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  1. @Manusia Dont fully trust the computer, read all the other descriptions as well.
  2. His book just recently came out. I just started reading it. So far so good If anyone is interested you can get it here
  3. @Username Easier said than done. I don't know if I would be able to handle this. My last 5Meo trip (2 years ago) was pretty bad and I couldn't gain the courage to take it again since, let alone 5-MEO-Malt. Even thinking about now makes me scared lol.
  4. How reliable is a scale for measuring really small quantities like 5-10mg? I think you would need a pretty good scale for that. I remember trying to measure 5-MEO-DMT with a micro scoop and I think it was more reliable, but the scale I was using wasn't particularly high quality - below $50 or so.
  5. What job is it? Could you try negotiating a 4 day work week?
  6. A feeling of being trapped without the possiblity of ever escaping. Imagine being put into jail serving a life sentence but in your mind.
  7. A short but insightful summary on brainwave states and how we can utilise them to create more quality goals / visions for our lives.
  8. You'll never quit porn with this mindset. I know because I used to think the same way and it only backfired on me. Sure, it might work for a while but it won't cure the addiction.
  9. Primary: 1.8 Secondary: 2
  10. When you get the craving set a timer for 5min and do nothing. Observe your thoughts and bodily sensations. When the timer is over allow yourself to PMO, but observe how you do it scrupulously.
  11. Floss everyday, atleast twice. In the beginning you might get some gums bleeding but it will subside. Make it a habit by starting small like flossing only 1 tooth once a day. Gradually increase the number of teeth. Put the floss next to your tooth brush so you can see it. If you really want to make it easy, cut strips of floss and put into a small container or bowl.
  12. Pfizer 1st shot: Fatigue, lack of motivation, easily irritated and some mild anxiety. 1-2 days 2nd shot: Same as above but for a slightly longer duration: 3-4 days. I had no fever. My appetite was still good and I managed to sleep quite well (oversleeping at times).
  13. Have you tried playing video games all day? Is it really that satisfying to you?
  14. I think awareness and observation is key. As @Charlotte pointed out, observe your thoughts and feelings about these situations and journal them. Then contemplate. For example, when I am talking to someone I might get a thought: "I am an introvert, therefore I find it hard to be witty". Without reacting or getting upset, I notice that thought and when it's convenient I write it down. Then I dig deeper and challenge that belief / assumption. I might ask questions such as: - Is this true? What evidence do I have? - If it was true once, how did it serve me to hold that belief? - If you absolutely knew that this was not true, how would you think or behave differently? Keep chipping away at it using logic and reason. Adopting different perspectives also helps. So instead of being reactive you become like a curious scientist. Also try exposing yourself to more challenging situations and push your comfort zone a bit, this has helped me alot.
  15. @Michael569 @Corpus @undeather Thank you all, I really appreciate your input. I was feeling fatigue, low energy almost on a daily basis. This was in the normal range. Also TIBC, UIBC and Ferritin in the healthy range.