simple and there are advantages too. What do you guys think about it?
  10. Chakras are just models, that have its origins in Hinduism, and reference energetic centers that are located inside your body. I think that you won't actually understand what a chakra is referring to, unless you actually experience it yourself, in the same way that you can't experience a taste of an apple unless you actually eat the thing. If you want to understand what chakra is referring to, and how to experience it yourself, I recommend reading this book: and doing further research, at least theoretically
  11. Hey, I want to understand economics and I'm looking for some resources to do so. Do you know any good resources (books, courses, lectures, etc)?
  12. What should I handle in my life before having a family of my own? How do I reconcile having a family with doing the consciousness work?
  13. @Leo Gura As I remember, you once asked Ralston to take 5meo. Did he tell you the same thing? that there can be no way? There must be the reason for why does he think like that. What do you think is the reason? Just lack of experience and closed-mindedness?