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  1. My friend had a saliva trip where he ended up staring dead at a wall for 10 minutes only to then scream uncontrollably and was then out of breath explaining that he lived the life of a panda from birth till death
  2. Did you even test the “mdma” you bought? As someone who was part of the underground rave scene for about 7 years, I can pretty much promise you that if you bought this at the event, didn’t test it, and don’t know you’re dealer, it was hands down not mdma. A single mdma dosage/trip can takes weeks to recover from just neurologically. Use these things responsibily regardless of the situation. +1
  3. Your shadow reeks. Please get it checked out. Lol if you’re gonna use the suffering I deal with in life as some sort of pull to win something all because your tits are in a tussle because I’m not putting up with your fantasies and projections that just shows how ignorant and selfish you still are. If you don’t like the questions I have on here then skidaddle. You’re on my post buddy. Bliss isn’t something you find but you can keep lying to others and yourself if you still want to. If you’re really gonna use someone’s vulnerability about their life as a way to have a one-up on them because you can’t just agree to disagree, admit your ignorance, or just walk away that shows how much you’re in your own spiritual narcissism. You ain’t awake buddy. Nor am I. Keep typing like a spiritual keyboard jockey if you want but keep your fantasies and projections you have of me to yourself. I dont not need to indulge your fantasies nor play coy.
  4. @ActualizedDavid sounds like a healthy mom but I wouldn’t call that enlightenment at all though. Glad you have a healthy relationship with your mom though. Don’t take for granted how beneficial that is in your own well being an pursuit of truth.
  5. Is that something you wish to solve directly as you to start to embody Truth more and more in your own consciousness work?
  6. Perspective itself is an illusion. A useful activity. However there is no such thing as another perspective. There is no “meta perspective”. You haven’t had an enlightened as to what existence is. The nature of existence was my first enlightenment experience. This is not something that’s up for debate. You’re not conscious of what existence is. Lol yeah because you’re reading it that way. I don’t care what you consider that to be. Your considerations of the matter are irrelevant. Impossibility doesn’t as what’s possible can only be “informed” by possibility. Don’t agree? Go study other enlightened masters the nature of possibility. Here’s even a video if this entertains you. Lol look at the very issue with the question you’re asking. You still don’t get what an illusion/existence is. Get the nature of existence then we’ll talk. You of all people on this forum should not be lecturing people when you yourself have said you just follow Leo and don’t seek for yourself. Don’t go around lecturing people on matters you yourself don’t actually to become conscious of independently free from dogma and hearsay. You’re talking from a place of fantasies.
  7. Precisely. Stop talking about it. Stop trying to have something to say about stuff you’re closed to putting your ass on the line about. There is no such thing as “having” purpose, drive, mission, etc. You CREATE them. You’re not a victim. You CREATE the victim. You create these things and it’s a matter of staying in integrity with them. And the problem about talking about shit you don’t personally know is that you’re constantly breaking integrity because you’re afraid to put your ass on the line, stop talking, admit you might be wrong and submit yourself to a process that will demand discipline in order to get what you want. If you want Truth and you’re not enlightened, you admit to yourself that everything you think you “know” is a belief. It’s a fantasy. You go out of your way to find a teacher and you learn and really empty your cup. If you’re reallg depressed and have terrible self esteem and you realize “holy shit I can’t talk without projecting”, you go out of your way to find a psychotherapist until you get one and get the help and submit yourself to the required process and stop thinking that you have the answers because if you really “had the answers” you wouldn’t be in the predicament you’re in. If you want to have sex and/or have a fulfilling relationship you toss all the bullshit fear mongering red pill NONSENSE and you start by saying hi to a girl. Do that everyday. Then have a conversation just with the intent of having a conversation. Then you have a conversation with the intent of dropping your preconceived ideas you have of women and listen to another conscious entity talking to you. Then practice eye contact and look into what it is you’re avoiding by keeping eye contact and then go back and improve. So on and so on. However that requires you being a slave to being responsible and honest with yourself and no one can do that for you. You have to realize that your stories are a lie. The more you’re open to even just seeing that they are lies will spur the motivation to drop the lies and start taking incremental responsibility. I’m not saying this to ridicule you. I’m having to submit myself to this same process now and it’s fucking hard. But it’s also rewarding. I went through a hell summer because I had to face the reality of how much of a coward I’ve been living as and that if I want to make my dreams real I have to finally do a low end job on the other end of the country to save up money to move out on my own for the first time and grab myself and life by the balls and say “I want to live my life deliberately and responsibily because no one is going to make this real for me except me.” I really struggle with being a victim. However I had to be honest that I was being that and get so disgusted by it that I couldn’t keep living as that. Hell I have a whole tear wrenching story I could share that validates my story but that doesn’t change the fact that my life doesn’t change till I do. Till I stop talking and being a know it all with myself and avoiding responsibility. Guess what though? Responsibility feels AMAZING. You know what you gotta do. Go fuckin do it man. Stop getting in your own way.
  8. Stop being a petty victim and put your ass on the line and stop complaining. If you want to sleep with women (your projections and prejudices show just how much you do) then go do what’s required to get good, then get good, then when you’re good you’ll get it. You’re a victim by your own accord and doing it to yourself. The truth is you DONT know what you’re talking about with women or enlightenment. You CAN. I repeat: YOU CAN. However you’re the one coming up with a petty self absorbed narrative as to why you can’t because that helps the conceptual survival of you’re victim identity. PUT YOUR ASS ON THE LINE AND YOU WILL START TO FEEL BETTER ABOUT YOURSELF AS YOU CHALLENGE YOURSELF AND SURRENDER BULLSHIT EXCUSES. Taking responsibility for tossing bullshit excuses for responsibilty is worth it. However, you have the freedom to still whine and complain and then create beliefs based on the hear say of people who’ve done the work. Up to you.
  9. First off, stay in your lane when it comes to trying to lecture me and trying to stand on some pedestal. Don’t try and play that game. Second off, the Absolute nature of existence, consciousness, etc. use whatever word you want. If you’re here to cherry pick words, go ahead. However, I’m making a distinction between existence and the Absolute nature of existence. Relative existence is an illusion. Reality, world, mind, self, objects, etc. are an illusion. Illusion doesn’t mean they don’t exist. It just so happens though that the condition of their existence or truest nature all happen to be the same. If you wanna call that Godhead, Emptiness, Nothingness, Void, whatever. I don’t care. It’s true independent of the word you slap on it.
  10. Dude don’t get pedantic with me lol. There’s limits to language. what you and @Scholar don’t seem to get is that impossibility is a limitation that is only possible as a possibility. There has to be a possibilty in order for something to even be made as an assumption or belief or reality that something is impossible. How? No one can say, but you can know. Bottom line: impossibility is nothing but possibility. You also seem to be missing what existence and illusion is. Existence is an illusion and an illusion is existence. Illusion literally means ‘something that appears and seems one way but it’s actual condition is another.’ The sense of “I” is an illusion just like all experience but the illusion isn’t “impossible” because if you look into you’re experience there it is occurring. Now what’s the nature of it? Go find out.
  11. First off, nothing that is relative is fundamentally true. I’m not going towards that in my own investigation and contemplation of this matter. This whole notion that all because something isn’t absolutely true that it doesn’t warrant questioning is just silly. Also it depends on what you mean by a “spiritual paradigm” as that is completely vague. Seeking understanding of something that isn’t fundamental isn’t a waste of time. It’s seeking understanding of your own illusory experience. You can’t grasp what something is an illusion without actually grasping what the illusion is. Which is what I’m trying to understand. Language and symbols aren’t real in yet you’re constantly using language and symbols by the mere fact that you’re reading and registering this. So language and interpretation is something you do, we could say. Okay... but what exactly is that? What is it you’re doung? What is the function or occurance in you’re experience that is creating language? How did it come to exist outside of blabbering (more language) more cosmologies and stories? How does it occur? Sorry but these are questions I have. If you wanna call it a “spiritual paradigm” go ahead. Doesn’t really make much of a difference to people who seek understanding.
  12. Note: I will try to be as precise with language as possible. Why am I only conscious of my interpretative framework? I don’t understand what a framework really is. How does it exist? If I look at a TV, just by calling it a TV is giving it a story and I relate to that “object” as a concept based on my own interpretive framework which contains all my opinions, judgements, feelings, values I have in relation to TVs which is all based on my stage of development as the ego that I have. However, I also the ability to project that other people have different relative points of view about that same object that may be different from mine but I still can’t see it from their POV. Why? Furthermore, what is the mechanism of this evolutionary intelligence? Or, put more simply, what is the mechanism of evolution? How come I can’t seem to be conscious of it moment to moment? How come I don’t notice this framework when I’m out in the world? How is it that an illusory sense of “I” can evolve at all? I mean, I can notice (illusory) “objects” of form change moment to moment. Evolution does certainly seem to have an intelligence to it but how come I don’t notice it? Is this even possible? Where does this framework even exist? If I look at the room I’m in now if I was at a 2nd tier stage like say Turquoise as opposed to my current (at least cognitive) stage of post-structural Green I would probably relate to it pretty differently but the room would still look and still seem exactly the same so what is it that would be different? The interpretation itself isn’t even real, not to mention the fact the room I’m calling a “room” isn’t even real.
  13. Fair point. I think we’re in agreement t
  14. How do I know if a Tarot card reader is any good? So it’s badically a psychic medium for getting clear about my desires and obstacles? What do you believe is the right way for someone going to a Tarot to treat the session in terms of expectation as to what they want to to get out of it? What is the medium trying to help someone who goes to a Tarot reader do?
  15. This is the shit I’m talking about.