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  1. @Leo Gura Don't you see any benefit from an hour of daily meditation? I'm not talking about Awakening or mystical experiences. Maybe increasing a baseline of awareness bit by bit, or helping to master emotions.
  2. @Leo Gura Why can't it be recorded with a regular camera? Do you see it in the mirror?
  3. @Leo Gura You've referred to "insane levels of consciousness" in the past as well. And you also said that you've had experienced some insanity on mushrooms. How was this different? And exactly what do you mean by insanity?
  4. @Leo Gura Doesnt ED drugs come with some nasty side effects? Is Cialis safe for young people?
  5. @Clabber Girl Any specific examples of things that can be done as a team comes to your mind?
  6. @King Merk Yup, it takes weeks and months to apply those, and other things as well. But that's the whole point of a relationship, that applying process itself is creating a relationship. So it's just a question of doing things consciously or unconsciously.
  7. Hey guys, I've been thinking of ways to make an intimate relationship deeper and more fulfilling. Here are some of my ideas: Improving sex life, learning to have better and deeper sex. Learning to communicate mindfully, being aware of one's own biases and ego's self-defense mechanism during conversations. Watching oneself like a hawk. Communicating each other's deepest wishes, needs, visions, and values. Making sure not to take a relationship for granted. That makes you lazy and inactive. Developing a deep desire to improve all aspects of a relationship, and working consistently on them. Having spiritual experiences together. Learning Love Languages and satisfying each other's needs according to those languages. Visiting beautiful places and savoring those experiences. Unhooking yourself from social media, and internet distractions so you are fully concentrated on each other while being together. Working on your life in general, having and doing many things that you love, and not making a partner the center of your life. Paradoxically that makes for the best relationship. Being aware of impermanence and your attachments and clinging tendencies. Softening those to make room for a conscious relationship. That's emotionally challenging. Not avoiding things that are emotionally challenging, like talking with a partner on a topic that makes you hurt emotionally, but if not spoken, rottens the relationship inside out. Make sure to not have anything like that. Working on your self-esteem issues. Making sure that there are no gaps in that area. Improve it as best as you can. Having clean diet and exercise routines. That will affect all areas of your life, including intimate relationships by having a better sex life, more energy, more vitality, better mood, etc. These are some of the things that I consider crucial to deepen your intimate relationships. What are your thoughts on this? What do you think can make your relationship more conscious and deeper?
  8. This has been discussed here:
  9. @Leo Gura What are your opinions on a software development career? I think it's just a medium but can be very profitable money-wise. And that money can be used to buy free time and bootstrap something more meaningful than just creating software for companies that might not align with one's values.
  10. Look for other more quality freelance platforms like Toptal or Turing. Minimum rate is 25-30$ there as I remember and you can easily get that up to 40$+ in some time. But it's not easy to get into those platforms as it's on Upwork or Freelancer. You need to pass a serious coding interview and make a project to be accepted.
  11. Someone on Midjourney Discord server made a comic with it. This is awesome
  12. @Leo Gura Do you still do some formal daily practices like meditation or yoga or something like that? If you do, what kinds? Or you developed your own things through experience
  13. @Leo Gura Do you recommend eating quality flour products prepared at home? Like, almond flour or coconut flour stuff.
  14. @GroovyGuru I'm just like you, feeling guilty most of the time when I fail to live up to the high standards that I set for myself. Maybe just appreciating your overall developmental progress, comparing your current self to your old self will give you a better perspective than guilt. Also, I like to look at this guilt and anxiety as part of emotional labour that has to be done for me to step up. Maybe feeling that guilt fully is a better option than avoiding it. Leo recently posted a video called How To Fall In Love With Life, that helped a lot.